Friday, 31 December 2010

First 100 days of Red Ed

As someone who only wishes Labour ill will, I did think perhaps it might be worth joining at a cost of 1p just so I could vote for the worst possible candidate at the next leadership election. But then I reminded myself that Labour are quite capable of elected him all by themselves, as evidenced by Red Ed.
After 100 days Maria Eagles is trying to curry favour with the donkey Red Ed ? This pathetic former Minister was part of the most dysfunctional Government ever and expects her opinion to be heard. The country has had enough of all the Liebore lies, deceits and mismanagement. Labour ruined our pensions, ruined our savings, ruined our jobs, ruined our businesses, ruined our standard of living. Does she seriously expect people to stand behind a donkey that has become nothing more than a cheerleader for the anti-cuts protesters and the union Barons who threaten Armageddon?
She is quoted as saying "Red Ed won, fair and square," dismissing criticism that he relied on trade union support and won fewer voters than his brother among MPs and party members.The guy would be still a nobody sulking on the backbench if it hadn't been for the Unite Union.
Red Ed is a union puppet and Maria Eagles is a moron if she thinks we will forget what happened under 13 years of spend, spend spend!

Cameron has enforced an uneasy peace on the country since coming to power, but the words of Red Ed Miliband are begining to trouble him... Behold In my days the students will be saved from paying £9,000 for tuition fees. And the homeless will dwell in Council Houses. The NHS will be known as " Our Beloved NHS" Red Ed Miliband has listened to Clair Rayner's last words "Tell David Cameron that if he destroys "my beloved NHS" I will come back and bloody haunt him-so-let-it-be!

Thursday, 30 December 2010

In Red Eds new years message it's all doom and gloom.

I am sick and tired of Opposition MPs complaining about every cut in public expenditure. It is particularly frustrating listening to Red Ed Miliband who was in Government for many years and it was under his watch that we were left with such a huge debt.
It is not acceptable to blame everything on the world crisis as much expenditure was as a result of political decision making. Many of us were shocked when we heard of the huge spending commitments made in the last few months of the previous government knowing that there was no money to fund the commitments. We keep hearing about all the money thrown at various projects without any measure of the success of the use of public money. I am quite shocked at how my money has been spent and furious at how little remorse or acknowledgement of the difficult decisions that are necessary coming from the opposition benches.
They most certainly do not look like a government in waiting and all they are doing is producing soundbites and stirring up fear in the public to make news. It is Opposition for opposition sake rather than what is necessary to reduce the deficit and the good of the country. They insult my and your intelligence.

Monday, 20 December 2010

I hope David Cameron has the courage to crush these obnoxious thugs.

Crow, McCluskey and all their acolytes can go and take a running jump.
This country knows who is to blame for any strikes they call. Don't use the membership of unions as weapons for anti Tory protest.
Bob crow cares about one thing.
The recent tube strikes are seen by the vast majority of Londoner's for what they are, the support of Bob Crow's longer term political ambitions.
The British people are of a very patient and have a kind nature.
But these pointless strikes have done one thing.
They have caused almost all London Underground workers to be detested. They are seen as selfish and self serving.
Not a single working Londoner believes this "safety" nonsense.
I say let them strike as much as they want for as long as they want. Start laying them off on mass.
Just like Bob Crow loves his six figure salary the Drivers love there 45k.
Bob Crow is right about one thing.
The working people of Britain should rise up. It is the unions who need to be smashed not the coalition government.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Yellow streak Brown. Please do shut up..... You are in no position to lecture anyone.

I'm absolutely staggered that the man largely responsible for the mess this country is in has the nerve to lecture anyone on economics. This is the man who destroyed our pensions, sold our gold after telling the world in advance pushing the price down, spent £3000 per second for 13 years, strangled our private companies to fund his ever growing public sector, sat back as our currency depreciated and left every family in this country with £50,000 of debt. Investments were made under PFI and or PPP at six time that would have cost if the projects were funded directly by the tax payer, the regulatory regime was degraded , stealth taking and off the book borrowing held sway.
While all this was going on yellow streak Brown was feasting with financiers and banker friends and patting their backs and getting reflected glory. His hubris was far beyond his achievement and despite all the failures they continue to thrive.
The mirage that was the longest boom came to grief and just seven weeks before the fateful news yellow streak Brown was trumpeting his success and congratulating himself and his banker friends.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Ed Miliband ready to 'fight hard' after paternity leave amid claims Labour has lost direction!

For New Labour - Read Communism - for Labour under Eddy read Total Communism.
So Unready Eddy is going to fight hard, well that's going to be like being mauled by a glove puppet. Am I writing about Miliband 'no' about his Balls on the Andrew Marr show today.
If Balls wants to regain credibility he needs to start talking sense and come up with plausible solutions to rectify yellow streak Browns deficit and debt mountain instead of simply objecting to anything and everything for the sake of it.
The party is in hock to the union barons. Balls has been given the black spot in a job he cannot do anything about, Cooper was toed in to the long grass in a similar situation and they have a postman masquerading as a chancellor.
We have yellow streak Browns winter of discontent coming and all this lot can do is talk down the necessary Labour readjustment plans put forward by the coalition.
Unless Labour get their heads around this basic idea and develop sensible ideas to handle the economy, of business then Labour will be unelectable, thank goodness for that!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Surely now is the time to get rid of the BBC?

The first half of the year presented a country in dire trouble, with no plan to deal with the Socialist government's massive debts after a seven year spending spree, one drunk with power and too cowardly to produce a financial statement that even bordered on reality, while everyone including the BBC pandered to yellow streak Brown's overblown financial ego.
An election and an Autumn spending review later, we have a viable financial plan in place to pay down Britain's debts and get Government spending under control, a private industry that is picking up and a thumbs up from the international financial markets that actually pay our bills by loaning us money.
And how did the BBC report the good news about the economy today? Yet another negative financial report from Television centre has crashed and burned so it will be sack-cloth and ashes there, one more happy thought along with the 6 year TV licence freeze .Before even mentioning the better growth rate of 0.8% they came out with the words 'double dip recession', 'only temporary',' VAT rate increase', 'worries for the future' .
Then the roving reporter spoke to too young men in Bristol who both said that they agreed that cuts were necessary because of the huge deficit. The female reporter had to mention, of course, that many, many people disagreed with their views. Surely now is the time to get rid of the BBC?

Sunday, 17 October 2010

"We think tax, on the banks in particular, should play a bigger role in this," Mr Johnson told the BBC One's The Andrew Marr Show.

Same old story from a Red Ed's shadow cabinet and what they are proposing is yet another tax on banks; And how is postman Pat Johnson going to stop the HSBC from going back to Hong Kong, Barclays to New York, and RBS and Lloyds going to hell? So the fact he has no academic qualifications is an insult and a requirement to having any intelligence?
It is amazing how this man hasn't an 'O' level in anything and is appointed Shadow Chancellor. What does he know about anything considering his dysfunctional Government left a legacy of massive debt and a spend thrift civil service.
This ex postman like yellow streak Brown with no back ground in banking or finance would do better to keep his mouth shut and lie low until he is removed.
None of these labour stooges should never be allowed to form a government after the mess they have left behind.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Now millionaires get red Ed's support, whatever next?

How red Ed Milliband can say that millionaires should still get Child Benefit is beyond me. Millionaires are in no need of any extra cash of the government. This man goes on about banks causing this crisis, yet a lot of it is down to Labour and the amount of money that yellow streak Brown just wasted. When will this man see that the Coalition are trying to fix this mess that Labour left the country in.
As far as I'm concerned anyone earning over £100,000 a year should get no benefits whatsoever, including disability benefits. I personally think the £45,000 ceiling is too low, but this idiot wants to give away what little money we have left and thinks millionaires should get child allowance.

