Sunday, 31 May 2009

"Out Brown, out!"

On another day of frenzied activity at Westminster:

A national opinion poll put Liebour in third place for the first time since 1987.
kamikaze Brown promised a 'major and surgical' overhaul of the political system. A Constitutional Renewal Bill, including a legally-binding code of conduct for MP's, will be brought before Parliament in the autumn. Chancellor Alistair Darling, already facing LibDem demands to step down, was accused of claiming expenses on a flat he was letting out. David Cameron came under scrutiny for paying off a loan on his London home shortly after taking out a £350,000 taxpayer-funded mortgage on his constituency property. Michael Howard denied charging more than £ 17,000 for 'gardening services' at his second home in Kent. Veteran Labour MP Frank Cook was forced to apologise after he tried to claim back £5 donated during a church service to commemorate the Battle of Britain. The Labour plotters are putting together a plan to force kamikaze Brown out by destabilising him with a steady drip, drip of interventions, starting at a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party tonight.
kamikaze Brown must NOT be allowed to bring in a Constitutional Renewal Bill, unless he pledges that it will not become effective until the country has voted on.
The entire country cannot stand anymore bile from this man and his rotten government.
I am not happy with anything these politicians are saying now that they have all been caught out with there greed. Its time for us the ordinary working class people to rise up and run this once "Great Britain" ourselves. Over the years we have fought wars, kept the economy working and tried to be good class citizens but we have been stabbed in the back by this pariah of rabble, now is the time for a peoples "REVOLUTION" !

Friday, 29 May 2009

Every man and his dog.

This week saw the unveiling of a major speech by UK opposition leader, conservative David Cameron, on proposed electoral reform to protect voters coming in the wake of the seemingly never ending stream of stories revealed in the media about members of parliament abusing taxpayer’s money to pad their expenses.
It was a predictable political path to tread.
Politicians ripping off the taxpayer was always going to be a red hot issue especially in the midst of a recession, and the across the board feeling of anger amongst the voters was inevitably ripe for both political main parties to opportunistically try to capitalise upon.
David Cameron appears to be leading the way on this so far although it would surely be difficult for the governing Labour Party under Prime Minister Gordon Brown to do, as the incumbent party who have been in power for the last three elections in a row.
Suddenly every man and his dog, who wants to seek public office, is peddling the ticket of how they are the ones who are going to right all the long-standing wrongs and injustices within the system.
In truth, virtually no one banging his drum in the UK right now is offering the public very much real change at all. Even more strange again is that the version of this that David Cameron wants the public to buy into is in reality little more than the same message of smaller government/more local and individual authority that conservatives have always put forward for decades. His conservative cohorts in the US right now are using exactly the same philosophy to try to derail Barack Obama, even though with his 65% approval rating in the polls there it seems to be gaining little traction so far.
Notwithstanding that, the con behind Cameron’s rhetoric of supposed electoral reform lies in the unpleasant reality that historically less government, with ensuing greater power for the individual (in theory at least), commonly translates into the little more than whatever power the government gives up then being shipped directly into the hands of yet another powerful minority – only this time it’s the wealthy, equally elite classes, who under no circumstances are ever going to mirror the needs of ordinary individuals or local communities around the country.
Even if we assume that he is right and what the left have created in Britain is a power grab for a centralised government run by the elite few, then we surely should also suspect that what he is offering in it’s place is little more than the very same thing only this time with the power shifting into the hands of his cronies instead of theirs. For their part, the left under Gordon Brown and the Labour Party appear to be offering even less with so far no more than vague promises to change things and listen to anyone who can help.Where exactly then is this real change going to come from that will put power back into the hands of ordinary folks? It seems that only the relatively small third-wheel in British politics offers an answer to this, with the Liberal Party once again proposing that a fundamental change away from the long enshrined first past the post voting method over to proportional representation system could actually bring this about. As a voting system already in use widely within the European Union, it appears to be the only real tangible alternative anyone has put on the table so far. And with governments often being formed in the UK with as little as 20-30% of the vote cast, then it seems like potentially a real step forward. Astonishingly enough though, when confronted about supporting the introduction of proportional representation into Britain, David Cameron immediately shot it down and made it clear that the Conservative Party would never support this. Little wonder indeed! There’s nothing like a bit of electoral reform just as long as long as we don’t actually put too much power in the hands of the people. Cameron’s bright new era of change to give everyone more say is ultimately little more than telling the voters that they can choose any colour they wish as long as it’s blue.The saddest part of this of course is that the one political party who is actually proposing any real change is the one with the least support amongst the British electorate. In their anger at the large sums of money their elected officials have essentially picked from their pockets dishonestly with every imaginable bogus expense claim every thought up, the voters are seemingly paying the least attention to the one group there who could actually help them make sure this does not happen again. To resolve this, the issue of how people vote in the UK and have their voices heard has to become a non-party issue completely, much akin to how the Green issue did with the environment. That will help add weight and credence to it as something that the public will not simply sweep under the carpet merely because it will never happen anyway due to being pushed by a party no one will ever put it in power. Outside of that however the ball is very much in their court. The British public can get mad now and do little about it ultimately or they can get mad now and put that entirely understandable feeling of resentment to good use by supporting a change in the way things get done that has probably been long overdue anyway.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Humilation for a proud United.

