Friday, 30 October 2009

Fall of Liebore Bliar and the yellow streak Brown.

McNulty issued his 'grovelling apology' and then went on BBC News saying that he had done nothing wrong.

'grovelling apology'

I listened to McNulty's apology and his interview later of BBC radio 5. It struck me that he was actually apologising for being caught rather than acknowledging that he had ripped of the tax payer. How can anybody justify a claim for a second home allowance when his first home was only a few miles away.
Is this the same McNulty who as a Home Office Minister embraced zero tolerance? If so, that would have been at the same time as he was making "careless" claims for benefits he was not entitled to. The bare faced hypocritical dishonesty of today's "apology" beggars belief. Its just that they have to live by the rules that the likes of creeps such as McNulty enact.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

This Government is a disgrace.

Charles Haddon-Cave QC Report on the tragic storey of the NIMROD is a judgement on this Governments failures. He should be applauded by every servicemen, their families and the whole country for showing up the inefficiencies of the MOD.
Listening to Bob Ainsworth's saying "sorry" for what happened he thinks "sorry" is enough for loved ones left behind. He should consider resigning. So should yellow streak Gordon Brown, or better still call an election.
Ever since this useless government came into power it has reduced it's defence budget while at the same time over-committing our forces.
It is this culture of savings over safety which is at the root of many, if not most of the casualties in Afghanistan, and while some serving officers may be blameworthy, it is this pervasive culture, spawned by this government, which is primarily to blame. If we cannot afford to properly equip our servicemen and women in Afghanistan, and keep that equipment in a properly serviceable condition then, irrespective of political considerations, we should pull out of there.
They have treated them like second class citizens breaking the covenant. I am heartbroken for these families who have to pick up the pieces just because the government failed in it's duty to care for our service personnel.
This Government is a disgrace.
Not one of them are fit for purpose can't wait for them all to go.

The BNP membership have sussed out Griffin.

Nick Griffin could face a fresh challenge as leader of the BNP after his performance on Question Time.
His critics within the party say he "fluffed" the chance to make the case for nationalism to the British people.
Just as David Cameron hopes yellow streak Brown will remain leader of his party, I hope Nick Griffin will long remain leader of his. The other panel members on QT especially Jack Straw put up a poor showing, but much less so than Griffin who had much more at stake. Here we saw, was not a man of towering intellect, in spite of his fabled Cambridge education. He revealed himself as a cunning and devious slug of a man, one minute blustering pompous, the next trembling, dry mouthed, and appeared to be completely at a loss and out of his depth in a public platform.
Preaching to the converted of his party members, we see footage of him striking poses, rallying the faithful, he makes a cunning agent provocateur with a haranguing style that relies totally on division and hatred.
There is no mileage in Griffin outside of his party. His complacency and self regard weaken him to the extent that he comes across as a fool and a buffoon.
Long may he remain leader of the BNP.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Stand Firm President Klaus

I urge you all to sign this petition.

Please do sign the petition here

Christmas fine, but in which decade!

Yellow streak Gordon Brown gave the ultimate hostage to fortune this morning by stating categorically that the British economy would be growing again by Christmas.

This masterpiece ranks alongside "no more boom and bust" and "...we not only saved the world..." as among the most memorable of this Moron's most famous utterings. It makes you wonder what figures he and his corrupt cronies are busily massaging to make this miracle happen!
It may have escaped yellow streak Brown's deluded mind that the next quarter's figures will not be published until the third week in January. So, he is going to do what comes naturally, lie about it again.
This country has been living on borrowed time for too long now. The "prosperity" of the last decade was an illusion funded on the back of excessive bank lending and a property bubble which allowed people to withdraw the "equity" in their homes to fund a lifestyle they could not afford. With no real industry left, yes, I know we have some, but a lot of it is specialised and small scale, dwindling reserves of oil and gas, rising unemployment and a national debt most of which is off the books, PFIs and public sector pension commitments that is out of control, I see no way of returning to our glorious past.
Instead I see the rise of the East and the BRIC economies and the slow grind down of western living standards.
Anyone with any sense will leave this sinking ship, or at the very least, start taking Mandarin language lessons.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

David 'Monkey'Miliband -- have you NO shame?

Miliband said that a Blair presidency would be ''very good for Britain as well as very good for Europe'' and said he was ''puzzled'' by Conservative opposition to the prospect of having a British politician in such a senior European role.
Milliband -- have you NO shame?
Tony Blair is a deceptive and slick man who has ruined Britain; destroyed the greatness of a place that had been the envy of the world and turned it into a laughing stock.
Whilst he was the Prime Minister this country became involved in two conflicts. The justification for the Iraq War is somewhat suspect and the other one in Afghanistan has been badly led by the Americans who have now got themselves into a Vietnam style conflict. Blair has responsibility. He rushed into the conflict to keep friendly and on good terms with President Bush Junior. Blair's handling of these conflicts does not lend himself for such a prestigious post.
The only place this man should go is The Hague and stand trial. Oh, yes, he will stop traffic -- for protests which he will ignore and other demonstrations.
People do not like him; they do not trust him yet MPs like Miliband can't see that.
Please Mr Blair; disappear with your wife into the woodwork and never be seen or heard from again. Miliband, you need to look very hard at this man you want as President of the EU -- he will be nothing short of a disaster.
Blair is the most despicable candidate for such a prestigious position. Some would say he is a slippery character, slime ball comes to mind. A war monger who changes his mind depending on the circumstances. He has shown himself to be only for self and what is in it for himself. He should be shown the door. He is not wanted. He is not worthy. A Churchill he is not.
God help us all if is forced on us from the Brussels bureaucracy .

