Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The difficulty for Alan Sugar is being over-hyped by a TV program series and thus coming over the top with his comments.

The Apprentice star, who was at a Q&A session for small to medium businesses in Manchester in his role as the Government's Enterprise Champion, claimed that 85 per cent of small firms who applied for bank loans were not worth lending to.

With a pickled old cynic like Sugar running his jaundiced eye over initial submissions, it could be the first step on a road to another British business failure.
He is a fine one to talk, if we are going to be realistic, what has he done that is that outstanding to enable him to preach to any one else? He had to prostitute himself to TV to prop himself up! Apprentice was total rubbish, the people he picked were about as talented as the the music version of the programme, X factor.
Why any one would think he could advise others on running a business is beyond me. Business have been driven to the wall by the awful governance of his friends yellow streak Brown and Bliar and excessive and greedy charges from today's banks. Amstrad would never have stood a chance in today's market, they had a rubbish product, but he had an easy ride borrowing money, compared with today! Sugar said 'Twenty years ago if you went to a bank and said "I want you to lend me some money", they would say "let's look at your books". Yes mate, twenty years ago we had a Tory government, thats how you got your chance to start in business and thats how you can afford to be a Socialist these days.
As for him being given a title, it is as idiotic as giving one to the other self obsessed fool snake Mandelson! Definitely they are both candidates for the 'let them eat cake' award by the Liebore 'all is wonderful in our utopia' QUANGO


  1. On the bright side Oliver they'll all be toast soon, just not to have look at them and hear about them will be a mighty relief!

  2. Sean
    I am glad you agree with me but they will keep their Lord/Dame ships.