Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Another of Labour's headline grabbing announcements that usually come to nothing.

Where does Burnham get the idea that care at any stage is free? More Labour politics, trying to convince the voters that it costs nothing if you're spending other people's money.
Firstly, why should the current working generation - who in all likelihood will be working longer and dying earlier - have to pay yet more to keep the Baby-Boomer generation in the style to which they are accustomed? Secondly, if you wait to tax estates after death, the chances are that it is the families of the ones who die early and don't need care, or who have been prudent and saved for their retirement, who end up paying for those who have either made no provision or lived so long that they have used up their savings: Either way it's a disincentive to save and/or to plan for your old age. Thirdly, this heralds a massive expansion of the social care sector, with the risk of the cost ever increasing in the years to come, and with it the bill.
I have got this suggestion for Labour introduce a pro-smoking campaign. Get people smoking, which contributes to the Exchequer and would kill off a load of people earlier, thus reducing the burden on the State of people living to be a lot older - then there would be enough to pay for those who do survive through old age and into infirmity, as well as reducing the pensions deficit.
Thatcher, love or loathe her, had one thing right that Labour will never learn - the government hasn't got any money. It all comes from the private sector taxpayers, no-one else.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Bliar the king of all snake oil salesman makes a comeback just in time to see Labour flushed down the toilet for good.

It is a well known and proven fact that these two deceitful men actually detest each other. For Bliar to come out of his sewer to back the other rat smacks of one thing only - desperation. History will show that the last thirteen years have been the most devastatingly mismanaged leadership in our country's history.
Personally, I blame Bliar for giving us yellow streak Brown. We elected Bliar in 2005, probably forgetting about the deal done in a restaurant to do a switch mid-term. But that is democracy for you. I hope they kept a copy of the signed deal on the menu.
Yellow streak Brown is a one eyed tosser who has ruined the country, Two years ago he bottled calling an election because he wanted people to see his vision for the country well we have seen it and it stinks, Bliar and yellow streak Brown are a pair of murdering bastards Bliar because he sent our troops to an illegal war and yellow streak Brown because while they were fighting the illegal war he has underfunded our troops causing more than 200 British soldiers to lose there lives
Bliar blames the global recession for everything, actually we would still have been in this dreadful mess without any global assistance. The global downturn has done Labour a favour, they have something to blame their incompetence on. It has very little bearing on the current state of the country, that self same current state of the country is because labour are totally useless and have provided us with not one but two "Leaders" with the leadership skills of a lemming.

George escapes from the channel 4 cats den.

This evening's debate was most enlightening. Alistair dumbledorf Darling seemed to ignore the fact that Labour has been in government for 13 years and created an unrecognisable Great Britain. I do find it amazing that after 13 years of abject failure on economic policy (and everything else) that dumbledorf Darling has the brass face to blame the Tories, the world downturn, and everything else for the parlous state of our finances.
Face up to it dumbledorf Darling it's your policies that have created the problems. Tax, spend, communist wealth redistribution doesn't work. Russia tried it for decades and simply created poverty for all.
Vince Cable did also a lot of ganging up on George Osborne most of the time. The channel 4 audience must have been filled with Lib Dem and anti-Tory plants as well.
George Osborne clearly didn't fall for an elephant trapped laid for him by dumbledorf Darling and Vince Cable when they were able to say that there was indeed waste in the Labour government.
I would never consider voting for the Liberals as I felt that Cable and Darling looked as though the Liberals don't want a hung parliament with the Tories, they are closer to Labour and can work with them, therefore they seem to have an agenda to ridicule the Tories. Cable's comments about the Tories wanting to be in power to have their friends in the trough was, I think a bit over the top. Can I say that Cable isn't some sort of modern prophet. I'm fed up with his stupid grin like his an avuncular old teacher full of wisdom. Any idiot should have seen this crash coming without knowing a single economic figure. Most of the people I know have no savings, have borrowed up to their eyeballs and still live like their a c list celeb on a spending binge.

Monday, 29 March 2010

George into the Lions' den. One thing is for sure, Darling and Cable will stand together, and do all they can to discredit George Osborne tonight .

Isn't George horrible for suggesting a tax cut for every working person in the country, in a recession, what a bad guy! Maybe if the government was shrunk and taxes were lowered, then the recovery might happen more quickly. Unless the government is helping the super rich or the underclass, Labour and the Liberal Democrats don't seem to be interested.
Labour are focusing on what they perceive as a weak link because Osborne looks young but they know he is no fool.
It was nothing short of ingenious to give the FSA notice that their time had run out.
The irony there is that just like yellow streak Brown is leaving a scorched earth policy on the economy so the FSA have now managed to fire on one of their million cylinders and deliver some results.
The point is its all too late and not going anywhere. Labour promised so much and in the end it was all lies heaped on more lies, sold very well by a wannabe actor supported by a serial stealth taxer who has yet to appreciate that Taxpayers deserve a fair deal.
Cameron is savvy and smart as is Osborne and together the conservative team in totality will decimate Labour with 40 days to go its going to try even the most hardy observer but one thing is for sure, Labour is finished and the Conservatives will return to power, wiser and smarter than ever before.

Let yellow streak Brown walk down the street from Westminster without protection, and let's see how many 'lumps' the public tear out of him!

