Monday, 30 November 2009

Labour always wrecks the economy. This time it may be for good!

" Britain risks becoming the first country in the G10 bloc of major economies to risk capital flight and a full-blown debt crisis over coming months"
Isn't that what Labour has been working towards?
So many superlatives for yellow streak Brown's tenure; worst performing since records began?
A full blown crisis is inevitable because:
  • There is no sign of cutting back the huge government expenditure on social security, health, government employee pensions and defense.
  • There is no sign of reducing the expense based public sector and increasing the wealth generating private sector.
  • Taxes will damage the domestic economy and reduce incentives.
  • There is still to much economic dependence on real estate.
  • The policy of immigration of unskilled and emigration of skilled workforces reduces UK's innovative capability.
  • The main UK wealth generating industry - banking - is severely damaged and will take years to recover.
  • There is a population preference for socialism rather than capitalism, just when other countries, even China, is moving into capitalist mode.
  • The UK education standards have fallen behind global competitors.
  • Sterling will certainly fall heavily, but will be of little benefit as the UK has lost most of its export industry (unlike France and Germany).
Now we need to find a fiscal wizard to move into No.11 and set UK PLC on the road to recovery - I have not seen this person on the front bench of the Labour party so perhaps it is time to look outside politics into industry - the worse decision is to do nothing and allow UK PLC to drift further into crisis.
Labour always wrecks the economy this time it may be for good!

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Yellow streak Brown should present the proof, to the public, that Bin Laden is still alive.

British lives are at risk because of Pakistan's failure to 'take out' Osama Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda terror network, yellow streak Brown said today. Yellow streak Brown should present the proof, to the public, that Bin Laden is still alive. How do you know Bin Laden is not in one of our large cities living off our great benefit system!Is there no end to the depths of yellow streak Brown's shallowness?
Yellow streak Brown's pathetic posturing is completely ludicrous given the way the western allies took their eyes off the Osama ball so they could prosecute their illegal war in Iraq.
Yellow streak Brown is, like Bliar, simply a disgrace to the office of Prime Minister.
This is typical of the hapless and insincere yellow streak Brown. Having been Bliar's right hand man when we invaded Iraq and entered Afghanistan he is as usual seeking someone else to blame for the Liebore Government's failures.
Look in the mirror yellow streak Brown and at least admit to yourself you got both of these campaigns horribly wrong. Don't go around blaming others for you shortcomings.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Yes, the evidence of Bliar's wish to go to war in the face of the fact that there were no WMD, and regime change was not a legitimate excuse for war.

An explosive secret letter that exposes how Tony Bliar lied over the legality of the Iraq War can be revealed. Attorney General Lord Goldsmith wrote the letter to Mr Bliar in July 2002 - a full eight months before the war - telling him that deposing Saddam Hussein was a blatant breach of international law.

Tony Bliar is a wretched human being with very little reputation to speak of. Clearly he lives in a bubble that lies somewhere outside reality. It's satisfying to see all the lies that we all knew were lies being finally and fully exposed. Tony Bliar's trial and incarceration are coming nearer, and I, for one, am delighted. His immorality is utterly striking and his talk of people's evidence as 'distasteful' has no comparison with the colossal death, destruction and misery that he helped bring upon the region and upon our armed forces, not to mention destroying the high moral standing that the UK used to have in the world. I look forward to his world being shattered, very soon.

Just another failure for yellow streak Brown which emphasises the need to get rid of him and his Liebore Government.

The power to oversee the City of London was yesterday given to a Frenchman known for his dislike of the free market and love of a strong EU.
The unveiling of former French foreign minister Michel Barnier was seen as a severe blow for yellow streak Brown.
The Government had campaigned against his appointment as European Commissioner for financial services and the internal market.
Once again the French show us how it is done. They care about France not Europe.
During the last Liebore Governments reign, this country with it's economy in ruins and at a standstill because of the all out strikes became known as the 'Sick man of Europe'.
When Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister it recovered and became one of the worlds leading countries envied by many. Margaret with her determination and guts secured Great Britain a substantial rebate from the EU only to be given away by the spineless Tony Bliar some years later.
In Dubai we have disaster, nearly 50% of an £80billion debt is lent by British banks. Britain is the biggest export market for Dubai. We pump billions in and look like we are going to lose it again.
The French and the Americans on the other hand provide Dubai's biggest imports. The payments made to the French are enormous.
So in summary - We give them our money and they give it to France, Much the same as the way Europe works, we pay it in andthe French take it out!
Yellow streak Brown,what a businessman!
Surely we must say enough is enough?

Friday, 27 November 2009

'Global Warming' really is the latest tour de force in a push for global governance.

Yellow streak Brown called today for the creation of a $10 billion a year fund to help developing countries battle climate change . . . Yellow streak Brown’s proposal comes in the week that strong evidence emerged that the case for climate change has either been vastly overstated or even forged . . . Nonetheless, the momentum amongst the establishment politicians in favour of the “climate change theory” is now so overwhelming that they have simply ignored recent developments and have pushed through with their pre-planned agenda''.
''This year is the first year of global governance, global government with carbon taxes paying for it''. - said the new EU president, Herman van Rompuy.
Welcome to the first year of global governance. If yellow streak Brown & his neo-Marxist globalist crooks have their way in Copenhagen, UK taxpayers will fork out an extra £800m per year, against our will, for the upkeep of Third World nations.
Dr Phil Jones says this has been the worst week of his professional career. It should also be the last, not least because he and his fellow men making global warming should be worrying more about not going to jail than about going to Copenhagen.
Nick Griffin has now made a speech condemning the official line on AGW. If yellow streak Brown and Cameron keep quiet about this email scandal, they will only be guilty of sending more people in the bnp direction.
When you want to tax people to financial ruin you have to come up with a good reason why they must pay up. So you tell them the world is struggling, it’s sick, ailing. You warn of terrible water shortages to come or too much rain all at once, tornadoes getting more frequent and stronger, volcanoes erupting more often. And you paint a very black picture indeed. But just telling them of the woes is not strong enough. If the weather stays the same you have a problem. They won't pay you. So you go off and invent something. A weapon. “Weather weapons”. And you secretly let them loose and they produce droughts, flooding, tidal waves all to kill and destroy lives. And the people see this.They don’t get told about your “weather weapons” and they think oh yes look the climate has changed. So they pay their new climate taxes. And just how many new climates taxes are there then? one or two? No, Thousands!

