Sunday, 23 December 2012

Yes, you are PLEBS!

This is not an isolated incident. The police have a history of lying
The police log in this case looks similar to other untruthful police logs. The mentioning of the members of the public looking shocked and the large amount of swear words against police. Police officers are doing these things because there are no consequence of doing them, their superiors are either party to this kinds of conduct or just turn a blind eye. It is institutional and it will take generations to clean it up.
We can not have the rule of law if our Police are institutionalized in professional lying.
The length the faked details of the off duty police officer went in to, in the email sent to the MP, suggests these are well practiced police tactics.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

A poem for Oliver

People say that memories are golden
And maybe that is true
But we never wanted those memories of you
We only wanted you
If only our love could have saved you from that wretched cancer
Then Oliver you would never had died
But yesterday we had to say goodbye.
So farewell my loyal friend you will never be forgotten and never be replaced
Go and round up all those other animals you may meet, don’t let them stray afar
And one day we will meet again, so rest in peace till then.

Andy and Pat 

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Sir Edcase (Millipede) Spendalot and his Chancellor Balls

How did we get to where we are now?

This government inherited an almighty mess left by Labour. Gordon Brown was the worst chancellor and the worst Prime Minister this country's ever had. He, Blair and their ilk ruined this country economically, culturally and socially.The damage will never, ever be repaired. I cannot believe that people have such short memories as to even contemplate voting the Labour traitors in again. At least Dave and George are trying to fix things but legend has it that when this Nation is in mortal danger that King Gordon will awaken from his endless deep sleep of denial somewhere in Fife and return to the Nation in its hour of greatest need. He will tenderly place his hobnail boot onto the choking  Nation's windpipe and finish off the job that he failed to complete in 2010 when he was so close to success. If he fails to awaken in time his truest and trustiest knight Sir Edcase de Spendalot and his Chancellor Balls are both on a sworn oath to smite his enemies and rekindle the Sacred Flame of Prodigal Waste. They will end the long and winding quest for the Holy Grail of Default and finish the job off on King Gordon's behalf before the decade is over -even if it kills us all. Such loyalty in an ignoble cause.