The electorate need reminding of just what a disaster yellow streak Brown has been. All the statements are true and I suspect this is only the beginning. When you think of the lies yellow streak Brown has told the scope of these posters could be limitless. A few more suggestions might be the referendum he promised, no more boom and bust, we are best placed to face the downturn etc.
To all the Labour stooges who read this, it's LABOUR who created this mess, LABOUR who have doubled the national debt, LABOUR who let in 3 million immigrants as a 'wheeze' to wrong foot the Tories, LABOUR who are creating a police state where agents of government will read our texts, listen to our phone calls and open our letters and it's LABOUR who have overseen our drop from 7th to 24th in international numeracy and literacy rankings.
Labour have done immeasurable damage to this country and it's time to vote them out before they can do anymore.
Labour said they were going to target Osborne, well as usual the Tories have acted first and targeted Labour's weakest link, yellow streak Brown, goodbye!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

We don't need another list of broken promises. We can look at the state of the Country today, thirteen years on - that is the true record of Labour.

Tomorrow yellow streak Brown and Labour will unveil its key election pledges.

Ooops. Embarrassing mistake in my headline, of all places.
Let me correct it for you:
Yellow streak Brown and Labour unveils key election lies.
There. That's better. And more accurate, too!
A fourth Labour term would be a disaster for Britain. 5 more years of yellow streak Brown simply would further bankrupt the country and mean that Britain would be in total ruins or taken over by the EU.
No wonder Labour are having a draft manifesto, they are waiting to see what the Tories will offer. The Tories should not give Labour any ammunition at all.
This election is about Labours record in office, 13 years of yellow streak Brown being either Prime Minister or C of E. Indeed did yellow streak Brown not used to get his spinners to say Bliar/yellow streak Brown was a co-PM? All this nonsense about Bliar being the Chairman and yellow streak Brown the CEO.
Britain suffered the longest recession of all major economies under yellow streak Brown's policies, Labour has doubled the national debt and yellow streak Brown is borrowing £277,719 every minute to cover his economic failure.
Vote Labour there is still more to do give us another five years:
We have taken your Pensions.
We have taken the value of your house.
We have taken your money, made your savings useless.
We have bankrupted your country. Total national debt stood at £2 trillion this January.
We have bankrupted your children and grand children.
We have sent your sons and daughters to die in vain in illegal wars in foreign lands.
We have lied about the EU and the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty
We have flooded the country with cheap immigrant labour and taken your jobs.
We have broken the NHS.
We have broken the Education system.
We have broken the infrastructure.
We have broken the manufacturing industry.
We have broken democracy.
We have broken Law and Order, taken your DNA.
We have built a benefit society and a Stalinist PC bureaucracy.
We spy on your every thought and every move.
We have made your country home from home for terrorists.
We have laid waste to local communities, closed your pubs, post offices, swimming pools.
We have destroyed the traditions and culture of your country.
We have banned or taxed anything that moves.
This is yellow streak Brown’s vision for Modern Britain is it worth voting for?

Friday, 26 March 2010

Labour almost deserve the punishment of leading the Country over the next Parliament as it is going to be hell on Earth for everyone.

What has been the point of the last decade of Labour Government? The massive increases in Public spending which went on a million new jobs and higher pay in the Public Sector. Dumbledorf Darling now talks of cuts that must impact on all those who work in the Public Sector. The level of cuts cannot be achieved without reducing employment and pay levels. It all sounds a bit like the 'Grand old Duke of York'.
So let us all be as honest as dumbledorf Darling now, and understand that if Labour win the election and he still keeps his job as Chancellor, they will probably be inheriting from themselves a worse economic mess than Thatcher inherited from the last Labour Government back in 1979.
Additionally when you think how many times Labour and its supporters have lambasted Margaret Thatcher to the point of hanging her out to dry this surely must be the biggest climb down in the history of the Labour Party.
Yet who can name anyone in this Government with the guts or know how to tackle this economic meltdown as she did, let alone turn the country around and make it wealthy again?
I cannot see how the Labour Government could achieve these cuts with the Party owned by the Unions representing these workers. The only other option is increased taxes and that will kill any hope of achieving the growth figures dumbledorf Darling has indicated. Labour almost deserve the punishment of leading the Country over the next Parliament as it is going to be hell on Earth for everyone.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

This the first Budget from the Unite union.

How do these charlatans keep pulling this off? We are in an illegal war; the culture and social fabric of our country is under serious threat; freedom of speech is all but gone; the economy is in dire, dire straits - Labour behave like none of it is their fault, indeed like none of it is happening!
It almost seems like everyone hates the rich. Perhaps they should be taken out and publicly flogged for being well off!
A fundamentally dishonest budget, aimed at stealing the election. Anyone with half a brain knows that there are huge spending cuts/tax increases on the way, but this dishonest budget avoided all details on the cuts and limited its tax increases to "the rich", thus fooling those with less than half a brain and getting a cheer from the old socialist labour party. A last dishonest act from one of the most dishonest governments ever? we can but hope!
Everyone blames everyone else. Everyone thinks anyone earning more than them doesn't deserve it and should be highly taxed. Why don't we all just strive to be better and emulate those who make a success of their lives.
The 1997/8 treasury figures for net government borrowing was 8.6bn that was when this government came to power.
The treasuries figures for government net borrowing in 1998/9 are 96.3bn, which was prior to the international economic downturn.
In other words, without any outside influence, this government had increased our net borrowing by some 88bn, and are telling us they are the best party to get us out of debt, do people actually believe what this government are telling us?
Wake up everyone - these corrupt lying lunatics are taking our nation away from under you - get them the hell out of office - most of them should be in prison for treason.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Those who insist upon the burka should go to live in a Muslim country.

