Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Yet again Labour's predictions about the economy are wildly wrong.

Gross domestic product (GDP) tumbled 2.4 per cent in the first three months of the year, the steepest plunge for 51 years, the Office for National Statistics said.

Now we know why there will not be a spending review, our unelected moron of a Prime minister has decided to stick his head in the sand and pretend that everything is great in the Brownvile country.
Gorgon Brown launched his new vision yesterday, wait for it,you guessed it, he's going to borrow even more in a vain attempt to save his stinking skin; someone should take him out the back and do the honest thing!
Gorgon Brown has done everything in his power to prop up house prices to keep the illusion of prosperity going on a while longer.
Interest rates have been cut to ridiculously low levels to get people to spend money they have not got, huge cash injections, bank and company bail outs etc; all to slow down the rate of economic decline.
To anyone with a brain, this was never going to be sustainable, a fantasy trip on yet more borrowed money, that is hitting the buffers now.
The gorgon is like a gambler who is down to his last few spins of the roulette wheel and will make reckless bets in the hope of scooping the jackpot; but in the process will go bankrupt.
I expect the UK economy to tank and unemployment to soar when reality sets in - inflation will rocket thanks to a weak Pound and public spending will be cut abruptly - leading to more job cuts.

Monday, 29 June 2009

'We shouldn't be surprised. I believe there is a thread of dishonesty running through this premiership.'

These were the words of David Cameron yesterday. The only word he didn't use was liar.

But I say these are all lies, lies and more lies, where will the daft man get the money from, borrow it?
We are in a severe recession, borrowing is going through the roof and (all independent experts agree) difficult decisions are necessary if the UK's finances are going to race over over the next decade. So what do we get at this moment of crisis - re-announcements from Our Supreme Leader, Ed Balls making off the cuff comments about NewLab investment (aka: Government spending) and from the unelected Lord Mandelson - the real PM- pronouncements on a host of non-business issues. The only person who is not speaking about financial matters is the Chancellor.
The British homes for British workers plan sounds almost as good as Gorgon's plan for British Jobs for British Workers - because the latter worked so well; nobody believes Liebours lies and spin anymore. They are now having to adopt BNP policies in a feeble attempt to win the next election. Until the legal challenges come that render such policies unenforceable, legal challenges made possible by Liebour equality laws. People should not be fooled by this latest posturing. They make the same unenforceable promises with jobs and immigration, which are subsequently overturned by EU laws.
To have no spending review before the general election is dishonest, Liebour simply cannot face the truth anymore.
For those of you who have been 'investing' via your credit cards and overdrafts over the last few years, you know what the repayments will be like when interest rates go up, so when Liebour's 'investing' comes home to roost we all know that cuts will have to be made and taxes will have to rise, the mess is Gorgon Brown's and no amount of blame on the USA or anyone else in the world can take that away!
There is no doubt that flash Gorgon Brown has already succeeded in building Britain's future. We have a debt mountain that will dominate everything for at least two generations. We have a pension crisis that will split the country in two for generations, probably more a more divisive battleground than the old class war ever was. We have a confidence crisis in the integrity of Sterling that will probably never recover. We have a disillusionment from savers that will undermine industrial investment for years.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

The bigger the lie the better.

Flash Gorgon Brown will attempt to move the debate on with the launch of Building Britain’s Future, a policy document meant to present ideas for public service reform.

It was in the early days while Gorgon was Chancellor that I noticed how unsubtle his Porkies were.
The thing that bothers me is his temerity to think that no one remembers them.
Growing up I learnt that people would tolerate various crimes. But no one I can recall ever would ever tolerate a liar. This is a simple principle Gorgon has not learnt. I believe that no matter what his attempts are to recover himself and New Liebour nobody will forgive his lies.
I believe this so strongly that I would place a bet that he will suffer humiliating personal defeat at the next election.
'Shoring up the base in the Northern heartlands' - by repeatedly lying to them! If that's the blatant contempt Liebour has for its core voters no wonder so many have switched to the BNP. Liebr's core vote won't win an election, they have to win in the midlands & south where we hold liars in contempt.

