Saturday, 26 March 2011

Red Eds march

Red Ed is marching because he was asked to do so by his paymasters, the unions. Where was he when Gordo's cabinet took the decision to bail out bankers. Yes, he was part of the mafia which appointed Labour crony Lord Browne to recommend to raise tuition fees. Red Ed is marching with his paymasters the union barons. Labour have proved, without a doubt, they are good at criticism, it got them into power once. Stand up and say, "they are doing it wrong", Don't offer an alternative, don't admit your own wrong doings or failures just criticise.
They are so good at it.
I was at a party, normal kitchen talk and it turns to politics, I made the comment that Labour usually ended up running to the IMF... one person immediately commented, " Are you saying labour can't handle money?" The reply was obviously. "Yes"
He never spoke to me again.
I wonder where he is now? Probably in the march with Red Ed and his paymasters.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Come off it the two Red Ed's have the same old story. Tax the Banks and reduce VAT.You are both Deficit deniers!

They should ask themselves who is responsible for it all - the bankers were just a small part of it. It is Liebore's prolific spending spree, particularly on benefits that is to blame. Remember the infamous note left by Liam "sorry there is no money left"! Liam Byrne's "No money left" note has presumably been airbrushed out of existence but someone really should tell the Red Eds that banks have quietly restructured away from bonus payments to huge pay rises instead so their "cautious" £2b from a windfall tax on bonuses ain't going to be there. If it was, and Red EdBalls could then fund 110,000 jobs for the young as claimed today, maybe the architect of the £150b deficit would enlighten us as to why that spending ( I meant investment) didn't create (110000 x 75 ie £150b/£2b) or 8m jobs when holding office?
Maybe a party persistently on the edge of bankruptcy with a Shadow Chancellor in trouble with expenses and a court case for debt should just "shut up" on policies with financial implications or at least allow the Shadow Ministers who can actually do sums to speak for themselves.