Friday, 30 April 2010

A contract between the Conservative Party and every UK voter.

Our contract with youWe go into the general election on 6 May with trust in politics and politicians at an all-time low. And I can understand why: the years of broken promises, the expenses scandal, the feeling that politicians have become too remote from the people - they've all taken their toll. That's why I'm making this contract with you.

For too long, you've been lied to by politicians saying they can sort out all your problems. But it doesn't work like that. Real change is not just about what the government does. Real change only comes when we understand that we are all in this together; that we all have a responsibility to help make our country better.

This contract sets out my side of the bargain: the things I want to do to change Britain. But it also makes clear that I cannot do it on my own. We will only get our economy moving, mend our broken society and reform our rotten political system if we all get involved, take responsibility, and work together.

So this is our contract with you. I want you to read it and - if we win the election - use it to hold us to account. If we don't deliver our side of the bargain, vote us out in five years' time.

We will change politics

Our political system needs to change. Politicians must be made more accountable, and we must take power away from Westminster and put it in the hands of people - individuals, families and neighbourhoods.

If you elect a Conservative government on 6 May, we will:

1. Give you the right to sack your MP, so you don't have to wait for an election to get rid of politicians who are guilty of misconduct.

2. Cut the number of MPs by ten per cent, and cut the subsidies and perks for politicians.

3. Cut ministers' pay by five per cent and freeze it for five years.

4. Give local communities the power to take charge of the local planning system and vote on excessive council tax rises.

5. Make government transparent, publishing every item of government spending over £25,000, all government contracts, and all local council spending over £500.

We will change the economy

Gordon Brown's economic incompetence has doubled the national debt, given us record youth unemployment, and widened the gap between rich and poor. Unemployment is still rising, and this year we will spend more on debt interest than on schools. We need to get our economy moving.

If you elect a Conservative government on 6 May, we will:

1. Cut wasteful government spending so we can stop Labour's jobs tax, which would kill the recovery.

2. Act now on the national debt, so we can keep mortgage rates lower for longer.

3. Reduce emissions and build a greener economy, with thousands of new jobs in green industries and advanced manufacturing.

4. Get Britain working by giving unemployed people support to get work, creating 400,000 new apprenticeships and training places over two years, and cutting benefits for those who refuse work.

5. Control immigration, reducing it to the levels of the 1990s - meaning tens of thousands a year, instead of the hundreds of thousands a year under Labour.

We will change society

We face big social problems in this country: family breakdown, educational failure, crime and deep poverty. Labour's big government has failed; we will help build a Big Society where everyone plays their part in mending our broken society.

If you elect a Conservative government on 6 May, we will:

1. Increase spending on health every year, while cutting waste in the NHS, so that more goes to nurses and doctors on the frontline, and make sure you get access to the cancer drugs you need.

2. Support families, by giving married couples and civil partners a tax break, giving more people the right to request flexible working and helping young families with extra Sure Start health visitors.

3. Raise standards in schools, by giving teachers the power to restore discipline and by giving parents, charities and voluntary groups the power to start new smaller schools.

4. Increase the basic state pension, by relinking it to earnings, and protect the winter fuel allowance, free TV licences, free bus travel and other key benefits for older people.

5. Fight back against crime, cut paperwork to get police officers on the street, and make sure criminals serve the sentence given to them in court.

6. Create National Citizen Service for every 16 year old, to help bring the country together.

Some of these issues are devolved matters. For more information see the Conservative Party websites for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In summary: Cameron - competent, Clegg - unstuck, Brown - Brown.

It was beyond irony that yellow streak Brown could stand there and accept that we are in so much trouble without taking any responsibility for it. Tired, bitter, negative and irritating would sum him up.
Shuffler Clegg is proving to be a 'one trick pony' and just kept repeating his 'don't listen to these two' mantra without adding anything credible himself. He appeared lightweight, flakey, dangerous on immigration amnesty and frightenly pro European!
Tory Cameron at least addressed the issues 'head on' and although we probably don't agree with everything he said, he's our best bet by far. He sounded like a decent bloke trying to do the right thing for the UK taxpayer which is more than the other two.
Yellow streak Brown was definitely the worst performer and shuffler Clegg was a poor second.
Time and time again yellow streak PM was condeming Cameron on Inheritance tax cuts which does not benefit the rich in the way yellow streak Brown wants people to think.
As an after death tax it does not affect the 'rich' person at all. The reduction in the Government tax take means more money goes to relatives, normally from younger generations who have at lot less money, who use it to help finance their lives - by buying stuff, deposits for houses, house improvements (these improvements are often 'green' these days), cars, and so on. As a cash lump sum this gives an instant injection into the economy.
Yellow streak Brown wants this money to be an instant injection into the Government so he can spray it up against the nearest wall in the name of socialist dogma. Wasted, wasted, wasted.
Can someone please help me with the idealogical justification of this tax other than pure envy and treasury desperation.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Thirteen wasted years under this Labour Government.

For too many years the burgeoning underclass in the UK has been able to live a relatively comfortable existence through social benefits. What motivator do they have to take-up work when they have a similar quality of life through state hand outs? What motivation have they got to work hard at school when they see their future as sitting around waiting for the next social cheque? I'm not for a minute suggesting we go back to the days of impoverished slums, but look at the developing nations & 3rd World who do not support their poor in the way that we in do. There is a desperation for knowledge and education from driven by parents and subsequently taken up by their children as they know full well that an education and securing the skills that are needed to gain work is the only way to break the poverty cycle.
I'm sorry but Labour and yellow streak Brown reeling off statements of how many billion have been invested into various Government. departments just shows how little they really appreciate how to run a country. It's not about the supply of high expenditure services it's about quality of those services and how and where that money is actually spent.
We need a change, not only of Government, but of the way we address our social issues and after 13 years of abject failure to address the most important issues facing the UK, we need a party who are ready to do something different, and that's why I will be supporting the Conservative team.