The burka is demeaning to women and denies them their right to freedom of expression and to an individual identity. It is not worn out of choice but is a religious and cultural expectation forced upon women by Muslim men. The burka is not part of British culture and should be banned.
Those who insist upon the burka should go to live in a Muslim country.Members of Parliament have absolute privilege and can speak freely in the House of Commons without interference. It is a freedom which stretches back centuries and is part of our democracy. If an MP uses "unparliamentary language" he can be ordered to withdraw the remarks or told to leave the chamber by the Speaker.
A note to yellow streak Brown and his bunch of crooks, the police are not there to serve you, but us, as you should be doing as well! Not attempting to support minority, troublesome people who want to wear a garment that should have been banned from day one!
I hope when the Conservatives get in they will immediately stop all public funding to the Northamptonshire Rights and Equality Council. Islam is not, repeat not a race and this has been decided by the courts. Any police officer who arrests a person on the grounds of race when speaking about Islam should be arrested themselves and charged with treason as freedom of speech is a constitutional right so when they try to suppress it the commit treason.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

This just 8 hours after Harperson dismissed calls for an enquiry.

With this labour government, you must be joking!

So at lunchtime yellow streak Brown and Harperson told us it was all OK. Then by 8pm all changed and it wasn't. One assumes they saw the press reaction in between then on the TV; there was the dishonourable Lord snake Meddlesome,when challenged by Paxman on Newsnight said if Byers had ever contacted him on behalf of Tesco all he could come up with was "zero". He repeated it, "zero", in response to a separate question. For a person with the gift of the gab and a consummate distorter of facts, it did seem to me that he just wanted to kill the subject in case he said more than was good for him.
What a snake!
I fear that the public will still fundamentally perceive the parliamentary system as honourable - but with a few bad eggs. Well it ain't! Mr Hoon should be investigated by the Police / Security Service to determine if he provided any confidential information to the American Private Equity entitities that he mentioned in the video. Paid by the Taxpayer and concurrently undermining key sectors of British (and European) Industry appears entirely unacceptable. The word "treason" springs to mind. The whole system stinks of criminality. Where are the police for crying out loud?

Monday, 22 March 2010

I read that Byers is already trotting out the socialist mantra."No rules were broken"

Stephen Byers, Patricia Hewitt, Geoff Hoon, Margaret Moran you should be ashamed of yourselves. Just when I thought we had plumbed the depths of the self-serving, deceitful characters of some MPs, we discover this. When will MPs actually start doing what they are elected, not to mention paid, to do- namely, represent the interests of their constituents in parliament, if elected to form a government that runs the country in a competent manner and if in opposition, to hold the government of the day to account.
Like the expenses scandal, I notice that yellow streak Brown was the last to condemn this gravy train and reluctantly says he'll close the door after the event. No moral leadership by our yellow streak PM who of course knows these things are a lucrative source of finance for his mates and for him later!
I hope all those loyal liebore supporters who have seen their take home pay slashed by taxation and increase fuel costs now realise what their MPs have been up to all this time. Instead of working for them they have been trying line their own pockets at £3,000 per day mark you! How they have the nerve to show their faces I don't know. Then of course their is Bliar who is still trousering half a million plus of taxpayers money a year to support his life of luxury jetting around the world. He has not offered to pay anything, but continues to pocket his millions in earnings and take taxpayers money- this is the new elite that needs bringing down to earth.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

"exterminate them .... exterminate them."

One can just imagine the yellow streak PM, in Dalek garb, rolling through Government offices blaring "exterminate them .... exterminate them."

All public services could be delivered online within four years under an ambitious pledge by yellow streak Brown to create a paperless state and save billions of pounds.
This seems a bit too radical – designing personalised services around the needs of our citizens.
How do we solve privacy and data protection?
We solved the abuse of MP’s expenses by publishing them so MPs became accountable.
Why should our citizens not be held accountable for the taxes paid and benefits received?
Unusually high Wealth and Life style (based on benefits received and taxes paid) are the main giveaways of benefits and tax cheats.
Perhaps it might not be politically acceptable, let alone legally permissible, and would certainly offend all libertarians, but if we published the amounts of benefits received and taxes paid at each address in the UK each year we might solve most domestic and benefits fraud.
Hardly a day passes without the yellow streak Dunfermline Dullard trotting out yet another command and control cure-all. Remember the magnificently funny "Yes, Minister" episode in which a hospital with 400 empty beds was deemed "efficient" because there were no botched operations and no waiting times for medical attention. Perhaps, in the interests of efficiency, Whitehall should simply adopt the Dalek solution and exterminate an administratively "inconvenient" populace.Or what about on-line elections, on-line debates in Parliament, an on-line Cabinet, on-line surgery,on-line prisons where prisoners are kept in "virtual" cells. Come to think of it, we already have a "virtual" Government. One can just imagine the PM, in Dalek garb, rolling through Government offices blaring "exterminate them .... exterminate them."

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Praying for the Tories!

