Sunday, 26 January 2014

What was not in Balls speech yesterday.

Ball's what I didn't say was..........

Wrecking our pension sector.*
Selling our gold off cheap.*
Betraying a generation with their education policies, for which they are now saying sorry!*
Causing endless deaths in our NHS, while telling us it was great!*
Leaving thousands of Brits on welfare while giving work to foreign workers.*
Smears they throw at anyone, who dares bring up immigration, and the Labour immigration policy, for which they are now saying someone else got wrong! Can you really believe this?*
* These are some of the things that Labour did but believe me this is just a few. 
It is NOT just the economy that Labour were responsible for. It was lots of other vital things the electorate are concerned about like:

- Record peacetime debt.
- Record peacetime deficit.
- The first fascist MEP elected to European Parliament.
- UK drops from 7th to 24th in international maths and literacy rankings.*
- 100 new taxes on the middle class.
- Council tax (the most regressive tax of all) doubles in 10 years.
- 3000 petty new laws.
- Government spying on all texts, emails and telephone calls.
- Bailiffs granted legal rights to forcibly enter and restrain householders.
- Authoritarian police state oppressing legitimate protest, photography and law abiding citizens.
- Doubled the length of tax law and created a mass of new regulations.
- Sold the UK's gold reserves at the bottom of the market.*
- Ripped up a system of financial regulation proven over 300 years; 10 years later the UK has 5 failed banks.
- Destroyed the best private pension provision in Europe, taking £100bn from prudent pensioners.*
- Destroyed more of the UK's manufacturing sector than Thatcher.
- Politicisation of the police, the civil service, education.
- 2 illegal wars.
- Parliament lied to about the basis for war.
- Falling productivity in public sector despite 48% real-terms increase in spending.
- Overseen the rise of the unaccountable, unsackable, feather-bedded bureaucrat, taking control over every aspect of people's lives.
- ID Cards.
- Over 1000 foreign criminals released onto UK streets with no threat of deportation.*
- £12 billion wasted on an NHS system that has never been delivered.*
- "If You Have Nothing To Hide You Have Nothing To Fear"
- New GP contract increased average pay to £100,000.
- Most GPs refuse to provide care during evenings and weekends.
- Arrest of an opposition MP for doing his job.
- Worst property bubble in our history.
- House prices unaffordable for workers on average salaries.
- Soaring knife and violent crime in our cities.
- Debasement of politics, endless re-announcements of the same policy, cash for peerages, lies, spin and deceit.
- Postal voting rules unfit even for a banana republic and electoral fraud.
- The (Labour) speaker forced to resign in shame for the first time in history.
- Lack of funding for body armour and helicopters in Iraq and Afghanistan.
- 200+ service personal killed.
- First non-jury Crown court trials.
- Over ten thousand foreign prisoners languishing in our jails.
- Benefit system traps millions of the poorest people in workless communities.
- 1 million dead, innocent Iraqis.
- 3 million immigrants invited into the UK to take 81% of all new jobs created.*
- Uncontrolled immigration pushing our crowded island towards a population of 70 million.
- 1 million young people unemployed.
- Student tuition fees, dissuading poor students from going to university.
- Dumbing down of educational standards with the result universities have to run remedial course for undergrads.*
- Giving up EU rebate in return for nothing.

And we can do it again if we are given the chance!