Sunday, 28 February 2010

That is not the fault of the Tories.

Liebore have destroyed the country, the BBC are Liebores machine, the media in general are on Liebores side.
We have a greater number of children living in poverty than when Liebore came to power, our literacy rate is lower since they came to power, we have a more divided society.
Our pensions have been decimated.
Our culture has been wrecked and diluted.
Our freedoms have been curtailed massively, we are less prepared than any other major player to face the financial crisis.
Postal voting was just the start of what Liebore can do to interfere with democracy.
Liebore are fantastic at spinning, talking about initiatives, non-delivery, skulduggery, and generally pinching other peoples ideas. They are also fantastic at destroying other peoples reputations and shifting the focus away from their numerous failures.
I am willing to see what the alternatives are. The media line is not to look at the results, what we already have and what they have done is unacceptable.
The media prefers to spin it that the Tories will be no good at any of it and spread negativity to blind people to the fact that Cameron never said he was perfect.
He has made some idiotic mistakes but he is not the sum total of what the Tories have to offer. It is great sport to keep the public uninformed about what Liebore has done and we do have a poorly informed electorate. That is not the fault of the Tories.

Hang on, no need to panic!

How could anyone even consider voting for Labour after 13 years of devious destruction of Britain, British standards, customs , and traditions.Yellow streak Brown's biggest act of treachery was his failure to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. This means Britain now will just be just a 1/27 member of the Union controlled by Germany and France. The election system is a joke. In this New Gov poll Tories are two percent ahead of Labour and Labour will get 54 more seats. I am bored fed up and angry with Labour, 13 years or so of broken promises and incompetence's. Yellow streak Brown a leader who clearly mismanages affairs and is incapable of handling government and colleagues at the highest level. The mounting debt and minor increase in GDP growth in the last quarter is scary. And that isn't taking into account the obvious divides within the party.
The UK will never be rid of Ed kamikaze Balls, yellow streak Brown, Harperson, Miliband and snake Mandelson. They will be in power forever.
Great news Harriet Harperson's husband was just given a safe Labour seat. Two for the price of one. Funny that is the only seat recently with no women's short list. But you won't hear about the hypocrisy when it comes to Liebour as they are surging in the polls.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Labour have failed on the economy and Brown is borrowing £277,719 every minute to hide his economic failure - Labour has doubled the national debt.

Liebour are the party of economic failure because of yellow streak Browns policies. There is no help for people back into work and I have witnessed huge debts servicing debts.
Don't try telling me how bad it was in the early 1990s as some sort of fig leaf for yellow streak Brown. It will not work - yellow streak Brown made economic policy to help him into number 10. That is all he has ever been interested in doing. Yellow streak Brown does not give a monkeys for people who suffer from his stupid policies, yellow streak Brown has no qualifications in economics, business or finance. You could train a chimp to make better decisions than yellow streak Brown. Him going on about the Tories will not wash - what are Liebour going to do about the mess they have created? Yellow streak Brown wants to keep on spending, the real private economy continues to suffer from yellow streak Browns command economy where only Liebour voters and members of Liebour pressure groups get a look in at work.

Monday, 22 February 2010

The minute you hear the government denying it, you just know there is some truth in the accusations.

Bullying at home or at work is dreadful for those involved. The fact that snake Peter Mandelson says it is untrue means that it clearly is true. British politics has become a complete farce under this liebour government. This is more akin to something that happens on Big Brother.
Yellow streak Brown is single-minded its obvious if he doesn't get his own way then look out! He thinks he knows best; watch how he deals with questions put to him by the media and at PMQ's in Parliament. He has never admitted being wrong on any issue; despite evidence to the contrary.
So the prime mentalist is exposed once again, this time by Rawnsley, next action deny,deny,deny, Well it only took a few hours for a plausible counter claim by Christine Pratt, of the National Bullying Helpline, said she had "seen red" when she heard ministers deny that there was a problem with the workplace culture inside No 10. and to show that this very flawed man yellow streak Brown is lying again.
But its not yellow streak Brown's 'reign of terror' that worries me - its his 'reign of error'.
Countless errors.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

If yellow streak Brown and his crew win then God help us all.