Tell me again, why are the Tories considered the 'nasty' party?

Yellow streak Gordon Brown faces a “winter of discontent” of damaging industrial disputes following last week’s gloomy news on the economy.
I'd sing that old Liebore favourite. 'Things can only get better.' And of course they will eventually.........!
I think "discontent" is a serious understatement. "Absolutely sick to the back teeth" is more like it, or perhaps a less polite language would be appropriate. I think after borrowing and wasting all that amount of money, a little swearing would be unsurprising, especially as we are the ones who will have to pay it all back. The only surprise is that they stayed in power this long, but then again it was the last Tory Government who gave them too good a economy to play with. So they had more time to waste OUR money, before the failed ideas caught up with them.Yellow streak Brown has a few more months to invest more borrowed money, into daft ideas, before he is dismissed.
Labour won the last three elections but it always ends the same way: colossal unemployment, strikes, and garbage piling up in the streets. But I suppose 'new' Liebore is different; now we get Wars in Afghanistan, hordes of immigrants, no referendum on the Lisbon treaty and a discredited parliament thrown in as well, and the list goes on and on and on!
I pity the next government who has to attempt to clear up this mess.
Tell me again, why are the Tories considered the 'nasty' party?

Saturday, 24 October 2009

It is small wonder that Labour abolished the death sentence for Treason in 1998.

According to Andrew Neather, a speechwriter who worked in Downing Street for Tony Bliar and in the Home Office for Jack Straw and David Blunkett, said Liebore's relaxation of controls was a plan to 'open up the UK to mass migration'.
Mr Neather defended the policy, saying mass immigration has 'enriched' Britain and made London a more attractive and cosmopolitan place.
This is confirmation of what we knew all along that the New Liebore party has been waging war against the British people all along.There is no multiculturalism only left wing fascism.
So many indigenous people who have been the victim of Liebore's multicultural nightmare should demand compensation from the evil socialists that have driven this policy including the disenfranchisement of the English. All those people murdered, raped and lives ruined through allowing in so many unchecked immigrants. Bliar, yellow streak Brown, Blunkett, Straw, snake Mandelson, pig in the trough Hain and the rest of them have thousands of innocents peoples blood and pain on their hands.
I'm pretty sure that the 'driving political policy' behind mass immigration has nothing to do to with 'diversity'. In my opinion, it has always been about destroying the traditional 'British Identity' and making people feel guilty about being patriotic. It's about getting people to leave behind their traditional values and beliefs. Why would the government want this? I'll tell you why: To soften us up ready for complete absorption by the monster that is the EU. It's getting to the point where nobody dares wave a union jack or is publicly proud to be British. When we finally have to give away our last fragment of national sovereignty to Brussels, nobody will bat an eyelid or make a fuss. If they do, they'll be branded a racist, far right extremist.
All hail President Bliar!

Friday, 23 October 2009

Sorry to tell you the Green Shoots are Weeds..!

Yes, yellow streak Brown and dumbledorf Darling have got egg all over their faces. They f*cked up. The shit hit the fan on their watch and they must take ALL of the blame.

We now have the nightmare spectre of substantial inflationary pressure, further devaluation of Sterling and substantial steep rises is interest rates to prevent our credit rating being downgraded.
Just remember from the 1st January fuel at the pumps will, by virtue of the reversion to 17.5% VAT (at the lowest) rise by about 3p per litre and diesel perhaps more so. This must either feed into general inflation or reduced profit margins (I don't think there's much left to cut in many sectors).
Then there's the foreign exchange fueled inflation, where do we get most of our food from? Europe and what's happening to the euro? Well it's stable at the moment about 50% above the long term trend. Then there's the cost of servicing the debt and the cost of bad personal / company debt being written down or off, further reducing spending and employment.
All dumbledorf Darling ever says when faced with continuing bad news is next time, next quarter, and next year. He never explains why the government has got it so wrong in creating an ill balanced economy . Is he just playing for time knowing the end of the road is in sight? Dumbledorf Darling has to step out of his illusion and lift his viewpoint to where he too can see that, (while he is certainly helping the small number at the oases), he has no mechanism to spread that prosperity across the wider nation. Darling has to open a debate about how to capitalise the wider nation; beyond the confines of the City Oases.

Straw - Blowing in the wind.

