Friday, 13 November 2009

What? This crock of shite voted for more misery?

"Glasgow North East is one of the poorest constituencies in Britain, with higher-than-average levels of unemployment, poverty, crime and drug addiction and low levels of educational attainment".
Apparently Liebore have held this seat for 74 years. And yet, people still vote for them.

This result is completely irrelevant. As was said on TV last night, if Liebore put a donkey up in that seat they would still win. I feel sorry for the poor sad people who after all that has been inflicted on them by Liebore and still they vote them in.
The low turnout - only 33%, the lowest in Scottish electoral history according to the BBC last night, and that's without counting the folk who don't even put themselves on the electoral register. Not that it makes any difference - they'd spin some sort of triumph if only 2% had turned out.
Liebore must understand, to win the next election it must drive us all into squalor
and more unemployment please and whilst you are at it put more bromide in our tea,
stronger hash and we'll never need to do anything but vote Liebore; and we will all love it. Bankrupt the country and stay in power for ever, it's brilliant ! This is a ringing endorsement of the failure of socialism, the low IQ of the electorate and the cynical attempt to keep people in poverty and deprivation to preserve the power base of the Liebore party.

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