Spain and the Catalans

I believe the Catalans suffer from the same symptoms which the Germans have. I call it the " It Should Have Been Us" syndrome. In other words, they always thought they were the In's who should have been, the ones in driver’s seat. I'm sure the Catalans would have preferred that Hispanic America speak Catalan over Spanish. Or made Barcelona the Capital of Spain, but it never did and they feel cheated because of it.
I used to ask the Catalan managers in Condiesel during the war with Argentina about Las Malvinas. Have you, the Catalan people ever said 'sorry' for their part in the colonization of North and South America? No? And why should they you ask? Well as I remember it. Catalunya did not do so bad while helping conquer the continents. At the time of colonization Catalunya made millions and millions in gold,silver and other natural resources during the 400 years the Americas suffered under Spanish/Catalan rule. And it was not until the beginning of the fall of the Spanish empire did you see secessionist and nationalist come out of the wood work. 
My point is Catalunya has always loved Spain when times were good and hated it when times got tough. Like a child who's parents had to cut their allowance because one has lost their job. Of course the child is to blame its parents for its cut in funds. And hence this latest furor over Catalan independence. But take care or something may go wrong!
Preview to 2015?
I can’t help but think that Catalunya will find itself surrounded by all these new states and a future scenario that will make the Spanish civil war look like a Disney film. Maybe the PP and Madrid manner in handling this and language they are using is wrong, but is it wrong to prevent the breakup of Spain.
This sounds like wide speculation, but it is not a stretch to imagine that the Iberian peninsula will easily resemble the instability in Russia/Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union...once Catalunya pulls itself from the rest of the country to let their economies sink.
By 2015, the collapse of the Euro and the inability to manage the demands of the regions following the departure of Catalunya, bring about the eventual bankruptcy of Madrid and the end of Spain as a cohesive state.
Each rump state finds it has to fend for itself, the rationale middle ground that tries to take control gives way to extremism and criminal networks replacing the role of the failed states. The mafia flourish in the black market trade of vital goods, whilst in the south the right wing army militias join forces with the mafia in the cities to sweep away the leftist groups that briefly flourished. Filled with disgruntled out of office army officers, they promise to end the lawlessness in this vast land.
Catalunya which has been enjoying a booming economy prides itself on the money it has spent on a wall along its borders to stop migrants from entering from the failed states. Refugees from the south of Iberia that get through on boats from the Balearics are being rounded up in Barcelona to be housed in camps around Tarragona to work on the farms – but resentful citizens attack the refugees for bringing lawlessness or being suspected fascists looking to undermine a prosperous Catalunya. Law and order has now collapsed in Valencia where Catalunya has the biggest business interests and investments having pulled out of all other parts of the peninsula. Catalonian business groups pressurize the government to break from its non interventionist policy and support a coup in its neighbours to restore law and order, and safeguard its interests.
France, nervous about its own stability, is concerned about floods of refugees as news comes in that Madrid has fallen to anarchists, and closes the borders and pressurizes the Catalan government to sort out the mess in its back garden. Bloody fights break between leftist and the mafia over the important lucrative trade routes that criss cross Iberia, which were once controlled by the Spanish state, and prices rocket finally threatening the economy and stability of Catalunya. Morocco seizes on the moment invades the Canary Islands, whilst the right wing mafia junta of Andalucía marches into Portugal to restore law and order where left-wing guerrillas have been launching attacks across the border.
Britain, Germany and France, send in troops to Catalunya, which has agreed to spearhead a push south to kick out the mafia governments of the south, including conscripts of refugees. They march into the increasingly violent and lawless middle states and Europe is now drawn into a war to stop the march of the right.
Catalunya after pleading for independence in 2014 marches into destroyed Madrid in 2015 as people cheer across the peninsula the unifying Catalonia army, and celebrate the end of 15 years of war that has decimated the population of Europe. Is this to far fetched, no, I don't think so!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Yet another BBC nightmare on Newsnight!

The BBC were so determined to deflect attention away from their own sorry mess, they turn to their default position of accusing Tories and, in their eyes, who better to point the finger at than someone from the Thatcher years. Their rabid hatred of Mrs Thatcher even now is really very disturbing and once again they are found to be so completely inadequate. The BBC cannot get over itself and accept that it is just wrong in so many ways.
This whole event has quite obviously been politically motivated by the BBC. They have shown they are no longer fit to be regarded as a national broadcaster and the tax imposed on the people of Britain to fund their left wing activities must be scrapped.
The BBC Newsnight team, Philip Schofield, the Guardian journalist George Monbiot, Liebore's Tom Watson are all in the deep brown stuff and well done one and all!
And the BBC's Question Time Team need to be more balanced with their selection of team members and mix of audience.
Take this weeks QT. Economist Danny Blanchflower with Labours shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna and there unrealistic view of this countries finances. They were backed up with an audience of under aged Bexhill Labour supporters. I as a viewer want a more balanced programme, fairer and without all the left wing bias that they always have.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Millipede 'One nation again'

What Millipede is proposing is that everyone having the same opportunities as the rest, good idea, but who will pay for this utopia? Yes more Liebore spin leading to another Liebore lie and as you know Liebore twist in the wind!
Everything has costs attached to it. Those who work and pay taxes are the ones who foot the bills. There are always some who don't succeed  either from lack of education, illness, no job, no prospects and economic climate we are seeing now. What we he should be promoting is education for those who lack it, job training for those out of work, and instilling personal responsibility into all.
For far to long the state as been seen to be the benefactor of all, who pays others for doing nothing, while those who graft take home less. It as to stop if this nation is to survive. We do have to have 'one nation' but not has Millipede see's it we have to have 'one nation' who are not afraid of work, not afraid of hard graft, and who are prepared to be thrifty and nifty to survive.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

If Britain needs 'rebuilding' just who tore it down, Ed?