What crime, what injustice, what obscenity does Liebour have to commit to lose the support from the British people. It seems that their open-door immigration policy, funded by the British people, is paying off. The millions of poor, uneducated, unhealthy immigrants are now serving their sponsor - the Liebour party. For the rest of us, life has changed - our society has changed. During the last 13 years we have seen the quality of life in the UK decline, crime and general lawlessness ravage our society and the backbone of our economy stretched and abused beyond endurance! We have "welcomed" hundreds of thousands of people to our country whose well being and comfort is accommodated ahead of our own and at our expense! We have been saddled with staggering levels of debt that will take many generations to eradicate! We have been railroaded into accepting further cession of our sovereignty to the EU, with powers vested in unelected bureaucrats in Brussels to decide how we go about our lives! And so the list goes on!
The problem with yellow streak Brown is nobody believes a word he says. He is a devious bastard that has the worst track record in history. 13 years of this incompetent will not wash away his abysmal record.
He has done untold damage to the people of this country. He abandoned the working class and now tries to fool the middle class. He is kidding nobody but himself and his deluded supporters. The cold hard reality is a legacy of more unemployed over 13 years, progressively fewer job opportunities for those entering the job market, and very little assistance from the banking sector to help small business survive and homeowners re-finance their homes, despite their pledges of help in return for state bailouts funded with our money (or at least what we will eventually have to pay anyway a la the national debt!)! Is this what you call vision and a testament to a good track record?
Yellow streak Brown has ruined our pensions, ruined our savings, ruined our jobs, ruined our economy and ruined our standard of living.....and yet he won't admit to all these disastrous mistakes, he remains in denial and refuses to acknowledge he is the worst yellow streak PM in history. The country is desperate for change and needs it now.
As he is so superior and likes kicking the Tories, call a General Election....only 74 days to go...unless you know otherwise Mr yellow streak Brown.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

A future fair for all - vote Conservative.

Yellow streak Brown will appeal to former Liebour voters today to forgive his past mistakes and return to the fold under the party’s election slogan of “A Future Fair for All”.
Yellow streak Brown has made too many errors to forgive and haven't we heard this kind of stuff before? Yellow streak Brown promising to try his utmost, admitting he could do better, etc? He always seemed to want more time to set out his vision for the future, and instead of doing that, always ended up wanting even more time, promising to do better, and so on. Yellow streak Brown has wreaked our economy he has no economic plan other then tax and spend. I don't know how bad all this is going to get but after the election I think we are all in for a shock, yellow streak Brown knows there is going to be a double dip so he may call the election sooner, does he think we are all stupid, forgive him not a chance
He's not up to the job; and Liebour have repeatedly failed to sack him as their leader. The whole party is a failure.
"For a future fair for all" - vote Conservative.

Friday, 19 February 2010

U.K. Rest In Peace.

January is the month when taxpayers send in their returns and corporation tax payments are due. Government revenues ought to be strong. Official figures showed that the Treasury borrowed another £4.3 billion last month. It is the first time since records began in 1993 that the nation has been in the red in January.
Liebour had a chance to create a fairer society than blow it; and now we are all going to pay a terrible price for Liebour's appalling mismanagement of the British economy.
I can tell the tax payers exactly where the money has been going. All those people who didn't want to get a job and jump on the benefits gravy train. All the cheap labour that was allowed to flood into the country unchecked and was exploited by shady business owners out to make as much money whilst paying as little tax as they could. All the political elite who made robbing the taxpayer blind a new profession, from all political parties. All the committees and quangos set up who spent money on rubbish and unworkable schemes, who patted themselves on the back and awarded themselves massive pay rises at every opportunity they got. Treating Eastern Europe's and Africa's sick illegal migrants on the cash strapped NHS before the British people.
Paying billions each year to be part of the Franco German Alliance, better known as the European Union. Allowing local government bodies to waste money on highly questionable schemes.
This is where all the money has gone, don't worry though we can still fall back on the countries gold reserves, if only yellow streak Brown had not sold it all when the price of gold was at rock bottom.
U.K. Rest In Peace.

Yet 30% of the country would still vote for him, God help us!