Friday, 8 October 2010

The "unions" chancer for red Ed's team.

So, postman Pat(Alan) Johnson says that he has to do some quick reading up for his new role as shadow chancellor. An ex union postie in the shadow treasury team? Osbourne will destroy him. Well Pat me old flower, try 'The road to serfdom' by F.Von Hayek, read it and digest it, unpalatable to you and most indoctrinated Labour supporters but so accurate and well argued. What a shadow cabinet of losers, reminds me of the cast of 'One flew over the cuckoo nest'.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Red Eds first speech; Don't let this shifty bastard fool you.

Red Ed is now showing his true colours at today's conference. New labour is now regressing into Old Labour with the Unions attempting to take control of the country. The union barons look particularly revolting - a mix of smug self-satisfaction and thuggish belligerence. Why do so many labour MPs and members not realize how utterly toxic the Simpson and Woodley's of this world are to their electoral chances?
What we have seen so far is window dressing. The Labour Party has bankrupted this country on the occasions that it has gained power and will no doubt continue to do so as it looks after the interests of the fraudsters and layabouts who comprise their main supporters. If you are a worker well paid or otherwise this bunch will exploit you and lean over backwards to support illegal immigrants, minority groups who make financial demands and attack the businessmen who create the wealth for this country.
Bring it on Labour you bunch of lying, useless, inept, incompetent, illogical and immoral imbeciles who think you are being caring as you destroy the country. I await the next stage of your attempt to convince the population that you have a clue. You cannot even vote for the person you think would be the best PM but instead vote for someone who looks like he could care a little bit more.
Caring about your country does not mean saying " we should all be equal". It means making a society where people have a chance to earn from effort and thus making them strive to earn. Labour has turned our country into possibly the most uncompetitive nation in the world whilst preaching the merits of globalisation. Well Ed, how easy it is, as politically wet behind the ears as you are, to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds in order to please the moronic audience attending your party conference. Yet again the Labour party clearly show that the only interest they have is that of attaining power (by telling people what they want to hear) rather than doing what is necessary and being honest.
However your own brother David was not so easily fooled, nor will be the remainder of the country, who have yet to be totally brainwashed by the BBC's distorted reporting.

Monday, 27 September 2010

REd the Union man!

What planet do these creatures inhabit?
Neither the Miliband's nor their rabble rousing paymasters and the sycophantic born again Labourites are in touch with reality as they blithely ignore their appalling recent record.
I have nothing but contempt for the trades union leadership, who are almost to a a man, and they are invariably men, a bunch of greedy bullying Muppet's. I'd like to see a super tax on their earnings over £100k.Their endorsement of REd Miliband, a man so palpably unfit to lead the country, just reinforces my view. He was appalling on the Andrew Marr show yesterday.
Listening to the daily politics, apparently one lady member of Unite received 37 phone calls from the union asking her to vote for REd Milliband. Makes you wonder about the definition of harassment doesn't it? Don't you find it strange that you can have two votes - one as a member of the party and one as a union member.
Red Ed will last a year tops. While he's in charge Labour has zero chance of electoral success which, given the almighty balls-up they made last time round, a blessing indeed.
Long live the coalition.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Crow's a Totally Useless C--t!

I would like say to Bob Crow, go back into your cave with the rest of the dinosaur's. You are still living in the dark ages, and the bulk of the British public will not follow your stupid ideas.
The Labour Government are responsible for the difficulties because of the money they wasted over 13 years that they were in power.Yellow streak Brown is entirely responsible for the cuts that this government will have to make.
Good old Bob, inciting his union and fellow Totally Useless C--t's members to create civil disobedience whilst picking up his £150K a year and whatever happened to our democracy?
All three of the main parties entered the election acknowledging the necessity for cuts, with only some small differences about the timing and where they should happen.
The coalition has not changed anything significant since then. In fact, public expenditure is planned to rise overall by 15% over the life of this Parliament, so all this nonsense about savage cuts is just that - nonsense.
Almost everybody voted for one or other of these parties, and thus implicitly for the cuts needed to get our finances back in order.
This is politically motivated and goes against the will of the vast majority of the electorate. Mr Crow and his fellows should be deported to North Korea or even Cuba, where they will find the democratic workers paradise that they are evidently seeking.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Totally Useless C- -ts

Yes the TUC stands for "Totally Useless C--ts"
The TUC reaction is typically selfish and short-sighted. Masses of strikes and civil disobedience will only damage the already fragile economy, making job and funding cuts even more necessary.
If we carry on without this "austerity package" it will only be matter of time before large section of the public sector are effectively bankrupt.
The media (see BBC and C4) shifts the spectrum to paint the picture as concerned left wingers with some moderate liberals. Well it's a load of rubbish. The likes of Brendan Barber are either stupid or duplicitous.
The BBC uses the term 150 billion pound deficit. The unions say don't stop spending yet, wait until the growth gets better. The 150 BILLION is per year. When will these unions and public workers realise that it is the private sector that pay their wages and their pensions. It is a total disgrace that we pay their pension when in the private sector we have to fund our own and now we have to retire at 65 + - public workers and civil servants can retire from 55 - there is something wrong in the country when the private sector pays for the life style of the public sector and then they and their unions have the audacity to say they want more and more.
Today the TaxPayers alliance issued some facts about the Totally Useless C--ts.
  1. That even before cuts in spending, public sector employees were already striking fifteen times more than those in the private sector.
  2. The Trade union Rich List shows that many of the trade union bosses leading the charge for strikes over spending cuts receive six-figure remuneration packages.
  3. This research note shows the huge amounts that the unions have received in direct grants and paid staff time from public sector organisations – quangos, departments, councils, NHS Trusts, ambulance trusts and fire authorities – in the financial years 2008-09 and 2009-10.

• Trade unions received £85.8 million from public sector organisations in 2009-10.

• That is made up of £18.3 million in direct payments from public sector organisations and an estimated £67.5 million in paid staff time.

• The total is up 14 per cent from 2008-09, when trade unions received £76.1 million from public sector organisations.

• 2,493 full time equivalent public sector employees worked for trade unions at the taxpayers’ expense in 2009-10.

• Total public funding for the trade unions in 2009-10 was 20 per cent more than the combined political contributions to the Labour Party and the Conservative Party in 2008-09.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Yet another yellow streak cock up at HMRC!

The whole idea of yellow streak Brown's Tax regime was to make it totally incomprehensible in order to apply his Marxist stealth policies.This is all down to him who added so much legislation and incomprehensible directives that even the tax men couldnt understand. A new instruction every day and a full bookshelf every year instead of one book. I asked a taxman to explain one of the clauses on my tax return and he said he couldnt understand it himself.Why blame the troops when you have incompetent officers.
Yellow streak Brown couldn't organise a one man march up a one way street without making it complicated. The man was, without doubt, the worst chancellor and the worst prime minister in my lifetime. The man is dysfunctional, deranged, deceitful, duplicitous, dithering and downright dangerous. He makes a total mess of all that he touches and I'm not the slightest bit surprised that HMRC doesn't work properly. How could it be expected to under yellow streak Brown's control. It's a good job he's out of it now so that the system can be rationalised and put back into good order by sensible people who know what they are doing.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Why don't you leave the Hague's alone

I'm getting rather fed up with all the policital smearing that's going on especially with the recent claim; because a politician shared a bedroom with his driver that they must be queer.Well if that's the case I suspect they are not alone. I remember 50 years ago sharing a bed with another guy for 3 nights. Since then I have shared rooms with other men and believe me I'm not queer and neither were the other chaps.
This nonsense is simply another example of why the press in this country is so detested. I think they have now overtaken politicians as the least admired sector within society. Led by the remarkable unpleasant Today programme with the awful Humphreys and Mcnaughtie they should be ashamed of themselves.
Hague and his poor wife deserve a lot more respect, politicians or not and what the hell the wife of that pompous idiot Bercow has to offer I do not know. Presumably she is a paid up member of the luvvie left like Kearney herself...
Let the press try to find some real news because at the moment they are acting like dirty little voyeurs and if they don't find anything to get off on they make it up!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

We don't listen to war-criminals.