When the heroic Flash Gorgon and his friends land on the planet Mongo, they find it ruled by the evil Emperor Ming, a despot who quickly becomes their enemy.
The capital of his empire is named "Mingo City" in his honour. Ha you could not make this up, London soon to be re-named then the Brownvile City.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

New poll shows 77% of German voters want a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty

Gordon Brown take note!

26 June 2009

On 30 June, judges at the German Constitutional Court are due to rule on the compatibility of the Lisbon Treaty with the German Constitution.

Ahead of the decision, Open Europe, in collaboration with the Institute for Free Enterprise in Berlin, today publishes a new poll which shows that 77% of Germans want to be given a say on the Lisbon Treaty in a national referendum.

Voters were asked:

"Do you think that German voters should be given the opportunity to have their say on the new EU Treaty in a national referendum?"

77.3% said yes, 20.7% said no, and 1.9% said they don't know.

A representative sample of 1010 people of voting age (18+) in Germany were polled between 8 and 10 June by German polling company Psyma.

Click here to see the results:


Wednesday, 24 June 2009

"Our Leader and Teacher".

kamikaze Brown is now an embarrassment. The Tories and the Liberals told him to his face today in Parliament. His answers don't make any sense.
kamikaze Brown is always trying this tired old tactic to frighten the electorate with tales of Tory cuts. But people are making expenditure cuts themselves so they can see the truth that Brown denies. Why should one man's folly and obstinacy be allowed to blight the future of a whole country?
As a country, just as we should as individuals, we must live within our means. Any prospective government that promises otherwise is not worthy of our vote. kamikaze Brown can't even be honest about his plans, he must be the most untrustworthy politician of our generation.
kamikaze Brown has the stench of failure about him just go before we all suffocate from the smell!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

SHAME... SHAME. and a plague on your house.

What sad , sad day for democracy.

The First Commoner of the Land voted in by the most corrupt Government of all time and who is one of the crew to now captain the ship.Well, here's to a sinking ship, the only ones that I hope to see survive are those MP's who showed some level of honesty and decency by not exploiting their position and John Bercow is not one of them, far from it.
'He' our Supreme Leader "praised Mr Bercow's 'great personal strength, integrity and independence." That's rich coming from kamikaze Brown, he doesn't know the meaning of personal strength and integrity.
The fact that (Tory) Mr Bercow's campaign to become the 157th Speaker of the Commons was run by Liebour MP's and backed by senior Cabinet ministers, just goes to prove the lengths of skulduggery that these politicians will resort to.
As for the British public, we are treated as usual with derision and contempt.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Gordon's whiplash for the Speaker!

All the candidates are mostly inadequate - simply because they are all MP's already. The public don't give a monkeys who wins this election because they know deep down it won't change a thing. We will end up with a hypocrite because Brown instructed his whips to get their MP's to vote for Beckett - remember they all just clapped the last speaker out after stabbing him in the back with a gushing of congratulatory messages. What a crock of shit; these snakes will shake your hand whilst removing all your rings. A couple of weeks ago Martin was supposedly at fault for all their expenses claims - today he's a 'great man'. These people are completely without morals, I've never seen anything as despicable in my life. Burning has to be the way forward to remove this infestation of rats in this parliament.
It is imperative that the next speaker be a shining example to the House and with no record of wrongdoing in the light of the expenses scandal.
Anne Widdecombe is the only candidate I would trust to do this job impartially and rightly deserves the position, which is probably why this corrupt bunch of so called Government MP's will fix the vote to get their own way again.
No doubt they will claim more expenses to in the process.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Gordon Brown Helped Cause the Crisis.

Who talks about Brown's personality all the time? Gordon Brown:

My moral compass, my puritanical upbringing, me and man manse, my father is the priest, I have saved the world, or at least the world banking system, I am the best man for the job and on and on.