I am no longer young, and I thank God I am not when I observe the state of politics and the media today.
This was awful, truly awful, and any thinking person who doesn't agree, irrespective of party allegiance, needs psychiatric help.
Yellow streak Brown and his government have made a complete and utter mess of running this country, they have poured billions down the drain in the pursuit of what has turned out to be mediocrity and failure.
Our schools are failing, the infrastructure is a disaster, criminality is rampant in our towns and cities, people over fifty are frightened of going out at night in city centres overflowing with drunken morons, the economy is in tatters as the government presides over the biggest collapse in modern times.
'No more boom and bust,' said our great yellow streak leader, blaming the current debacle on everyone but himself and his minions. They have been irresponsibly borrowing for years with no thought for the consequences, they took the public along with them, now millions are up to their neck, and the bailed out banks won't lend them anymore as they need our cash for bonus payments.
Millions are receiving letters from credit card companies and banks slashing their credit limits, and calling in loans and overdrafts, using the excuse that as responsible lenders they have duty to make sure people don't spend beyond their means.
Can these be the same institutions that bankrupted themselves with reckless lending, the same banks who would not now be in existence without government or Arab help?
They survived because they couldn't be allowed to fail, the very fabric of this rotten society would have gone down with them.
So we quantitatively ease our way out for the present, hoping nobody will realise the scale of future problems until after this farce of an election, and that lies and confidence tricks will work the oracle till then.
And in the midst of all this, our yellow streak Prime Minister turns up on television to answer inane questions from a grubby snake oil salesman, in the vain hope that people will see his human side, and begin to realise that he is just a decent chap who has been misunderstood. It was a dreadful spectacle for anyone with an ounce of pride in his country to watch.
Yellow streak Brown won't have his home repossessed, or his credit card or overdraft cancelled, when he loses his job, he will make a million or two from revealing all about his catastrophic tenure as yellow streak Chancellor and unelected yellow streak Prime Minister, maybe not as much as the previous incumbent, but enough to keep the wolf from the door,and he probably won't feel a scintilla of shame for the havoc he leaves behind him.
Did I mention his bunch of thugs? Well again the absolute ruthlessness with which his acolytes destroyed potential competitors is writ large in the history of the Liebour Party. The strutting arrogance of Balls, McBride, etc. All there with the approval of their master to brief and lie about potential competitors.
Liebour had a chance to make this country a better place, instead we have a population more fearful of the future, more controlled than ever before, groaning under the weight of debt, more laws, rules and regulations made up by the new army of useless eaters swelling the ranks of the public sector.
We are becoming a cowed nation of mindless slaves, and I fear it is too late to turn the tide, we are so dumbed down.
I really hope I am wrong.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

It's just astonishing that anyone would vote Liebour - you know - the party where labour doesn't work under Liebour.

Whilst it is true that unemployment has risen in the past couple of years the fact is that yellow streak Brown's overgenerous benefits system has always encouraged people who could work to stay at home.
Why get out of bed and venture into the cold morning if you already live well?
Frank Field could, and would, have brought this under control 12 years ago but that was not what yellow streak Brown wanted, so Frank had to go.
What sense is it to admit 3 million plus immigrants whilst we have that number unemployed? What (prudent) economic sense is it to spend billions on dole and let the employed foreign workers send much of their earnings out of the country?
Imagine what these figures will look like when the public service non-jobs created by liebour fall foul of the austerity measures that will most certainly be employed by whichever party wins the election. Real unemployment is however much much higher. Disability benefit masked hundreds of thousands of people who are really unemployed but have minor physical ailments that categorise them as being disabled. This is a ploy that liebour introduced soon after coming to power. It really is about time that the general public ditched yellow streak Brown and his dishonest rabble.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, the jailed Lockerbie bomber is still alive after 6 months.

He was released by Kenny MacAskill with only 3 months to live back in August last year but now 6 months later he is living as a free man.
Having followed the Libyan story from the awful Lockerbie disaster to the release of Megrahi, it is time for a full public enquiry. This smacks of the biggest lie and cover up since the Guildford four. The haste to find any culprit to punish to show a fast response to the world. We know it has got be Iranians retaliating for the Americans shooting down one of their planes. We were to cowardly to accuse them of this crime. Now we see the true hatred coming from Iran and their strutting arrogance to the world.
We need the truth about the investigation and how the evidence was gathered to convict Megrahi;or will this be another yellow streak Brown and liebour lie?

