Friday, 9 November 2012

Yet another BBC nightmare on Newsnight!

The BBC were so determined to deflect attention away from their own sorry mess, they turn to their default position of accusing Tories and, in their eyes, who better to point the finger at than someone from the Thatcher years. Their rabid hatred of Mrs Thatcher even now is really very disturbing and once again they are found to be so completely inadequate. The BBC cannot get over itself and accept that it is just wrong in so many ways.
This whole event has quite obviously been politically motivated by the BBC. They have shown they are no longer fit to be regarded as a national broadcaster and the tax imposed on the people of Britain to fund their left wing activities must be scrapped.
The BBC Newsnight team, Philip Schofield, the Guardian journalist George Monbiot, Liebore's Tom Watson are all in the deep brown stuff and well done one and all!
And the BBC's Question Time Team need to be more balanced with their selection of team members and mix of audience.
Take this weeks QT. Economist Danny Blanchflower with Labours shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna and there unrealistic view of this countries finances. They were backed up with an audience of under aged Bexhill Labour supporters. I as a viewer want a more balanced programme, fairer and without all the left wing bias that they always have.