We should add his shameless unfamiliarity with the truth, the most recent examples being his unblushing insistence that he had not wanted to replace Alastair Darling as Chancellor with his ghastly Mini-Me, Ed Balls, and his blundering refrain about the current crisis that "this all started in America and it's nothing to do with me."
Where Brown would fail to convince even the most economically illiterate is that he has no strategy for recovery, other than doing more of the same which had failed. So far we had a one month blip, after the massive fiscal and monetary binge. What do you do for an encore?
The only way to improve Browns image, is for him to just GO. This man and his bunch of brainless cabinet ministers are finished . It is typical of their arrogance to ignore the public. And as for hiring a PR person, another waste of money. A leopard never changes it's spots.
Whichever party wins the next election, the people will be the losers.
Parliament still has not grasped the fact that it is incapable of managing its own affairs.
There is pain to come, not relieved by the knowledge that lying, cheating, corruption and self-interest will go on as usual.
My fear, is that he will manage to cling on to power until the spring. By then, the world's economic outlook will have improved, allowing him to take the plaudits of the unthinking end of his electorate.
He may just be able to bamboozle the people that he had indeed steered us through it, just like ancient priests took the credit, by successfully propitiating the gods with the people's offerings, for the sun rising each morning.

Friday, 19 June 2009


Redaction means black out which means cover up. Do these people think we are stupid and cant see through their games. We need an election to get rid of them. Otherwise the cover up goes on.
kamikaze Brown says he didn't tell the officials to blank out the information. He should have told them not to do so. He knew they would so he cannot claim plausible deny ability here. Neither can the cheating lying MP's.
The MP's have now created an even bigger problem for themselves. We now know to what extent they have tried to cover their theft from the taxpayer. Thank goodness The Daily Telegraph gave us all the detail - it has resulted in more than £480,000 being repaid by the people we have elected to represent us.

How on earth Hazel Blears was not deselected last night I will never know.
She only repaid £13,000 of capital gains tax when she was found to have "flipped" her properties to her financial advantage. If you or I tried this do you think we would have been allowed to get away with it? Not likely.
Blears behaved appallingly - I know she is not the only one but her resignation and the manner of it is totally unacceptable regardless of her abject apologies.
The matter is in the hands of the people of Salford. If Blears is the sort of MP you want to represent you then so be it - but if you want to show that you want her to go, then take action now!
I have just been going through my local MP's accounts and find the same tale of woe. She made a claim for candles which were on a winter sale; OK she got a 20% discount but how on earth can you justify that candles are a justifiable item! I will be writing to her shortly about this and other items which have been blacked out.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

It's a crock of shit and just another way to tax you more ... sickening since politicians squander money like drunken sailors!

Yet again all scaremongering rubbish, Britain has already had periods in its history when temperatures were much warmer than now. It was possible to grow grapes in the North of England for example. Just as likely we are heading for a mini ice age with solar activity now in a decline cycle.

Today we are again at the peak, and near to the end, of a warm interglacial, and the earth is now due to enter the next Ice Age. If we are lucky, we may have a few years to prepare for it. The Ice Age will return, as it always has, in its regular and natural cycle, with or without any influence from the effects of AGW.
The AGW theory is based on data that is drawn from a ridiculously narrow span of time and it demonstrates a wanton disregard for the ‘big picture’ of long-term climate change. The data from paleoclimatology, including ice cores, sea sediments, geology, paleobotany and zoology, indicate that we are on the verge of entering another Ice Age, and the data also shows that severe and lasting climate change can occur within only a few years. While concern over the dubious threat of Anthropogenic Global Warming continues to distract the attention of people throughout the world, the very real threat of the approaching and inevitable Ice Age, which will render large parts of the Northern Hemisphere uninhabitable, is being foolishly ignored. Read this article in full here. http://english.pravda.ru/science/earth/106922-2/

If all these taxpayer funded fats cats had been focusing on something more meaningful, such as the probability that the UK economy was heading for the rocks in 30 years time with no money to pay for pensions. Then maybe we would have a future here in the UK to look forward to.
Of course that would take honesty from a corrupt Liebour Government, which believes in lie and spend.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Britain's unemployment rate is now 7.2 per cent and rising.