Straw represents all that I viscerally hate and fear about New Liebore. I cannot wait to see him out of government where he can do this country no further harm with his plotting, his sail-trimming, his lies, his curtailment of freedoms, his mealy mouth. He has been one of the very worst of lying and corrupt ministers in a government which for years has blazed a trail in that regard.
How can a man be named Minister of Justice when his own son was slapped on the wrist for a crime that would have seen any of us humble people sent down for 10 years?
I would like to know more too about Griffin's revelation that Straw's father was sent to prison for refusing to fight and how that correlates with Straw's rather gleeful prosecutions against people that refused to deploy to Iraq for instance...
But this is the Orwellian world of New Liebore, where the Minister for Justice helps his own offspring evade justice and bringing down harsh justice on everyone else, where the first Children's Commissioner is one that has been accused of assisting paedophiles evade justice, where the leaders have claimed to bask in the light of truth, freedom and democracy and have done everything but work for those ideals leaving a horrendous death toll abroad and a nation here in tatters through their corrupt and incompetent mismanagement of our country.
Anyone that votes for New Liebore in the forthcoming election is nothing more than a damned fool. Let us hope that Labour re- asserts itself back to a caring and socialist party geared to putting British people first, second and third, or if they cannot they remain unelectable for a very long time.

Griffin may be a racist but Jack Straw is one of the most disgusting, lying, hypocritical, sleazy, two-faced elitist politicians to curse our nation.

I have never seen such a biased, one sided edition of 'Question Time'. Nick Griffin was unable to finish many of his sentences, and was not given a fair hearing. The audience was obviously stacked up against him, and were constantly heckling him. I am not BNP but I did agree on his immigration comments, people want uncontrolled immigration to stop - our tiny island is full!.
As a life long conservative I could not agree less with the policies of the British national party but the programme particularly aided by a chairman who has rarely demonstrated greater partiality attempted in no way to embrace democratic discussion.
I thought Nick Griffin under the circumstances conducted himself rather well, I commend his courage for going on air under such immense scrutiny. The rest of the panel held a good mature debate especially Sayeeda Warsi who always speaks with distinction and intellect, the worst person on the show was Jack Straw, he failed to answer any questions directly and at times looked to be squirming more than Nick Griffin, his appearance can only have helped further damage the reputation of the Labour party.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The yellow streak kamikaze courier from 10 Downing street.

Snake in the grass Peter Mandelson is in favour of this strike. He wants to bring down Royal Mail to prove he was right about privatisation.
Earlier this year, the "prince of darkness" wanted to privatise ROYAL Mail but was blocked by public opinion. Now because of the strikes, public opinion is swayed toward privatisation. Who on earth could be behind these tactics, its The Yellow streak KAMIKAZE COURIER from 10 Downing Street.

Who is that hero who saves parcels in distress;
A brave knight in pure yellow(ish) armour dressed,
Who speeds so fearlessly to a delivery address?
That's just the yellow streak Kamikaze Courier from 10 Downing Street.
Who is that noble soul upon his trusty steed;
His visor closed against the urban battlefield of our main roads and of minors all at suicidal speed?
That's just the yellow streak Kamikaze Courier from 10 Downing Street.
Who is that pillock who just wheelied from the lights, and cut between the old man and the pram on zebra stripes,Then swerved around that car that was still indicating Right? That's just the yellow streak Kamikaze Courier from 10 Downing Street.
Who is that shit who passed the school at eighty-five, Who reached a ton and couldn't read the Slow Trucks Turning sign, Then hit the refuse truck as it reversed out of its drive?
That was the yellow streak Kamikaze Courier from 10 Downing Street, now he's flattened.

Keep it up please Mervyn.

Good on Mervyn for speaking up. He is spot on, absolutely nothing has changed, as the country gurgles its death rattle under a blanket of made up cash and positive spin.
The unearned bonus's and risk taking that got us in this mess was disgraceful state of affairs showing many many people found lacking, and now we all know the level of theft (because that's what it was) that was occurring, it is happening again! I Just cant believe it, I don't think the guys supposedly in charge know how angry normal people are.
No-one is worth that much, no matter how 'skilled', they get paid it seems to have the brass neck to rip everyone off.
The evidence should be written in 2,000 mile high letters: Yellow streak Gordon Brown is the Bernie Madoff of politics. The man who created an epic global bubble of debt, exported it all around the world, then when it went pop, he unleashed even more debt in the form of public obligations. Bernie promised an unbelievable guaranteed 10 percent profits a year: Yellow streak Gordon promised no more boom or bust. Same game, just different words.
While yellow streak Brown will be nicely ensconced in a million dollar gig at some international agency by next year, far from the UK, the rest of us will have to pay the consequences. Can Liebore be forgiven for this? I don't think so: It is on an epic scale and is far worse than anything the Tories pulled off in their years in power.
Keep it up please Mervyn.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Obama it's none of your business at all.