Yellow streak Brown and dumbledorf Darling should come clean and admit it's just guesswork. They just don't have a clue.

The recession is proving even deeper than feared, Alistair Darling will admit in next month's Pre-Budget report.
The Chancellor will forecast the steepest annual slump since modern records began.

No dumbledorf Darling it's not proving worse than feared. It's proving just as bad as everyone except you and all those living in Nu Liebore cloud cuckoo land said it was. Your yellow streak boss, as usual, stuck his head in the sand and tried to claim it was all the making of the USA, he had saved the world financially, and the UK was the best placed EU country to weather the storm. Everyone else knew the country was bankrupt and in a debt spiral but of course yellow streak Gordon and his glove puppet knew better. If you lot are that incompetent at managing the country and it's finances how about resigning en mass and letting the people who's money you've flushed down the metaphorical toilet decide who they think is best qualified to repair the damage you've caused!
What we have to realise is that the government will always have little power, especially when banks are paying themselves millions of pounds for private jet journeys and lavish television adverts (our money), whilst declaring there is not enough money to go around.
The world needs to put the money managers in line with the rest of the human beings, which actually obey free market forces. What exactly do banks do for us? lend us money, give us interest. No matter how they market themselves, they shouldn't be filthy rich, just because they manage the currency of trade in our world. No banker should be paid more than a surgeon. They don't save any lives, they just play with numbers that mess with our lives.
Why don't these people just go away. I am sick to death of listening to a bunch of morons who have as much idea of Governing as the man in the moon.
Yet they cling on, cling on in the misguided hope that they will have some chance of being elected once again next year. These people should be tried for treason, such is their agenda of all things foreign. They care not for the British people, they are sly, underhanded, and they are liars.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

I looked at Saddam Hussein, Tony Bliar and yellow streak Brown...and I couldn't tell the difference.

Yellow streak Brown was accused of engineering a new Iraq cover-up yesterday by handing Whitehall departments the right to block the release of secret documents about the war.
I thought it was too good to be true when Chilcot said that the inquiry would be non-political and neutral. It didn't take long for them to use the good old "National Security" & "Commercially Sensitive" cards to inhibit the release of information. Its on a par with the release of expenses information we were going to be given - with all of the really relevant information (addresses etc) which would have disclosed "flipping" activities blacked out - also using the same pathetic excuses. It's just another WHITEWASH, when we were promised that there would be access to all the relevant information. Yellow streak Brown just cannot stop himself from lying to the people who pay his wages.
Yellow streak Brown can stifle this investigation all he likes, but the truth will eventually come out. I wonder how he feels, knowing what a coward the whole of the UK knows him to be - and the shabby legacy that he'll leave to his family, generations hence?
Yellow streak Brown clearly has yet to learn that honesty is the only policy in this life. Considering his age, he's leaving it a bit late - even for a politician.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The secret £62billion for banks. Who else has been paid money?

"Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and HBOS were kept afloat with £61.6 billion of 'secret' loans at the height of the financial crisis, the Bank of England said today. The Bank revealed for the first time the details of its Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA) to both banks in a submission to the Treasury Select Committee. Details of the loan were kept secret at the time to avoid panicking the markets any further."
Why wasn't this told to the shareholders and why has it taken a year to come out about this secret loan?
Yellow streak Brown told Lloyds bank the HBOS deal was a good move knowing HBOS couldn't pay their next salary bill, and the suckers who bought Lloyds shares during the takeover thinking they were going to make a killing, when in fact all they were buying was a dung heap.

Monday, 23 November 2009

What! yellow streak Gordon wants to keep on spending?.... well I never!

Do you remember yellow streak Brown (Master of the Parallel Universe) repeatedly telling us, not more than 6 months ago, that we were best placed to come through and weather the recession.

I am not an economist but just someone who looks after my money. If you have spent trillions and are paying interest then it is important to get rid of the debt ASAP. We cannot and should not going spending at the same level that is lunacy. How many people have lost their home or business, by borrowing more than they can pay back. Idiot yellow streak Brown is doing this, the only difference is he is spending our money, our taxes that he squeezes out of us, so with the interest piling on, the country just gets deeper in debt.
What has gone wrong as we are the only major economy still in recession, surely the Master of the Parallel Universe knows best. Wait I know the solution to our problems lets increase our debt to get out of debt. Sounds like a plan to fool the public.
That's it dumbledorf Darling can get the blinkers on the public by PRINTING £200 billion more money and then we will fool everyone that we are out of recession. Yes, but what happens then, oh, I see we feel good for a while the statistics show weak growth in time for the election and every one's happy.Yes, but what happens then; you mean we will have to pay back the debt we owe you and that will mean the extra money pumped in will cause hyper-inflation. You mean house prices will sink another 25% and then that will cause the pound to devalue again and again our taxes will soar and what then?

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Why this slimeball is considered for anything beats me.

"Snake Mandelson tells yellow streak Brown, make me Foreign Secretary" -
Given that snake Mandelson chairs or sits in on innumerable committees all across Whitehall and uses his 'business' brief to influence economic policy - then make him Foreign Secretary will in fact make him the de facto Prime Minister with yellow streak Brown reduced to talking platitudes about dead policemen. Well, he couldn't very well make him an admirable human being, could he? - Why not give him the whole world and a pair of roller-skates? - Maybe soon this comedy will get so black we can't see it anymore.
Yellow streak Brown Go! Oh not on your life! This unelected Oik will hang in there until the bitter end, when he'll of course get a Euro or City job just to tide him over while he writes his memoirs, that should be entitled; It wasn't Me Mom it was everyone else!
Skin like a Rhino and no shame whatsoever. He reminds me of the murderer who's defense is; 'well I can't be held responsible for killing anyone because I never made the knife'. What a bunch of Cretins this lot have been. Jesus! May can't come quick enough!
This lot are like a bunch of Afghan War Lords dividing everything up between themselves before they move on. Power corrupts completely. Lucky for them come election time, they'll at least get their welfare state scrounger voters out in force, that's assuming they can be bothered to get off the couch to answer the door and then miss an episode of the Jeremy, (I'll take the P out of the morons your education system has created) Kyle show of course.
Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Friday, 20 November 2009

A man from a tinpot country and an unelected politician, that should tell you all you need to know about the EU.