The Tories would ruin Britain? And this guy's an MP? He should know that his bunch of scum-sucking socialist swine have done that job long ago.

Well, the term ' scum sucking ' clearly applies equally to some MP's from both the Labour & Conservative parties, in addition to others, in the Westminster parliament.
Regardless of your affiliation, you have to agree that David Wright's account of events is not a particularly ennobling one.
At best, he's a hapless victim in a plot so Machiavellian that many people have already concluded it as implausible and branded him a liar.
An intermediate position is that he is a hopeless security risk with any password protected data.
At worst he is a liar..... and if that is the case it really should carry a heavy price for his position.
I don't particularly mind an MP using language like this. I'm not sure it's laudable but it's hardly the end of the world. I'd much rather our politicians were in the habit of openly loathing each other instead of giving each other standing ovations.
But what I do mind is an MP who doesn't even have the balls to own up to something as trivial as this. His immediate reaction on being caught out is to tell a lie so transparent that a nine year old would be unconvinced by it. How little dignity and self-respect is it possible to have? To say nothing for what this shows he thinks of the rest of us. Is expecting an MP to be a man and own up for what he's said really so much to ask?

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Inflation up, fuel up, VAT scam back and The Governor of the Bank of England has to write a letter of explanation to dumbledorf Darling.

Dumbledorf Darling said to yellow streak Brown "don't worry it's all going to plan, with our massive public debts, the central banks are printing away to monetising (inflating away) the debt."

It is amusing that Mervyn King has to "explain" to dumbledorf Darling why inflation has exceeded the 2% target, when the increase is almost entirely due to dumbledorf Darling's own actions - the rise in VAT which actually adds just under 2.2% - the rise in petrol duty, the weakness of the pound because of profligate government spending and money-printing.
Yellow streak Brown has damaged the UK social, financial and moral capital more than the Germans in World War 2 and any other politician in 100 years.
Yellow streak Brown has ruined the UK private pensions, sold UK reserves and taken on vast off-balance-sheet debt to be paid by our children and their children. On the production side, he made the UK depend on City money and non regulation. He is bust and irresponsible.
Like a third world dictator yellow streak Brown fiddled the measures so RPI changed to CPI to allow him to claim inflation is low, as it excluded 'non-essentials' like food, housing, and fuel. He is effectively a lying cheat, but hides it in fine print, and moving goalposts.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Yellow streak Brown just proved how low he will go, how far he will sink into the gutter, if he thought it would give him one more vote.

First we had Flash Gordon, then Mr Bean. Now we have Desperate Dan. It's about time this unelected, incompetent bag of wind realised we are not interested in him or his ideas. He has rapidly acquired a reputation for attempting to mislead the public akin to that of the habitual liar who infested 10 Downing Street prior to his arrival.
Thank goodness that I am not the only one who hates the site of yellow streak Brown's face. When his face appears in the media I want to smack it. He is a traitor to the British people through his ratifying the Lisbon Treaty and selling us out to the EU.
As for his tears on Morgan's show, I don't give a damn because he is playing for sympathy votes. He is not the only parent who has lost a young baby. It happens all the time and the majority of people just get on with their lives and don't wallow in self pity.
Roll on the General Election and let us hope that he gets a hard kick out of the Downing Street door. He is the most loathsome yellow streak PM that I can remember and there have been quite a few in my lifetime.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Pass me the sick bag. Let's not get kidded by this emotional claptrap, let's talk about how he and his chronic government have ruined this country.