The Obama Administration has voiced concern that Conservative plans to unpick the Lisbon treaty would cause a rupture between Europe and a British government led by David Cameron.
My words to you are No thank you Mr. Obama. We did not ask for your opinion, and we really don't want your opinion. You have already snubbed, slapped and sought to humiliate the British people and their elected leaders. You are one of the most arrogant, and elitist politicians on the world stage. He's even urged Europe to open up its borders to Turkey of all places.
Polls consistently show that the Lisbon Treaty is unpopular in the UK. Some opinion polls show that a majority of people want to leave the EU altogether. It should not be Obama worried about David Cameron, but Obama worried about the British public having their say.
If Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, or any other American for that matter want an explanation, here it is.
How would you like to pay billions of US tax dollars into an American Union pot each year, and watch as unelected officials (whose book keeping is so poor their accounts have not been signed off for over 13 years) give you back only a percentage of that sum? The rest being spread around projects in other countries from around South America, with huge sums going missing through fraud?
How would you like the flag of an alien entity to be flown alongside the stars and stripes from public buildings?
Get the picture? You wouldn't like it. Nor do most of us.

Monday, 19 October 2009

The 'free-speech' brigade have forgotten it runs both ways!

Unfortunately, human nature being what it is, the more the BNP is brought into focus and perceived to be a victim of a hate campaign, the more popular it will become. The best plan of action would have been to ignore it and to deny any media coverage. But, of course, that would not help my blog.
The British National Party is a legitimate political party, and has every right to appear on Question Time, and to air their belief's and policies. Whether you agree with them or not.
If the British National Party cannot appear, then no party can. However, what makes the British National Party completely legitimate, is it has two(2) elected MEP's and lot's of Councillor's. If this is not fascism at play by MP's of Liebore, then I don't know what is!
To all those standing outside the BBC with their posters demanding No racism etc Listen UP! Millions of us here in this country have had enough immigration and are tired of the way our own culture is at the bottom of the pile. You can shout and scream as much as you like now but it wont be anything like as loud as you will be screaming when Islam forces you to accept that way of life.

And the odious pig in the trough Hain, not content with his intrepid services to himself, his tan, Wales and Southern Africa applies himself to his limits once again and once again shows himself as a dim, narrow minded bigot. In his TV interview last night he kept referring to the BBC invitation to the"fascist" BNP( he seems strangely obsessed with fascism) seemingly unaware that it was not an invitation to the BNP but simply one to, love him or loathe him, a person in the public eye. However loathsome 'the slug' Griffin may be, in a pluralist society which enshrines the right of free speech, he should be heard.
To rule otherwise would immediately destroy any political credibility the BBC has, and demonstrate that freedom of speech in this country is a thing of the past. And the odious Hain and his fascistic control-freak friends will be recognised as the ones who destroyed it.

Yellow streak Gordo has only "50 days to save the world"

Now we know for sure it's all lies, because yellow streak Brown has told us it is true.
If we only have 50 days to save the planet, starting today, can we hope that after seven weeks they will stop trying to shove 'gullible warming' down our throats?
Our strutting traitor of a prime minister is urging the world leaders to sign the UN treaty on climate change in December, known by some as the son of Kyoto. Well perhaps some might be less enthusiastic in signing away their constitutional rights than yellow streak Brown who has happily given most of our parliament's powers to the EU by signing the Lisbon Treaty.
The UN treaty, insists on the developed countries paying their 'climate debt' in cash to undeveloped states. What is more it will be governed by some sort of UN or world power. In other words it is the old communist redistribution of wealth, so we know where the pinkies and reds went after 1989. To Greenpeace and other eco-extremist organisations.
So look forward to higher taxes, higher energy bills and more unemployment, all based on suspect computer models that were unable to forecast the current decal cooling phase, and fraudulent research by a handful of taxpayer funded paleo-climatologists.
Also yellow streak Brown's defence of the stunt by President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives shows either complete ignorance of the matter or gross deceit. This fraud has been exposed ages ago in great detail. The sea levels are rising in the Maldives, not falling. The under water meeting was just a crooked stunt to get money from the West.
Remember the Ice Age predictions of the seventies! And how could we forget the Millennium Bug as we awaited the midnight hour on the 31st December and the end of civilisation as we new it!
We should beware of all experts, for and against, they have let us down too many times, just give us a balanced view so we can decide if we are being ripped off or not!

Sunday, 18 October 2009


The Centre for Policy Studies said the figure now stands at over £2.2trillion – not £805billion as the Treasury claims. Lets at least be honest its 2.2 TRILLION and that fails to take into account how vastly inflated and skewed asset values are. For example the housing stock being over 5 times average wage when it should be 3.
Its not the debt that's going to be the immediate problem, its the repayment of the debt. We are going to be paying at least 2% of our GDP every year just to service the debt, and it will probably be more like 5%, that level of money export will guarantee us to stagflation.
Jobs were created, great propaganda produced. The truth is there were three people, full time, doing a job one person could fulfill in a normal working week. It's being going on for years.
This problem is truly scary as public spending gets cut, the impact will be all the way through the private sector, which will lose income for goods and services that it currently delivers to the public sector.
Call the election and get out, pity for the people following to pick up the pieces. We have been let down badly, by the Liebore party and they had the cheek to trump up the success!