With the appointment of an EU 'president', there is now yet another High Office the holder of which would be shown no respect or deference by me in the unlikely even that we should ever meet. So the Germans and the French have finally conquered Europe with their influence and installed their Belgian puppet Herman van Rompuy.

Well done to the rest of Europe, for yet another great step backwards from democracy and becoming the laughing stock of the entire world.
Sure it's great that Blair didn't win, but what about Mr.EUTax? Seems to me he's just like Blair just without the charisma. You have NO mandate in Britain and we dont have Presidents here. Also, this Baroness Ashton, yellow streak Brown's European trade commissioner has never been elected to anything in her life, so obviously thats not going to start now with the EUSSR!.
This is all to be added to the already long list of MPs, and a shorter list of peers such as Gorbals Mick for whom I have nothing but contempt.
How can any sane person consider it correct to appoint a 'president' not on the basis of a popular vote, nor even as a result of a vote in a parliamentary body, but rather as a result of horse trading by self interested politicians.
I long for the days when we could respect our 'leaders', and my lack of capitalisation on the words 'president' and 'peers' is quite deliberate.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

The money is running out of the bucket FAR quicker then it is being put in.

Public borrowing is set to smash through dumbledorf Darling's forecast of £175billion for this year thanks to a massive plunge in tax receipts, new figures suggested today.
Borrowing for October soared to £11.4billion, the worst since records began in 1946, as corporation tax receipts plunged 26 per cent on this time last year.
The recession is not over, it has been put on hold until the next election is over. This government is burning our money faster than they can print it just to stave off the truth of our situation. They desperately want to create a feel good factor so they are prepared to waste a generation of young people and mortgage our futures just to save a few expense fiddling socialist seats.
Net government debt so far: £849,682,456,658 and counting. This by the way does not include PFIs and Public Servant pension liabilities and other items that yellow streak Brown has kept out of the balance sheet. We are in for a very rude and painful awakening. It is immoral and a disgusting indictment of government in the UK.
Yellow streak Brown has never held a real job. Consequently, he has no idea how wealth is created and managed. I am convinced that he doesn't comprehend where all the money he spends comes from or that most of it must be paid back. It's hard to think of a person less suited to be Chancellor and then Prime Minister. Dumbledorf Darling is just a small-town solicitor, and can't be expected to understand the intricacies of global finance and economics. Both of them should go now.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Yellow streak Brown and his light fingered, trough swilling cronies trying to "set traps" to screw the Conservatives.

Using the Queen as a spin merchant, how low can yellow streak Brown get.

And what a lot of rubbish. What scares me, and is despicable, is the equality bill. How many people would like to think they only got a job purely because they are from an ethnic minority. This insults their intelligence. To favour women, black and Asian people is reverse sexism and racism and this should be stamped out.
There is no good reason to make promises now that they have only six months left at the helm. What have they been doing for the last 12 years?
I would have more respect for the Queen if she had had a quick read of the speech and screwed it up, saying "enough of this cods wallop" and then declared that Parliament was dissolved!
Remember you can fool some of the people some of the time, especially the sheep known as Liebore voters. The broader electorate will see this for what it is, and I look forward to the day yellow streak Brown leaves Downing Street with his tail between his legs.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Eight years later, yellow streak Brown is trying to "develop" an exit strategy for Afghanistan - "What an ignoramus".

Yes, we should leave Afghanistan, but not because yellow streak Brown wants some votes he should have done and said these things months ago, he says Al-Qaeda are a big threat to the British people.
This man is a total idiot playing war games for political gain when he feels it suits. I very much doubt there has been "long lasting damage to the Al Qaeda leadership" as soon as all the troops from all coalition countries have left the Taliban will be back in full swing just as if this pointless war had never even happened.
Is there no depths that this odious person will sink to stay in a job? Please believe this or not yellow streak Brown we are not as gullible as you seem to think. And I for one will always despise you for signing away my birthright and handing the UK to the EU.
But, hang on a minute, I thought the principle reason for being there was to protect our borders against 'Al-Qaeda'' or has the threat yellow streak Brown's been banging on about for years suddenly come to an end? Are we all of a sudden ''Safe'', or was he lying about the threat all along? I'm confused. Well, I would say that yellow streak u-turn Brown and liebore are more of a threat to our culture and customs; and the man is a muppet, when will he ever do some thing for the British people, all this crap he spouts is just for show and for electioneering.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Just for about ten seconds I had a little twinge of sympathy for this man.

The idea that yellow streak Brown is being unfairly treated by the media relies on his being a normal politician, trying his best but beset by adversity. Was it fair for other politicians to be treated this way? John Major was ridiculed but has become a more respected man since he lost the election. Iain Duncan Smith was treated mercilessly by the Media but has found a role that even his fiercest critics now applaud.

The difference is that yellow streak Brown has not played his political hand as other politicians have. He spent ten years creating a feared attack squad. Every department had its authority made subservient to the treasury. His uncontested leadership bid was a result not of thoughtful consideration that he was the best man for the job but the systematic destruction of anyone who stood in his way.
More recently he has taken the tactical decision to lie to protect himself. The Tory Cuts versus Liebore investment argument was deliberately dishonest - Liebore's 9.3% cuts good, the Tories 10% cuts bad. It was a ludicrous strategy but he tried to ram it home time after time.
He stood at a press conference in front of a host of journalists who had been briefed for a week that dumbledorf Darling would be shuffled out of the treasury and the errant Balls installed, and he denied his own briefing. He lied to the room and every journalist in the room knew he was lying.
What he is suffering now is the consequence of his authority pouring away. The threats that supported him are no longer effective and the media is enjoying its realisation that the bully is all bluff.
He brought this on himself with his own low politics and deserves every revenge attack now unleashed. And we deserve to be rid of him and his loathsome prioritisation of his own interest above that of the country.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sorry for the tragedy, the absolute tragedy, of childhoods lost.

