Sunday, 8 November 2009

Keep them on benefits to ensure that they vote Labour.

Liebore has been accused of relying on the 'welfare vote' after the Conservatives published a provocative league table ranking Commons seats according to the number of benefit claimants. A total of 189 constituencies in the first 200 are represented by Labour MPs, which the Tories claim explains why Ministers are failing to tackle the spiralling welfare bill.
The top constituency is Liverpool Walton, represented by Labour's Peter Kilfoyle, where 28.9 per cent of adults claim benefits. Mr Kilfoyle has been vocal on reform ideas, recently criticising plans to hire multinational companies to run back-to-work schemes.
We have all known all this for some time and it is the only reason why this lot not only came to power but then won two further elections, by relying on the votes of the state handout brigade, who, because they do not work, of course can always go and vote.
This is modern ultra left socialism. Keep them down and dependant on benefits. Destroy the education system so that they don't realise how stupid they really are. Decriminalise drugs therefore allowing this new class of voters to be contented doing nothing.
That's how they stay in power and why under a UK Liebore party or a US Democratic presidency, the economy will never prosper. They need unemployment to be sure people will vote for the party most likely to raise or protect their benefits.
The big bad Tories will threaten to take it all away and make them get a job to afford the same lifestyle so they will vote labour.

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