The official statistics are grim enough. Add on a few million more, to represent the "non entities" who can't claim a penny and you'll get some idea of how dire the situation really is. It's not really surprising that many of the occupations showing the biggest percentage rises in unemployment are white collar ones, as this recession has hit business and in particular sectors such as financial services, construction and the media hardest.
Arrogance and lies from kamikaze Brown that America caused the problem but Britain contributed to the problems in Europe. Both these two economies who rely on massive personal unaffordable debt. Any intelligent person could see it coming years ago. What surprised me was that the banks were lending money to individuals already in substantial debt.
What does the British economy consist of today; the housing market and the service industries and what a recipe for disaster!
A job is lost every 30 seconds and I see the business Czar has been busy helping people get or retain jobs it makes me wonder what it will be like when we have two unelected business/enterprise Czars helping industry the job loss will be every 15 seconds!
I seem to remember kamikaze Gordon severely criticising Margaret Thatcher for the unemployment figures when he was in opposition. Funny how he doesn't have much to say about it now, but then it will be a global problem as he always tries to point out.
Roll on the day when this useless Government have to "sign on"

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Now a proposed tax on windows!

kamikaze Brown states that the internet is as important as water and electricity. Try not having water, electricity or internet for a month and then tell me which is more important! you moron.
Fascinating that the liebour party's way forward is to introduce the modern equivalent of the window tax. In the same way that people used to close up windows, to the detriment of their physical health, the telephone tax, with its inevitable increases over the years, will impact communicatons.
The reasoning behind this is obvious. Soon, there will be a "broadband" licence, similar to a TV licence (yet more tax) needed by everyone for broadband.
The licence will be graded so that you pay more for higher speeds. I'm surprised it has taken this long for broadband not to be recognised by the vultures we elected as a great opportunity for a big tax intake.
Another example of kamikaze Brown in action. He has absolutely no idea of technical matters and is being led up the path by both the technicians and the commercial people. All he has to do is look across the Channel to see how these things should be done.
Meanwhile the UK continues in its usual mediocre way... and kamikaze Brown grins at us in his usual self-satisfied way.

Monday, 15 June 2009

'Establishment stitch-up'.

The long-awaited inquiry into the Iraq war will be heard in secret and will not report until after the next election; well what a surprise!
kamikaze Brown knows only too well that the outcome of this investigation will add fuel to the simmering fury that thousands of voters hold in contempt.

Everything this government does is for show. Nothing is real. They are going to spend vast amounts of public money on a secret enquiry and, "the primary object of the committee will be to identify lessons learned". Does he mean that we've learned the lessons, but we don't know that we've learned them? What a ridiculous idea!
Brown has completely lost touch with reality; a serious matter like a war, and all he can manage is a secret enquiry set up by people who, as usual, are not elected, not accountable to anyone but Brown, and won't be believed by anyone at all.
He should be reminded that he and his Government should serve the people at all times and not use devious policies to hide behind.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

"The Kinnocks are Brussels very own Lord and Lady Expenses"

In all, the Kinnocks qualified for pay, allowances and pensions worth £8 million. The lack of receipts required for EU expenses makes it impossible to know if they claimed living allowances on the same home.
"The Kinnocks are Brussels’s very own Lord and Lady Expenses,” said Mats Persson of Open Europe, the London-based think tank that calculated the Kinnocks’ earnings. I really think that he meant to say parasites instead of expenses.

I have to question whether Kinnock is a suitable minister for Europe. How can she distinguish between the interests of Britain and the interests of the institutions that she and her family have relied upon for their income for so long?
The precise amount of taxpayers’ money these two parasites received for their European roles has not been made public. However, Open Europe has calculated that the couple claimed £6m in staff and salary allowances and would have received a further £1.7m if they had claimed the maximum to which they were entitled.
These parasites should be ashamed of themselves. They have been elevated to political royalty on the backs of the working class that they claim to represent.
They are not interested in Britain's future, only their own, it makes me sick. They are all being paid by the EEC to get us in there, when they do they will be rewarded with great jobs for life and pensions we can only dream of.
Kinnock was the one who was absolutely determined to get rid of the House of Lords once and for all, and swore he would NEVER be a part of it .... until he snatched their hands off when he was offered the chance.
Typical self-serving Socialist. No **** standards at all.