And the Euro is what the idiot shuffler Clegg is so fanatical about enmeshing our currency in.......... vote LibDem? NEVER.

The Greek problem is the same that afflicts us, an over sized and over paid public sector.
When we are told that dustman in Birmingham earn over £50,000 per year it is clear that the tax payer is being taken for a very expensive ride. THIS CAN HAPPEN IN THE UK TOO!
If the markets decided that the UK will default, either by not repaying debt or by printing money and inflating the currency they will not lend to us. The UK government needs to borrow 167 billion or more pounds this year. If it cannot then that is the sum of the cuts the government will be forced to make because it will not have that money to spend.
The first politician to declare that nothing will be ring fenced and that every part of the public sector expenditure will be subject to proper scrutiny should be the one that gets the job of government, but then again pigs might fly, if they could get their snouts out of the trough!
They will be coming to our rescue soon if yellow streak Brown and labour win the election, and not forgetting shuffler Clegg as well. Have you read his liberal policies, and those are just the ones he mentions.
Once yellow streak Brown releases the books for the other two parties to view there will be more drastic cuts and new taxes implemented. Voters need to take heed of events in Greece and use their vote well next week. A vote for yellow streak Brown or a vote used in protest for a fringe party or shuffler Clegg will enable yellow streak Brown to stay in No 10 and condemn Britain to the same fate as Greece - bankrupt beyond redemption. He's got us well down that road already with his inability to do simple maths and his utter incompetence.
You ain't seen nothing yet and when we do see it the punishment for 13 years of labour will continue for at least a decade.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

"Yellow streak Prime Minister can't handle being questioned by a Real Person!"

Having watched this clip I can't see how this woman came across as bigoted. She mentioned Eastern Europeans once. The rest of her questions were concerns about this countries debt and the were about her community and grandchildren.
Yellow streak Brown obviously expects a choreographed procession of Labour supporters to ask him scripted questions with prepared answers. His retort while driving away shows how clearly out of touch he is with his core voters and their concerns.
This is what he has obliviously been calling more than half the nation! Particularly on his policy of unrestricted immigration from outside of the EU. I think the Poles are fine. But the unskilled labour from outside of the Union is an unsustainable policy.And it is clear now, that anyone who dares challenge yellow streak Brown on this, will be called a 'racist' and a 'bigot'.
Britain can barely afford all these people and no one can talk about it.
I think people needed to hear him say that, because this is the climate he has created! And he and his mates try to excuse him for what he really thinks. This is just making it worse. His apology was just a case of him trying to extricate himself from a hole that he has dug for himself. As he has only 'apologised' for saying anything offensive and for putting himself in that position! But he still means what he said and he immediately starts thinking about himself.He is not worthy.

Mandelson get off the stage. The country is bored of you. You are an unelected self important tetchy appointee, thrice removed from government.

Is it just me who thinks Lord snake Mandelson is a complete pig?
He is an unelected pompous,ignorant peasant who is rude about everyone who disagrees with him. I watched yesterday morning and he didn't answer one single question. He simply shouted people down and in one case suggested that the person asking the question wasn't standing for parliament! No he isn't standing for parliament but he is going to be voting for someone who is and as such has every right not only to ask a question but also to receive a civil, straight and simple answer. I think it's pathetic. At one time votes were bought, now all politicians can do is attempt to frighten people into not voting where their conscience is telling them. I think our leaders have forgotten that this is a democracy and a vote has to be earned. I'm hearing far too much scare mongering that a vote for what you believe in is somehow bad. The country - I hope - will vote the way individuals wish to vote. It is our time to tell the politicians, not their time to tell us. Personally, I can't think of anything worse than dithering over who to vote for and ending up with Lord snake Mandelson and yellow streak Brown again. As for all the promises of free money and facilities for children - we all know there is nothing for free; someone is paying for it and it's probably you.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Mandelson + Milliband = Banana Republic.

So this unelected to any office devious snake in the grass Lord Mandelson is willing back the puerile twerp Miliband just to stay as the puppet master.

We aren't going to get rid of him on May 6 unless the country inflicts a such a devastating defeat on incompetent NuLab rabble so that it is consigned to history for decades to come. As labour have changed our country into an oppressed surveillance covered dictatorship. A backwater of Europe, it hardly matters what slime ball runs the labour campaign. It's not possible to make a silk purse from a pigs ear can you!
Mr shuffler Clegg seems to be taking " the new boy on the block" advantage as Blair did in 97. But he has shown his true colours now by trying to hold the people to ransom through blackmail of the other parties, these are desperate times.
Mr scary Balls who wants to keep our kids safe, was caught driving while using his mobile phone with his kids in the car! Treating everyone like pedophiles while teaching five year olds in school about sex. What double standards they have!
Watch the BNP, they could nip up the polls and take some seats. That would be interesting wouldn't it. Not that this election isn't interesting enough already. It's like a soap opera; Big brother verses those pesky voters.
Hopefully each voter, regardless of usual party loyalty, will vote strategically to rid us of yellow streak Brown, Mandelson and Labour; also to keep the BNP out of Britain's political arena.
Some may not like Cameron or the Tories, but in the short term he's the best bet for getting rid of yellow streak Brown and Labour for the general good of all; that must be the aim. Return to normal party loyalties next time round we must be rid of Mandelson, yellow streak Brown and Labour on May 6.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Whatever the result I think Clegg will end up going the way of Owen/Steel and Ashdown.