With a General Election only months away yellow streak Brown is suddenly apologising for all sorts of so-called "mistakes". His alleged apology for this disgraceful and sordid episode in Britain's Imperial history will be just more meaningless words from a man who nobody listens to any more.

Yes, yellow streak Brown does need to apologize. He needs to apologize for wrecking the country's occupational pension system, for selling our gold at rock bottom prices, for spending money he had not got on pointless projects, for presiding over the continued erosion of our traditional freedoms, for dilling and dallying when he should make important decisions, for screwing up the 10p tax rate, millions of illegal immigrants, legal immigration, forcing "multi-culturism" down every one's throats. And most of all he should apologize for selling us all down the river by signing the Lisbon Treaty without a referendum, and ensuring that in future we are run by unelected quangos instead of democratically elected governments.
The Queen should be the only person to offer an apology on this occasion for she too is of similar age, and not least, this happened during her watch and will be found to be far more sincere than coming from Gordon Brown.
A shameful episode in our history!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

When they find the WMD in Iraq maybe we'll believe politicians about GLOBAL climate change.

Politicians like Mr. Ed Miliband and his dopey brother should study the vast body of evidence before making grossly inane statements about something of which they know little or nothing about. This green, not red government constantly mislead us on many things and have a vested interest in raising "green taxes" that do not get spent on green issues. Just another way of raising revenue to support all those lazy people scrounging on benefits. They have let Scientists and Environmentalists grow fat on this boom industry, lecture us and yet fly from conference to conference to "tackle" the problem.
Their case seems to be made that the planet is warming but surely is it a natural cyclical phenomenon? There seems evidence for this also.
Let's assume for a moment that man made global warming exists. The UK accounts for just 2% of the World's CO2 output. And this is less than the predicted increase in output of CO2 by China. So let's put that in simple terms:
Due to China's economic expansion the increase in their CO2 output in the next year will be greater than the UK's Output of CO2.
I don't see the media or the Government or the Environmental Movement campaigning against further economic growth in China or India for that matter - do you? Or them campaigning against buying goods that are manufactured in China to try and slow down China's economy.
If the EU really believed in Man Made Global Warming the simplest step they could take to reduce carbon dioxide emissions would be to put prohibitive import taxes on goods from China and India - making them uncompetitive and therefore slowing the rate of economic expansion in these countries and cutting CO2 emissions. Anyone expect that to happen?
Climate change did not start when Maggie Thatcher referred to it in a spiel. It's as old as our planet, as any person with a modicum of geological knowledge knows.
In the meanwhile, the developing world continues to contaminate in their way to progress.
Climate change is a convenient way for politicians to exercise further control over the population, along with the twin threat of terrorism.
When Governments start acting like they actually believe in something - and making decisions that support that - then maybe I'll start taking it more seriously.

The rest of Europe are doing well because they dont have a halfwit like yellow streak Brown in charge.

Yellow streak Brown was accused of making Britain the 'sick man of Europe' yesterday after the UK was left as one of the few EU members still in recession.
European Commission figures showed that the euro zone economy emerged from recession in the third quarter of this year.

This isn't all about yellow streak Brown, it's more like the people of Glasgow East who do nothing but sit all day long on the sofa, whilst the government is importing millions of overseas workers to do the jobs these lazy fat back sided people should be doing.
Is it any wonder we are still in recession when our manufacturing industry is constantly bought up by foreigners and the profits to be creamed off and shipped abroad. And what about the millions of EU citizens who have invaded us to work and live off benefits here and then proceed to send the money back to their own countries; and then to build their fancy houses in villages where they could only dream of a house of their own before joining the EU!
If we had the bulldog spirit of a Chuchillian leader we would stand a chance of recovery. We will always be the sick man of Europe, whilst we have a bloated vampire in charge who drains the life blood out of our once great country. If he were recognised as such in the Animal Farm society Liebore have created we would put him down to spare him and us further misery. As it is he is infecting the country and should be forced to resign on health grounds and placed in quarantine forever on some remote island, along with his infested maniacal followers.
They would then be free to appoint the original parasitic blood sucker, Bliar, as their president, with his Queen bee as Vice.

Friday, 13 November 2009

What? This crock of shite voted for more misery?

"Glasgow North East is one of the poorest constituencies in Britain, with higher-than-average levels of unemployment, poverty, crime and drug addiction and low levels of educational attainment".
Apparently Liebore have held this seat for 74 years. And yet, people still vote for them.

This result is completely irrelevant. As was said on TV last night, if Liebore put a donkey up in that seat they would still win. I feel sorry for the poor sad people who after all that has been inflicted on them by Liebore and still they vote them in.
The low turnout - only 33%, the lowest in Scottish electoral history according to the BBC last night, and that's without counting the folk who don't even put themselves on the electoral register. Not that it makes any difference - they'd spin some sort of triumph if only 2% had turned out.
Liebore must understand, to win the next election it must drive us all into squalor
and more unemployment please and whilst you are at it put more bromide in our tea,
stronger hash and we'll never need to do anything but vote Liebore; and we will all love it. Bankrupt the country and stay in power for ever, it's brilliant ! This is a ringing endorsement of the failure of socialism, the low IQ of the electorate and the cynical attempt to keep people in poverty and deprivation to preserve the power base of the Liebore party.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Postman Pat's civil service "heroes" are all paid up members of trades unions, who finance Liebore and have them by the "short and curlies"

Postman Pat yesterday defended the decision to award £300million in bonuses to Ministry of Defence bureaucrats - saying their desk jobs could be 'difficult and dangerous'.

"Alan Johnson defends £300m bonus for M.O.D. pen pushers 'because they do a difficult and dangerous job"
Yes, Pat sorry Alan, they have to dodge flying insults, they have to make sure they don't get a cold or flu at work, they have to get to work in all the dangerous traffic. They have to make sure they don't get wrist strain from surfing the web and looking for bargains on eBay.
I'm sure they are all looking out for that cup of hot coffee that could spill in their laps.
Dangerous you don't know the meaning of the word. Dangerous is being in the line of fire or on a road in Afghanistan with substandard equipment. Not sitting behind a desk picking out the next lottery numbers.
Why does it take a headcount of 90,000 in the M.O.D. to support a regular troop force of 200,000? It's a load of pen pushers who have historically cocked up project after project, always overspending the budget by three or four times, never ever producing it on time, like 4 -to 10 years late and when it arrives it is useless. Everyone knows that an M.O.D. project is a license to print money by the contractors who run rings round the M.O.D.
No, Johnson you should pay the going rate for the job,that's the answer. There should be no bonus for just doing your job.
I'm sure many of the unemployed would love the salary and gold-plated pensions these 90,000 M.O.D. people are getting.
The front-line boys deserve the best and are not getting it from yellow streak Brown and his government.

