Friday, 6 November 2009

Yellow streak Brown should apply his own corruption tests to the houses of parliament .

A surprise sting in the tail in yellow streak Brown's forceful speech this morning making the case yet again for the British presence in Afghanistan. For the first time, he warned bluntly that our troops would not remain there unless the newly "re-elected" Afghan President Hamid Karzai tackles corruption. Yellow streak Brown is trying to get the UK "on his side" so will say anything and do nothing.
What amazes me however is that yellow streak Brown seems totally to miss the irony of his speech. Karzai has at least a mandate of sorts, albeit from a flawed election, Brown has no mandate at all and refuses to allow the electorate to express an opinion at the ballot box. Add to that the allegations he makes of generalised corruption in Afghanistan and then consider our present Government.
A Home Secretary who tried to get a visa fast tracked for the nanny of his girlfriend, another Home Secretary who lied about the location of her primary residence in order to gain a pecuniary advantage. A junior minister who claimed for a mortgage that he had already paid off. Another Home Office Minister who claimed for a house he was not living in but had placed his parents in, not to mention a PM who allegedly claimed for the cleaning of a flat shared by his brother. No, yellow streak Brown don't lecture Karzai until you have cleansed the corruption from your party and offered yourself for election at the ballot box, then point the finger, at the moment stones and glass houses spring to mind.
What is really depressing is that the human race has not yet found a way to resolve conflict other than by sending in troops to start killing each other. Does our race really have any future when we always behave like this ?
If the labour government first headed by Bliar ,and now yellow streak Brown had done their jobs properly we would not be in this futile war, there seems to be a pattern between the way Karzai runs Afghanistan and the way liebore have ruled Britain.
Why didn't you resign Brown? 76,000+ voted for you to go. That's 76,000 more than voted you in. But all we get is an e-mail saying you're to busy saving the Country to resign. Rubbish! Your entire focus is on ruining the UK and making life difficult, if not impossible, for the next government.