Saturday, 14 November 2009

The rest of Europe are doing well because they dont have a halfwit like yellow streak Brown in charge.

Yellow streak Brown was accused of making Britain the 'sick man of Europe' yesterday after the UK was left as one of the few EU members still in recession.
European Commission figures showed that the euro zone economy emerged from recession in the third quarter of this year.

This isn't all about yellow streak Brown, it's more like the people of Glasgow East who do nothing but sit all day long on the sofa, whilst the government is importing millions of overseas workers to do the jobs these lazy fat back sided people should be doing.
Is it any wonder we are still in recession when our manufacturing industry is constantly bought up by foreigners and the profits to be creamed off and shipped abroad. And what about the millions of EU citizens who have invaded us to work and live off benefits here and then proceed to send the money back to their own countries; and then to build their fancy houses in villages where they could only dream of a house of their own before joining the EU!
If we had the bulldog spirit of a Chuchillian leader we would stand a chance of recovery. We will always be the sick man of Europe, whilst we have a bloated vampire in charge who drains the life blood out of our once great country. If he were recognised as such in the Animal Farm society Liebore have created we would put him down to spare him and us further misery. As it is he is infecting the country and should be forced to resign on health grounds and placed in quarantine forever on some remote island, along with his infested maniacal followers.
They would then be free to appoint the original parasitic blood sucker, Bliar, as their president, with his Queen bee as Vice.

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