The only way to make sure we do not get Liebore or yellow streak Brown for another 5 years is to give David Cameron a clear majority.
Shuffler Clegg is being deliberately manipulative towards Labour and Tory voters in different marginal seats because he cannot even be certain there will be a hung parliament. The mistake of the Lib Dems has always been to assume that they have no chance ever of winning an election under the current system and that until 97 they hadn't even developed a strategy for tactically winning seats off the Tories and Labour in different parts of the country.
David Johnson on the politics show talking to Jeremy Paxman said, and it is unbelievable, that because we are still on the old system whereby even if one candidate got the most votes, Labour would still claim to have won because they would claim to have the most seats and would not vacate No 10. Now they say, wait for it, they would even consider changing our PM, again unelected, if it would cement a deal with the Lib Dems. That means a vote for the Lib Dems could mean a vote for scary Balls, Harperson, or postman Pat, all scary. Scary Balls has ruined education, Harriet Harperson is currently socially engineering with women and Alan Johnson, postman Pat won't loose sleep over 70 mill immigrants. So there's not much choice is there!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

"God helps those who help themselves to get rid of yellow streak Brown"

Psychologically flawed yellow streak Brown now resorts to invoking sanctions from 'on high' to help his campaign. Invoking God to give him more time in office, more time to abuse power is absolutely insane.It is blasphemy. This man is definitely 'NUTS'. With his ratings lower than Michael Foot, Jonah yellow streak Brown is doomed to get the biggest defeat in the polls in history. That would be rough justice for the worst Prime Minister in history, a man who has virtually destroyed our country. The electorate will exact full and just revenge, or he could regard it as justice being delivered from 'on high.' I'm sick to death of the clunking fist and its ways... its over, finally, after the years of unelected dictatorship and the tyranny of that arrogant smarmy yellow streak Brown nose sniffing the bum every blackface in the country.
Come May, the lambs will be frolicking in the fields, and yellow streak Brown will be a forgotten colour forever associated with winter. Then the sheep of the highlands will remain unmolested and poor through another starvation regimen.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

A vote for failure is a vote for Gordon Brown and the Labour party!

Yellow streak Brown you are truly unbelievable!
"The UK is best placed to weather the recession!"
"Labour are the party who can best manage the recovery."
" Trust me, I am a safe pair of hands."
We (the humble taxpayer) can only conclude that you are clinically deluded.
There is an urgent need to take real action to sort out the debt crisis in the economy.
Labour through yellow streak Brown have shown that they cannot responsibly manage this countries finances. They borrowed money to fund on going expenditure at the peak of the economic boom when the countries income was highest instead of saving money. And why is criticism so rarely made of yellow streak Brown's definition of "taking money out of the economy" by reducing tax or spending.
Reducing tax is keeping money IN the economy (and the converse is also true that increasing tax is taking money OUT of the economy).
Yellow streak Brown's definition of "economy" is "state controlled spending" rather than the real life economy where people spend their own money on things other than waste, non-jobs that add little real wealth to the economy (and are often little more than an alternative and more expensive form of dole that mask the true unemployment figures), and bureaucracy.
Whatever the reason, you and your mob are totally unfit for purpose.
Come on people, pick him up we want no more on this nonsense!

Friday, 23 April 2010

£890 billion debt and going North, does not look like the UK is on the road to recovery!

Labour have been totally shite in just about every way imaginable.

I was shocked when Labour got voted in four years ago and it could happen again directly or indirectly.
As I've written before, for most, supporting a political party is like supporting a football team. No matter how badly they play, they are your team and you stick with them. Unfortunately there is no place for blind faith when the future of your country is at stake. Labour are the masters of spin and manipulating statistics and their supporters lap it up and are proud of Labour's achievements, spinning a shiny gloss on what is a dreadful situation, ignoring who got us in it and believing they are best placed to get us out.
£890 billion debt and going North, does not look like the UK is on the road to recovery! Whoever the government becomes they need to:
Cut public services -we simply cannot afford the services and put the people to work in private businesses.
Invest in UK hightech companies for future revenues and progress.
Invest in Greentech companies-future revenues and progress.
Aim to be leaders in the world in green transportation( why do we buy Hitachi trains, when once we were leaders in the world in train engineering?)
Promote manufacturing. (Made in the UK) But will it fill the hole to take on those 1,000,000 young people?
Germany/Japan seem to do very well from high tech manufacturing industries (and retain their technology in their home countries.
UK Plc really needs to take action and aim to be a world leader and not a debt leader.We need to create wealth not borrow it.
Debt is only OK when either money is borrowed for investment that will yield future returns and the payback plan is calculated and measurable or it is for structural improvements that can be paid for by a generally profitable economy.
Our economy will have to become massively more efficient & productive if we are ever going to be able to chisel away at our debt. It will be hard enough just paying the interest.
High infrastructure & labour costs mean that is unlikely when so many other parts of the world are so much more efficient from a cost & tax point of view.
This country is in critical condition and we all need to do our bit which means accepting the good old days are gone, we will be poorer.
Everybody needs to contribute and people on benefits who don't need to be should be made a national disgrace.
And we should buy British whenever possible.
We all have our traditional ties with political parties but now is a time to be clear and objective.
Labour have been totally shite in just about every way imaginable.
Totally incompetent.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

2.5 million unemployed and you ain't seen nothing yet! Sterling will tumble under the weight of the welfare and non-job state.

2.5 million unemployed and yet figures show in the region of 98% of all new jobs went to incoming migrants. This is unalloyed, shameless, in your face treachery.
Only a completely delusional lunatic would consider re-electing this venomous filth. If the yellow streaks argument for raising NI is that to not do so will cause unemployment to rise because of money taken out of the economy. Will he please state why £6 Billion is bad for us but £170 Billion to bribe investors to buy Gilts is not.
How bailing Banks out to the tune of £125 Billion protected jobs yet Banks shed them in the thousands and then, in some cases, posted record profits.
How selling all our Gold reserves at one of the lowest market lows protected jobs. How plans to sell off National assets to private and foreign business will protect jobs.
And most importantly how, on admitting his government got immigration and Bank financial controls so spectacularly wrong he is able to convince anyone he can put it all right. Lets face it they don't have a strategy except ruination so that they can lord it over everyone else. Wake up; Liebore is the enemy within and has always been the same.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Why does Gordon Brown use the phrase 'let's be honest' in every interview he gives?