This is just a cynical re-election ploy by yellow streak Brown.

After more than a decade of immigration growing at an unprecedented scale under Labour, the Prime Minister finally admitting it is not racist to worry about migration.

He attacked the 'lazy elitism' of those who refused to address the issue as he insisted he would not let the population soar to 70 million in 20 years time, as forecast.
This is just not good enough yellow streak Brown you caused the problem so no one will ever believe you are the man to solve it! Too little to late as the old saying goes it's pointless shutting the barn gate when the horse has already bolted. Yellow streak Brown you are a complete joke, just mouthing what people want to hear. He can say what he wants. Actions speak louder than words. His government is still actively recruiting from abroad. His government have put in place thousands of student jobs only available to foreign students after they finish their degrees.
Under this government recruitment fairs that are only for ethnic minorities. Bowing and scraping more to every group under the sun and promoting their cultures above our own. No more student fees to foreign students from the EU. You and your like have ruined this Country, I hope the sheep don't fall for this, I pray the people will vote for the only Party that will stop all this and get this Country back on track.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Bank boss Mervyn King warns dumbledorf Darling that Britain lacks 'credible plan' to tackle spiralling national debt.

The Pound's value against the dollar tumbled yesterday when a leading credit ratings agency suggested that Britain might lose its cherished AAA status because it was the "potentially most at risk" of the major economies. Fitch Ratings said the UK's sovereign credit rating was most at risk among the advanced economies because the country required "the largest budget adjustment".

Britain is set to rack up one of the biggest budget deficits in the world next year, measured against the size of the economy. Heading towards a national debt of £2.3 billion and leading towards massive cuts in health and education, services and huge rises in taxes.
Millions have lost their jobs whilst millions of others have seen their salaries, wages cut or frozen.
All of the above is the cost each and every one of us is paying and will continue to pay for at least a decade or more to come.
True and sustainable economic recovery will not come until house prices return to their normal healthy level - ie 30% lower than current prices. We then need Bankers and Estate Agents to be heavily regulated and controlled to stop the harm that they do to all of us!
The threat of a downgrading of UK gilts has been around since the credit crisis started. The fiscal and monetary stimuli were necessary to prevent recession turning into recession. However, the UK is fast running out of time. A faltering return to what the economists call "growth" is to be expected in this quarter (given the possibility that the VAT reduction is not extended into next next) should ensure some growth; if not the UK is in big trouble.
Will any government be able reduce the budget deficit from 12 % to 3% in just 4 years, as the European Commission proposes? I think not. A downgrading of UK gilts is a year or so away, followed by higher yields on those gilts, and thus lower prices, for currently issued stock.
I still believe a disproportionally large amount of the money "printed" by the Bank of England has enable foreign holders of gilts to make for the exit. They have a currency exposure as well as a yield exposure to consider.
Definitely no time to be in UK bonds, that party is over
The CBI is pissing in the wind. The present government have run out of ideas.
Panic cuts in public spending are never a good idea. And cutting backing on public spending too soon would likely threaten any recovery which may only be getting under way by the end of 2010.
We need to ask some searching questions and come up with answers. Why are we renewing Trident? Why are we sending our troops to far corners of the world fighting hopeless wars? Why are so many people on benefit? Do we really need ID cards? Are we making sure that everyone pays their fair share of tax? These are just some of the questions the incoming chancellor must ask.
We've run a Mickey Mouse economy for too long. We need to promote industries of the future, not just pander to the City of London. Our economy is unbalanced and there are many areas of the country where our potential is under used because old industries have gone and not been replaced by enough new industry to make a difference.
There's a lack of realism at the top of business and industry. We've had a big wake up call in the past couple of years but old bad habits die hard. We need a new industrial revolution. We have great residual talent as a nation but we are not using it wisely. Until we do, we're in deep trouble.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

This mother's grief for a lost son should never have been so disgracefully tainted by exploiting her pain and sorrow.

The Sun has declared Mrs Janes "Mum at War," and the poor woman is their weapon for the week for belittling yellow streak Brown.
I applaud her on her actions.
With the sensitivity of this issue, yellow streak Brown's letter should either do it properly or not at all. From whatever your starting point, you work on it till it is acceptable, not least out of respect for the recipient. She is upset that her Son Jamie was killed in action, knowing the lies that the Government use to keep troops our there. She feels he died unnecessarily. She is angry and frustrated - the army do not listen with it's leaders backing the Government over supplies and the Government do not listen. She received the letter and decided it was an opportunity to get heard and you can see how effective it is.
How can a man who can't spell run a country? He is ultimately responsible for education. No wonder it's been dumbed down so much! He wants everyone as 'dumb' as him.
No money, letter or compassion will bring her son back.
The reason yellow streak Brown is getting hounded is that he is patently insincere and is obviously only performing all this for a perceived political benefit. Insincere, not just in the failings in the letter, which by themselves might possibly be excusable, but because every decision he's ever made or been involved in regarding the deployment, strategy, justification and most critically, resourcing of our forces has been despicably self & party serving and this is simply part of an ever more desperate strategy to cling to power.
Liebore is dead, it's just dragging out the burial. Yellow streak Brown is a vaudeville act that nobody laughs and just aiming for sympathy. The increasing torrent of titillating policy novelties just drives home how utterly degenerated this government has become. It's going to get so much worse. If you think this episode was deplorable, that's just for starters. It's the inevitable consequence of a broken, corrupt and incompetent government clinging on by its fingernails. Yellow streak Brown, it's time to go. Hanging on will only make it all so much worse.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Only a fool would send a letter such as this without having someone check it first.

