Monday, 28 November 2011

Keep with plan 'A' George!

Plan A, with the full support of Mervyn King, has worked. Austerity was a necessary result of the profligracy of the Labour government. Plan A has saved us from becoming another Greece, Italy, Spain etc. We should be grateful to George Osborne for keeping our economic head above water. Our economy is failing to grow because of the Eurozone crisis and the fact they represent one of our major markets. Our leaders should ignore what we are told that the electorate think. The majority of the electorate vote for their own self-interest be they rich or poor, and not for the greater good of the whole country. The best thing the Coalition have done is to bring in a fixed term of office. They should ignore current so-called public opinion and do what is best for the economic benefit of us all.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Coopers balls!

Yvette Cooper,wife of Ed Balls,is calling on Teresa May to tell the truth makes me wonder if she could possibly recognise what is Truth if she was hit in the face with it,what a thoroughly unsavoury couple they are!
Is this the same Cooper & Balls who during the expenses saga - co habited and yet still claimed as individuals their full benefits ?
Quote from the Telegraph 22 June 2009.
The Cabinet couple designated their London house as their “second home” rather than their constituency properties, despite their three young children going to school in the capital.
While the pair’s expenses claims were lower than most of their colleagues, they each claimed around £300 a month for food.
At one point, Miss Cooper, the new Work and Pensions Secretary, and Mr Balls, the Children’s Secretary, had their expenses docked, having each submitted two monthly claims for mortgage interest for nearly twice the cost of their actual payments.
The couple denied flipping after switching their second home designation three times, saying that they had not sought to maximise their expenses and that, unlike some colleagues, they had paid capital gains tax on selling their home.
Miss Cooper, who was first elected in 1997, eight years before her husband, initially claimed on a modest house in her constituency of Castleford, West Yorkshire, where the mortgage interest payments were £530 a month. The gall of the woman to ask for the truth - it took investigative journalism to show how they conducted themselves then. Miss Cooper should just shut up her cheap politics are a disgrace to Parliament coming from a former member of a Government which lied about immigration and encouraged a record 3 million increase in the immigrant population.

She is a brazen disgrace to Parliament -Labour have nothing to say on immigration except 'sorry'!