No apologies! No Shame! No Regret! Still Self Denying!

Still trying to manipulate British politics!

Still the same old lying bastard Tony Bliar!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Bliars gift.

Bliar believes he was right to invade Iraq and in just about everything he did, with the possible exception of not facing yellow streak Brown in a leadership election in 1994 or sacking him as Chancellor.

So, Bliar's Blood Money for the book is being given to the British Legion. It's amazing how guilt can eat away at a person, but the British Legion should refuse this money and instead ask for Bliar's government-funded personal security to be stopped immediately and for that money to be channeled instead towards its cause.
So I imagine that his decision is not only to support the troops out of a sincere wish to do just that, but also because he thinks that it will make people more likely to read his book.
Bliar would like people to read his words because he thinks he is misunderstood and unfairly vilified for Iraq, which overshadows many of the bad things he did, both domestically and in other armed interventions.Even on Iraq, he still contends he was right, and no doubt much of the book will try to convince people he acted honourably and the world is a better place regardless of the mass slaughter and political turmoil that resulted (he does say he would make the same decision again).Of course, he is unlikely to change many minds, but he may now receive more of a hearing than he would otherwise have done.
His greed for power and leverage and the mistakes it caused won't be washed away with money, not even converting to Catholicism believing confession or perjury will allow you into the gates of heaven.
He feels no guilt, only regret at all the suffering he and Bush caused.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Career politicians! "Where?" I'm still looking.

The Labour party cannot exist without the premise that the state comes first - always.
I don't think they realise it yet - but Cameron is sucking the life out of the Labour party. He is trapping them, and before long, they will be an utter irrelevance - if they aren't already.
This country and the hardworking people in it are sick and tired of Labour's white, snotty nosed, war criminal politicians telling us how to live as they illegally order the murder and torture of other people in foreign lands. They throw away our soldiers lives and our tax contributions as if they were confetti. They have no respect for us or for the country because they think themselves better than those who pay their wages.
Tell us David Miliband about the Duty of Care towards Dr David Kelly. Tell us about your resignations over the treatment of British soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tell us about the "common ownership" and "trust" in the EU.......or even if you will ever manage to instill that in the Labour Party, a seething cauldron of resentment and treachery.
If you look at the majority of this country's problems you will see they have been caused by white middle class pompous oafs like Ed and David Miliband, Ed Balls and Andy Burnham. Career politicians who believe they were born to lord it over the rest of us and treat us like idiots and think we should be grateful for it.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Jackboot Jacqui Smith would be more at home in the Big Brother house.

You have to give her 12 out of 10 for brass neck in applying for the job. Seriously though, if the BBC allow this fraudster to gain a top seat then their repeated claims of impartiality are gone.
She was an incompetent Home Secretary and she has nothing in any field of expertise that she could offer the BBC in that position.
I sincerely hope this revolting creature doesn't get anywhere near the BBC - If this greedy old cow gets that job then I for one will refuse to pay my television licence as a protest against that happening.
Who on earth does she think she is! She loused up in government and has nothing to offer anyone. She was the one who cried and said that she was incompetent and unprepared for the job as Home Secretary, after the scandal when she banned American radio personality Michael Savage from Great Britain, along with neo-Nazi murderers and terrorists?
I gather she was once a "teacher" so perhaps it is unsurprising that the education system is such a mess.
The BBC seems to be the dumping ground for ex Liebour politicians, no wonder it's so left wing biased.
Perhaps she will team up with fatty Prescott's wife on the One Show?
Given the austerity program currently being undertaken by the government, perhaps the Culture Secretary should ask the question "Is this job really necessary". In fact, perhaps the Culture Secretary should also ask the question "is the trust necessary?"

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Come off it postman Pat you know ASBO'S don't work.

And another ASBO to stop ministers jumping from one department to another, unless they actually have skills related to the post and department, not just the supposed 'skills' of being a self serving politician.

Alan Johnson M.P. Postman Pat! was Secretary of State for Work and Pensions 2004-2005 for 8 months.
Secretary of State for Trade and Industry 2005 - 2005 12 months.
Secretary of State for Education and Skills 2006 - 2007 13 months.
Secretary of State for Health 2007 - 2009 24 months.
Home Secretary 2009 - 2010 11 months.
What of these vital areas of government did you actually have skills related to Mr Johnson?
We had 13 years of your Neo-Lab fascism, Johnson. We've finally got rid of you. Please stay gone.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Tony Hayward will take his yacht to Siberia to do some ice fishing and if he screws up in Siberia he will get a nice prison cell and do hard labour.

The fact is that a lot of us agree with Hayward. Initially there was a lot of sympathy for the victims of the BP Oil-Spill(which there still is although that has been lost in the ensuing "spats") but due mainly to firstly Obama's initial apparent anti-British rhetoric, later denied, but too late to stop it gaining traction in the UK. Hayward helped blacken his image by attending a yacht race in clean English waters as Gulf Coast residents choked on BP oil.
This was then followed by the US Congresses grilling of Hayward (shown live on BBC) and what I feel was a "Witch Hunt" of BP.
Then of course was the "Al-Mehgrahi" affair which rapidly descended in the UK at least as the view that the US Senate was interfering in UK/Scottish Sovereignty and had no business to summon UK Ministers in such a cavalier manner... so Hayward started to be portrayed as being hounded unfairly by the US for merely being the fall guy for the Company mistakes.
We may speak the same language be allies but it goes to show how a crisis (rightly or wrongly) is viewed differently between the two countries citizens.

Monday, 26 July 2010

You want socialism - remember. Go on - support hairy Ed Balls. You know it makes sense.

I suspect that the powers behind the Liebore Party have long had the opinion that hairy Balls is just not good enough an actor to hoodwink the electorate into believing that another Labour government would be far more cuddly than yellow streak Brown's effort, which they rejected.
Ideally, what the power-brokers would like is someone with yellow streak Brown's intentions and Bliar's bonhomie, but there isn't anyone like that. Second choice, I think, would be a dupe like Bliar, who'd give the Stalinist a free rein in return for personal aggrandisement. I'm not sure they have anyone well-enough established to fill this role. So they are left, I fear, with the third option which is to choose a Stalinist and then work overtime to convince the public that he's really a social democrat - with the whole thing made more difficult by the fact that none of the contenders is enough of a chameleon to be able actively to do much to help this process.
But the challenge of persuading the public that a hairy Balls-led Labour is a social democratic party must have a degree of difficulty not far short of trying to do the same thing with a party led by Arthur Scargill. Or even one which had concluded that its best interests lay in reappointing the Great Helmsman of Kirkcaldy himself.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Who in the world is going to buy any of these shitty books?

