Sunday, 21 November 2010

Ed Miliband ready to 'fight hard' after paternity leave amid claims Labour has lost direction!

For New Labour - Read Communism - for Labour under Eddy read Total Communism.
So Unready Eddy is going to fight hard, well that's going to be like being mauled by a glove puppet. Am I writing about Miliband 'no' about his Balls on the Andrew Marr show today.
If Balls wants to regain credibility he needs to start talking sense and come up with plausible solutions to rectify yellow streak Browns deficit and debt mountain instead of simply objecting to anything and everything for the sake of it.
The party is in hock to the union barons. Balls has been given the black spot in a job he cannot do anything about, Cooper was toed in to the long grass in a similar situation and they have a postman masquerading as a chancellor.
We have yellow streak Browns winter of discontent coming and all this lot can do is talk down the necessary Labour readjustment plans put forward by the coalition.
Unless Labour get their heads around this basic idea and develop sensible ideas to handle the economy, of business then Labour will be unelectable, thank goodness for that!