It seems like a metaphor for everything that's gone wrong with Labour. The moral outrage at yellow streak Brown's gaffe is almost as depressing as yellow streak Brown's wretched attempt at letter writing itself. However, whichever way you slice it, the letter is pretty insulting, purely because he clearly took absolutely zero time or care over it. He might as well have scribbled it on the back of a fag packet. It does seem "hastily scrawled", although I think it admirable that the yellow streak PM bothers to hand write each letter himself; he certainly follows each death. It seems indicative of Britain today- do something in an half-hearted manner, shrug one's shoulders and say "lighten up". None of this, of course, detracts from the questionable motives for having soldiers put in the line of fire to begin with. It might have carried a little more sincerity had it not been for the fact that he wrote a similar letter of condolence to the Chelsea captain John Terry after he'd missed a penalty in the European Cup Final - hardly on a par with laying down your life for your country.
It's also pretty embarrassing that our yellow streak PM can't string a brief letter together without screwing it up (or even do what Thatcher and Blair did when they wrote private hand-written letters to families, they put in a printed copy, a detail yellow streak Brown might adopt.)

Sunday, 8 November 2009

It was hardly a 'scathing attack'. Asked if the referee cost him the match he answered that it shouldn't have been a goal.

Don't be to hard on Fergie!
But surely even the most hard line fans can admit that United were the victims of some very poor refereeing decisions:
Rooney onside in the opening minutes running through on goal. The Valencia/Terry penalty decision and the eventual offside goal/lead up to the goal.
On balance however Evans got away with what looked like a bad challenge on Drogba.
Instant video replays are the only way to settle these disputes, however Sir Alex knows as well as anyone that the decision usually goes United's way... so they won't happen.
Obviously if a manager / player relates a true account of a match and has evidence to prove it this is frowned on by the FA. Sorry, the FA are there in the interests of football, closing your eyes to the truth and insisting on other professionals do the same is ludicrous.
Also on a related point, surely the introduction of rugby style timekeeping would be a positive in football. Extra long injury breaks, injury time substitutions and general time wasting is not penalised at all and ruins the flow of a good game.

At last the world seem to have the measure of thistle head Brown

I am already annoyed, and I can see no justification for the fact , that I have to pay a tax on every insurance premium that I pay.
We are taxed on the money we earn, taxed if we save it, taxed if we buy a house with it, taxed if we pass it on to our family after death. Taxed on just about everything.
And now yellow streak Brown wants to tax "financial transactions" - at the moment it seems to be something to "tax the banks" so it could have " popular appeal" - but if it were accepted, make no mistake we would wind up being taxed for having a bank account or each time we use a debit card, or withdraw from an ATM.
What an embarrassment, he's saved the world from overheating, overeating, overspending, crime, insolvency, child abuse, expense scandals, under drinking, over drinking, terrorism, tells other countries that leaders must be elected fairly, knowing about being elected is one of the secrets he's kept from us, keeping your manifesto promises is another of his hidden skills, I bet the rest of the world are envious that we are so lucky to have him as our yellow streak Prime Minister, me personally I cringe every time he opens that stupid mouth of his with another load of rubbish.

Keep them on benefits to ensure that they vote Labour.

Liebore has been accused of relying on the 'welfare vote' after the Conservatives published a provocative league table ranking Commons seats according to the number of benefit claimants. A total of 189 constituencies in the first 200 are represented by Labour MPs, which the Tories claim explains why Ministers are failing to tackle the spiralling welfare bill.
The top constituency is Liverpool Walton, represented by Labour's Peter Kilfoyle, where 28.9 per cent of adults claim benefits. Mr Kilfoyle has been vocal on reform ideas, recently criticising plans to hire multinational companies to run back-to-work schemes.
We have all known all this for some time and it is the only reason why this lot not only came to power but then won two further elections, by relying on the votes of the state handout brigade, who, because they do not work, of course can always go and vote.
This is modern ultra left socialism. Keep them down and dependant on benefits. Destroy the education system so that they don't realise how stupid they really are. Decriminalise drugs therefore allowing this new class of voters to be contented doing nothing.
That's how they stay in power and why under a UK Liebore party or a US Democratic presidency, the economy will never prosper. They need unemployment to be sure people will vote for the party most likely to raise or protect their benefits.
The big bad Tories will threaten to take it all away and make them get a job to afford the same lifestyle so they will vote labour.

He looks like the state he has left the economy in - Totally Knackered.

Yellow streak Brown has been running from the truth and making promises ever since he became a MP, but we are catching up with you and the other crooked MP's. Judgement day is fast approaching. Your epitaph will probably be 'THIS IS THE MAN WHO BROKE OUR COUNTRY"
You'd think with all his experience he'd be a gold medal hope for the next Olympics. Someone point him towards the Channel and tell him to keep running, Brussels is that way and don't bother coming back!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

History will not be kind to yellow streak Brown who'll surely go down as the worst, most incompetent PM and Chancellor in history.

"The truth is that yellow streak Gordon Brown is now governing Britain purely for partisan or even personal advantage rather than in the national interest...."
I have no pity for this self deluded bully boy. I feel sorry for us who have to recover from 13 years of the meddling and betrayal and failed social , economic and European policies. Yellow streak Brown is gutless, when things go wrong he hides from the public so he doesn't have to answer awkward questions. He thinks if he disappears he will not be associated with the dirty dead, but he's wrong.
Yellow streak Brown is so taken with his own spin he has, as you say, not a clue as to just how big his defeat will be next year. I am sure he thinks that once the recession ends all will be forgiven. What he forgets is that all the rest of the G7 will have been out of recession for months, showing just how big a lie was his statement that the UK was best placed etc.
The weak, cowardly supine Liebore Party allowed him to walk into Office unopposed and have allowed him to remain in Office - wrecking the country with his asinine policies and contriving to hand-over our Sovereignty to Brussels by breaking a Manifesto Promise and worst of all he reneged on the referendum. I hope the Labour Party is annihilated at the election and never recovers to form a future Government.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Yellow streak Brown should apply his own corruption tests to the houses of parliament .