I will never read snake Mandelson's book so can only comment on the portions reported during the past week.
Snake Mandelson might be bitchy and a gossip but he has confirmed what others have said about the Liebore government, especially concerning yellow streak Brown, Tony Bliar and their respective disciples and hangers on. He has confirmed the fact that yellow streak Brown is seriously mentally flawed. He has also confirmed, what many of us suspected, that he is not the intellectual giant whose reputation as such was puffed up by Bliar. Whose false views were ably supported by such street fighters as Messrs doppy Whelan, hairy Balls and evil Mcbride, even though Bliar was their arch enemy.
We now know what many of us suspected: that Bliar and others thought yellow streak Brown was, and is, an intellectual pygmy!
Let's be honest, this spineless lump of excreta never had any friends in the Labour Party - or any friends at all, anywhere. That's what happens to treacherous, talentless turncoats who blackmail their way into the House Of Lords. His peerage should be revoked, and he should be turned-out and left with the same nothing that he's contributed to Britain. Then he should be prosecuted for Criminal Negligence during his term as "Business Secretary" (a post in which he did nothing at all, and didn't even turn up) and jailed.
So Bliar, snake Mandelson, two jags Prescott and the entire upper echelons of the Labour government, including four of the five leadership hopefuls, knew yellow streak Brown was at least half mad and not very clever. Yet they let him dictate domestic policies for ten years from the Treasury and govern as PM for further three. And they have the nerve to claim that all of their political actions were carried out for the good of the country. Liars and hypocrites the lot of them.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Facebook Moat

The positive comments made about Raoul Moat on face book are simply unbelievable,he was nothing but a coward.
Britain has finally got a leader in David Cameron who has the ability to turn the UK in to Great Britain which it is truly was 'it is absolutely clear that Raoul Moat was a callous murderer - full stop, end of story.
This sad episode shows the rest of the world just how far the UK has sunk in it's values.
This guy turned into a nutter for whatever reasons he had. He was ready to deprive his daughter of her mother and presumably he already knew he would be going out with a bang and so depriving her of her father as well. This didn't seem to figure in his mind at all yet he's made out to be a caring dad. It seems like his ex girlfriend made up the story of going with a police man in the hope that it would be enough to scare him off from harassing her. What had the police officer who was blinded personally done to him? Would he have shot the victims if he knew the truth? Probably.
There are a lot of questions to be answered and they never will because Moat took the cowards way out, not the hero's way as he's depicted by some halfwits! The people who elevate this man to hero have a very warped view of right and wrong and I only hope that they never need help from the police.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Well done Spain

A Spanish national team, with Spanish players, playing for their country rather than sponsorship deals and personal glory. A magnificent result in so many ways.
Contrast their achievement with the fractured, selfish and unpatriotic French and English teams
Obviously Holland had decided before the match that they could not win without breaking the rules. This they did violently, regularly and systematically throughout the match. They calculated that FIFA would not want their spectacle ruined by a spate of sending-off, especially early in the game so proceeded to intimidate the Spanish players from the start. I note that the yellow cards were spread all around the team in an attempt to avoid second yellows, although about four or five Dutch should have gone without a yellow. It was cynical professionalism at its worst.
FIFA should now consult with their referees about teams like this and give the officials support to send off as many players as necessary, even in a world cup final. If Spain had won because Holland had been reduced to six players and the game had to be abandoned that would have been the most just result.
Holland were a disgrace to their country. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Hypocrtite Prescott, what a wanker!

A hypocrite who slagged off the Lords when he was in the commons. An uneducated , slob who bullied his way up the political ladder. Given a soft job and swanned around the globe achieving nothing.
Now,Lord Fish and Chips takes his seat or should it be Lord Two Jags, the real reason this lump of lard has taken his seat isn't to hold government to account but to make his wife feel like a real laydee!
He is deemed to be the Class warrior? - crass warrior more like. The final sell out from a truly monumental mock socialist, in my opinion he sold the liebore party and his beliefs to the capitalist system for power, prestige, cash and now a peerage. No need for your working class pretensions anymore. Are you one of us? No, you are really taking the piss there Prescott.
Good riddance you capitalist lackey - get off to the House of Lords where you really belong.
You know what they say about class and money, you can have the money but lack the class. Or you can be like me have look a class act but lack the money!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Excuses, excuses! England have been rubbish throughout the whole tournament.

There is a real danger to use the disallowed goal as a scapegoat to cover up what was once again a very disappointing England performance that summed up our whole World Cup campaign.
Germany concentrated on their national team years ago when they saw how many foreign players were in their league. They spend more time together and take a break in the season. Teams are encouraged to develop their youth policies.
The FA is a disgrace and the so called top 4 clubs who have any English players are assumed to have the best players!
Good Luck to Germany, all the teams reaching the Quarter finals are the best at present and I look forward to watching without the distraction of a very poor English team.
It is also very interesting how many foreign players get criticised when they do not adapt to a foreign country, language and culture immediately but the English players, how many play abroad? They are even out of sorts when they have to stay abroad for one month!
England's best player has performed consistently badly in all the games that he has played. In fact, Rooney has been tackled or lost possession more times than any other player in the World Cup and that's remarkable.
Back in 1966 when England won the World cup there was no "premier" league, just the old first and second division with no foreign players. My view is that things really need to change maybe back to the past before we can become an international force once again.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

And just where during the Budget speech was the prime cause of all this pain,I refer of course to yellow streak Brown MP for Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath?

Listening to the siren voice of Harperson yesterday in parliament whining about Osborne's budget was nauseating in the extreme. This revolting woman and her cohorts yellow streak Brown, dumbledorf Darling, Bliar, red neck Straw et al were the architects of this massive debt mountain which will destroy our savings and future earnings for a decade or more. They should be facing a firing squad for what they have done to this country's finances. To think that they could ever be elected again is frightening but is a real possibility as the morons out there will blame George Osborne for the austerity measures implemented to rectify the problem rather than the criminals who caused it in the first place. I say congratulations George. Not many would have the guts to stand up and say how things is and put the bombed-out party opposite in their place. Why should the unions start their everlasting griping; they funded the shower opposite that has cause all the problems in the first place. Go on strike and then see unemployment rise. The VAT move was necessary to stop the "shop till we drop" brigade in its tracks. Billion have been spent, and wasted, on buying stuff that has largely ended up on a corporation tip while China has reaped the benefit and while banks and retailers have harvested in the billions with their outrageous interest rates on store and credit cards - most of which people are still paying off.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Ignore Prescott - he's tribal but is happy to ignore his own apparently strongly held principles when it suits him.

The pension system does need reform - and it could actually be in public sector workers' interests to acquiesce, because there is a growing feeling of inequity around the pensions issue which will do them no favours in the long run.
When two jags Prescott is sure that it is a collaboration, the rest of the world can be very sure that it is not. Prescott has form, be it:
Becoming the supreme head of Transport and environment to improve our traffic flow and environment. The roads were never as bad as until his lethal influence on the department was removed.
Be it running two Jags or living in a pretentious house with turrets or what ever his action contradicted his words.
Be it the HIP to solve the problems with housing transactions- it increased cost without helping the system.
Worst of all, this man of working class, the class warrior, the self proclaimed nemesis of the House of Lords has unsurprisingly but outrageously accepted a peerage. His humbug and hypocrisy of accepting the peerage pales into insignificance when he asserts that he was going to the House of Lords for the sake of Environment- My foot.
It is high time two jags Prescott is given his due place in the national life- that of oblivion. He deserves to be ignored and nothing better. When such a man criticise Mr John Hutton for collaboration that is proof positive that it is not.
Prescott has always been proud of his tribalism and espused the 'no such thing as a good Tory' school of thought. It's that sort of tribalism that puts a lot of people off politics. Calm pragmatism, balance, political nous, organisational skills and intelligence are what's needed for this job. It won't be easy and it won't be popular. Hutton will probably do it well.

John Terry will you please just shut up.