Yellow streak Brown's government has failed on every front, yet he sees the solution as even more spending. Schools, the NHS, policing, border controls etc all cost vastly more and deliver less. Just wait until next Wednesday budget from dumbledorf Darling and you will see.
Yellow streak Brown is a deeply deluded individual in complete denial of the train wreck he has caused in the UK. Even this week he is boasting about spending even more money that doesn't exist on new public services; hence the fall in employment figures all provided by the state.
In 1990, after a 72 year experiment, Communism failed in the USSR despite enormous efforts including repression to make it work. Yet yellow streak Brown deliberately chose to ignore this lesson and massively expanded the state sector to gain Labour votes.
The scale of yellow streak Brown's excessive state spending and the resultant tax burden on the private sector is the direct route to National economic collapse and poverty for the majority of people in the UK even most of those employed by the State.
The 2010 election offers the stark choice between certain economic decline and a step back from the brink of national catastrophe.
A vote for yellow streak Brown is a vote for failure and will inevitably result in repression as a failed state tries force people to prop up an unworkable system.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Bliar & Brown will be forever remembered as the worst, most self-serving, corrupt & treacherous Prime Ministers in history. They have sold out Britain

This is politics as worst. Fiddle while in office and do it better out of office. How do they sleep?
There will be more to come. Me, Cash, Cash.
No Wonder he was made a Middle East Envoy. Oil, Oil, Oil!
One can expect nothing less from an individual who spent his whole time as so called leader of this country feathering and smoothing the way for his own means when he left office. He did nothing for this country when he was in power but run it downhill, the result of which people are only now realising how far down we have gone. He has a wife who has been doing exactly the same so they deserve each other . Make them pay their own bills for security, why should we pay for his protection. If he is that worried that he is not safe, he can always employ some of the people that have lost their jobs due to his connivance with others.
The fact that Bliar is solely responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians is unpardonable. The fact that he has gone on to earn
£20 MILLION for going around the world "talking about his war crimes" is contemptible. Those who attend functions at which he is guest "speaker" must be considered as amoral as Blair.
Bliar's rise to power and ten years in Downing Street were built upon a foundation of deceit, lies spin and treachery. Yellow streak Brown has followed in his footsteps, but without the same success, as he is not as accomplished a liar.
He took us to war in Iraq on the back of a pack of lies about WMD, which we all know never existed. Perhaps we now have the ulterior motive for that war, and the reason behind Bliar's first act as PM being the abolition of the death penalty for treason.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Its not the little 'white lies' you have to watch but the big 'Brown' ones.




"spending mistake"
This is no mistake, this is pure deception.
Yellow streak Brown deceived Chilcot and he has been deceiving Parliament and the electorate and now he is caught.
Not only did he lie to Chilcot, he lied in every interview given where he spouted the same lies and to add to his insult to our armed forces he did not apologise to parliament. He then went on to lie to parliament and every viewer of PMQ again saying one or two years, in fact it was five years when cuts occurred! The sooner this liar is thrown out the sooner, along with the rest of his lying government.
Even now the lies continue; he says the lie applies to 'one or two years", but the truth is that the MoD figures show that spending fell for five years (1998, 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2007). That is to say 5 out the 12 years for which he is responsible.
He has not told the truth. What a nasty piece of work he is.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

There is no heart and soul of the Labour Party just Unite.

Labour down the toilet with UNITE!

Labour put party before country again, they are more interested in their own internal squabbles than the country! They are like ferrets in a sack! They are immoral, moronic, corrupt and incompetent. Labour equals Unite and Unite equals Labour, they are one and the same. Do people really want to be governed by these thugs?
Charlie Whelan is just a modern day version of Derek Robinson (Red Robbo) who caused Industrial mayhem in the 70's in Britain. What drives these people is personal greed and power at the expense of their union members.
The electorate are going to react very badly to the thought of having such powerful unions raise their ugly heads again.
Yellow streak Brown's determination to hold on whatever the price illustrates the bully attitude in the man. A label he denies but is confirmed by every word he utters.
Britain has suffered the longest recession of all major economies due to yellow streak Browns polices and Labour want to talk about who the MP for Stalybridge and Hyde. Yellow streak Brown is borrowing £277,719 every minute to bridge the gap between his failure and the commitments he has forced on the country, whilst Labour has doubled the national debt.

The scariest thing for me is that 30% would keep these people in power!

Does anyone seriously believe Labour will cut the deficit? The tax and spend party, who's support comes quite largely from some of the people who's salary and even jobs would be under threat.Yellow streak Brown is trying to fight this election on the timing of the cuts, by saying the Tories will make them too soon. He may, or may not be right.
What he hasn't said however, is what cuts he will make when he decides the timing is right and the reason for this is that once he states specifics, either the numbers won't add up or the full extent of the mess will be exposed to the electorate's horror. So, he wants to delay this nasty piece of reality until after the election.
Yellow streak Brown blatantly ignores the question, often bombarding the questioner with bombast and / or rattling off utterly unrelated "lines to take".
That this arrogant, moronic and contemptible approach receives little if any challenge from the media -- let alone the Chilcot inquiry, who's questioning of yellow streak Brown reached the deepest depths of grovelling timidity -- is a disgrace.
The media seem as far removed from public concerns as the politicians they fail to hold to account.
If he loses power yellow streak Brown will "keep going because I want a majority". What in hell did that mean? The EU aren't questioning the timing of any cuts, they just want to know what they will be - as do the UK electorate. No doubt they will also be disappointed as a result of which sterling will fall further and the prospects of enforced increases in interest rates will loom even larger.
You may or may not believe cutting the deficit is important, however don't believe for one second that Labour would reduce it. They've got previous for spend spend spend. Yellow streak Brown, still living in his delusional fantasy world where he didn't screw up, can barely even suggest reigning in spending.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Great idea Brown that will avoid anyone with principles getting the job, and thus resign your bunch of ragbags to never getting into power again.