Friday, 12 June 2009

It's all part of Lord 'parasites' plan!

Lord 'parasite' Mandelson caused uproar yesterday by lavishing praise on the euro and declaring Britain wanted to join. The parasitic Business Secretary, the second-most powerful man in the country following last week's Cabinet reshuffle, hailed the currency as a 'great success'.
So, Mandelson is the enemy within is just not another parasite.
Parliament has nothing to do as laws are now made in Brussels; the UK will be steamrollered into the Euro without a vote.
Who are you to tell the country what to do, as far as I am aware you are an unelected disgraced minister who has been kicked out of you job. You must have some serious dirt on kamikaze Brown who let you back in again.
Mandelson is a real parasite and I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him.
He's always had an agenda regarding Europe, but the people don't want the Euro or HIM!
Well actually Mandy "old chap" you wont dump our pound you will be defeated at the next election.
You and your cronies will not go down in history as the party that dumped the pound you will go down in history as the party that got defeated because you led Britain to the brink of a total financial meltdown.
You only delay the day when the electorate finally get the opportunity to remove your government and they will you can be sure of that. Nothing can save Liebour and nothing should.
The time is long overdue to close one of the blackest chapters in Britain's political history.
Your party will go down in history as the party that let Britain down because it was too busy taking advantage of the allowances system to run the country.
You wont ditch our pound the British people will ditch you.
Only then can we begin cleaning up the mess you have made of this great country and hold our heads up in the world again.

Stupid is as stupid does.

What is the saying - 'Stupid is as stupid does'

When will this odious, self promoting, greedy little woman realise we don't want to see her patronising, grinning face in public life any more.

Hazel - you were caught with your hand in the till, you stabbed clown Brown in the back and have disgraced the title of MP.
Pulling your nose out of the trough long enough to wave a cheque around in your greedy little trotters isn't going to save you.
Just clear off down the job centre and sink into obscurity ASAP.
Let's hope the people of Salford make sure you never darken the doorstep of Westminster again.

Brown's negligence and misplaced largress

LABOUR will have to force through huge tax rises if it wins the next election, Treasury minister Liam Byrne let slip yesterday.
Brown the Clown reneges on his promises and nobody likes a liar, let alone votes for one.

However, because of clown Brown's past negligence and misplaced largess, he has run our economy short of money and it is quite obvious clown Brown is going to need more money from fewer taxpayers to continue paying for his frivolity.
If you print money get the country in to massive debt and just carry on as you like while claiming plenty of allowances for yourself, eventually somebody will have to pay for it.
That somebody will be the British taxpayer.
Of course taxes will go up that is what they always do under Liebour anyway.
If you want to totally wreck the economy vote Liebour it happens every time.
Liebour will not win but the Tories will be left holding the shopping bag and this time it is going to be a very big bag of debt, unemployment, underfunded projects and a weak pound.
You would almost want to lose if you had to take this mess on once you took office.
The solution for the long suffering taxpayer is to emigrate and take all your money with you.
This mess is so big it is going to go on for decades no matter who is in power. So for those
that can, please get out; you didn't cause the mess they did let them clear it up.
If they ever sort out this mess you can come back if you want. But I suspect that once you realise what is out there in countries that don't get in this kind of mess you will not want to come back.
I want the UK to be so much better but it is run by people who don't know what they are doing.
Tragic but that is reality.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The time to spend like a drunken sailor is over.