First it was the altitude.
Next it was the ball.
Next it was the isolation.
Next it was boredom.
Finally and to be expected Blame the Manager as usual.
John Terry is a vindictive prig and a seriously disruptive element. Clearly the captaincy situation is his motive for revenge. If Ledley King and Rio Ferdinand had been fit, they could have dispensed with Terry's services. He clearly thinks he rules the roost,which apparently he is allowed to do at Chelsea. For a player to openly challenge a Managers tactics and policy in public, is unbelievable. I think I am correct in saying he and the other Prima Donna's have failed to produce the goods at international level for 3 Managers. No doubt he thinks it is all their fault. We won't get much further in the World Cup, so why don't they just banish this mutinous loud mouth now?

Friday, 18 June 2010

England, what a crock of shite!

If England play like that again, quite simply, I don't want to see them progress; it would be inappropriate and also mind-crushingly boring. Even if they do manage to perform against Slovenia I will never forget that utterly, utterly terrible performance against Algeria.
The present "team" are a shambles, and Rooney swearing at fans was the act of a petulant kid.They didn't have to beat any team of significance to qualify and that flattered their ratings ahead of the tournament. England may still reach the last 16, but I cannot see them going far after that. It would indeed be the triumph of hope over expectation.
Perhaps Rooney should remember they can hardly lay claim to have played even their socks off let alone their hearts out for their country. Over paid and over estimated but no way they should be over there. Send some Championship players I am certain they would have put more heart into the game than we saw last night.
Fans are perfectly entitled to boo if they've travelled thousands of miles spent thousands of pounds to be subjected to an atrocious display of football by a bunch of overpaid idiots.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Indeed, it is Europe who needs the U.K., it is not the U.K. who needs the E.U. !

Governments throughout Europe are raising taxes, cutting public sector pay and public services - sucking out vast sums of purchasing power from the European economy. The banks are still in disarray. Lending to business continues to decline? The money supply is contracting? The murmurs about the Euro's long-term prospects are rapidly becoming shouts.
Spanish politicians unveiled a raft of reforms to the labour market yesterday but their attempt to shore up financial market confidence failed to quash rumours that the country was headed for Greek-style bailout.
Spain has had its snout in the Euro trough for 26 years now, my taxes have paid for their new railways, my taxes have paid for their new motorways and my taxes have subsidised their farmers.
If they turn to an extremist political party just because British or German taxpayers have other priorities now then they are not a nation that I want as a partner.
Isn't it about time that Spain and Portugal helped themselves rather than relying on others? In a spirit of European solidarity, of course. After all, they were so helpful to new new Eastern countries when they joined as I recall Spain in particular required significant amounts to be paid to them via Brussels, amounts that the likes of Poland or Hungary can only dream of.
This is a particular failing for the Euro, because the Euro has one Central Bank and one interest rate, but it does not have the kinds of automatic fiscal adjustment that the UK or US have for their component parts. So different Euro area countries can experience different levels of distress from some economic event, but one will not help another.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Harriet Harman and the rest of New Labour's Prima Donna's is the reason millions of working class men have walked away from Labour.

Harriet Harperson on Sunday morning told Andrew Marr 'I think the British Public want equality' Yes we do Harriet but not by discrimination! Putting up a candidate without regard to their ability is just not British.
Harriet Harperson is like a broken record. She is so boring when it comes to women representation in politics. All the decent, intelligent, ambitious women stay well clear of politics - and who can blame them? So we end up with the dregs at the bottom of the barrel - Hazel Blears, Ruth Kelly, Tessa Jowell and the rest of the incompetents.
If I were Diane Abbott I would tell labour to go and find someone else to play in there little game, in fact I feel a little embarrassed for her she must know she is only in the leadership battle because she is a women and black not for her ability to do the job.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Let the dead vote for the dead... !

Same old Labour; same old discredited PC dogma; must have equal representation of colour, race, sexuality and gender irrespective of the candidate's ability.

What a mickey mouse election.We are told to believe that this is a real leadership election and the field is so wide. When the a candidate himself and self confessed supporters of some other candidate nominated Diane Abbott while admitting that they will not vote for her makes me sick.
I'm not enthused either by the choice of and calibre of the candidates. This bunch, including Abbott, are tainted by their past and represent nothing new, despite their post-Election posturing. I don't trust any of them to deliver anything new or radical, just more of the same 're-branded' in other words another disaster for the UK.
Diane is not leadership material, it has nothing to do with Race or Gender. The silly tokenism of offering her up as a diverse candidate sticks in my throat. Do you know she is a joke. In a recent TV interview the only reason to vote for her she could come up with was that she was not a white man! Instead of working to sort out the schools in her area, she sent her son to a private school. She failed to declare earnings from her appearances on This Week. Worst of all I believe that she is racist, claiming that Finnish nurses could not care for her black constituents.
I plead with all the media to stop reporting anything relating to the Labour Party. I'm absolutely sick to my back teeth with Labour. I hope they never get into power again and then I can write about something else!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Lord Prescott of Toad Hall

I heard fat boy Prescott on the radio this morning. He tried to make a class war out of every issue. The point is that back gardens are counted as brown field sites under planning rules, yet there are plenty of real brown field sites available for developers.
Prescott has conveniently forgotten that his Labour government failed to build any significant number of social housing - just 2,000 a year - and his Labour government that allowed house prices to rise by failing to regulate mortgage debt and keeping interest rates ridiculously low. The coalition government has already doubled the amount of social housing that will be built.
As to throwing round phrases like `typical millionaire' at Zac Goldsmith - I'd eat my dirty running shoes if Prescott isn't a millionaire himself, when it comes to his taxpayer funded properties, numerous paid appearances and boring autobiographies. Prescott is a typical 'do as I say, not as I do' socialist. Prescott also made a complete fool of himself thinking we are all interested in his class war. The fact is he ranted on about 'Toffs' and how those 'Toffs' only look after their own. The fact that he had to use 'swearies' in his argument with Goldsmith shows what an intellectual Pygmy this odious toad really is.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The root cause was indeed yellow streak Brown !

Its about time somebody rectified Labour's gross spending of taxpayer cash!
Placing all the blame at the door of the banks is short sighted. I am not defending them but of greater concern is the appalling state of the nation's finances going in to the recession which meant that we piled on debt and unsustainable spending at a governmental level even during growth years. The bankers are simply the symptom of the disease, not the cause.
The root cause was indeed yellow streak Brown and only yellow streak Brown, when he handed over control of interest rates to the Bank of England, in return for a total deregulation of the entire financial system - all on day one of the Labour government in 1997.
When there are no longer any rules, any kind of immoral act can be justified, and that is exactly what has happened.
Former Labour city minister Lord Myners, who said that there was considerable waste in public expenditure. "There is nothing progressive about a government that consistently spends more than it can raise in taxation, and certainly nothing progressive that endows generations to come with the liabilities incurred with respect to the current generation," Myners said, accusing the previous government of flawed thinking on employment. "The government can create the environment conducive to the creation of jobs, but it cannot create jobs, and we mislead ourselves if we believe it can."
Lord Myners has come out now and that leaves just the moronic left and the slightly mad in the Labour in denial now.
Instead of redistributing income in favour of the poor according to their Socialist credo, yellow streak Brown actually re distributed income in favour of the money lenders. Thank you for putting the UK in ball and chains yellow streak, its going to be a very long hard sentence for us all!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Dumbledorf Darling today accused the Prime Minister of using claims that the economy is worse than expected as cover for swingeing cuts.