Yellow streak Gordon Brown has been nothing short of a disaster for this country, his handling of any problem has been indecisive, and too late.

The list of disasters on yellow streak Brown's watch grows ever longer. Military procurement, Defra incompetence and yet, each successive billion has less impact upon us than the last. Any one of a dozen from an even longer list would have brought ministerial resignations and even brought the government down in that time, not so long ago, when there was honour still in politics. We have a former home secretary who "wrongly"submitted claims for more than £100,000 and yet not only is she not being asked to repay but there is talk of her ennoblement. If this comes to pass then contempt for the body politic will become absolute.
Our Country longs for a moderate, modest centre-right administration to demolish all this pc nonsense, to return responsibility to the individual and to try to end at last the most damaging period of UK government in living memory. Forget yellow streak Brown and Liebore.
Here we have a government seemingly ignoring the plight we are in so as to maximise its electoral advantage. One also wonders if yellow streak Brown has been promised a nice fat EU position by helping to ensure Bliar's Presidency - lets hope he shafts you on this promise as well yellow streak Gordon.
Yellow streak Brown is the most singularly unsuited individual to hold the office of Prime Minister in memory. It is appalling that, facing the most terrible social and economic challenges in decades, we are condemned to months of paralysis as he waits in hope that something will come about to salvage his reputation: nothing more.
There is one way only that he could show himself worthy of respect: that is to act to bring forward the inevitable change of government to allow the work of recovery to get started. You know what is needed yellow streak Gordon - do the right thing and put your country first and call a general election.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Alan Johnson and his filthy communist cohorts would be very happy to ban all opposition.

Alan Johnson should ask himself why the BNP has gone from having 1 local councillor when Labour came to power in 1997 to having over 100 today, plus 2 MEPs and a London assembly member - and nearly 1 million voters nationally. Could any of Liebore's policies have something to do with it, I wonder?
Like it or not, the BNP and its despicable views have been recently endorsed by the best part of a million voters. It's no good Mr Johnson trying to muzzle the BNP; censorship just plays into their hands. The right to free speech, providing that speech is within the law, is not reserved exclusively for those we agree with. I have no time for the ultra-left BNP, but there is irony when a Home Secretary achieves his position by re-interpreting the meaning of democracy to suit his own ideology and agenda, then condemns others for doing the same is a bit rich.
I hope the other parties will be intelligent about debating them. Mostly people who say they want to challenge them act so hysterically self-righteous that the BNP are allowed to come across as the reasonable ones. It's when they're given sensible questions about their policies that they tend to struggle. "What exactly will you do if minorities don't want to be voluntarily repatriated?" for example.
The BNP is a bit like a broken clock that is showing the correct time by accident rather than because it is working. Yes mass immigration and multiculturalism are disastrous policies but that does not mean Nick Griffin is a right-minded person or has the solutions.

Friday, 16 October 2009

“People can not revolt against something if they do not know it is happening”

Isn't it ironic that the Saudis are behind this Islamification of Western Civilization using their oil revenues because the Western Countries and in particular the USA is prevented by the environmental wackos from becoming energy independent by oil drilling restrictions. Our government is complicit in this act of cultural genocide and have caused us fear and trepidation. Follow the money, follow the money. Time to throw them out and disinfect 10 Downing Street now.
"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty". Thomas Jefferson.
I first felt outraged when I read that "Benita Ferrero Waldner and her kind are using the last war to justify surrendering Europe to Islam". Because as an example Germany is forced into taking so many Turks and other asylum seekers just because of this the average German is still fearful of saying anything about this in public in a pacifist nation, but is less than happy with their erosion of traditional life and values in private. Now interchange Germany with the United Kingdom, it is much the same.
The Barcelona Declaration was like a mini-Lisbon Treaty - no-one was invited to vote on it and yet we find that we have agreed "to establish a comprehensive partnership among the participants of the Euro - Mediterranean partnership through strengthened political dialogue on a regular basis, the development of economic and financial cooperation and greater emphasis on the social, cultural and human dimension, these being the three aspects of the EuroMediterranean partnership". Maybe, but when were we told, let alone asked?
But then I felt distinctly uneasy as it gets even worse - if the Barcelona Agreement of 1995 (over 14 year ago and effective in 2010) has been signed off behind our backs - I had never heard of this treaty before! Are we in store for major headlines next year, I think so?
We are being effectively sold off to the East, politically, economically and culturally Professor Anthony Glees revealed that eight universities — including Oxford and Cambridge — have received over £233.5 million from Saudi sources since 1995.
Just take a train to Oxford and the first huge building you will see is not a dreaming spire but the new Oxford Said Business School ("Said" in massive inscription), built as part of the University of Oxford by the Saudis, as proof of this is a real eyesore.

Why is Mandelson the business secretary for this country not getting involved?

Who's to blame for this mess? The Government? The RM management? The workforce? Or the Unions?
This strike will run on and on.