This really worries me how corrupt Labour have twisted UK politics as they desperately cling with clawed hands to power as their utmost selfish priority. Step back for a moment from the bickering between parties, and regardless of which party you support, ask yourself this-what kind of government do we want in this country:
Do we want a self-elected bully who forces himself to the top and gets rid of any opposition or criticism mafia-style? Or do we want a leader of a party who does not need to bully his way to the top, can face criticism without tantrums in open discussion and has the support and backing of his party and voters?
Yellow streak Brown has undoubtedly been the worst PM for decades for the UK - as chancellor he sold our gold reserves at record low prices sinking our country into unbelievable levels of debt that it will take decades to recover from, he then allowed the housing bubble go crazy and inflate without any restrictions, and as a yellow streak PM he has utterly failed with the banking fiasco by allowing the greedy bankers to keep their millions of bonuses... HE created this situation, and now sickeningly he is actually trying to take credit for getting us out of the mess he and his party created! And what is more sickening, its working - the utter mindless fools who vote are now buying into Labours tricks hence the narrowing polls. Idiots!
So not only has bully- yellow streak Brown been the worst PM, he has also been the worst Labour party leader, and uses corruption & bullying as his leadership tools.
I can no longer stand Labour and all it stands for, but even if you are a Labour supporter, you can't possibly agree that this incompetent twerp is the person to lead the country. The only way to get rid of this hideous bully is to vote for another party...what a sad state of affairs this country has sunk to if that's the only way to get rid of a bad party leader, this corruption is more like an Italian parliamentary party.

Monday, 15 March 2010

New TPA video: The truth about non-jobs

The public sector trade union UNISON recently launched an online video which claimed that cutting public spending meant leaving people without 999 operators, bin men or nurses. In response we now present an edited version of their film which demonstrates the wide range of absurd non-jobs throughout the public sector which could be abolished without any impact at all on front line services. You can watch the video here.

Stand firm Mr Walsh. There is a lot riding on your handling of this and I don't just mean the future of British Airways.

The sooner this appalling government with its equally appalling leadership is removed from office the better.
It would seem it is not yellow streak Brown ruining (sorry I meant running) the country but Unite!
Unite will not be satisfied until British Airways has gone the way of the former British Leyland. The name "Red Robbo" comes to mind.
Does the UK really want a government subject to the controlling purse strings of Unite?
How anybody in their right mind can vote to re elect this bunch of incompetents back into office is a mystery.
These NuLabour Ministers including the mendacious yellow streak Brown have surely reached the depth of deceit when they condemn the Unite trade Union with one side of their 'kipper' face and with the other side give priority to the Unite deputy leader Jack Dromey (Harriet Harperson's husband) in placing him in a safe Labour seat at the next election.
At least one good man, Lord Adonis, has spoken up. Let's hope yellow streak Brown listens for once.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Bumbling Jack to announce a wholly elected, 300-seat second chamber to replace the Lords .

Anything, but anything to distract attention from the disastrous record of 13 years of booming and busting; 13 years of strutting, stealth-taxation and waste.
If bumbling Straws sole reason for the demolition of the Lords is the abuse of expenses, he should also demolish the House of Commons for the same reason.
The whole point about House of Lords is that it allows the largest stake holders in the UK to share in government, perseveres our civilisation, defends the established church; it was established in blood, checks the Commons, and contains experts.
Labour announces all these plans at the end of term when they can't do anything; then, when they win they can forget about it. How easy would've it have been for labour to announce this in the Queen's speech when they had plans for this years ago but instead they waited until the last second as election tactic that won't even affect snake Mandelson for the next five years. Since this won't relate to the next five years lords will still get off with their expenses because you can't prove they didn't visit their main home once a month.
Bumbling Jack is the one in charge of this and he is the same bumbling Straw that was involved in massive immigration plans. Never trust him part of this plan is to allocate a lot of seats based on ethnicity and gender.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Heard it all before. Anyway, who can believe a word this mob says.

Dumbledorf Darling lives in cloud cuckoo land. His statements are those of a desperate government in its death throes. The dice he casts has six blanks, but he and yellow streak Brown will still call "Six" however it lands.
Liam Byrne, the shitty Chief Secretary to the Treasury, was acting as yellow streak Brown's puppet when he said on Thursday that there would be no need for further tax rises if the Government were to achieve its goals for deficit reduction; but dumbledorf Darling, the Chancellor, is said to be nervous about the yellow streak Brown line, as enunciated by Byrne.
It just shows how desperate this shambles of a government are to stay in power. They will say anything if the think it will get them elected. Yellow streak Brown is in a world of his own, dumbledorf Darling is his lapdog. they have got us in this mess by TAX and WASTE , not "investment" as they seem to call spending now. Council tax has doubled over the last 10 years don't forget, how many new stealth taxes have they introduced? They must think we are stupid.
These political 'sweeteners' for the gullible British electorate are designed to deceive but are nothing but a very rotten, mildewed, caterpillar-holed fig leaf.
If this lot get in after the May election, we should all watch our bank accounts; the debt will not go away and there is a chance it will worsen throughout the next 4 years.

Friday, 12 March 2010

I've definitely got an issue with the yellow streak prime minister.

You don't need to be Conservative to support our Generals. The electorate know the truth about this disingenuous yellow streak PM. It is labour's intention now to cover up his short falls not only in character, but financially too.