A surprise sting in the tail in yellow streak Brown's forceful speech this morning making the case yet again for the British presence in Afghanistan. For the first time, he warned bluntly that our troops would not remain there unless the newly "re-elected" Afghan President Hamid Karzai tackles corruption. Yellow streak Brown is trying to get the UK "on his side" so will say anything and do nothing.
What amazes me however is that yellow streak Brown seems totally to miss the irony of his speech. Karzai has at least a mandate of sorts, albeit from a flawed election, Brown has no mandate at all and refuses to allow the electorate to express an opinion at the ballot box. Add to that the allegations he makes of generalised corruption in Afghanistan and then consider our present Government.
A Home Secretary who tried to get a visa fast tracked for the nanny of his girlfriend, another Home Secretary who lied about the location of her primary residence in order to gain a pecuniary advantage. A junior minister who claimed for a mortgage that he had already paid off. Another Home Office Minister who claimed for a house he was not living in but had placed his parents in, not to mention a PM who allegedly claimed for the cleaning of a flat shared by his brother. No, yellow streak Brown don't lecture Karzai until you have cleansed the corruption from your party and offered yourself for election at the ballot box, then point the finger, at the moment stones and glass houses spring to mind.
What is really depressing is that the human race has not yet found a way to resolve conflict other than by sending in troops to start killing each other. Does our race really have any future when we always behave like this ?
If the labour government first headed by Bliar ,and now yellow streak Brown had done their jobs properly we would not be in this futile war, there seems to be a pattern between the way Karzai runs Afghanistan and the way liebore have ruled Britain.
Why didn't you resign Brown? 76,000+ voted for you to go. That's 76,000 more than voted you in. But all we get is an e-mail saying you're to busy saving the Country to resign. Rubbish! Your entire focus is on ruining the UK and making life difficult, if not impossible, for the next government.

If he had any sense he would run.

British military chiefs today urged Barack Obama not to dither over Afghanistan.
Obama may simply be giving serious consideration to the question whereas yellow streak Brown's knee jerk reaction is a hastily designed effort to try and counter the growing distaste of the British public for this futile military exercise. Yellow streak Brown's specious argument about keeping terrorists off the streets of Britain is as pathetic as the man himself.
Yellow streak Brown's assertion that our troops are in Afghanistan to prevent terrorism in Britain is nonsense! It surely did not escape his attention that when Islamic extremists wanted to perform acts of terrorism in London they did not fly in from Afghanistan - they travelled inter-city from West Yorkshire and Bedfordshire.
Don't forget, this is the man who lied about the quality and quantity of equipment supplied to British soldiers.
It is harrowing to see the grief of those families blighted by the loss of dearly loved men and it is a national outrage that these losses are the result of cynical politicking by the likes of warmonger Bliar and gutless yellow streak Brown. I respect the sacrifices made by these soldiers who did their duty and I think it is time that yellow streak Brown found the courage to do his by calling a halt to this pointless war.
Firstly should we bring the troops home from this wasteland and strengthen the security and intelligence services here?
One thing's for sure, Karzai now knows that we know that he cannot be trusted, and that might make him do a better job. Secondly another thing is for sure; we cannot simply leave Afghanistan to the Taliban. In the long term, the country's poverty and lack of health and education need to be addressed fully before we can be remotely sure that the Taliban will not again be the prime force in the country.
Yellow streak Brown 'will not walk away' from the Afghan mission if he had any sense he would run.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

When do the British electorate get to participate in democracy?

Tony Bliar and yellow streak Brown were elected on a promise of holding a referendum and then reneged on that promise. For 13 years, we have had Bliar and yellow streak Brown bending over for every European politician that wanted a piece of British cake.
David Cameron made a policy which is now outdated, so he changed it, never having put it forward at an election anyway. Who is in the wrong here, for goodness' sake? Why is Cameron getting the stick for yellow streak Brown's two-faced idiocy?
The authority of Parliament rests upon the basic principle of consent of the people. Upon this basic principle is our constitution based. The people invest their sovereignty in parliament and, this sovereignty is renewed every five years, hence, every parliament is sovereign.
This Liebore government has had control of parliament for over a decade and how now handed over the sovereignty entrusted to parliament to an external power. The next government will not be sovereign in the traditional sense that we know and, as a result they have acted unconstitutionally.
Pierre Lellouche, France's Europe minister, described as "pathetic" the Tories' EU plans announced today, warning they would not succeed "for a minute". Lellouche, one of the most Anglophile members of Sarkozy's government, made his remarkable intervention after David Cameron outlined a fresh Tory approach to the EU in the wake of the full ratification of the Lisbon treaty.
That's "bullying" to me, just a French politician's style to express an opinion more directly than usual, which is a bad thing. When the French start peddling claptrap like this, you know that they are scared shit less.
I know in France there are referendums, and they have a really democratic process of ignoring them. They love the EU until it affects them, then they ignore it and carry on as usual.
Are we living in a dictatorship? Oh yes! Soon there will be an unelected EU President who will lord it over us and the sole right to propose legislation resides with an unelected commission.
The ultimate authority of the state rest in the hands of the people and, as a consequence we have an absolute right to take it back.
Can we have our democracy back please?

Afghanistan 'A Liebore split'?

A major crack opens up in Liebore support for the Afghan war with a call from the former Foreign Office minister Kim Howells for the phased withdrawal of British troops from Helmand.

There is something very ominous about this advice from Howells, best known as a friend of the paramilitaries and death squads of Colombia.
Yellow streak Brown once said that by having troops in Afghanistan it stops terrorist attacks in Britain; which is complete nonsense. The best way to stop terrorist attacks in Britain is to stop invading foreign countries! Yellow streak Brown has dug his own grave with his spineless warmongering.
Who said that every country must be a democracy? Countries develop and whether they develop towards democracy is up to the individuals in those countries. Under Liebore we have invaded two countries and yet we condemn other countries who do likewise. I believe the British People are fed up with all the excuses given for sending our troops to their death in the cause of something we do not understand and to other countries who do not want us.
Soldiers join up to defend their own country and protect us not to invade other Countries and impose our ideas and views on them. I am a supporter of the Thatcher Policies and I can say that when she took us to war it was to protect our People in the South Atlantic. Liebore has taken us to war and been responsible for many deaths on very doubtful Policies.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The difficulty for Alan Sugar is being over-hyped by a TV program series and thus coming over the top with his comments.