The CWU's objective ("We don't like what you're doing. Stop") is too vague to have any chance of success.
The union will end up broken and their members will have lost money to no purpose.
Surely in situations like this, in an industry vital to the wider economy, the Government should be able to force the two parties to independent binding arbitration?
It's hard to judge any side without the full changes in conditions being published by RM and the Unions objections published. The world currently sees either a disruptive management or a Union operating the same policies as the current Government - Scorched Earth.
The Management should be acting for the long term planning and survival of the company. The Unions are their to ensure members terms and conditions are not too greatly affected.
What I currently see is a Union trying to block changes to modernise an archaic company that need to change to make profits for the taxpayer. Standards have affected the public over the years with the postal service degrading badly.
Postal workers, whoever is at fault - management or unions - your actions will put you on the dole queue as your business goes down the pan. It would take one player to branch out and take your business away. When you apply for jobs, would a new company take you on when they saw you worked for the post office (knowing the staff helped destroy the company)....I would not.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has backed his old chum Tony Blair for President of Europe in an open letter to Il Foglio....

Why the hell should I stop hating this man who has lied to this country from the days before he came to power? Whiter than white, education, education, education!

This is a man who has over seen the dismantling of democracy in this country, under his leadership he has sold us into a war we should have had no part in, he has sold us down the river, sold off our gold reserves to prop up the Euro and gain favour in Europe. And all the time him and that vile creature he calls a wife have been pocketing public money, amassing a private fortune and colluding with his mates in Brussels to make him EU president. Mr Bliar corrupted the political processes and long established institution. His spin 24/7, eye catching initiative each day, five elective wars, misleading of the Parliament, botching of the Peerages for money, abandoning promised EU referendum to name but a few of his misdemeanour ruined our country and trust in our cherished institutions.
He is repugnant, he has no redeeming qualities, the fact that he crawls over the earth proves to me their is no god because a god could not allow an abomination like Bliar to exist.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

"Jacqui Smith's career facing ruin after devastating expenses verdict" - Good!

The Liebore Party claims to be of, and for, the working masses.
The sums involved for just one MP are beyond the dreams of avarice for millions of loyal Liebore Party supporters.

"Jack boot Jacqui Smith has claimed at least £116,000 in second-home allowances over the period examined"
Considering what you have claimed in expenses for a second home Ms Smith, there are millions in this country who simply cannot buy a house for that amount of money.
Most importantly, for the vast majority of people, that £116,000 would equate to a mortgage that would take a lifetime of hard work to repay.
I find this so disgusting from a socialist party that is supposed to represent the hard working people of this country. You have clearly chosen to act like a greedy capitalist and place your huge snout in the trough along with the other swine's and take money from the very people you are supposed to be representing.
An apology will not be enough, your resignation will be! After that you may trot back to Redditch and enjoy a lifetime of disgrace from political life.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Prosecute the whole greedy lot. Including yellow streak Brown and Bliar. Oh sorry I forgot, some how the paperwork for Bliar's claims have been lost.

An MP is supposed to be a public servant. Therefore their expenses should always be reasonable. That is the criterion Legg is applying. It is quite right to apply that rule over the period of the current parliament. Personally I am not concerned about these odd retrospective sums, I would like to see prosecutions for cases of fraud and if any MP is found to have gained material benefit from their activities such as the procurement of property and profit associated with house flipping, that these proceeds be confiscated, they should be dismissed and subject to criminal prosecution. The work of an MP should always seen as public service. Therefore there should be no room for careerists.
If these people .... no matter what party ... can't be honest and straight forward about their expenses - why on earth are we trusting them to manage this country's affairs in this 'global' environment they've dragged us into.
It seems to me it's time for a dramatic overhaul how our affairs are run, and a system of accountability to the people of this nation ......... what say you! And I dread to think what we are in for if the other 'self-indulgent twister' Bliar takes up the baton in Europe.
George Orwell sums this nicely up: "All Animals are equal but some are more equal than others"
So how about a new rule for the next election:
Anyone who wants to stand as a parliamentary candidate should be debarred from standing by virtue of the fact they want to be an MP.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Why am I not surprised that the thieving scum are crying 'foul'. I think we've already established that, just because the rules allowed it, MPs didn't

And so it goes on. These MPs who are refusing to pay money back are not only arrogant but lacking in morals. In my view the majority of the claims we have read about were never within the original guideline anyway. As such, their actions amount to a criminal deception.
The guidelines stated that that they could only claim costs that were wholly and necessary for them to do their job. How can televisions that cost thousands of pounds instead of a few hundred qualify? Since when could an MP not do their job without having hanging baskets etc, etc? Did MPs "abide by the rules and standards" when making their claims? I think not. They deserve everything they get. "A second investigation would drag on past the general election, after which there are no mechanisms to force them to pay up."
Of course there are. A legal prosecution for fraud, as is the case for anyone defrauding the company he/she works for by submitting fraudulent expenses claims.
The "within the rules" excuse is a red herring. These "rules" were drawn up by MPs themselves and therefore constitute a conspiracy to defraud.
I have not seen the "rules" (who has, outside Parliament?) but I assume they contain some wording requiring valid expenses to be only those made entirely and necessarily in the performance of Parliamentary duties. If this is not the case, why not? And if not, making the case for conspiracy even stronger.
MPs obviously do not yet understand how arrogant and greedy they have been, or how the real world outside Westminster operates. Quote: Liebore MP John Mann said he had spoken to several colleagues who are preparing to fight. 'There are going to be some very bitter MPs who feel that Legg is being unreasonable,' he said. 'It will get messy, very messy. Some are hiring solicitors.
I have got news for you Mr Mann. There are a lot of very bitter voters, that your thieving MPs have ripped off. As taxpayers, it is our money that they have stolen, and we want it back. As for the solicitors, I hope these are not going to be claimed on expenses.