Fellow readers, understand where we are; the nation now consists of multiple lobby groups. If you do not belong to one of these,the chances are you will receive no benefit from their actions. If you do,it is purely by chance. Sadly the lobby which infests Parliament purports to represent the electorate. In fact, they continually lobby for themselves. Read Millipedes droning again. he is merely talking to his fellow lobbyists. The media,including this refuge for inadequate journalism , are no more than another part of this lobby group. Millipede and co have secured their situation by representing the same views but presented in slightly different ways. Voter disengagement matters not to them -after all they will get the votes of various lobby groups to give them power.
He is a prat. End of. And one prat that I would love to see ride this pathetically small wave of pseudo-popularity all the way to May 2015, or, I hope, earlier, so that when the time comes to bite the bullet and really show your support, he loses by a landslide of proportions that the Mythological Greeks would be proud of.
You and I are of no consequence. Any presentation of 'change' or 'caring about the nation' is just a smokescreen.Typical socialist hypocrisy - One Nation in one breath and bad old-fashioned class war in the next.

Millipede, yawn, yawn, yawn

State school, public school - yawn, yawn, yawn! Ed Milliband represents all that is wrong with politics. Boring and bland - lacking presence and not saying anything new. And just like all the other shallow charmless fools, they all take advice from the unseen advisers and sycophants - What colour shirt? Single button cuffs? Dark suit? Plain dark tie? Yep - that was his attire. Ed Miliband has nothing in common with me. Let's start with the fact that he's never had a proper job outside the shielded walls of the Labour Party. And as a regular hard working bloke I'm also trying to understand how he can mortgage that million pound house he has in Primrose Hill on an MP's wages. And of course I didn't play any part at all in the last Labour Government's spending plans which doubled structural Government in just seven years and has left our country with a financial albatross on it's back just when we need to make some savings. Finally, I can answer a straightforward question without spending 6 minutes talking irrelevant and If this dull, uninspiring man thinks he can persuade us that he can both buck the entire world economic recession and 'turn Britain around', and make us all a one-nation of altruistic saints, he's dreaming. incomprehensible bollocks like he seems to every time he's on the Marr show.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Lets get ready for the great "Balls" up.

It is a sure fire sign the cretin has finally lost it!.
It was largely the property market that got us into the mess in the first place and nothing has change to make me think it will be any different the second time around.
Usual Labour rubbish. As long as there is no distinction drawn between velocity of money and actual wealth - and they are completely different things - then anything said on the subject by any of the two-and-a-half main parties can be completely disregarded as useless and irrelevant. 
Labour is the party of feckless  tax borrow and spend.   It is financially incompetent as it has amply demonstrated by taking the UK from a surplus in 1997 when they won power  to the edge of bankruptcy by 2010. 
Labour loaded up our children and grandchildren with massive debts so they could continue their borrowing based spending spree. The UK faces ageing demographics so a declining workforce has to carry an increasing retired population  with massive unfunded liabilities. How responsible is it to add debt to these future workers?
Labour policy was to have the public borrowing massively to maintain the consumer economy and hence keep themselves in power.  This policy has lead to the UK being only second in the world to Japan for total debt.
Labour as a party is extremely keen to reduce civil rights of the public at any opportunity.
Labour doubled spending on the public sector without any extra income to pay for it - incompetence on steroids!
It is estimated gross government national debt will could rise close to
100% of GDP by 2015. It is way above the government’s sustainable
investment rule of 40% maximum...
The only way the UK come escape bankruptcy is for the private sector to do extremely well in terms of growth to generate the income to pay off the debt. As a left wing party Labour has zero interest in the private sector which it considers to be almost criminal (as does the left wing EU).
Labour has lost virtually all private sector backing which shows the private sector thinks that Labour today  is anti-business rather than pro-business. There is no way Labour can offer regeneration of the private sector as it barely approves of making money.
Unless by some miracle the UK has serious private sector growth in the next few years the UK is going over a fiscal cliff courtesy of the push in the back from New Labour policies.  
The AAA rating will be lost without growth and debt payments rise. The printing of money has to result in inflation and devaluation of the  currency.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Abdelbaset Al Megrahi and the Labour (Liebore) years.

