Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Livingston and Galloway 'why' in the 13 years of Labour government didn't they change all of what Thatcher had did in the past?

Ending subsidies was the right thing to do. Defending our position in the EEC was the right thing to do. Privatising some of our nationalised industries was the right thing to do and also closing the 'coal pits' has also been proved correct. Defending the Falklands was the right thing to do. Doing business with Gorbachev was the right thing to do. Campaigning for the support of Lech Walesa was the right thing to do. Modernising our banking system was the right thing to do. Being tough with terrorists was the right thing to do.She virtually ended communism and took the power away from the unions - not a bad days work, I would say!! And you could go on with many more things that Mrs Thatcher did. All you 'left wingers' must ask yourself 'why' during the period of 13 years of the Labour government they didn't reverse any of these changes? No, there is no answer so please keep your thoughts to yourself. Whatever anyone says about Maggie, no matter how much hate and vitriol, you can't change history, she did it all and did it well and you just can't bear it, can you? So all have your parties etc, she was still the best P.M ever, and you are still all nobodies.

Monday, 8 April 2013

R.I.P. Maggie.

Condolences to her family and all in Great Britain, an highly respected woman of great integrity, honesty and determination. She took a nation that was on its knees and rebuilt it to greatness again!
I am proud to have lived in her time and she lies alongside Winston Churchill as the most effective person of her time. A a sad loss to the world but will be remembered and admired by all.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Labour's plans for welfare, what a crock of shit!

If Labour goes into the election with Liam Byrnes and this putrid policy it won't even get 8m votes. The something for something policy means the entitlements of one generation - like their work experience, contacts and access to work of economic value - will never catch up with the previous one: it is another recipe for further inequality - more reasons the young will never own their own homes. There is nothing productive in this automated economy for 5/6ths of the working population to apply themselves to and that is no basis for a policy of full employment whatsoever.
The model of governance by mass taxation through full employment in a market economy is not merely finished, it is toxic and whichever party gets to replace it will control the 21st century in this country. This unimaginative, desperate, neo-liberal attempt to cling onto it will hand that victory to the opposition. Liam Byrne is a disgrace, I'd say he, along with all the other selfish, smarmy,smart-arsed traitors to the cause who chased Blair's New Labour hay-cart, is utterly despicable.They have absolutely no loyalty to, or respect for, the people who voted for them.All that matters to any of them is their own sense of self -importance and their precious careers.I would not have called them 'left wing' rich, they are none of them even vaguely socialist in their hearts.Their heads are so full of the noise of their own bullshit that they are incapable of listening to anyone's cries of suffering.
I never have been a Labour man or an activist.I detested the the period with Labour in power and hated all that they stood for, but, my loathing, disdain and disgust for Bliar followed by Kamikaze Brown and Red Ed Millipede and all their projects of treacherous, spinning liars, knows no bounds!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Let's face it we are bust and don't forget it's Labours fault!

Another round of wealth bashing by Red Ed. Even the left wing media admits this latest move is more symbolism than substance. If it's almost identical to raising the personal allowance, why not do that, reward work and everyone wins?...but no, his every instinct is to soak and punish the rich for political posturing and to whip up class warfare, scaring away international money in the process. Even Vince Cable - a leftie heartthrob - wrote a piece of uncharacteristic sense the other week about the need to attract wealthy Chinese. Who the hell would want to come to Ed's Britain? If you want to help the lower paid, it's simple. Stop screwing up the economy in the first place by spending way more than we earn. Even a 5 year old can understand the principle of living within one's means. Those at the bottom are paying the price of sustained poor economic management, not austerity, which Labour would have matched anyway. Even Sweden - that lefties love to cite - learned the lessons of Socialism in the 90s and have become fiercely capitalistic, introducing market forces into schools, hospitals, elderly care and other welfare services. They can afford high welfare (for now) because they have rich natural resources, small population and competitive business environment. We have none of those.

Remember if it was Labour in power today there'd be no different regarding benefit payments to the poor.

It was the Labour Party that introduced sanctions, and don't tell me they didn't know the Tories would run with this and have quotas and league tables.
It was the Labour Party that conspired to replace sickness benefit with private insurance. They invited US insurance company to advise on making the tests impossible to pass. What they got, the WCA, is a sham assessment banned in the US when the same company was found guilty of running 'disability-denial factories' in a class action lawsuit. The company has boasted of directing Government policy. And they now advertise their private income protection on the basis that state benefits no longer cover people, which they don't.
Work is good for the poor when they have cancer, but instead of popping down to the chicken factory for a spot of therapeutic labouring, the wealthy can call on their private insurance.
The Labour Party introduced Workfare. That's the taxpayer paying for a company's workforce instead of them paying for it themselves, while the poor work for nothing. the left wing media described this as a good thing because it gave the unemployed something to do. Do you think they ever felt the devastation of working for nothing?
Of course, the left wing media didn't write articles about any of this at the time because Labour were in Government.
These policies are only 'wicked' when the Tories practice them the left wing media still doesn't demand that Labour repeal any of this stuff if they are elected. No, it will all be quietly forgotten about after the next election, and the pain of the poor in Britain will continue.
The Labour Party - Tories with a red rose pinned to their tit.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Labour jumping on the bandwagon again to deflect blame for the mess the welfare system is in, which they caused.

Drawing the wrong conclusions from the horrific deaths of six poor children will have grievous consequences for the plight of thousands of other poor children. But we don't live in a civilised society. We live in a nation and a World in which barbarity and cruelty has gained mainstream acceptance and resides in the hearts of those charged like the Philpott's and Karen Matthews of this world, maybe they are a "minority" of welfare claimants but they are a very big, very expensive minority and there are far more of them than the Labour Party likes to pretend. Putting aside the legions of them that are routinely paraded on the Jeremy Kyle, many people often know similar cases from their own direct personal experience. So much so in fact that Channel 4 even makes popular comedy dramas that openly exploit this popular knowledge. This is why Labour are on the wrong side of the argument. They have long ceased being the party of working people, of working tax-payers, and are now the Political Party of patronizing middle-class elitists who are only ever concerned with the inexcusable underclass. Even the most elementary moral logic of their position has eluded them in that if the state can't take wholly justified steps to stop work-shy parasites like Philpott from exploiting the Welfare state then this inevitably means that there are far less resources that can be directed to the genuinely needy and those who really do need help. Labour is truly a dead party.Their promises cannot even be bought by borrowing any more.They have reached the end of the road. A vote for labour is even more valueless than a vote for the Libdems. Both are totally bankrupt and have no vision except spending. The arguments of the future will be between centre right and far right, who will almost certainly prevail.