Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Brothers & sisters? They don't know the meaning of the words.

I do wish these people would stop talking about their "brothers and sisters" it sounds so ridiculous particularly when all these unions are being let by people on hefty salaries, generous perks and big "company" cars, who will never go short of anything whilst their members are on strike - not for them the strike pay of their members. Not for them anything less than gold plated pensions whatever happens in the public sector because they will have cast iron contracts!
They make me tired with their selfishness - why should everyone else have had to put up with them retiring at 50 or 55 on pensions paid for by the workers of this country? Why should everyone else put up with LAB OUR yellow streak Brown ransacking private pensions to fund the Labour excesses. Why should everyone else be expected to tighten their belts into old age, whilst these "brother & sisters" continue to retire anything up to 20 years before the new retirement age? Like Scargil, Prentis won't ever starve. This strike is about political opposition to the Tory component of the government and little to do with the welfare of public sector workers who are acting like spoilt children. The private sector has struggled for the past 3 years and had their pensions robbed by yellow streak Brown. Now it's your turn, Brothers & sisters? They don't know the meaning of the words.