This man was found guilty in a proper court of law on neutral ground and subsequently lost two appeals. If such procedures are good enough for you and I and are generally accepted as fundamentally reliable why do those who think he is still innocent not bring forth the evidence of his innocence. I realise that some of the victims families may even think he was innocent but being a victims family member does not give their view any more weight or authority than the judges who found him guilty. Victims families aside, sadly there are always deluded fools who cry cover up and conspiracy and worse still those only too glad to see evil go unpunished. I feel that no one should suffer undue illness even guilty parties, but he should have remained in prison and been treated in there. As for his release, I think that (Bliar) Blair,Straw and the Scottish government were on the one hand naïve in letting him go given the propaganda coup the Gaddafi regime made of it, but acted less for compassionate grounds than to be able to thumb its nose at the USA and Great Britain. If any investigation should be made it should be into the Gaddafi and Blair (Bliar) meeting in the desert in March 2004 and to think that (Bliar) Blair wants to come back into British politics makes me feel sick to the core.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Now another "tosser" leaves a sinking labore ship.

Peter Hain was the man who flew off to a meeting of European ministers with the sole purpose of getting the word 'Federal' taken out of the Lisbon Treaty. He then made the claim on the BBC that there was no risk to British Sovereignty.
Now we have the situation where our elected Government has to beg on its knees to an unelected ECHR in order to deport people who are a risk to our lives.
Peter Hain is also the man who attempted to hand away Gibralter along with Tony Blair.
Peter Hain like the unprincipled opportunist Kinnock never had a proper job and is certainly up their with the slimiest of the labour stooges like Mandelson, Straw, Harperson etc.
The man is yet another Traitor who should swing by the neck and the sooner the better.

Impartial BBC with the Millipede and Harperson what a load of tossers!

The BBC, Associated Newspapers,Guardian Media Group who all opposed News Corp buying the remaining shares in BSkyB it didn't own. All coverage by these bodies is slewed to their points of view and priorities. This is a disservice to the man on the street who have no axes to grind or grievance to air. The Inquiry has descended into the trial of NewsCorp on the charge that the the Sun is not the same as the Guardian.
"Mrs Brooks scored a direct hit on Robert Jay QC when she pointed out that his questioning focused on precisely the sort of prurient gossip for which the Inquiry is tut-tutting about tabloid papers."
But the BBC didn't report that. They reported instead that Mrs Brooks was being quizzed on the "unhealthy" relationship between the government and Newscorp. The years 1997-2010 have apparently disappeared without trace and we seem to have had Cameron as PM for 15 years. I carry no torch for Cameron but this inquiry and its allied BBC coverage is getting preposterous. But brace yourselves, the BBC will grow more brazen, will serve grosser distortions, blatantly hide the truth for there’s now nobody left powerful enough to amount a challenge to the tossers along with Millipede and Harperson.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Now is the time to end austerity! Ha Ha Ha Hollande!

This could be good for us and the rest of Europe. If Hollande racks up more debt to boost France our companies along with the rest of Europe should get in there and soak up the benefit! 
Boosting our growth a lot and France gets the debt, make sure that you  lend money to them! And please tax at least the French billionaires at least 80% and please let them all come here and pay us instead. 
Seems win win if you are not French.
Go for it Hollande and we will see how good your socialist policies are!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Election 2012 and the Labore victory, it's time to get active and remind people of how we are in this mess!

I have great sympathy for this government that is doing the right thing for the country and economy at the expense of their popularity. It is an almost impossible thing to do because the right medicine this country needs is a bitter pill to swallow by the voters.
I have nothing but revulsion against the Labour who are 100% responsible for this mess together with the financial elites. I will never ever vote again for them in my life I have seen enough of who they really are in the last 10+ years and what they stand for really: themselves only.
This is a sad day for Britain. The voter is going to get punished for his wrong choices.
Did you watch how Harriet Harperson squirmed when a Question time audience member accused Politicians of lying and thieving The same old guard who crippled Britain.