The interview by Morgan of yellow streak Brown is the most discreditable emission of TV journalism I have ever had the misfortune to witness on the BBC/ITV news last night. Yellow streak Brown for his stupidity to allow himself to lay bare personal tragedy for political ends and Morgan to rebuild his popularity by capitalising on the weakness of a yellow streak PM willing to prostitute his innermost feelings in the run up to an election.
Piers Morgan "this is Darcy stuff", you couldn't make this junk up, Sarah had to pursue yellow streak Brown until he finally gave in and married her but only because he had the top job in his sights and being a married man would look better.
Yellow streak Brown is as much like Mr Darcy as a half chewed caramel and I rather think Piers Morgan was taking the proverbial especially when he said plonker instead of WANKER.
I have every sympathy for someone who tragically loses a daughter, when politicians suddenly change tack before an election it is immensely suspicious.
Whilst it could be considered vulgar to write off the unavoidable strength of his sentiment, the timing of this topic, nine years after his baby's death, does appear undeniably cynical and one could easily speculate yellow streak Brown has used this to appeal to the less astute members of the voting public - you know, the ones who don't actually understand that MPs are there to write law and execute policy..... the ones who regard OK / Hello / Red Tops as 'The News'.
This will backfire when the interview comes to screen, people are so hardened against this unelected man and what he has done to this country that no tell tales about their fairytale romance (he was in his 50's and popped the question when he thought the PM's job was coming up coincidentally so hardly Gone with the Wind stuff ) or weeping openly will make a jot of difference.
This smacks strongly of "Go out on TV and get emotional, show them you're human, you need the votes".

Friday, 12 February 2010

Once again this so called parasite, totally unelected, pokes his snake nose in and provides the electorate a good excuse not to vote for this shower.

Lord snake Mandelson triggered incredulity last night by insisting Britain should join the euro - just as the currency struggled with the worst crisis in its history.
The Business Secretary played down turmoil in the eurozone by claiming the single currency had been a 'remarkable success' and said it was in Britain's long term interests to sign up in the future.
Once again this so called parasite, totally unelected, pokes his snake nose in and provides the electorate a good excuse not to vote for this shower. History will prove that this government has been the worst in this great nation's standing in the world. Does anyone now doubt that the United Kingdom exists in name only? The Country and its populace were sold down the river long ago by this Labour Government, and we are now just a minor subsidiary of the European firm. Little by little the truth drips out about the slimy, sneaky, underhand way the undemocratic EU works! The EDF has been trying for years to get the peoples of the EU, to understand how bad it is to be tied to the EU politically! Every free thinking person right now, is losing their freedoms day by day! But believe me, the worst is yet to come.
We have no say in our destiny or future whatsoever. What better place to make a stand than to tell the EEC we do not use nor support the Euro currency, and that we will not subscibe to any bail out plans for countries that do. Then when they make threats, simply tell them we are exiting the European nightmare.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Just wait until the interest rates rise.That's when yellow streak Brown's chickens will come home to roost.

The number of repossessions soared to a 14-year high last year as the recession battered Britain, new figures showed today.Around 46,000 people lose their homes throughout 2009, the highest level since 1995 and a massive 15 per cent rise on the previous year.
Each case of repossession has its reasons. The loss of employment, living a lifestyle beyond "ones means" or as a result of relationship breakdowns. From such, some need sympathy whilst others require none. All this means are a load of houses will fall into the hands of landlords and speculators at knock down prices. Many will be left empty ready for a second cash-in when the next boom arrives. The criminals of 2008 who stole jobs, jacked up prices, taxes and kept interest rates high are to blame by pushing people over the edge.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

How much torture will it take to make you admit to something you did not do?

The Government today suffered a humiliating defeat in its attempt to suppress secret evidence that shows MI5 knew about the torture of British resident Binyam Mohamed while in U.S. custody.

Par for the Labour course . Make law , break law , then spout feeble excuse for .

Mr Smith said: “The Information Commissioner’s Office has consistently made clear that the promotion of a political party counts as marketing. We have previously issued detailed guidance to all major political parties on this subject.
“The Labour Party has breached privacy rules by making automated marketing calls to individuals who have not consented to receiving such calls.
He ordered Labour to ensure that no more automated direct marketing calls are made without consent, warning that failure to comply would be a criminal offence that could lead to prosecution.
Why Vera Duckworth as opposed to say the educated Hattie Harperson? Clearly because it was targeted at the Chav/Chavettes (formerly the lower working class) in a desperate bid to get them to get out of bed, forgo watching the Jeremy Kyle Show and go and vote for their giros / needy paymaster during the European elections in June last year.
The Labour Party broke the rules. They should now be prosecuted and not warned. The reason the parliament of Britain has its public image down the drain is due to the fact that the political parties keep breaking the law and get away with their unlawful actions with no penalties imposed on the wrong doers. To discipline a political party for breaking laws means that they will learn to respect the laws when in parliament which they obviously do not do now. George Orwell, who wrote 1984, was a leftie, but a democrat. His "Big Brother is Watching You" gets closer and closer, the longer Mr Brown and his comrades - whoops, sorry, I meant to type Honourable and Right Honourable friends - retain control of the levers of power. We must do something soon, while we still have the opportunity so to do.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

So much for export led recovery.

