Thursday, 14 February 2013

Millipede, more 'crock of shit' from his lips.

Miliband has just indulged in another bout of meaningless waffle and warm words, which cleverly disguises Labour`s intention NOT to repeal any of the measures that they pretend to despise, that have been introduced by the Tory party enemy. When the country is trying to pay back billions of pounds of debt run up by the previous Labour administration. on top of the countries every day running costs now, it is hardly a surprise that government spending is still going up. Once the billions of pounds of debt run up by this gormless clown have been paid back things will probably be a lot better, only don't hold you breath that the current shower or the next one will be capable of doing this. I am afraid, they are just another right wing pro-capitalist party, like the Democrats in the USA, which has absolutely no intention of even remotely bringing in any changes.
Will they be any better? No, No, No! It's just another 'crock of shit' from his lips.