Is it possibly because every other sentence he delivers is a complete lie?

Yellow streak Brown seemed surprised to be greeted by his audience as he was today, what does that say about his judgement. He was always going to be put on the spot when he made himself available to the British Public, no surprise to me, so why was it to him?
For several hours the BBC web site just gave an error message when you tried to access the recording. The interview lasted one hour. Now it appears that you can listen to the interview, but it is now its only 15 minutes. That means 45 minutes of Brown being questioned by first time voters has been removed by the BBC censors.
If the full 60 minutes is available somewhere on the web, please let me know, because the 15 minute edited version doesn't even remotely correspond to the two 4 minute video versions that were available on the BBC web site.
I think we need a BBC Censorship Watch to see just home much the BBC is distorting the news and its interviews.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Inflation was above the expected figure - no surprise there.

This government's expectations, and the figures it uses to try justify what it spends, have been consistently over-heated since day 1.
Food inflation is running at 8-10% - and that may get worse in the next few months. Fuel inflation was in any case higher than other commodities, yet dumbledorf Darling still put the tax on duty up in his budget. What dumbledorf Darling seems to forget is that the private motorist is one of the least affected by increasing fuel duties; its the prices of everything else that has to be transported or cultivated with machinery that has the most effect on inflation. And high fuel duty levels in this country threaten jobs in the haulage industry and in market gardening. The longer we are governed by economic illiterates and political cowards the worse the state of the country.
But what can you expect when we have a yellow streak PM who thinks that spending and investment are the same thing? Remove yellow streak Brown at the election is the only solution.
Only then will there be prompt action taken to cut the deficit. The deficit is undermining confidence in the pound.
The low pound is causing fuel inflation and hence inflation. The low pound is also a consequence of low interest rates. Any rise in interest rates alone will not work without confidence in the UK economy. This can only be brought by reducing the deficit.
As yellow streak Brown reckons he is not cutting anything, he cannot solve this problem.

Monday, 19 April 2010

More accurately, vote LibDem and be hung out to dry by our electoral system which will devalue your vote.

A hung parliament will cost you money, it will mean sterling falls on the currency markets. The fall in sterling will mean higher fuel prices and higher food prices.
The only way to avoid this increase in costs due to sterling falling is to vote conservative as they will narrow the gap between government spending and taxation.
The Lib Dems is a vote for higher prices as it will allow Labour to stay in power.
A protest vote is cutting your nose off to spite your face.
Liberal Democrats support immediate entry to the Euro currency.
Liberal Democrats want to let 58,000 criminals out of jail to serve their sentences in the comfort of their own home.
Liberal Democrats want an amnesty for all Illegal Immigrants and Unrestricted Immigration.
Liberal Democrats want Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament.
Liberal Democrats want Wind Turbines to be the sole means of keeping electricity and the lights on. No Nuclear, Gas or Coal fired technology.
Liberal Democrats want to make Drug taking legal.
Liberal Democrats broke their manifesto pledge on a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.
Liberal Democrats do one thing and say another – they are the most dishonest party in British Politics.
Liberal Democrat MPs have been caught Troughing whilst their leader Nick Clegg failed to oust Lord Rennard from his job for abusing expenses. Meanwhile the Michael Brown £2.4 Million Dodgy Donation has remained with the Liberal Democrats despite the fact it was stolen money, taken from innocent investors. This money has repeatedly been asked for by the victims of the crime yet the Liberal Democrats piously claim there is nothing wrong whilst indulging themselves.
You have to ask yourself do you want to be unable to defend yourself against other nuclear powers?
Do you want drugs legalised?
Do you want to be governed by Europe?
Do you want to lose the pound?
Vote Liberal.
Do you want another five years of the "Yellow streak Brown's mess"?
If your answer is Yes to these questions then Vote Liberal.
Vote Clegg and you will get a yellow streak Brown mess.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

So Clegg will save £100B by cancelling Trident. But he then said, quietly, that was over 25 years. So by my calculations, that’s £4B per year.

Viewers say shuffler Clegg, who will to give up our nuclear deterrent without identifying any practically available replacement and wants to delay dealing with the public sector debt until even after Labour, has somehow "won" the debate.
Labour and yellow streak Brown are going to wake up and ask "What have we done?"
All that naked sucking up to Nick shuffler Clegg, who looked and sounded like the used car salesman in East Germany, simply guaranteed that Labour seats will fall to the Liberal Democrats. And when snake Mandelson and "tearful" Campbell and all the other yellow streak Brown's back room boys analyse the outcome, in which every poll puts yellow streak Brown at the bottom, they are going to realise that the coming election is gone for good. Serves them right for playing the man instead of the ball.
That is no problem in itself, for yellow streak Brown is, by a wide margin, the worst Prime Minister for fifty years. But on every point that yellow streak Brown sought to agree with shuffler Clegg the Labour record was a disaster, and it was one of the biggest own goals ever. Slick shuffler Clegg was selling a Trabant, but was allowed to make it sound like a Ferrari.
The proper approach for yellow streak Brown was to nail the total fantasy of the Liberal position, instead of which he spent the whole time trying to get Cameron.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Carefully stage managed, no audience participation, a huge disappointment.

Yawn Yawn another pointless load of nonsense hits these shores via the USA. Does any civilised Briton need to watch this nonsense under the pretext of "being undecided".

Have we good people not had enough of paying through the nose in fuel prices, council tax, road fund licence and the list is endless, all to see it wasted over the last thirteen years .
You can throw in the out of control immigration, criminals walking away scot free while ordinary folk are criminalised and so on. Everyone should have a certain idea of how they are going to vote, unless it is only personality driven.
There is of course the option that the good folk of this nation is totally disenchanted with the whole bunch of them.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

So many people have been fooled by the Labour party. 13 years of lies and broken promises, yet still they haven't caught on?

Pinocchio Brown!

