Sunday, 8 November 2009

It was hardly a 'scathing attack'. Asked if the referee cost him the match he answered that it shouldn't have been a goal.

Don't be to hard on Fergie!
But surely even the most hard line fans can admit that United were the victims of some very poor refereeing decisions:
Rooney onside in the opening minutes running through on goal. The Valencia/Terry penalty decision and the eventual offside goal/lead up to the goal.
On balance however Evans got away with what looked like a bad challenge on Drogba.
Instant video replays are the only way to settle these disputes, however Sir Alex knows as well as anyone that the decision usually goes United's way... so they won't happen.
Obviously if a manager / player relates a true account of a match and has evidence to prove it this is frowned on by the FA. Sorry, the FA are there in the interests of football, closing your eyes to the truth and insisting on other professionals do the same is ludicrous.
Also on a related point, surely the introduction of rugby style timekeeping would be a positive in football. Extra long injury breaks, injury time substitutions and general time wasting is not penalised at all and ruins the flow of a good game.

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