The Apprentice star, who was at a Q&A session for small to medium businesses in Manchester in his role as the Government's Enterprise Champion, claimed that 85 per cent of small firms who applied for bank loans were not worth lending to.

With a pickled old cynic like Sugar running his jaundiced eye over initial submissions, it could be the first step on a road to another British business failure.
He is a fine one to talk, if we are going to be realistic, what has he done that is that outstanding to enable him to preach to any one else? He had to prostitute himself to TV to prop himself up! Apprentice was total rubbish, the people he picked were about as talented as the the music version of the programme, X factor.
Why any one would think he could advise others on running a business is beyond me. Business have been driven to the wall by the awful governance of his friends yellow streak Brown and Bliar and excessive and greedy charges from today's banks. Amstrad would never have stood a chance in today's market, they had a rubbish product, but he had an easy ride borrowing money, compared with today! Sugar said 'Twenty years ago if you went to a bank and said "I want you to lend me some money", they would say "let's look at your books". Yes mate, twenty years ago we had a Tory government, thats how you got your chance to start in business and thats how you can afford to be a Socialist these days.
As for him being given a title, it is as idiotic as giving one to the other self obsessed fool snake Mandelson! Definitely they are both candidates for the 'let them eat cake' award by the Liebore 'all is wonderful in our utopia' QUANGO

Monday, 2 November 2009

Well, well, well, Alan Johnson has woken up at last.

What's this? Alan Johnson not toeing the government line? Speaking out against policy? I thought that was a sackable offence in his eyes. More do as I say, not as I do from this incompetent bunch of morons.

Alan Johnson yesterday admitted the Government had mishandled immigration and that it is placing a 'strain' on jobs and services.
"What we need is a tightly controlled system with much lower levels of immigration and an annual cap on the number of people who come to live and work here.” "
No, Johnson your still wrong. What we need is NO immigration until you have sorted out the 1,000,000 legacy cases, whatever that means! You have so far failed to deal with. Just get on with it , you have the public support what are you afraid of? Getting some votes? If you want to stop the BNP knocking you out of office this would be a great way to start. But you won't , you'll talk, dither, get advice, ignore it, do a survey, pass some half baked useless bill, then start this circle of no action all over again.
With Liebore having been in power almost twelve years, could you really trust them with anything? They are a government that promised change and, delivered nothing except more immigrants, high unemployment, and massive debts through borrowing. Promises were made about a referendum on this Lisbon Treaty, only for the electorate to be robbed of that.
Its hard to recall such an invidious modern government as Liebore. The form of totalitarian control, deceit, obfuscation and manipulation is truly sickening. This is the legacy of Liebore, a legacy the British will have to endure. “Liebore isn't working”? Oh but it is working, its working to annihilate Britain and the British people.

When in a hole, stop digging dumbledorf Darling.

The opposition parties must make it clear to yellow streak Brown and dumbledorf Darling that they will be held personally accountable for any negligent action they take that damages the financial investments of the taxpayer unless they have been mandated to take this action by the electorate.
Yellow streak Brown has been shown to be financially incompetent and unfit to run any budget. His position is untenable. As for dumbledorf Darling he struggled in front of BBC cameras yesterday and cannot be trusted because he failed to be straight with his questioner. He could not bring himself to say that yellow streak Brown had been wrong, even though he knew it to be true. He puts yellow streak Brown and the Liebore Party before the British people and therefore is not fit to be an MP or in Government.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

This is no longer a drug war, it's a truth war.

Drugs: Prejudice and political weakness have rejected scientific facts...

In dismissing David Nutt, its chief drugs adviser, the government has bowed to public mood...Difficult to disagree with this, isn't it? Most of you will find this on all threads unacceptable, especially in the face of Liebore's much vaunted "evidenced based" policy claims. The Dear Leader, yellow streak Brown, has frequently made completely irrational statements about cannabis being 'lethal' and must never, ever, be told something he does not want to hear.
There is another, potentially deeper, problem though; the ex Chief Scientific Advisor to the government is less than fulsome in his support for Nutt and these people, the rest of his team are not exactly rushing to his side, are they? Nothing to do with the fact that nearly all of them owe their living to the state, in some way or other? Nah, course not....
This issue has little to do with drugs and everything to do with "policy".
It has long been the mantra of this government that, "if the truth does not fit the policy, then find a truth that does".
Prof Nutt has the expertise, the dedication and the credibility that would dispose one toward believing him and Mr Johnson is a politician who once stacked shelves at Tesco and was then a postman. In some "Alice in Wonderland" way, it is the ex-postman who gets to sack the professor because his scientific "spin" is, in some way superior to the professor's and who gets the chance to go on national TV to "defend" his "decision". As a country, I believe that we deserve better than this.
By the way, just out of interest, why hasn't the government bowed to the public mood over the restoration of the death penalty, or membership of the EU, or the non-repayment of Jacqui Smith's "fraudulent" expenses of over £118,000, or... you get the drift....

What has yellow streak Brown got against our Armed Forces?

What is yellow streak Brown doing "leading" the British debacle in Afghanistan? It's bad enough that the troops are dying for no purpose whatsoever. But it's unconscionable that are not given the equipment they need to at least insure their ability to do their purposeless task with a modicum of safety.
The Mod now takes on a new meaning. Ministry of Death.
Politicians and their civil servants seem to have the motto "Lives are cheap, equipment expensive". Through out the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars we have heard all the time the troops complaining that they don't have the right equipment, or even not at all. We have just had the Nimrod inquiry which showed that Costs and Profits were Paramount to safety.
Whether we believe in the war or not, troops do not have the right to say, "Sorry I do not agree with this conflict so I am not going". They fight because their Government tells them to fight, so as a nation we should support them.
Yellow streak Brown lives in a delusional mist when it comes to fiscal matters and figures. He believes that creative accounting is god account. I and many others do not, never will, believe that this deceitful, incompetent man cares about the Armed Forces or those killed. The present caring image is a spin exercise for the naive voter with an election in the offing.
Boney Bliar and yellow streak Brown should face trial for War Crimes, they have sent our soldiers to their deaths whilst they bleat about the gravy train which has suddenly ground to halt or the banks that have suddenly found enough to hand out massive bonuses.
Traitors, Liars and Thieves.