"What now Darling"

Britain's trade deficit with the rest of the world widened to its highest level in nearly a year, in December, as imports rose more than exports, according to official figures published today. Trade has been boosted by worldwide stimulus measures such as 'cash for bangers' car scrapped schemes. The figures showed a 10 per cent rise in car exports but this was surpassed by a near-16 per cent rise in foreign imports during the month.
I hate the way this government takes money away from you to give it to someone else to spend on a car. Then taxes you more for your car because there's too many on the road. If 80% of cars bought are imported it is no wonder that one headline says "car sale increase" and another one says "Britain's trade deficit widens".
We are only half way through this recession. House prices need to fall at least 30% to become affordable to first time buyers, debts levels will reduce consumption for many years, and exports will need to increase considerably to induce any export lead recovery.
Great yellow streak Brown the British tax payer in now subsidizing imports.
The reason exports are not benefiting the economy as they should is because a large part of our industry as gone.
One of the first things yellow streak Brown did when became chancellor is raid £5 billion from pension companies that got tax breaks for investing in British Industry.
Another great thing yellow streak Brown done was that any new investment a company made in new machinery, the tax relief had to be claimed over 3 years, and not in the 1st year when you would need the tax relief the most.

Welcome to broken Brown's country

The best way to begin restoring Britain, is to throw out the present Liebore Government and all of its strange ideas about equality and racial harmony. This is the consequence of very deliberate Liebore party policy as Liebore freely admit. They also admit doing it to deliberately upset the Tory voting classes. They have, however, upset their own constituents, who have to live in the vile cesspit of Liebore's making.
Yesterday, a very senior police officer in the Met was jailed for corruption and gross dereliction of duty. This guy was Iranian he was fast-tracked through the system to satisfy the cravings of government for social equality and equal opportunity.
We are not all equal because people from foreign backgrounds have a different perspective of acceptable social and moral behaviour than native-born Brits. I know, because I spent half my life working in foreign countries.
Start to fix Britain by ceasing mindless immigration policy and the experimentation of "multiculturalism"

Monday, 8 February 2010

Bercow said that the "golden goodbye" payments for the three MPs will be suspended until legal proceedings are over

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Are any of our so called representatives beyond reproach, 384 of the 642 have been required to repay amounts, the 4 being prosecuted are saying 'why me, everyone else was doing it', meanwhile many escape through lack of sufficient evidence to secure a conviction.
What David Cameron says is absolutely correct. He is in fact stating the obvious. How can anybody imagine that the parliamentary privilege extends to cover fraud? It is only related to what the MPs say or do in pursuit of their constituents' interests, not their own.
The MPs who fiddle with their expenses are clearly acting against their constituents' interests because their actions defraud the constituents of the money they paid as taxpayers. Now, let's suppose that the same MPs had strangled the Speaker; what would have happened then? Would they have still been able to invoke parliamentary privilege or would they have been charged with murder? As to yellow streak Brown, he does have a tendency to cover up for the miscreants in his party. And the three Labour MPs, Elliot Morley, David Chaytor, Jim Devine are not the only ones he has been covering for, neither were their offences the worst committed by Labour MPs. Yellow streak Brown's entire cabinet should be in jail, if not for expenses fraud, then for war crimes. take your pick. liars, murderers, fraudsters - you could not make it up. This time will go down in history.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

I've seen that sort of behavior before. It happens when liars get all their lies mixed up and can't remember which one they are sticking to.