In Afghanistan our army was hit by a double-whammy; they needed helicopters to get in and out of remote FOBs safely - we didn't have them. If helicopters weren't available the fallback position should have been an armoured vehicle designed to survive an explosion under it - we didn't have them either.
Bottom line; our troops were in third-rate, out-dated, under-armoured vehicles originally designed for use in a civilian riot situation in Northern Ireland facing youths chucking Molotov cocktails or paving stones, not experienced Mujahaddin with an apparently limitless supply of HE and long-years of experience fighting a guerrilla war against the Soviets.
Lord Guthrie is right; when times were good - when yellow streak Brown was showering the NHS and everyone else with money - the MoD should have had their slice of 'extra' to at least start re-equipping and, even better, upgrading.
What actually happened on Des Browne's watch? We argued and haggled about spending £30m out of a contract worth a total £800m on specialised software for helicopters with the result that some of them are still in hangars 7 years later.
Both yellow streak Brown and Browne have blood on their hands.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Yellow streak Gordon Brown could not run a bath, let alone a country in turmoil through most of it his doings.

The yellow streak Prime Minister is having a laugh. All of his promises are unravelling; a short while ago he implied that he would invest while the Conservative party made cuts, he also told us that the western world was being led by his economics during the recession. It is time that he faced facts; the American economy grew by 5.7% in the first quarter of this year, ours stuttered in at 0.3 %. His measures were derided on the other side of the Atlantic and rightly so. This horrible, lying, conceited, Liebour and unelected so called yellow streak prime minister reminds me of a character called "Walter Mitty". Him and his lot have had 13 years to blow the strong economy that they inherited from the Conservatives and now this dysfunctional disillusioned man thinks he can continue to lead this once Great country into the depth of hell. Bring on the election. We the great British people will show you the door and good riddance to bad rubbish!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Yet another reason to boot yellow streak Brown out.

So much for the Government engineering a weak Pound to get exports going.
Bliar and yellow streak Brown have destroyed the UK in the last 11 years. There is no business left. We have Nothing to export. Long ago NuLabour abandoned wealth creation in favour of wealth distribution.
What yellow streak Brown and Bliar have given us is a continual stream of imports i.e. immigrants from the EU who are soaking up the money that should be going to encourage business, schools, etc.
Wealth creating industry has been held down by red tape and all manner of regulation whilst the redistribution agencies continued with their economy distorting activities.
Now we are in debt, the balance of payments is out of control and the liebour party does not have a clue especially the former ex solicitor dumbledorf Darling.
Meanwhile, the Euro is failing and Europe itself will fail. Sadly, Europe is being planned so that various regions (old countries) are having their economies remodelled so that they cannot leave the EU even if they want too. The result will be economic catastrophe and some sort of civil war.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Can't believe anyone would still vote Labour.

The opinion polls are swinging all over the place but none of them suggest a Liebour victory.
Only neck and neck because of the dependent state that has been developed over the last thirteen years. Well guess what, there's no money left to pay for it now! Mark my words, it matters not who wins the next election and I can assure you there will be seriously tough times ahead for us all. What a mess we are in, 13 years of Liebour and all we have is a massive pile of debt and most of the country cap in hand to the state!
Liebour has been throwing everything in over recent weeks but the Conservatives have stayed largely quiet.
I have big question marks over whether Liebour can actually get its predicted vote out on the day. Their record in office is just too awful. I suspect that a lot of their so called supporters will just not vote.
If Liebour don't take a drubbing at the election - then its time for me to emigrate. If the Tories cannot win when Liebour have been such an unmitigated disaster the country is beyond hope.
We will have Liebour governments until outside events overwhelm us and there will be no way back.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Snake Mandelson has no credibility and should keep very quiet.

Alternatively he could release all information and paperwork which reveals where all of his personal money and assets have come from in the last 30 years in a bid to gain credibility. I am sure he won't as he probably does not want to be locked up.
Can someone please explain what Lord Ashcroft has done that Labour non-doms haven't? Lord Ashcroft's tax status was agreed with HMRC and the Cabinet Office, of which the prime minister of the day is head. Therefore Lord Ashcroft was obliged to inform Tony Bliar what his tax status was, but was under no legal obligation to inform the the conservative party. Do Labour and LibDems make such detailed investigations of all their donors? My memory tells me otherwise. Remember cash for honours?

Quite a few interesting facts on Baron Levy's wiki page...

Here is Baron Swraj Paul

Lakshmi Mittal

Gulam Noon

On 3 June 2007, the Observer reported that he had donated £1 million to the Labour Party one of the most generous ever donations to Labour, eclipsed only by a £2m donation from the steel billionaire Lakshmi Mittal, and a similar sum given by Lord Sainsbury.
Given these facts, why is there this orchestrated campaign in all of the media not just the BBC, Guardian and the Independent against Lord Ashcroft and the conservatives? Makes me wonder who is behind it and why and guess what it's the SNAKE.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

One hundred million bribes just prior to an election why are we not surprised.

The yellow streak in action.

I think this shows, yet again, the complete contempt yellow streak Brown and his cronies have for the British people. He must think we're all as thick as he is if he believes we'll see this as anything other than a sick, cynical ploy to gain our approval and votes. The army has been crying out for snatch land rovers to be replaced for years, and yet it's only now, with an election just weeks away, that he decides to do something.
To remove these death traps, and it all is happening for the Election jamboree.This proves he lied to the inquiry about ample funds for war.why then were these death traps not removed sooner.He's a lying bastard and a very dangerous maniac; vote for his party at your peril.Yellow streak Brown will surely rot in the fires of hell when he is called to meet his maker. He has no soul, no compassion and should be locked up in Broadmoor.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Nothing is ever yellow streak Browns fault, it's always someone elses. The sooner this shyster is gone the better.