The man who kept saying its all America's fault now admits in TV interview that tighter regulations of the Banks would have been better; well its always wise after the event isn't it. And why didn't he say this in Parliament or come clean before.

So yellow streak Brown lied about banking regulation, defence spending, income tax levels...... how many more lies before people stop voting for him?
Yellow streak Brown, perhaps uniquely, is to blame for the UK end of the problem in that he had played a part in so many of the roles that led to the UK end of the collapse.
Yellow streak Brown mucked up the regulatory safety system that was supposed to catch the problem. Yellow streak Brown ran up a massive government debt that ensured he could not cushion the problem.
Yellow streak Brown encouraged the consumer debt that will ensure maximum pain as the job cuts and tax rises come along to repay UK debts.
UK history will probably record that seldom has one man been so uniquely to blame for the UK’s woes as yellow streak Gordon Brown.
The Tories may have failed in regulation terms but would not have encouraged junk mortgages to the poorest or placed the UK in such a vulnerable position debt wise as yellow streak Brown did. His epitaph will no doubt become. “I came, I saw, I borrowed.”
As for the notion that a Tory PM would have done the same thing, this is a specious argument, because what they might have done is somewhat different to what yellow streak Brown has actually done.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

"David Cameron is toffee-nosed"

"David Cameron is toffee-nosed", says: The Right Hon. the Baron Mandelson of Foy in the county of Herefordshire and Hartlepool in the county of Durham, First Secretary of State, Lord President of the Privy Council and Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills.
Commonly known as the SNAKE.

What a bloody mouthful that is; tell me who's been busily hoovering up privilege and titles as he coasts around in high office on our tax money without even having gone through the irritation of being elected? Would that be one Peter snake Mandelson perchance?
Members of the Labour party, and especially Lord snake Mandleson have no room for mud slinging. They are supposed to be the working mans government, but they were as guilty as all the other MP's for fiddling their expenses, and acquiring dodgy loans.
So Lord snake Mandleson people who live in green houses should not throw stones.
I would rather have a bunch of toffy nosed intelligent people in charge of our country, than a bunch of stupid greedy trade union bully boys with their noses in the trough.
You have to hand it to snake Mandelson really don't you. His future in ironic comedy is assured.

"Vince Cable described himself as the “elephant man” of British politics today"

But he didn't say where his from; is he African or Indian descent!
The LibDem manifesto is full of hopeless contradictions. They say that the Tories cannot find £6 billion, but maintain the LibDems will find £17 billion. They claim they are the ones addressing the deficit but they say will cut less than the Tories. Their manifesto is, quite simply, nonsensical.
Well for me Nick (shuffler) Clegg " a fairer Britain" has become "an incentive less Britain".
If people who work hard, show entrepreneurship and take risks and are then penalised by taxation as soon as they show signs of success and achievement, well why will they bother I used to buy in to the old Liberal principle of minimal government in peoples lives but the LibDems seem hell bent on the opposite. They seem to want massive social engineering which penalises achievement and which few except the idle and feckless will get net benefit from or support.
Get back to your roots LibDems, cut government, reduce legislation complexity. Minimise social engineering to those at serious risk of abuse and deprivation and focus on developing an efficient core national infrastructure.

It should be yellow streak Brown hung by the neck not the next Parliament.

Looking at the huge gulf between the parties, and how Labour has ruined the UK in just 13 years, I am flabbergasted that the latest polls suggest yellow streak Brown could remain as PM.
30 years ago, the electorate was far different. There were far fewer benefit scroungers, far fewer "Public Servants" in non-jobs such as "Outreach Officer", it had not been gerrymandered by ZaNu Lab, and there were far fewer immigrants. That electorate would in the circumstances presented to it today, have returned a landslide Conservative Government. Not a hung parliament. So stop pussyfooting around Cameron!
Trying to please everyone won't work. If you can't get on top of labour after the mess they have put the country in then you don't deserve a chance. Come out fighting. Get stuck into yellow streak Brown. He was Chancellor of the Exchequer for ten years leading up to the financial mess we're in. He was part of the cabal that took the UK into Iraq and now Afghanistan and he was never elected leader by the people. The UK is in a terrible mess so start telling people what a mess the country is in and who has been responsible. Crikey if you haven't got the people around you who can articulate these things then get some. I can name you someone now who could do the job, and then there is me! I'm not joking. Start showing some balls.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

National Debt grew £14.4m during yellow streak Brown's Manifesto Launch

With the national debt increasing at £5,168 per second, the total owed by the Government grew by £14,420,662 during the 46 minutes and 30 seconds of yellow streak Brown's press conference. Even taking his speech alone, which lasted 12 minutes and 50 seconds, the debt increased by £3,979,896.

This another reason not to vote them back into government.

The Labour cover is missing a hammer and sickle!

I am one of the people who have trudged through this weary landscape the past 13 years under Labour. I have heard the lies and untruths from all of them as they shore up their pensions and future consulting jobs. I have sat there with hope of a new dawn and I found nothing but bitter fruit and lies.
I remembered my father, a true Tory man and wondered what he would have thought of Hazel Blears, and countless others finally deciding to pay the tax she owed, whilst meanwhile claiming to fight for the poor and the needy. All of this has been a bitter experience and a lesson.
I have lived through a golden time last century. I have seen glimpses of morality. I have seen principled men and women struggle for their rights to vote and for a better life for their children. Then I blundered into today. Now we are in a time when morality is for sale with every shaving cur from the pencil of the latest spin doctor. A time to bury bad news. A time of the total collapse of any objective standard of right and wrong. A time when cow eyes and promises of jam tomorrow have taken the role of truth. They ask us to vote for them so they can deliver themselves a better tomorrow. All of them want to enrich themselves at our expense. They say they will make us all equal. Like Somalia, everyone is equal there as everyone has nothing. It's not about you and me. It's about them and their better fairer tomorrow, a better fairer tomorrow for them. Personally I can't vote for anyone less honest than me, nor will I.
Honest citizens cannot get legal aid in most cases these days but these Labour MPs can, even though they will get a substantial pay-off when kicked out on May 6th! Tells you all you need to know about Labour - rotten to the core. Don't vote Labour, vote for anyone else or spoil your ballot - but vote to show your disgust with them

Monday, 12 April 2010

After Labour's previous manifesto promised a European referendum , I don't think anybody is likely to believe this manifesto and why should they?