Between them, yellow streak Brown and dumbledorf Darling wrecked this country's finances and committed every taxpayer to years of debt. It's time they accepted responsibility for their actions rather than condemning those who have to clear up the mess they left. Dumbledorf Darling it would help if you yourself could count.As it seems to be that you cannot. You have spent our money like water running down a fast running river. You and your labour party are a joke, and didn't have any idea of what it was doing. In other words the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. What we really need is a Government committed to financial responsibility after 13 years of profligacy. Dumbledorf Darling obviously thought that creating jobs in the public sector such as a Transsexual and Transgender Equality Manager at £75K per annum was value for money. Virtually all sane people would think this a criminal waste of public money!
Socialism can never work. It leads to financial ruin and unemployment. It always has and always will!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Scary Balls admits Labour got it wrong on immigration from Eastern Europe.

Labour is finished, go lie down and die with the party.

It is pointless for these 'so called candidates' to disagree with Labour policy years after the event.
At the time, they both wholeheartedly supported the war and immigration and numerous other Labour mistakes and it's too late to now go chasing votes by being "sorry". It isn't just from EU countries where the numbers coming into Britain are far far too high either. How absolutely typical of Labour to lie. If 203,000 new British passports were issued to foreigners last year and almost half of the holders were from Asian countries it isn't Europe that's the problem is it?
The whole sorry bunch, including scary Balls, should be locked up and all their personal wealth confiscated to help pay off the debt they incurred.
Innocent Britons, savers, homeowners, pensioners, the sick and poor, these people will have to pay for years to come.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Labour, just another crock of shit.

There certainly is an interesting blame game going on in the UK with regard to public debt. Undoubtedly Labour were highly irresponsible in running so many deficits in the good growth years and this left the UK highly vulnerable to the banking crisis, particularly with such a large financial sector.
I hope people who voted Labour can at least be humble and honest enough to acknowledge that 13 years of Labour government was responsible for this. It just riles me so much that people did not foresee this; and the insulting thing is that Labour almost got back again.
The case for prosecution of former Labour ministers on charges of treason grows stronger. Because this is not the case of one party losing power as in previous elections, the previous Labour government used state resources to secure their survival, and when they noticed that was not enough, they started spending recklessly, making contractual agreements on their last days in office. This is illegal & it's akin to making false representation. That is why all this needs to be investigated and charges brought against former Labour minister's. Also just as we scrutinize people for top jobs, their should be minimum qualifications for the position of Prime Minster, so that we do not have a failure in leadership again; just like when we had yellow streak Brown, who for example, was a failed leader that had never been elected into high office throughout his political career. People like yellow streak Brown should have been weeded out ages ago. All the problems and mess the country inherited from Labour should be well documented both in print, voice and video, so that when future elections come about, the electorates can be well educated about the state of the country when Labour left office after 13 years in government.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

This is typical cross-eyed Labour.

Harperson wants to ensure that 50% of the frontbench Labour party are women!
It is as sensible as saying that 50% of astronauts, Board Chairpersons, zoo-keepers, traffic wardens should be women. If this should be the case, then why don't we have a quota for black & minority ethnic people, for gays, straights, bi-sexual and transgendered people, for catholics, C of E, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus or Buddhists? Harperson can't simply choose a metric of measuring the population (sex) and disregard all the other equally important metrics noted above.
If you want a future fair for all, fix the underlying causes of perceived misrepresentation in government, don't slap on some arbitrary quota - this should not please the person fulfilling the quota, nor should it please the public who demand experience and expertise in government and politics, especially at this time of crisis in Britain and across the globe.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Who cares; I do!

Lord snake in the grass Mandelson reads the last rites over new Labour today, declaring that the project that he helped to fashion “died on May 6, 2010”.
The responsible course would be for Labour to dissolve, and divide its assets (and membership) between a new Social Democrat party and a genuine old style socialist party.
Immigration soars 20% after Labour's last 'crackdown'
Why am I not surprised, just another couple of New Labour lies in a desperate bid to hang on to power at any price. Their policy of self first, party second and the country a very poor third should be remembered and written about for ever. This appalling bunch of incompetents should be cast into the dustbin of history for ever.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Who Cares?

The lack of interest in this election is due in some part to the dearth of talent competing and the fact that Labour has become an irrelevance after the coalition. The fact that Diane Abbott has such little support amongst MP's may be due to the fact that she frequently voted against the Party. It is also significant that she has secured the support of Lammy who clearly demonstrated the scope of his intellect on Mastermind. Lets reflect on the fact that he, Lammy, the minister for education in the Labour government thought Henry VII followed Henry VIII, got confused between Marie Curie and Marie Antoinette and mistook Bastille for Versailles. The real problem facing Labour is that if the coalition is successful, it could lose a lot of support to the Lib Dems and will be out of power for more than a generation, ending up as the 3rd party.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

It is a sad fact that the Labour Party always suffers from collective ‘memory loss’ when it comes to their own disastrous failings when in power.

I watched David Cameron's speech today and it was spot on. Harriet Harperson and the Labour party should be ashamed of themselves. There was even a little socialist Labour man whinging about the abolition of child trust funds, and Cameron knocked down his argument straight away. As outgoing treasury head admitted, THERE IS NO MONEY LEFT!... A concept that socialists are unable to comprehend. Yellow streak Brown can postulate about the "global financial crisis" until the cows come home, but at the end of the day it was men like him as Chancellor that were telling "those responsible" to take more and more risks. It was yellow streak Brown who insisted in inflating the bubble when all around him suggested it be allowed to deflate. Yellow streak Brown played no small part in causing the "Global financial crisis".New Labour are entirely responsible for all of this. The worst government ever. Cameron is right: they'll never say sorry. The Labour party aren't even capable of being gentlemen. Sour, sour people the lot.
I have just been watching the BBC's coverage of the Queen's speech on the evening news. Dear, dear me. Has it ever been more obvious where the broadcaster's sympathies lie? One item suggested that NHS cover in Bangor would be reduced to emergencies only following the imposition of the cap on non-EU immigration. The only thing missing from the Queen's speech was to announce the break-up of the over-subsidised, left-leaning, Labour-supporting BBC. Please David and Nick clear out the biased BBC before they screw up the coalition.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

And to think that yellow streak Brown had intended to spend spend spend, adding more and more debt on the nation.

I'm afraid that when faced with an ever-ballooning amount of debt, Governments have to make deep cuts to their expenditure. The process is not without pain, of course, and many desirable projects (along with those that are decidedly undesirable) will be affected by such cuts.
The Business Department will bear the brunt of £6 billion in cuts while we keep pouring money into fake charities like ASH, Alcohol Concern, The Institute of Alcohol Studies and many other such organisations who supply bigoted, rent-a-quote zealots to harangue us over the airwaves about our smoking, drinking, eating habits etc.
The Police will be keeping their luxury cars, as will the Highways Agency and others. Overpaid jobsworths will be keeping their lucrative posts in local councils. The luvvie millionaire factory at the BBC will continue unhindered.
Get all troops back on UK soil. Make people on benefits work in their community to install pride. By the way business link did a great job in funding business to move abroad. They classed invoicing from the UK but manufacturing elsewhere as export, another one of yellow streak Brown's creative accountancy schemes. If the financial crisis had not happened yellow streak Brown might have got away with it. I just hope as the cuts and increased taxes bite, people will remember that it was yellow streak Brown's Labour government that got us into this terrible position.This government is now having to take the only course that is open. Labour should never be allowed anywhere near the Public Finances again.
Perhaps yellow streak Brown can use some of the money he will make on the lecture circuit to help pay off the debts his government ran up?

Friday, 21 May 2010

"The Prime Minister delivered an undiplomatic rebuff to the German Chancellor after their first meeting..."

