Sunday, 30 January 2011

Come on King kill this Balls remark.

'Andrew Marr says 'Are you suggesting he has been lent on...' Answer 'I think he is being loyal', said Ed Balls.
The man is a fool, anyone who runs their own affairs will know you can not keep spending more than you earn. If any of us run our household finances like Labour ran the country we'd be living in a box under the railway arches. Balls helped cause this mess, sniping on the sidelines while others clear up after him.
So now, the hypocrite Balls, who made many catastrophic decisions that have brought this country down, now pretends to play psychologist and makes overt political comments intended to frighten the electorate. The man has no credibility and is seriously flawed. His assessments are based on twisted logic, poor judgement and hasn't a clue how or where to start clearing up the financial mess he and his cronies created.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Further proof that after 13 years of Labour we live in a less free society.

A football game. Two men who are overheard to pass some remarks about a woman. And all this absurd fuss and publicity is reason to sack them. No wonder this stupid country and all its culture and past achievements are going down the plughole. Thanks in the end to Harriet Harman and the Labour PC brigade!
They are punished for having an opinion and a sense of humour. It seems straight males are not allowed to make crude remarks anymore, only women and homosexual men on TV are allowed these freedoms.
I find the departure of both Gray and Keys a great shame. Lets not be naive they were only saying what half of us "prehistoric" men were saying in every pub across the country! It does not make us all horrible sexist and out of date, it does however mean there is still a sense of humour out there and that maybe more should spend more time looking for a laugh than a reason to sack people. I for one dont think skysports coverage will ever be the same.Of course women are going to be noticed and remarked upon by men. It's happened since the beginning of time, and only now - in our country's senility - are we faced with the idiocy that it's "no longer acceptable"! And it'll go on until the end of time. After all, women are indeed sexual objects.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Golden Balls is just that all balls.

Ed Balls is an economist with a proven record of ruining the economy. Balls is just that, all balls. He cannot even grasp the difference between regulating and just filling in more forms. The former involves action, like proper audit of the banks, monitoring their capital ratios, watching over their credit policies, like extending mortgages over 80% of value of property, and yes fraudulent loans and accounting practices. You do not need more regulation to do all or any of these. What you need is a good understanding of banking and economics. Ed Balls just doesnt get it.
Labour were in power for thirteen years. If all they can say at the end of that time is 'it wasn't our fault' or try to blame the opposition then what more do you need to know. They allowed an economic bubble based on house price inflation to develop and spent money as though it would never end. They could have controlled it by raising interest rates but didn't.
Labour were in power when all this (and various other failures) took place. Trying to blame it on the conservatives is like trying to blame black wednesday on labour. When you are in power you take responsibility.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Red Ed's massive error in appointing Golden Balls as Shadow Chancellor.

There must be utter desperation in Red Ed's decision making. His lack of credibility has been confirmed by his appointment of his former boss, Balls, at the the Treasury; the one whom he had many massive ructions.
Balls has never apologised for his enormous mistakes. Balls was the one who advised dysfunctional yellow streak Brown to sell gold at low prices; the one who advised yellow streak Brown to attack private and company pension funds (Oct 1997); the one who devised the rules of the toothless FSA after neutering the monitoring capability of the Bank of England. Balls allowing three massive Whitehall departments to run out of control, Defence, Education and Health, is astounding.(Confirmed by Treasury Permanent Sec Sir Nicholas Macpherson).
Red Ed has confirmed he has poor judgement and thinks Golden Ball's 'attack dog' status will save him. Doesn't he know when in a deep hole, stop digging?

Monday, 3 January 2011

Red Ed what's your alternative?

Labour's 13 years of poor administration must bear full responsibility for creating this deficit. Dysfunctional yellow streak Brown removed the regulatory powers from the bank of England in 1997 that let some but not all bankers to practise casino banking. His replacement with the FSA was nothing more than a toothless hen. Remember he ended 'boom & bust'? And saved the World?
Red Ed hasn't a clue where to start, he is hopelessly trashing around with his 'blank sheet of paper' with no positive policies. He could first profusely apologise for Labour's hand in ruining our pensions, ruining our savings, ruining our jobs, ruining our businesses, ruining our standard of living. But no, this pathetic character will continue to use negative rhetoric to falsely mitigate the unions pressing the self-destruct button. The electorate know Miliband has no credibility and these severe financial constraints being implemented now are a direct result of the former administration's failures.