Friday, 9 October 2009

The mere presence of Bliar is an affront to all those who have served Queen and Country.

I have listened to and watched the party conference season it's made me so depressed. This wretched prime minister must call an election because surely this cannot go on until May next year when many expect the election to be called. For example, yellow streak Brown will apparently make a decision, wonder of wonders, about sending yet more soldiers to the front line in Afghanistan where, in the cap badge logo of Harry, 'we do bad things to bad people'. So, how on earth can an unelected PM legitimately take such a decision, when he might not have to suffer the consequences of his actions. Parliament must hold a debate, people must express their reasoning behind such a move, it is parliament which must decide, in the full glare of televised debate. We can't apparently be told how many helicopters we have in Afghanistan for security reasons, yet we can tell the enemy that we are sending an extra 945 of our finest troops, the finest soldiers in the world, to defeat you. On the day that we are holding a service of remembrance for the soldiers who died in the Iraq 'operation' Bliar will be at the ceremony today because he will go to confession first, because he like, like yellow streak Brown, has blood on his hands. Harsh but true. For yellow streak Brown, he seems not to understand that because of his decisions, because of his actions, their are mothers and fathers who will not be able to cradle the sons and daughters who have died because of them, directly because of them. I mean not only ours but also Iraqis, Afghans, Americans and many other nations have lost loved ones because of the politicians.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

I do not care what background or education people have as long as they are 'fit to lead'

Now some in the media are doing Labour's job for them by suggesting that the social background and alleged wealth of Messrs Cameron and Osborne render them unfit to govern.What is noteworthy, and I suppose amusing, is that these accusers are - just like Harriet Harman - pretty much as privileged and as well-off as the 'Tory toffs' whom they impugn.
On Monday night, Jeremy Paxman had a titanic clash with Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, on BBC2's Newsnight.
Mr Paxman tried to insinuate that David Cameron and Mr Johnson, who overlapped by a year at Oxford, had enjoyed immensely rarefied existences as Old Etonians and members of the Bullingdon Club while at the university.
I do not care what background or education people have as long as they are 'fit to lead' and have the best interests of the country, the voters at their heart. I do not believe that Liebore have that agenda.
This should not be about class war, but what is best for the country and why, in other words it should be explained. We should have a chance to vote on serious issues, after all we are supposed to be a democracy, although these days it is difficult to tell.
We should not be bulldozed into uncomfortable alliances or be so dependent on other nations to the detriment of our own, this is where politics in this country is falling down.
Sadly, politics has sunk to the level of attacking personally, and not the political agenda.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Equality, what equality, under Liebore that means preferential treatment,for anyone but the law abiding taxpayer.

Gipsy's and travellers are to get special favours under planning guidelines when Harriet Harman's equality law comes into force, ministers admitted yesterday.
This hideous, odious, ignorant, arrogant woman is to give Gipsy's special favours, how about finding them gainful employment so they can start paying income tax, Ni contributions, council tax, ground rent, utility bills, etc.
This government has never listened to the voting public, it is a Marxist extreme left wing government where the majority of its politicians have been members of the the communist or Marxist parties.
It is blatantly obvious to all normal thinking people that this is basically a dictatorship and it has steered this country down the road to ruin for its own left wing political ends.
Everyone should be treated the same, no favours, no special measures, no positive discrimination, as all those I have listed are discriminatory.
So if the bills about equality, let there be equality, everyone facing the same rules and restrictions without exception.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Lions led by donkeys.

Yellow streak Gordon Brown refused to send more soldiers to Afghanistan against the advice of senior military figures, the former head of the Army has said.
General Sir Richard Dannatt said he was 'disappointed' that British soldiers in Helmand province were left to fight on without reinforcements after his plea for 2,000 extra soldiers was refused.
Sir Richard's bombshell outburst will be an intense embarrassment for yellow streak Gordon Brown who has previously promised Our Boys "whatever they want".
So what, the yellow streak and his Ministers have a well earned reputation for breaking their promises, in particular when it comes to the Armed Forces.
This "Control Freak Regime" look at our brave forces as nothing more than a hindrance, same as the pensioners and sick, the only thing that matters to them is the amount of £'s they can pocket before they get thrown out of office!
How dare Postman Pat Johnson and Ainsworthless show their faces in Afghanistan like they actually care - all they have done, under the orders of Fuhrer yellow streak Brown, is smear, lie, connive and deceive. Their nothing more than traitors to the brave people of this country, they should be tried for treason; including everyone in the Liarbore party and sentenced accordingly.
Why is it that yellow streak Browns known antipathy towards the armed forces has not been explored in more depth in the media? When you see all the Communist links to and within the Liebore Party why is it that no-one in the media joins up the dots?