After watching some of the Chilcott inquiry, I noticed some of the riders yellow streak Brown put prior to any of the answers. Example; instead of answering there was money for all operational requirements, it became "special operational requirements". What does special operational requirements mean? Does this mean normal operational requirments did have limits? A theme from yellow streak Brown is emerging, that whenever anything goes wrong, he is never to blame. It beggars belief, that the man who was Chancellor for 10 years and now PM for nearly 3 & loved to take the credit for the good times, now has the audacity to blame everybody else for the problems. The list now includes, the USA, Our Generals, ex-Government ministers, civil servants, his own cabinet, the police, the judiciary, financiers, bankers, in fact anybody but himself. Iraq, soldiers equipment, the banking crises, the debt crises, M.P's expenses, despite allowing members of his government to vote to keep the expenses and not even turning up to vote against them himself, none of these his fault in any way, it is everybody elses. How wonderful to be that clever & perfect.
They are letting yellow streak Brown get away with his accountants logic and missing the big points. The problem is that yellow streak Brown's budget doesn't ever match the requirements of agreed defence policy or our foreign policy. Things became more absurd when yellow streak Brown decided to fight a war without anything like the budgetary increases the US provided its forces. The point about yellow streak Brown's resource accounting was that it made holding resources too costly - which is one reason why the services end up with inadequate spares, equipment and munitions. So, the reason the army is still struggling with inadequate equipment and vehicles, and that two Major Generals had to be threatened with lower budgets this year if they didnt stop complaining publicly about underfunding was because the Treasury gave them everything they asked for.... The contempt of this man for the intelligence of the voting public is disgusting! How he can look any member of the forces in the eye beggars belief!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Ashcroft and the BBC

Now the week long smokescreen of a peer's tax status, carefully managed and dragged out by the BBC and snake Mandelson is beginning to evaporate, perhaps we can turn to some of the real issues of the coming election.
How many times does it need to be said? News 24, Question time, This Week all on about Ashcroft.
Ashcroft has done nothing illegal. He has not evaded any tax. He has - as all sensible people should do - avoided tax.
Avoiding tax is legal for everyone - even all you people at the BBC.
It doesn't matter whether you are a Lord, MP, street sweeper or scare-monger for the BBC as long as you stay within the law. Ashcroft has stayed within the law by practising tax avoidance measures - despite what you may be led to believe.
Instead of pursuing a vendetta against Ashcroft and the Conservatives why does the BBC not focus on Labour's decision to reduce Capital Gains Tax to 18% from 40% which directly benefits its huge private equity donors at the expense of higher National Insurance contributions levied on those at the lower end of the income scale. Car and fuel tax, and home heating bills. Rising all the time on the basis of the discredited climate scam. This is worse than Ponzi. This losing to Ponzi at least had the choice (albeit with less than complete information|). The public KNOW that the climate thing is a scam, nurtured and exaggerated as a politically correct excuse for raising taxes.
This is hypocrisy and cynicism at its worst on the part of labour and the BBC.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

It is clear that the UK purse couldn't afford the commitment that Bliar signed us up for.

The Chilcot Enquiry will serve no one.
Yellow streak Brown will be treated with undeserved reverence. We all know troops have been underfunded, Labour hate the armed forces as they are seen as part of the establishment, as said before they rather spend money on their client state. The families of troops who were killed in poorly protected Land Rovers have urged the Iraq inquiry to challenge yellow streak Brown tomorrow on his funding of front line forces.
They want answers because no one in Government has ever explained why the Snatch Land Rover was not replaced in Iraq and Afghanistan once it became clear that it was vulnerable to roadside bombs.
Was going to war right or wrong this argument could go on all day. Putting aside the fact that Britain probably shouldn't have been in either of these countries. It is clear that the UK purse couldn't afford the commitment that Bliar signed us up for. If we couldn't pay for the equipment required then it is obvious that the deployment needed to be scaled back. The facts are our troops were sent to war and it is the governments responsibility to ensure they have right equipment to do the job, yellow streak Brown should be asked why he has starved our troops of cash, he has been in charge of the purse strings since the start of this war so the buck stops with him;but I think we will be lucky to get an answer because the next question yellow streak Brown answers will be his first.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

I can think of two appropriate words for Clinton. The second one is "off".

I'm dismayed at Clinton and the Obama administration's actions. We were allies weren't we?
Britain fought a war to keep the Falkland Islands, where the population are and want to remain British. The Argentinian claim on the islands is based on some tenuous ideas about geographical proximity, which if applied around the world would change the map completely.
I can think of two appropriate words for Clinton. The second one is "off".
The two botox queens Kirchner and Clinton probably had a nice chat in who had the better plastic surgeon, to make those two old dragons look presentable.
I've said it before and I'll say it again you can't trust the Democrats. They have let you down time and again. Like Nu Labour, they just don't like the British people. This could be a defining moment in Britain's history; here is your chance to declare your independence from the US and the EU, which is run by avaricious petty bureaucrats. The EU will soon be made even larger by allowing parasitic countries to become members. Britain WAKE UP.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Who in their right minds would hold Sterling?