Fake phony snake Campbells pathetic crocodile tears really were a crock of shit in his phony staged emotional outburst on the BBC was as awful as a cheap Mexican soap opera - neither of them can lie in any convincing way. Are the tears from all Liebour politicians their new strategy for the coming election!
Yellow streak Brown and snake Campbell should save their tears for the servicemen and women who have lost their lives in this illegal war in Iraq and Afghanistan. When the families of the dead soldiers see this display by these two deceitful men I am sure they must feel very angry. So, first we had yellow streak Brown and wife shedding tears while being interviewed by their great pal and sympathiser Piers Morgan - and now we have another snake Alistair Campbell following suit - because the lies and spin that took us to war, and lost hundreds of British lives, have finally been exposed. Maybe the tears of yellow streak Brown and snake Campbell are because they have only 88 days left in Downing Street?
Liebore has failed this country as it always has done. In fact socialism fails all countries. Look at Greece, Portugal and Spain - all with socialist governments and all spent up. Can anyone name a prosperous socialist country? Its a failed ideology that should be condemned to history. If the British people fall for these blubbering liars one more time I think we will be doomed.
This Liebore Party has let the working people of the UK down they have let the pensioners down, they have lied and lied to save their own selfish skins, come May 6th I hope every single one of them is blubbering.

This is sick electioneering by yellow streak Brown and his best mate Morgan.

He has my utmost sympathy - I cannot imagine the depth of their loss. Call me hard-hearted and cynical and give me all the red arrows you like, but no one will convince me that this wasn't just a blatant publicity stunt in an attempt to show us he is human.

Friday, 5 February 2010

It wasn't a "tiny minority" of them caught on the fiddle, it was over half.

About half of our MPs have been required to pay money back. They are the careless or immoral ones. They did not break the law. They claimed what was within the letter of the regulations, but was against the spirit. Or, they made claims that should have been disallowed by the officials policing the regulations, who failed to disallow them. "Dishonourable" is the word. Some have already resigned or will do so at the next election. I hope that the rest get their just deserts from their electorates.
These few are the ones where the CPS believes there is evidence to prove that they deliberately lied to obtain money to which they were not entitled. Deliberate deception, rather than legally milking the system.
I hope the tax payer will not in any way be funding their legal team. To hide behind a 1689 legal clause smacks of desperation. Hopefully back in 1689 someone would have sorted them out with swift justice.
I watched the Jim Devine interview on C4 news on Friday evening. The guy seemed ignorant of basic law, common sense and the English language.
If he is representative of the current crop of MPs this country is well and truly screwed.
If there is any question at all of their honesty, the people involved should be suspended immediately from Parliament pending investigation, as they would be in the real world not back in 1689. Enough of this Alice in Wonderland stupidity. This is a country they are misgoverning, not a nursery game. If the erratic and increasingly dysfunctional yellow streak Brown had any inner strength whatsoever he would suspend these three MPs pending the outcome of the judicial process.
After 46 years playing along with the now disgraced customs of Parliament I am not holding my breath.
Get the whole lot out at the election. They hold us in contempt and live in a parallel universe.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Watching PMQ's today its fairly obvious that he is going to lie at the Chilcot enquiry.

Yellow streak Brown was yesterday accused of putting troops at risk by 'guillotining' the defence budget months after the invasion of Iraq. Sir Kevin Tebbit spoke of a 'crisis period' when yellow streak Brown - who was then Chancellor - slashed spending by £1billion six months after the invasion in March 2003.
Once again yellow streak Brown has lied to the British people.
This is the story of yellow streak Brown who repeatedly cut defence spending under contrary advice. Yellow streak Brown has the deaths of troops on his hands it was him and only him that cut the defence budgets and prevented a defence review for future war.
Having watched him today at PMQs I am once again disgusted by his total failure in being able to answer a question. At last it has been proved by more than half a dozen highly placed administrators that yellow streak Brown ordered defence cuts.......Cameron accused him today at PMQs and he denied it again........the man is just in denial and should crawl away in disgrace after May 6th. It'll no doubt be the same when he comes before the Chilcot enquiry and the only question he'll most likely answer honestly will be to confirm his name.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Yellow streak Brown and referendums do not go together so forget that.

Yellow streak Brown's plan for a referendum on scrapping Britain's first-past-the-post voting system was today labelled a 'gimmick' by opposition MPs.