Again David Cameron and his team are allowing the government the chance to accuse them of 'slash and burn cuts' because he refuses to give details.
If these cuts are going to be behind the scenes are involve changes to the ways thing are done and to reduce wastage and red tape then tell us David. if that is the case then he will find the vast majority of people will agree with him.
Anybody who believes that which ever party wins the next election is going to have any option but to cut public expenditure and or raise taxes is living in a dream world. Most of the electorate realises that. The sad thing is that the present government is so paralysed by its own internal political strife that it can and will do nothing about it, whilst all the time the situation gets worse.
I suspect escalating the public importance of this issue by flaming the Tory party might well turn out to be an own goal, which may explain why Cameron looked so very relaxed about letting the argument rumble on through PMQs.
These cuts are coming whoever wins the election and the Tories won't have to try even the least bit hard to nail that one. Treating people like fools - as a dog returned to its vomit so doth kamikaze Brown to his habitual ways.
A 10% cut in spending, excluding health, education and aid, is nothing.
We could cut taxes by almost 90% if government went back to fulfilling the only role for which it is required.
The time to spend like a drunken sailor is over, kamikaze Brown knows this, the Tories know this, and the debate should focus on where it should fall. Instead what we get is a juvenile, fingers in our ears exercise, which refuses to recognise the reality of the situation - as a country we're bust.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

One rule for the BNP and another rule for the others!

Whether we agree or not over the BNP they have the right to speak, this man is an officially elected MEP.
The fascists in this case appear to be the members of Unite Against Fascism group.
Why did the police not stop the protesters, especially since they assaulted people and caused damage to a car. I wonder will prosecutions follow or is it a case of one rule for the BNP and another rule for others?
The BNP candidates were elected under the rules pertaining. They therefore have a right to be heard (subject to various laws curtailing free speech imposed by the Liebour Government)
People in the North West and Yorkshire who did not vote have no right to attack the BNP candidates.
There were ample numbers who could have ensured that no BNP candidate got elected. Any attacks should be directed against their laziness!
The BNP is a socialist organisation - despite what the BBC and other groups say.
Men fought in the war partially to allow free speech. This is a vindication of their sacrifice.
If you want to attack the BNP - attack their policies.Until you defeat their ideologies in open debate you won't reduce their following.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Backbench Liebour Cowards!

"Pledge of loyalty" What the hell are these cowards doing?

I would have thought that the only "pledge of loyalty" which matters in government is that to the monarch - not some transient Muppet of a politician. The next "pledge of loyalty" is to the Citizens, with "party" coming a rather unimportant third, at best.
If this is Brown's idea of government in a DEMOCRACY it is definitely time to get shot of him and the sooner the better!
It is about time the legitimate citizens of this country irrespective of their race or colour rise up and stop the dilution of the country, the draining of its treasury coffers and demand a complete overhaul of the welfare state and essential public services in order to benefit the true and rightful citizens of this country who truly contribute to the country. It is not a question of racism but common sense.
Get rid of this paranoid government now and lets have a proper, fair and much needed general election to protect the interests of this country and not to preserve the ideology and self interests of the present government. The people must have the right to elect the persons and party they wish in order to serve nothing else but the people. This is a democratic process and whatever else one hears from the members of the present government is nothing more that a face saving and self preserving exercise.
Protesting by not voting is absolutely stupid. By not voting those people allowed this government to think it may still have a chance. Had at least 70% of this nation voted last week it would have sent a clear message to everyone in politics. Instead now we have news organizations and other people giving thier interpretations on the events that passed. People have to stand up for what they believe and protesting by not voting does not get the job done or the message sent home.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Time for a referendum

Brown may treat the females in his cabinet as window dressing but he treats us the British Public as suckers and idiots to be lied to and deceived at every turn.