Electors "Believe me at you peril"

A desperate manifesto from a desperate loser. Come on people, do you really believe this crock of shit? Why on earth would you believe this man when he has lied to you repeatedly? It's what he hasn't said that's worrying. If (God forbid) he manages to retain power, he will complete his task of destroying Britain. His greed for money to give away will be found by ever increasing stealth taxes. Yes, he 'promised' not to raise income tax, but he'll conveniently create a few hundred more new ones. Well, I certainly feel a lot better now after yellow streak Brown's promises that "Every thing's Coming Up Roses". Not!
That's apparently how he wants to win the election by simply saying that things well be better and fairer.
Labour's "detailed plan" to cut the deficit by half over four years is simply a statement - no action plan with any any details whatsoever - and all while it ring fences all the major spending sectors!!! "Growth" will take care of everything.
Wake up people, smell the coffee! get rid of this loser once and for all.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Clearly no one is safe from this plague of a government. This beggars belief.

Going down the toilet.
Labour has sent out 250,000 “cancer” postcards, each addressed to an individual, asking: “Are the Tories a change you can afford?”

Well this is beyond politics, it is an absolute abomination.
Whether or not cancer sufferers were deliberately targeted is not the point. Surely the desperate idiots must have realised cancer patients would receive the mail?
I've never been so incensed with the actions of a political party, it is the most repugnant electioneering tactic I've ever heard of.
Whoever is responsible probably doesn't have the moral sense to resign but hopefully some investigative journalism can name and shame the imbecile.
I just hope no more cancer sufferers receive or read the mailshot and become distressed.
Can Labour go any lower with their campaign tactics? Yellow streak Brown would do well to look back at the 1950 General Election when both Churchill and Attlee made mention of the fact the campaign had been a clean and decent affair. Nowadays, it seems politicians will stop at nothing to cling on to power. By the way, wasn't it the Tories who promised extra cash to buy life-saving cancer drugs?

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Governments don't create jobs. Industry creates jobs. The government facilitates the success of industry through fair taxation and so on.

I just don't get the Labour parties or yellow streak Brown's logic.
Their happy to waste money on, well waste, in the public sector because it preserves jobs for people who don't really provide services and have nice final salary pension schemes. Where do they get off with that?!
When I talk about waste I'm not talking about teachers, police, doctors and nurses, the diplomatic service or the military. I'm talking about the army of admin people "managers", stats gatherers, health trust management, quango staff, people who sit in a corner filling in excel spreadsheets that no one reads and the legions of "authorities", "tsars", "watch dogs" and all the other gravy train voyagers.
We loose twice due to these people, once for the high cost of their salaries and pensions and twice because they simply don't produce for the country. 40,000 jobs, if it's that it's that, the quicker we lose them and put them to work doing something useful, the sooner we stop being a joke as a country. I'm at the stage where if anyone from Labour said grass was green, I wouldn't believe it. I'll be making my choice on what has happened to me over the past 13 years and, apart from my total dislike of yellow streak Brown and all his policies there is nothing left; just a crock of shit!
Because I know no one in the forces, I'm not personally affected by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but I cannot get over the fact that men were sent into war zones inadequately equipped. I find it particularly loathsome that the instigators of this policy are now raking in the dosh, or, like the poor yellow streak Brown, who doesn't seem to have a grasp of the figures. Is this the man who wants to continue ruining, sorry, running, the country for the next 5 years?

Friday, 9 April 2010

So now yellow streak Brown uses the grieving mother of a dead child to deceive us into voting for him - I wish I was surprised.

Part of yellow streak Brown's psychological problem is he seriously believes most people are idiots and will therefore fall for this sort of idiotic clap-trap.
Just as business leaders felt patronized by yellow streak Brown's assertion they had somehow been 'deceived' (being the naive and gullible lot they are) by Tory plans to hold NI rates steady, so I feel insulted that yellow streak Brown thinks I'll swallow his "Tories soft on crime" or "the burglar's friend" claim by his wrongly waving the Bowman DNA case in my face. Wrongly and in Bad taste.
This just serves to confirm my view that yellow streak Brown is part human, part darlek and definitely not all there at all.

This picture of yellow streak Brown makes him look like a Soviet maybe that isn't so wrong!

Yellow streak Brown will do what ever he wants to do he thinks he knows what's best for the British people he listens to no one whilst pretending to speak for every one, yellow streak Brown keeps banging on about how £six billion is a huge amount of money, you are quite right yellow streak Brown it is, so why did you take six million plus from private pensions! Yellow streak Brown used that money as if it was is own personal ATM machine and now he wants people to trust him with the economy. Liebore take no responsibility for their policies, they blame it on someone else.
As someone now a pensioner in this recession and therefore someone unlikely to benefit from Labours alternative job and care plan for Labours voters, I can confirm unless you are a member of the Labour party however good your skills are Labour will lock you out of Public sector jobs. Labour wish to tax private sector jobs and prevent private sector expansion. Labour have after all caused state spending to rise above 50% of GDP, it was 52% of GDP at the last count. This is completely unsustainable and the borrowing per year is something like 18% of GDP. State spending is 52% of GDP whilst taxes collected are 34% of GDP. This is unsustainable and shows Labour are only interested in the next vote.
Labour want a socialist state, they are trying to implement it due to political apathy and also after the expenses scandal.
Today, I received through the post a circular from the Liebore candidate; she put in her pledges to me the following:
  1. Revitalise our local economy with GREEN JOBS.
  2. Affordable housing, to help people with no jobs get homes.
  3. Continue to improve elderly care, with a death tax paid by everyone with money.
  4. Bring police closer to communities, so instead of sitting in cars they will be playing games on their hand held computers.
  5. And finally! HONEST POLITICS. She must be really joking after all she will be just another SOW for the trough.
Yet again the Liebore party are so corrupt that they have selected a candidate from the Unite union by way of postal voting. The one thing that Labour have been seen to be good at time and time again is vote rigging. There have been numerous court cases involving local Liebore politicians blatantly fiddling the postal voting system. Some went to jail. But then I guess that the very reason it was introduced so widely by the Liebore government was to facilitate rigging.
There's no mention of any enconomies or how they will get Britain back into the black or even any mention about yellow streak Brown or his cabinet, it's all fictious lies from Liebore.
The UK is not Socialist but capitalist! Do you really want a CUBA?
Please vote yellow streak Brown out of power and Liebore into the political cemetery.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