The United Kingdom, thank God, is not a member of the Euro zone.
The Euro zone was created largely by the French/German axis to protect their own fiscal interests. The Euro zone is fine as long as "minor Euro zone members" (all Euro zone members other than France and Germany) don't go bust. Cameron is right not to want to give more powers to Europe, when it is entirely possible that the whole project is doomed to go down in flames.
I can't imagine Merkel and Sarkozy being too happy with the idea of bailing out another 2 or 3 bankrupt Euro zone members.
The EU is not working in an economic sense. Britain should look to other markets for its products. Britain has at the moment a 60% income from the EU. This is too many eggs in one basket. Diversification of trade away from the EU system would leave Britain in control of its own affairs without the interference of the EU and its uncontrollable administrative systems.
I have to say over the past 15 years I had become very cynical concerning politicians, but Cameron is slowly restoring my faith.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

As one who loathes everything that Labour stands for: "Three cheers for Diane".

Well done Diane!
Instead of the discredited Blairites Diane would offer a fresh voice that would capture the imagination of the electorate. Labour should realise that they have an MP who has shown by her television work that she is quite capable of communicating to the public in a way that there leadership has failed in recent years.
Diane lost all credibility when she sent her son to St. Paul's Cathedral school - really she is the corruption that has to be plucked from the heart of Socialism.
Diane has not got a chance of winning but if I'm wrong then Labour will be out of power for a very VERY LONG TIME.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Labour has been led by pricks for the past thirteen years: maybe it's now time to be led by Balls.

Ed Balls , with his weird Stalinist haircut, looks like an adult version of the sort of kid that bends your arm around your back and nicks your sweeties. He strikes me as a nasty, vindictive, behind-the-scenes back-stabber. He is inarticulate, lumpen, and unlovely. He is another yellow streak Gordon Brown, without the one-millimetre coating of gravitas.
Labour has imploded and the Marx brothers and Balls will provide spectacles of fun to lighten our load.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Miliband is a muppet, in both outside and in.

I listened to Miliband's speech yesterday, and must say I was disappointed. It was incoherent, hesitant and vacuous to say the least. "Idealism..." Isn't that what has just ended, 13 years of idealistic government without facing up to reality? Most people I know leave idealism on the bar when they graduate and enter the real world. "Next labour" What's that then? You are beginning to sound like something off the supermarket shelf. What will it be next week?
Wasn't flogging off the gold at rock bottom price an idealistic act thinking it might help the country contrary to Bank of England advice. Yes, that's what we want, more of that from this weird looking bloke!
What this country needs is somebody with a solid background, a reputable experience, a insider track record, a likable personality, both social & professional integrity, an attitude of long term stability with political cohesion & diversity at its core. Couple that with self-pride & worth, and a humbling attitude to the public who placed him in office. None of this you will get with Labour, or Miliband – the only man on the face of the earth willing to absolutely anything to secure himself a better job. A conniving little two faced, spineless toad. A wimp, a wart on the decency of public office. What’s even more scary is the fact the obvious Labour collective out there, will vote him in.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Part of the rotten labours final shot at making sure they left the country broke.

This isn't a pre banking crisis of 2006, it's 2010 and the reality of the situation Labour have put us in has to be addressed. If the Government isn't seen to be trying to reduce the financial deficit the IMF will stop lending at decent rates and the markets will see Britain as not worth investing in. I'll do without a tax cut and will pay my way so that my children don't have to pay for Labours incompetence. Labour's Brownfield site will need to be cleared before new building can commence.
This coalition must do as Labour did when they first came to power in 1997 and this was to blame the Tories for every ill that went before them, they did this every time someone from Labour was interviewed either on the TV or radio. People have to remember why these cuts are necessary, even with what the Labour party has kept on telling the public that it was an American caused recession and absolutely no fault of their policies, Labour has this tendency of it was not us, it was them. Even after the election they were still trying to convince the public of all the great deeds they had bestowed on the country, omitting of course any mention of the debt mountain left behind.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

We want a period of Conservatism, not Labour ism.

So the farce begins for the leadership of a defunct Labour Party. A Party that virtually destroyed our country. These two Marx Brothers should provide fine entertainment as the country realises the devastation they have brought. New Labour's economics was an utter sham,they lied and passing off spending as investment. Now both millipedes want to do a massive U-turn and re brand Labour as some sort of left radical party - who are they trying to kid!
They are a disgrace to the left. Bliar, yellow streak Brown, bumbling Straw and unelected Campbell should be sent to the Hague for war crimes charges. Vile spin doctor snake Mandelson should be banned from the Labour party. Actually, we are sick of all this so-called radicalism and yearn for period of Government in which successful practice is retained.
We are sick of Labour ministers having to show an audit trail of 'change' in order to be supposed to be doing their jobs. We want a period of restorative Government which tries to heal the divisions caused by 13 years of damage to our society and constitution.
We want evolution, not revolution. We want a period of Conservatism, not Labour ism.

Friday, 14 May 2010

What Labour needs is more humility.

The massive fall in membership under the impact of Blair marginalising the party and the Iraq war meant that Labour lost its membership.
That is where the rebuilding has to start.
Incidentally Milliband as next party leader is not the answer if my scenario is correct. He is intimately connected with the policies of the last government.
Labour became the control freak party. Not every problem requires a state solution. Not every headline requires an initiative. Not every detail of service delivery should be handed down from Whitehall. Not every risk can be covered by more laws. We have to be more proportional on the role of the state. They have lost touch so much with people who are fed up with their arrogance and false promises. They have neither humility, style, nor, more importantly, substance on which to rebuild.
Public sector expenditure was out of control, services were rubbish and OAP's were being fined 200 pounds because their bin wasn't in the right place while an 18 year old who admitted 750 burglaries was given a conditional discharge and a council house.
A new word has been coined called "Brownie" - not a cookie but an "untruth". Very little of what yellow streak Gordon Brown ever said was true. If Labour is to recover, it must respect "truth" - avoid hyperbole and just be truthful. You must avoid having people like slimy Campbell, snake Mandelson, evil McBride, dis-united Whelan as your advisers; and Jack Dromey is not starting well - you should have a quiet word and explain the difference between being loyal and lying.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Go and re-build yourselves on another monkey Island and stay there!

Well we all knew David "prat" Millibrand was going to be 'up for it' as he dilled and dallied about ousting yellow streak Brown when the yellow streak was in office, but, either hadn't got the guts to bid for the leadership then, or else did not want the difficult job of being PM at a time when the going had got tough.
Now labour are in opposition it will be easy peasy for them to sit back and try to pull apart the new Coalition government. All this talk of regrouping etc simply means working out how best to get the new government out whilst not having to clear up their own mess. All of them are lower than a snakes belly! and by that I mean snake Mandelson's, and that shows how low they are.
They are the most untrustworthy bunch you could come across and it will be hilarious watching them all stitch each other up for what they cherish most - power at any cost.
It was great watching them all squirm on television and try and defend the indefensible when the election results came out. Great to see this shambles are all washed up after the mess they have left this country in.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Goodbye socialism, hello realism.

Congratulations David Cameron and "shuffler" Nick Clegg. I'm more than happy that the middle ground is covered; I am sick of the super rich. I want to see results for the middle and working classes.
Yes, there will be cuts and we all know its going to happen because those not so clever mathematicians have led us all up the garden path with their clever gambling plans. Lets hope for a bit more common sense and a country that generates real wealth for the ordinary people. Small business and sensible spending for me.
The date of the next election is set signaling a sea change and today David Cameron and Nick Clegg begin the daunting task of rescuing our economy and society, presiding over a new blend of policy and collaborative government. Only the petty and small minded will not allow these men of goodwill to help Britain and all work together for success and the common good. One gets sick of the detractors who instead of building want to constantly tear down yet have no alternative solution.
Good luck to them if they can get us out of the mess without too much pain for the less fortunate then bring it on.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

And now, the end is near, and Gordon's at his final curtain, he robbed us blind, for 13 years, and killed the wealth, of this whole nation.