Even during his last press conference yesterday according to the reporters he told porkies. He will do anything to get past January 2010. WHY? According to many commentators and the well respected Financial Times 5th June 2009, January is the month the Lisbon Treaty will be ratified if only the Irish will vote for it in the second referendum he is forcing on them for the treaty.
He has not allowed us the British people one Referendum that was promised twice in Parliament by Tony Blair. Blair was asked twice and he said yes. Even if every country voted for or against the Constitution we have the opportunity to have a referendum.
We went into the last election with this promise. So when anyone brought up the subject during the Election they were quickly squashed by saying there was going to be a Referendum on the Constitution.
Straight after the Election Blair said their would no be a referendum because it had been turned down. Then Brown said it was unnecessary for a Referendum because its not the Constitution.
A duck is still a duck even though you may call it something else. Has anyone here seen or read the treaty?
We are allowing this man who slithered in to sign it hoping the cameras had gone without a having a referendum.
Should the Irish be persuaded in October 09 to vote then it will be ratified in January 10. We the British people will then lose control of our nation and be subject to an EU dictatorship that already 180,000 laws have been passed for. None of us know what the treaty say or what the laws say either.
Start Rocking the Boat! Save Britain! Every generation we have had to save this nation and our Freedoms, this is no less a time than our fight against Spain’s Armada, Napoleon, Hitler; We had traitors at the top then such as Edward and various nobles, who said we should throw our lot in with these murderous men. This is no lesser time. Phone email, write, your MP and demand an election and a Referendum before we lose our rights.
Gordon leave it to others the assessment of your character and any abilities you may have, because as my mother - and hers before her - was often to say:-
"Self Praise is no praise."
I have been saying for months now that Brown has serious mental problems - delusions of omnipotence and indispensability, paranoia, unmitigated arrogance, utterly unjustified self-belief .... I believe he is a dead cert for the role of the Captain if they ever remake "The Caine Mutiny".
Meanwhile, someone must relieve him of command of HMS "U.K." before he sinks it for good.
He has been the most disastrous Chancellor and Prime Minister since the 1930's ... and, sadly, the only one who can't see it seems to be him.
I sense that, if his colleagues in Parliament do not quickly do a Julius Caesar job on him, it will fall to the long-suffering taxpaying electorate of this country to step in - perhaps via a General Strike - and show him that the only true source of political obligation is the CONSENT of the people to being governed. And, as demonstrated by the local government election results, they have had Brown and Liebour "up to here".

Friday, 5 June 2009

The PM proving to be gutless.

kamikaze Brown has proved beyond all doubt that he is not a great leader or even an average one or a man of vision but a cowardly bully.
What a coward not to sack Darling, that is unforgivable. If Darling says on your bike I am staying where I am then he is also proving to be gutless.
He knows the game is up for him and his government but he does not have the courage to say, OK lets put it to the people.

He is being proved as one of our worst chancellors and possibly the worst Prime Minister ever. What is bitterly disappointing is that he is putting himself first and the country second and that is unforgivable.
The people have found him out as well and it is time to go. I still say that there will be an October election as Brown cannot possibly allow the pre-budget and the budget to show just what a state he has put our finances in and what it will cost to get us out of it.
Now lets see how this demented leader is going to solve all the countries issues.
Glenys Kinnock was handed a peerage and unveiled as a desperate replacement for the outgoing Miss Flint. Who is this Kinnock person, is she related to the the not so famous Neil?
Oh no she has been a Liebour MEP in Brussels and she has proven to be the most expensive MEP for her travel expenses, so we had better watch out.
Ironically, it was his once sworn enemy and leadership rival who kept his hopes alive. 'Lord' Mandelson, who kamikaze Brown brought back into his Government last year from the EU, played a pivotal role in persuading other ministers not to rock the boat.
He was rewarded with a massively expanded Whitehall empire and a lavish 18-word title that included ‘First Secretary of State’ effectively making him the kamikaze Prime Minister’s number two. Now, next stop for him is 'leader' of the Liebour party after Brown's departure.
Next, it is another 'Lord' Adonis who is replacing expenses 'King' Geoff Hoon who quit the Cabinet yesterday with the promise that he will soon be able to join a new gravy train in Brussels. However, the appointment will add to growing fears over the number of non-elected members of the House of Lords now occupying Cabinet positions.
kamikaze Brown was accused of promoting ‘bullying and sexism’ in the workplace yesterday after he told Sir Alan Sugar: ‘You're hired! The loud-mouthed star of the BBC reality TV show The Apprentice will be handed a peerage after he agreed to become an Enterprise Tsar for Labour.His impending elevation to the House of Lords was condemned by a senior Labour peer who said that it sends the wrong message to Liebour's working-class supporters.
This kamikaze Prime Minister (who has never put himself forward in a general election for that position) has endorsed Mandelson, Kinnock and Adonis (who aren't even an MP and therefore not elected) as a ministers and now chooses Sugar (again unelected) to assist him.
Corruption is rife amongst the remaining socialist ministers who are now nearly all multi millionaires and many of these were Communist Party members in their earlier days and no doubt still sympathisers to that ideology.
If you have ever wondered what it would be like to live in a soviet style totalitarian police state, wonder no more, oh and then, arise 'Lord' Simon Cowell, Minister of Entertainment kamikaze Brown has completely lost it and is making politics in this country a sick joke.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Another rat jumps overboard leaving kamikaze Brown to go down with the stinking ship. Good riddance to bad bad bad rubbish. This woman is so demented that she seems to have slipped up on her own bottom.
Hazel, we the British people do not share your values or your hopes and dreams. We abhor you and what your ilk have come to represent. I for one am hoping that the people of Salford reflect the opinions of this page and vote you out of office. Also, do the honorable thing and refuse to accept any lucrative payoffs for failing the British public.
The whole damned cabinet should go and Brown should turn out the lights as he goes too!
However, after Jacqui Smith, who I believe to have been totally out of her depth and a complete disaster, the one ex minister that I am delighted to see the back of is Patricia Hewitt, she did more damage to the NHS that I would have thought possible!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Rats leave!