Monday, 5 October 2009

If you can vote no, no, no until you say yes then if you say yes, yes, yes, until you say no, should be a RIGHT.

We the people of the United Kingdom, in common with the large majority of the peoples of the EU who have been denied a referendum, are being humiliated and marginalised by a mere handful of ministers, EU commissioners and other apparatchiks across the continent. The various domestic parliaments etc. have been suborned, and the guilty men have made a preposterous attempt to cover up what they are about by the fig-leaf name 'Lisbon Treaty' for what is a thoroughgoing pan-European federalist constitution,but why take it out on the Tories?
If you remember it was that wonderful duo and con-artists Bliar and yellow streak Brown who promised us one at the last General Election.
I would have preferred a march on Downing Street as soon as we were told no to a Referendum to demand an answer from the then Prime Minister as to why they had gone back on their word and deceived the electorate.
Let the country, the voters, the democracy of this country, truly decide if we want to be a part of this type of Europe, I personally think the answer will be NO as Britain's are not sheep and will not be led by people outside of its shores, my relatives voted for a free Britain, not for a Britain run by a government in another country run by faceless people we don't know and who do not have this countries best interest at heart.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Oh my God you voted 'yes' instead of 'NO' what a mistake

You just sold your Country, your Sovereignty, and the rest of Europe to the devil. The rest of the world was counting on you.
Now that War Criminal lowlife Bliar will be appointed President of Europe - did that ever enter your minds?
You think your economy is bad now, just wait until the Globalist Agenda that Bliar and the EU represent get through with you. All that Bull shit about retaining your neutrality and ‘military’, that means absolutely nothing; they will just wait for a more pliable Irish government to take those things away as well.
I support the premise of the EU - but the Lisbon treaty is an abomination that is designed to confuse people, and one that will lead us deeper into the moral quagmire that is the mind of Tony Bliar.
You have dug Europe’s and your own grave, now your going to have to lie in it.
Good luck.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Hattie, what have you done, yet another right cock up!

A website advertising the services of prostitutes has seen its traffic skyrocket since Harriet Harman called for it to be banned. They have even sent her a letter congratulating her for mentioning PunterNet at the recent Liebore party conference last week.

Dear Mrs. Harman,

I have a few points to make regarding your recent remarks regarding my website and your fantastic demand that the Governor of California close it down.

Firstly, PunterNet is not violating any laws. If it were, then surely the many websites catering to the US prostitution scene (where sex for pay is almost completely illegal) would already have been closed down.

In the USA, there is a concept called "freedom of speech" which is considered the most important personal right guaranteed by the Constitution. It exists specifically to prevent the sort of abuse of power that you are attempting. The Governor (indeed, even the President)

PunterNet was not the first, and is certainly not the only, website in the UK with the same subject matter. Rather than creating the demand for commercial sex, sites like PunterNet are a response to that demand, which has existed since the dawn of mankind and certainly long before the advent of the Internet!

One of the missions of PunterNet is education - to provide information and guidance in hopes that the commercial sex scene is limited to consenting adults and those who choose of their own free will to engage in it.

If sites like this one did not exist, and if prostitution were outlawed, then it would effectively be handed to organised crime on a platter - just as happened with liquor during Prohibition. If, on the other hand, sex work is recognised as a legitimate, honourable profession, then there will be no market for the criminal elements, and the truly despicable aspects of the scene such as sex slavery and trafficking will die out. Surely that is a far more desirable goal than driving it back underground where it will then consist only of criminals and victims?

In closing, I would like to thank you for the huge influx of traffic to my website which your actions have caused. I am sure that the ladies who are a part of the PunterNet community thank you as well, as they will no doubt benefit financially from the many new clients who might otherwise never have found them.

Stop Blair !

Stop Blair !

Petition against the nomination of Tony Blair as "President of the European Union"

Sign the Petition!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Vote 'NO' please.

It took the Irish 300 years and countless lives to win freedom from their English oppressors. How sadly ironic would it be if they now surrender that freedom to a dictatorial, undemocratic and elitist superstate, which will come into being if they vote yes to the Lisbon treaty along with the Czechs later this year.
Given the expediency of the banking crisis and the extent to which it affects the Irish economy on cannot but wonder if it's effects were 'amplified' in order that the Eurocrats could hold exactly the loaded gun to the head of the Irish populace that establishment figures which he must surely be if he deigns to make a brief excursion into the realms of politics on behalf of the corporatist who benefit most from a political union like O'Leary of Ryan Air are wielding.
I sincerely hope that the Irish vote NO and resist the blatant blackmail of economic ruin. I for one would face penury in order to preserve my freedom if I were Irish.