What a great day...last ever yellow streak Brown PMQs !(I pray for someone who will tell the truth)

It is embarrassing to look at those on yellow streak Brown's front and back benches - a government of woefully inept politicians, a cabinet that , due to abject failure, has had to be re-shuffled so many times they have been rendered "punch" drunk. Following the enforced banishment to the back benches of the serial abusers of the expenses system (Beckett, Smith, Blears, and all but a few) and the admission byByers, Hoon, Moran and Hewitson that they are stepping down to begin new careers in political prostitution, this government will go into the history books as the most reviled, corrupt, contemptible bunch of individuals ever elected. Yellow streak Brown should never have been allowed to pick up the keys to no.10. He is without doubt the most incompetent Prime Minister there has been in my lifetime and there have been some. I think of Douglas- Home, Heath and Major and yet they stand as giants along side yellow streak Brown . To base an election on a class war theme strikes me as crass when he owes his present position to the organising and oratory skills of Bliar who was educated at Fettes- the "Eton" of the North. But on the other hand whats left for yellow streak Brown? Nothing at all.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

What's the point of saving?

Remember this fraudster. She like many others stole our savings!

The verdict will be simple - that yellow streak Brown has been a disaster for Britain and for the Labour Party.
Yellow streak Brown engineered massive public over-spending and to a minor degree a redistribution of income and wealth in favour of the poorest but all with borrowed money, public and private. Now the taxation will have to be imposed to pay for all of these borrowings but with the added burden of the massive interest due.
Dumbledorf Darling's Herculean efforts saved the day in the autumn of 2008 but the prospect post-election facing any new Chancellor is horrendous. The prospect of yellow streak Brown returning to No.10 Downing Street and installing 'hold' your Balls next door is too horrible to contemplate. The Cubanisation of Britain!
As to savings - forget them, they will be confiscated through inflation

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

"an unprecedented fourth-term Labour government would be..." an unprecedented disaster.

Yellow streak Brown has been running away from elections all his life, so today is the day!

One more month and Labour's is out. Yellow streak Brown will join Wilson and Callaghan as one of only three Prime Ministers to lead Britain into bankruptcy. He of course has the added distinction of also being Chancellor - personally and completely culpable for the £14,000 of debt that each of us must now pay off. Unelected, he's clung on to the bitter end, hosing public money and propaganda on the witless 20% who still think he should be at No 10. But either way, what a legacy: the disaster of Iraq and Afghanistan, record debt and economic incompetence bringing us to the verge of bankruptcy, record youth unemployment, PC gone mad, sold gold for pennies, return of unions and strikes, lobby gate, record number of useless quangos, where leaders earn Monopoly money, indifference to unfettered immigration, monumental wastage and lack of improvement in NHS and education despite record levels of investment, return to class warfare of soaking the rich and middle classes to reward the workshy,13 wasted years of regression into ASBO and broken Britain and last but not least all those MPs expenses scandal and the Lisbon Treaty.
Finally, today we have yellow streak Brown's ridiculous comparison of the economy to Wayne Rooney's leg. "His leg needs support, just like the economy". Apparently 'economic support' means additional taxes on employees and employers. I'm still trying to work that one out!

Monday, 5 April 2010

BARMY EU planners have wiped the English Channel off the map — and renamed it Le Pond.

The mighty English Channel's status could be reduced to that of a mere creek if Brussels has its way.
Officials want to rename it 'the Anglo-French Pond' as part of a plan to bolster the notion of an EU superstate.
More than £1million, much of it coming from the British taxpayer, is being spent drawing up a new map to be distributed to schools and bureaucrats.
It defies centuries of history by wiping out current national borders to foster 'cultural identification' between regions and encourage greater integration.
Under the plans, Southern England, from Cornwall to Kent, is joined with northern France and becomes known as the TransManche zone.
I would have thought it was an April fool gag. This is ridiculous, but knowing our present government they would let it happen and promote snake Mandelson to run it.

I am so mightily sick of these Europeans trying to wipe out our country and our history.We are Britain and we are British and it is and always will be the English channel. It is not and never has been known as the Anglo French pond, how ridiculous stupid and pathetic it is to suggest it.
Are we “pooling” or Sharing” Sovereignty? Does it matter? The United Nations’ Law of the Sea Article 119 states “The United Kingdom recalls that, as a member of the European Community, it has transferred competence to the Community in respect of certain matters governed by the Convention”. Transferred, not pooled. Article (91) Every State shall fix the conditions for the grant of its nationality to ships, for the registration of ships in its territory, and for the right to fly its flag. Ships have the nationality of the state whose flag they are entitled to fly. There must exist a genuine link between the State and the ship. (UK State or EU State?) Art 116. All states have the right for their nationals to engage in fishing on the high seas subject to: (a) their Treaty obligations. (Did we sign the first treaty and why if we did?) Will the EU eventually become our State? It appears to get nearer every day.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Yes bring it all back, if David Cameron offered to return some of the 80's values that labour has destroyed, he would have my vote.