If with changes to the electoral system the result of the next General election is a hung parliament it could be considered nothing more than fraud. This Government and yellow streak Brown have destroyed this country at home and abroad both politically and economically. If voters vote Labour back in they deserve everything that will happen to weaken the UK even more and it will be unbelievable. The pound will collapse, simply there is nothing to support it. No manufacturing industry, no minerals, farming undermined by the EU, no viable education system, just a socialist morass of equal failure for all, no edge in science or technology, no nuclear industry. Top of the league in every measure of social degradation & criminality. We have a Marxist Prime Minister mortgaging the future of the workers to buy votes from economic migrants, the idle & the demoralised. We have an unproductive, bloated public sector workforce which funds Labour's election campaign and a socialist state propaganda machine, the BBC to confuse & distract the voters. Who in their right minds would hold Sterling?

Monday, 1 March 2010

The BBC and even the press are shameless in the way they spin stories for Labour.

As a patriot I yearn for a Tory government to sort out this mess, but as a realist I would like to see Labour retain this 'poisoned chalice' which would be suffice to consign them to the wilderness - hopefully forever.
The problem is that I would live in terror of what would be left of this once great country because yellow streak Brown is a wolf in sheep's clothing. His handling of the economy during his decade as Chancellor was a disaster. If he is an able economist, surely he must have realised that a boom based on house price inflation and debt was an illusion. Or did he set out to bring this country to its knees in order to bring in full blooded socialism? We already have an alarming increase in rules, regulation and petty bureaucracy which are far more like Communist regimes than western democracies.
Labour has managed to time things so that the really bad consequences of their stewardship of the economy and of much else have yet to come. The one million extra public-sector workers, outreach and diversity officers etc, etc taken on by yellow streak Brown are natural fodder for a Labour vote as are the several million fit and healthy benefit claimants who fear that the 'change' promised by David Cameron could upset their comfortable paid for by us lifestyle. This constituency added to the traditional Labour supporters make a formidable obstacle to a Conservative win.
Taking the very long view it just might be better for Labour to win the coming election so that when the inevitable collapse of our illusory world takes place the authors of our downfall cannot be disputed. If the Conservatives win the downfall is probably still unavoidable but the BBC, the Guardian, the Independent and the rest of the left-wing media will blame it all on the Tories claiming that if only Labour was still in charge we could have continued on our merry way. If you believed that you would believe anything, but as they say 'one is born every minute'.

This just about says it all "the Tories won one seat in England for every 41,983 Tory votes cast, while Labour won one seat for every 28,111 of votes"

Liebore have no mandate now, never mind after the next election. They stole our country and abolished democracy, you were all just too busy whining to notice. Our country is finished but before deriding David Cameron and the Tories, let's take a small look at the track record of the Liebore Government over the last 13 years which has left us with a legacy of:
• A staggering mountain of debt that dwarfs the present crisis in Greece in scale!
• Unprecedented erosion of our civil liberties in favour of the nanny knows best state, where the victims of crime are all too often punished rather than the perpetrators! “You have put your potato peelings in the wrong wheelie bin, Mrs. Law abiding housewife! I’ll have to fine you for that!” says some over-zealous council official with a brain the size of a pea! In spite of the fact that council taxes have exploded out of sight over the past 13 years we really have very little to show for it!
• Record numbers of immigrants have been admitted into the UK in a shameful and cynical two fingered salute to the rest of us!
• Progressive surrender of our sovereignty to the unelected mass of Brussels Bureaucrats (BB’s), in the process Blair and Brown brazenly reneged on a manifesto guaranteed referendum on the EU constitution, which ultimately became the Lisbon Treaty with no material change whatsoever except in name!
• Political correctness gone mad, Comrade Chair! “You can advertise for suitably qualified applicants for employment, but you cannot make reference to reliability as this might be interpreted as discriminatory to un-reliable persons”! What is the country coming to when this is your benchmark for seeking qualified people?
• And the rest goes on and on.
Whilst Conservative politicians for example are not blameless for the abuse of parliamentary expense allowance claims, Liebore members have been all too consistently statistically proven guilty of effectively bilking the taxpayer in many more cases than all other political parties combined! Some of these thieves are even trying to argue immunity from prosecution in terms of some woefully outdated statutory legal loophole inherited from a bygone Jurassic political era!
Disturbingly, significant numbers of voters are indicating a willingness to back UKIP and the BNP! Can we afford to hand yellow streak Brown and snake Mandelson another meal ticket for the next 5 years, to gorge themselves on the last remaining scraps? We cannot possibly go to the IMF cap in hand as we did before Mrs Thatcher defeated the last load of profligates! The cupboard is bare as it is! Do we really want to bequeath this legacy to future generations?
When you peel away the veneer of the past 13 years the facts of our demise are painfully clear! The Liebore party have had their chance and botched it badly in true time honoured fashion! Now it is time for change and we owe it to ourselves to rationally and objectively look at the alternatives, which are readily available! There are a multitude of Conservative policies for consideration in the public domain, many of which the Liebore Party have jumped on and promoted as their own in the past!
But before voting, maybe spare a thought for this, regardless of which party is elected our front line services are inevitably going to suffer painful cuts! Under Liebore jobs will continue to be lost as more of our manufacturing base shrinks and is relocated more cost effectively overseas, and our taxes are going to remain high for the foreseeable future in an effort to balance the books! This is an inescapable fact! The incurring of further debt is simply not credible!
Herein lies the reality and the cost of 13 years of irresponsible Liebore government profligacy and deceit! Can any of us afford more of the same, sitting idly by whilst unelected ministers hastily elevated to the House of Lords dictate to and control us, and “Quangocrats” and a grossly bloated civil service continue to drain our life blood away all in the interests of perpetuating the self serving and opportunistic Liebore survival plan?
Please let some common sense prevail and let us witness the demise of this incompetent government as soon as possible based on facts and their appalling record!