This is the man who reneged on Labour's promise to the people of Britain to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty! Now that he is faced with electoral extinction he suddenly wants the people of Britain to prop up his dead party, a party that will continue to introduce laws designed to destroy the country until the day before the election.
I'm all for reform, let's cut the number of representatives we have! Less Westminster MPs, less Scottish, Welsh and NI Regional Representatives and less Local Councilors. We have more political representatives than any other country in the world, all sucking from the public purse.
Make your vote count at the election. Don't vote for economic reasons. The economy will recover whoever is in government, but the social engineering laws that are destroying us will be much harder to change. Don't allow Labour to be given the chance to do even more damage. Can you imagine what Britain will be after another five years of these people?

Nobody's dumbledorf Darling got ALL his sums wrong. Ha Ha Ha!

High earners will cost the public purse hundreds of millions of pounds through tax dodges as they avoid the new 50p rate of income tax, a minister indicated yesterday.

Lord Myners told peers that “behavioural consequences of the new higher rate of taxation” — shorthand for tax avoidance — had forced the Treasury to lower its expectations.
Lord bonus Myners....Lord snake Mandelson....dumbledorf Darling .....and yellow streak Brown!
For the benefit of the Treasury....That is FOUR people.....who profess to be wizards of finance...frankly I doubt if they could count their loose change!
This, together with Bankers bonuses,and a disastrous economy tells us what level of financial expertise they have between them!
It was predicted that raising the top band to 50p would see precious little revenue in return - but dumbledorf Darling has based his spending plans on the basis that there would be increased revenue so once again, Treasury figures will turn out to be a load of hogwash.
Yellow streak Brown, you can fool some of the low paid some of the time but you can't fool any of the highly paid any of the time.
You are the epitome of old socialism and have no part to play in a modern economy. You've had 13 years to do something constructive but even at this late hour you still want to steal the prudent's hard earned wealth to dole out to the miscreants you succour to keep you in a job you can't do.
The election will bring change....what?.....anything is better than this shambles!

Monday, 1 February 2010

What a two faced slimy bastard, this on the day we have a full announcement about Mandy making cuts to uni budgets..... Duplicitous twat.

Every time I hear snake Mandelson I am reminded of Goebels, the Nazi propaganda chief.
Remember the principle. "The bigger the lie, the more will believe it." 0.1% "recovery" is no recovery at all. That will be offset by the closure of a single factory. (Bosch in wales for example) to say nothing of the 10000 job cuts announced in the last week.
I feel really truly sick whenever a government talks of "investment" after a decade of wasting money on a scale never before seen.
An "investment" is something you expect to see a return on. Now that to most people would mean a financial return to the benefit of the UK as a whole. I can only see the return on Labour "investment" as being votes from client groups, quango rats and grateful bankers to the sole benefit of the Labour Party. Sorry, but rather than pay Labour for that privilege through my taxes, I'd rather cut out the middleman, spend it down the pub and piss it up the wall myself.
Labour just don't get "investment". It's great to have things like nice school buildings, but really why are they beating their heads against a wall wondering why education hasn't really improved? It's because running a country involves doing much more than hosing money at things and installing your equally stupid and incompetent mates in positions of authority.
Is it not time for Lord snake Mandelson to retire and write a book which could be entitled,
'How I Mortgaged My Life'.

Clare Short. Famous only for being the first ZaNuLabour rat to desert the sinking ship?

Yellow streak Brown was “pre-occupied with other things” during the run-up to the Iraq war and was neither for nor against the conflict, a former Cabinet ally said yesterday.
Clare Short represents the pious, hypocritical, Holier-than-thou wing of the Labour Party and I can't stand her.
Yellow streak Brown represents the Me-first, last-and-everything-in-between mob and I can't stand him either.
The problem now with Labour is that everything they do has to be treated with cynicism.
Why, after a relative wilderness, does Short step forward to imply yellow streak Brown had no opinion on Iraq? Short says of yellow streak Brown “...was neither for or against the conflict.” ? No opinion? Everyone in the country had an opinion!
If Clare Short is right then she has exposed again the lack of courage shown by yellow streak Brown on so many occasions when the chips are down.
If he felt so strongly that the war was wrong then he should have had faith in his long-term political position and resigned. That action, in itself, might have brought Bliar to book and avoided what turned out to be a catastrophe for Britain's position in the middle east.