Dumber and Dumber Milibands!

God almighty, even Labour's spin masters have run out of creative ideas! Do they have any idea how popular the Gene Hunt character actually is! Obviously not, so no wonder Dave is laughing! Gene Hunt reminds us of an era when PC meant "Police Constable", when they nicked criminals who were send down by judges in touch with the common man. An era when over powerful unions met their match. When immigration wasn't the number one topic, and where educational standards were more important than pretty school buildings. A time when the EU and Labour did not pry into every single aspect of our daily lives. A decade in which we were proud to be British, unlike now when we are an International laughing stock!
Gene Hunt is a hero, he is the reason Ashes to Ashes and the previous programme Life on Mars was such a classic hit. He is the star and I am sure being compared to him gives Cameron a lift, it also dispels weeks of Labour message that yellow streak Brown is the hard man.
I hope Cameron starts acting a little bit like Gene Hunt and starts rolling back the political correctness that has and is continuing to destroy a once great nation.
Also think it unbelievable that Dumber & Dumber went to Basildon to launch this poster, these two Marxists would never ever go to Essex let alone Basildon without a minder, they hate the common people, they would have been better launching in Moscow where they come from politically and historically.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Yellow streak Brown will be putting his great mate B-Liar up for Pope next!

Yellow streak Brown borrowed religious language for his election fight today as he claimed his Government was the nation's 'Good Samaritan' which would not 'pass by on the other side'.
How can labour be the good Samaritan when it continues to lie and deceive the people of Britain.Considering the way this government have collaborated with just about every possible law that can be introduced to prevent Christians practising and preaching their faith and permitting all other faiths to prosper this must be about the biggest exercise in hypocrisy he has been involved in. I just think as the election gets closer he is deluding himself. I'm sure that yellow streak Brown wouldn't 'pass by on the other side of the road'. He'd nip across and riffle through your pockets first, give you a kick in the lower region, then tell you how kind he had been by not kicking as hard as he could have. He refuses to listen to the complaints of the main electorate, and if there is any common sense out there the sooner labour are voted out and either of the two other main parties voted in with a clear majority, the better it will be for everyone.

Friday, 2 April 2010

"Labour furiously insisted the proposal is economic madness."

This government's arrogance and self importance knows absolutely no bounds. They have continually failed to grasp the fundamental economic nettle that it is businesses that create jobs and generate tax revenues for to support our society, not governments who spend it or squander it in Labour's case.
I cannot stand to watch the odious,twice-disgrace twice-resigned snake Mandelson on TV. He's yet another reason to vote Conservatives to get rid of this Labour government at the general election.
In the past 24 hours Labour have attempted to brand the Conservatives as Racists and now they disapprove of the giants of Commerce endorsing the Tories.
How dare they try and rubbish the views of the captain's of our industry, who know more about real world economics that the lightweights we have as the misfortune governing us for the last 13 years.
Yellow streak Brown, dumbledorf Darling, snake Mandelson, get some Balls, banana Milliband, Harperson,post pat Johnson, bumbler Straw - have any of them ever managed a profit generating business in their past? NO, so what the hell gives them the temerity to criticize those experts that do.
Most Labour politicians are not wealth creators and have never had to meet a payroll out of the profits from a wealth creating business dependent on consumer choice. Those Labour MPs trying to sell their services to private companies for inside information and contacts have not really got the marketing skills to get this work without lying / exaggerating, and most of them get quango non-jobs from their mates who in turn couldn't run a whelk stall at a profit.
Snake Mandelson is an unelected creep who isn't up for election so anything he says or does won't hurt him personally as we cannot throw him out of the House of Lords. No one should trust anything he says as most of it is plain wrong.
If ever the British public need an excuse to banish this incompetent Labour administration to the history books, now is the time.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Calling Conservatives "racists" will not work this time round either. Especially now that Sayeeda Warsi is on the team.

Too little, too late. Yellow streak Brown has been at the heart of the government that has vigorously fought to bring in and protect some of the most poisonous and extremist Islamists in the world. He should be ashamed - except he clearly has no capacity for shame. He even tells porkys about the figures.

Yellow streak Brown like Bliar is an out and out liar; it has already been proved that Nu Liebour had an open door policy without the public knowledge when they came to power; basically to rub the Tories nose in it. Calling Conservatives "racists" will not work. And as soon as anything was mentioned about the numbers coming into Britain by anyone then they were smeared and called racists. So, yellow streak Brown is playing the 'racist' card again, trying to shame the voters into believing his lies. The truth is that the majority of the British public think immigration has gone too far, thanks to Labour's underhand scheme to increase the 'diversity' of Britain and create a bloc of Labour supporters by dropping all restrictions.
Remember the issues that the residents of Glasgow had a few years ago about the sheer numbers that were arriving there and the pressure that was put on them. The reply from these traitors in government was the people that are complaining are racists, and now we have that old chestnut again, but I think the British public have wised up to yellow streak Browns smears and won't be fooled by this cretin anymore. The only 'scaremongering' I see here is coming from the yellow streak PM himself who, next to the Liberals (who will legitimise illegal immigrants - sending the worse possible message to future economic migrants), is the greatest danger and contributor to the collapse of our society and culture.Even when it has been proved beyond doubt that immigration is out of control this stupid man is still in denial, another King Canute in the making. What seriously annoys about that man is how he has been totally remoulded by his PR and style gurus.
His face is caked with make up to hide his bloodhound jowls, his hair is slicked down like a wig and is motionless, his voice is breathless and rather like Joanna Lumley.
The photograph taken when he did that last shameless trip to Afghanistan revealed a paunch to be ashamed of and so clearly he now wears a corset of some substance to keep him inside those expensive suits.
They cannot obviously cure his infuriating jaw drop when he is agitated, other than to keep his mouth shut.