Now we have a Conservative/LibDem coalition, I hope that when David Cameron and his team open the 'books' shuffler Clegg and his team are there to verify the undoubted mess they will find. I am pretty sure they will discover all the fiddling of the figures that have gone on, together with the billions wasted on quangos created by this discredited bunch. This is a time for strong government and leadership, for the sake of the country, and when the new government is formed I believe there is much to be uncovered and, if it is, I hope charges will be brought where appropriate and, if successful, that prison sentences will follow. I am convinced after the last 4 days of Labour's effort to secure a rainbow coalition is the fear that they will be found out.
I hope investigations will also be carried out into the dealings of certain people who currently sit in the Lords, like snake Mandelson and together with those who have been close to the heart of this government for most of the last 13 years.
Yellow streak Brown, yellow streak Brown where have you been?
I've been to London to visit the Queen!
Goodbye and good riddance to the worst Prime Minister Britain has ever known!

I just despair for this country, I really, really do!

Please remove the unelected yellow streak PM, the unelected slimy Alistair Campbell and the unelected snake Mandleson from the centre of British life. These self important people have no dignity and shouldn't say anything to me about my or this countrys life.
If shuffler Clegg strikes a deal with Labour, then consider this.
We'll have an unelected Labour prime minister back in Number 10 after he lost an election, supported by an unelected third party who've demanded that the unelected prime minister resign and be replaced in six months by another unelected (by the country) prime minister, that this country didn't vote for...
One of the first things the original unelected Labour prime minister will do is introduce a voting system that 76% of the country didn't vote for, to give more power to the least popular major party. All this while the country goes to rack and ruin financially, in no small part due to the first unelected prime minister and the complicity of the unelected least popular major party leader...
"Vote for real change, not fake change", said shuffler Clegg before the election. David Cameron should step back and say, OK, I tried, I was magnanimous in victory to a guy who got 20 something % of the vote, but he wanted much more than he was worth, (as valued by the electorate), of whom 77% did not vote for PR as an election issue in this election.
The Tories should sit there in opposition, as the party who got the most votes and most seats in this (democratic land) and let´s see how everyone grows to feel about that when governed by the rainbow coalition. The prospect of the English being governed by a bunch of feudal Celt's will not wash -after 6 months Cameron will get a huge majority and then he should have his revenge.

Monday, 10 May 2010

" Britain faces £43 Billion bill... to bail out the Euro."

Yes, dumbledorf Darling you incompetent fool. Why should the UK pay for Greece or any other of the countries that use the Euro. Or is it, because your beloved Labour party lost the election and your that spiteful you want to leave the next government with a larger deficit. Who's going to bail the UK out?. I suppose Darling is not bothered, neither will be the rest of the so called party for the people, LABOUR. Over the past thirteen years of power, you've just proved that your party had its sights all along the ruination of the UK's economy, because people still want the pound and that did not fit the Labour parties ideals. Your traitors, nothing more, nothing less.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Does anyone agree with me that the protest about voting reform looked a bit too good and timely. I had the feeling 'rent a crowd' were mobilsed LibDem

Our country is in debt to a figure which will probably exceed £3 trillion. Divide that figure by our population and the amount is staggering. This country is in crisis and what have we got after the election. The Libdems are bartering for a better deal. This is a time for change. All party banners should be cast aside and the country and the electorate should come first.
For many months the Libdems have talked the talk lets really see if you can walk the walk.
Unpalatable and very tough decisions are required to move this country forward this will not happen with a return of the yellow streak Brown.
The people who say they would rather a LibDem/Lab alliance are the pathetic idiots who voted labour and are now desperate to hang on to power at any cost and do not represent the views of the voters as was proved beyond doubt by the election result. The one thing that came out of the election is that the public wanted labour out. Liar yellow streak Brown and the rest of his lying cronies will say anything to try and get Clegg onside.
A LibDem/Tory alliance may not be the perfect scenario but it definitely will be better than letting labour do more damage to the country

Kamikaze Brown declares himself the new Messiah!

Kamikaze yellow streak Brown is so delusional and out of touch with reality, it would not surprise me in the slightest were he to declare that he is the new Messiah! Kamikaze Brown is demeaning himself, his party, and the country by staying put in Downing Street.
If he wishes to salvage any honour from this farce he should go, and quickly.
Taking early action on the national debt crisis is the most important factor that must be the priority for all political parties. Playing politics with voting reform is a secondary issue. Kamikaze Brown and his flawed policies are irrelevant. Lets get this country out of the mired financial bog it is in by getting the financial recovery; Action Plans now please.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Which way will shuffler Clegg go?

The Conservatives have to be respected for spelling out before the election the kind of cuts that would be needed after the election regardless of who would be governing. They risked many votes but still went ahead and treated us like grown ups and told the truth. Labour didn't spell out this truth as clearly so if they now have to govern then I feel sorry for the voters who thought that they might prove to be more softer in their approach.
The only way Nick Clegg can gain any credibility for his party after an enormous thumbs down in the vote for them is show they are a serious political party after all and do what is best for the country no strings attached and support the Conservatives there is no need for any horse trading this is not the time changes in the electoral system there are far too many more important issues.
The country is bust and so is Socialist state control. Yes, it's certainly time to change and for government to work in the national interest - but not for an utterly corrupt and morally bankrupt Labour-led coalition.
I wish David Cameron and Nick Clegg the best of luck in sorting out yellow streak Brown's legacy of failure.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

The best way to change this is to vote Conservative.

Prior to yellow streak Brown being made Prime Minister (and let's not forget that he was never elected to the post), he and his party promised various referendums to allow the populace to decide on some very key issues.
Since taking up the position of PM, he has proceeded to push legislation through Government and committed us, without our say so, to the very same key issues.
On TV tonight I heard him say that a vote for Labour would result in the population of the country having a referendum on something or other. To be honest, I thought yet another lie from the yellow streak Joker. I lost interest and turned the TV off.
Yellow streak Brown is the biggest liar and hypocrite ever to have been allowed to run this country, and when the country finally descends into civil war, he should not be allowed to return to his precious Scotland and instead, face the population of the country he has managed to destroy.
Democracy, what democracy? We're all currently living in the yellow streak Gordon Brown's town Dictatorship.
So, today is the day to change from living in Gordon's town and vote Conservative to change Britain back to becoming Great again.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Which way to vote? Conservative please.

Labour have lost the plot they can't even get it right on tactical voting scary Ball's, pig Hain and Olympic Jowell say do yellow streak Brown and teflon Bliar say don't, all this flip flopping around no wonder the country is in such a mess.
By treating their voters with such condescension, scary Ball's, pig Hain and Olympic Jowell have probably finished off New Labour. Those supporters have been lectured as though they are illiterate oiks who need to be told how to vote, it's unbelievable really, I hope all three lose their seats.
So now yellow streak Brown wants people to vote Labour because he wants to get the maximum Labour votes? Surprise, surprise!
No doubt that people employed in non-jobs in the public sector, benefit scroungers, immigrants and so on will continue to vote for this disastrous Party, purely out of self-interest, whilst the honest, productive, hard working taxpayer, already struggling to survive the economic downturn, will be the ones left to foot the bill for their financial incompetence!
The voters are not as delusional as yellow streak Brown thinks. He asks us to forget the thirteen years of incompetence which culminate in the UK being saddled with enormous debt and an enormous annual budget deficit.
This is mis management by this government and they do not deserve another term simply measured on non performance to date.
He's grasping at straws talking about minor fiscal issues whilst ignoring the mountain of debt with which he has burdened the UK.