Saturday, 14 November 2009

When they find the WMD in Iraq maybe we'll believe politicians about GLOBAL climate change.

Politicians like Mr. Ed Miliband and his dopey brother should study the vast body of evidence before making grossly inane statements about something of which they know little or nothing about. This green, not red government constantly mislead us on many things and have a vested interest in raising "green taxes" that do not get spent on green issues. Just another way of raising revenue to support all those lazy people scrounging on benefits. They have let Scientists and Environmentalists grow fat on this boom industry, lecture us and yet fly from conference to conference to "tackle" the problem.
Their case seems to be made that the planet is warming but surely is it a natural cyclical phenomenon? There seems evidence for this also.
Let's assume for a moment that man made global warming exists. The UK accounts for just 2% of the World's CO2 output. And this is less than the predicted increase in output of CO2 by China. So let's put that in simple terms:
Due to China's economic expansion the increase in their CO2 output in the next year will be greater than the UK's Output of CO2.
I don't see the media or the Government or the Environmental Movement campaigning against further economic growth in China or India for that matter - do you? Or them campaigning against buying goods that are manufactured in China to try and slow down China's economy.
If the EU really believed in Man Made Global Warming the simplest step they could take to reduce carbon dioxide emissions would be to put prohibitive import taxes on goods from China and India - making them uncompetitive and therefore slowing the rate of economic expansion in these countries and cutting CO2 emissions. Anyone expect that to happen?
Climate change did not start when Maggie Thatcher referred to it in a spiel. It's as old as our planet, as any person with a modicum of geological knowledge knows.
In the meanwhile, the developing world continues to contaminate in their way to progress.
Climate change is a convenient way for politicians to exercise further control over the population, along with the twin threat of terrorism.
When Governments start acting like they actually believe in something - and making decisions that support that - then maybe I'll start taking it more seriously.

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