Jackboot Jacqui and Hewitt... that patronizing bitch and Hughes are finally going!

These Bliar's babes chosen not because they were capable, able, intelligent or qualified to be MP's but chosen for political correct reasons, Cooper, Blears, Harman, Kelly - the list is endless.
Social engineering by liberalism's doesn't work, and I think the Liebour party have shown the Country that it doesn't.
Parliament should be shut down and an election given to the people of Britain, a choice of DECENT candidates chosen by local people, not select committees that are also stupid people.
But no rats have left or jumped ship. These rats are staying until the ship docks and they can safely get off with all their luggage, belongings and enough cash to set them up.
They have no integrity whatsoever!

Monday, 1 June 2009


My guess is that Gordon Brown and Liebour have no mandate from the British Electorate to scrap the Pound and join the Euro.

It is doubtful if they would get a mandate to remain in the EU.
If the Euro becomes the UK currency then decisions that affect the value of the Euro will affect the UK economy.
These decisions will not be made in the United Kingdom they will be the sum total of the collective European process if the UK doesn't agree that will be too bad.
Many decisions made by Europe impinge negatively on the UK in the present situation.
we pay to belong others benefit from our payments.
The UK electorate are not represented by this Government they are ruled by it.
Somewhere along the way the British have become people controlled by their elected representatives. Governments are elected to make decisions if those decisions are totally opposed to the will of the electorate the electorate are no longer represented. In my view the UK has reached that point.
Anger over the allowances scam is being largely ignored and the fact it ever happened indicates the contempt of our elected representatives for those who elected them.
The Government cannot be forced to hold an election the fact they choose not to do so despite the desire of the people to clear the decks and start again is further evidence of Liebour's belief that they know best.
All over Europe, voter interest in the upcoming European parliamentary elections is lukewarm to say the least. Although some 80% of all legislation in the “EU” member states is made in Brussels (seat of the European Commission and most European bureaucrats) and Strasbourg (where the European Parliament meets once a month), most voters still seem oblivious of this reality. Apparently, most Europeans continue to believe it is parliament of the nation state of which they hold citizenship, that basically holds power. How wrong they are!
Actually, most decisions that are affecting their lives are taken by the European Commission, a small group “Eurocrats” appointed (not elected!) to govern Europe. The European Parliament, elected, it is true, in a democratic way, exerts hardly any form of control over the Commission. It does (in theory) have the power of voting down the Commission in case it would commit serious political mistakes or in case it would act against the wishes of the majority in the European Parliament. However, the parliament cannot initiate legislation, which is a key democratic right.
But when it comes to the Euro election, my initial inclination was to stay at home. Any vote for the parliament in Brussels is a wasted vote. But the public have an opportunity to send a clear message at the Euro election put a £ symbol in the space reserved for a X.