A superb Barcelona performance tonight proved to be a humilation for the English champions. Only for the first nine minutes did United perform with superiority but then on ten minutes and the first Barcelona attack they scored and that was that. From then on it was all Barca.
One night, one knight, another crusade across Europe at an end. A frustrated end this time but keep smiling, Sir Alex. There are more and better nights to come next season.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Reform becomes the flavour of the month.

A new politics: We need a massive, radical redistribution of power

Adding his voice to the Guardian debate, the Conservative leader argues today that public fury at the MP's expenses scandal points to deep problems in the British political system, and calls for restoring local control in the spirit of glasnost.

Even as a conservative, I have my doubts about how much power any government ever gives away - but I agree 100% with his analysis of the problem.
But I don't underestimate how radical some of these changes could be, or how hard he will be pushed from within his own party.
For example, freeing schools from central control will benefit us all in the long run, but in the short term some schools will become even more of a sink. Similarly, when a Tory talks about personal responsibility, it means taking away benefits from people who won't look for work.Yes we are oppressed by petty bureaucracy, but that is partly our own fault, as we expect the state to solve all our problems.
I like Mr. Cameron's thinking but when he's ironed out the kinks of how these things will be done what we the people would like to see is a hand written letter from Mr Cameron signed and dated with all of his election manifesto promises.

At one o'clock there was Jack in the box Straw telling all on radio 4's World At One programme how he supports fixed term parliaments but what Jack Straw needs to recognise that we, the electorate, are all set to use our people power and boot out the current government. Including Jack Straw.
Just as Ken Livingstone ended his last days preaching to an ever wider audience; fewer and fewer of them were listening.
Does Jack Straw not realise it's too little and too late from the party who promised root and branch reform thirteen years ago and then sat on their hands - this is such an easy one for Cameron to defeat.
In the name of God, go.
Call an election you cowards.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Good news, two more leeches out.

"Sir Nicholas and Lady Winterton said they could no longer 'maintain the hectic pace' of political life and wanted to step down in order to spend more time with their family." ...AND our MONEY!
The old saying 'rats leaving sinking ship' seem to apply here, the soon they go the better why wait until the next election, a resignation today from them both would be acceptable and welcomed.
Cameron must act decisively now, not only to sack all offending MP's but to insist on the return of all monies.
If Cameron and the Tories wish to retain public confidence he needs to act now, otherwise a golden opportunity will be missed. Everybody is watching you Dave!
Now let's have resignations or sackings from the Liebour lot.
The Brown Balls, Blears, Smith, McNulty, Hoon, Purnell, Darling (the Chancellor who cannot fill in a tax return and passes the accountant's bill to the taxpayer) all spring very quickly to mind. I think that its time for a general election don't you?

We need an election and now , this corrupt bunch of fiddlers need to be kicked out.

This doesn't get any easier, almost every day another story about blatant abuse of trust, a system to assist them and constant lies. It shows that few if any in the whole of the House of Commons are worthy as MP's, if they weren't in on the scams, then they at least must have known what was going on.
There is no excuse for not holding an election as soon as possible, even Balls and Cooper are up to their necks in it, so come on Brown enough is enough, we have suffered long enough under your misrule, give us the election we want and demand now, you coward.
The only possible recourse is to suspend parliament immediately, those MP's who are not being investigated could not possibly carry out their duties in any case, the electorate have had enough, also the fact that since having been unmasked as the scoundrels that the majority of them undoubtedly are, they appear to be incapable of stringing a sentence together,obviously preoccupied with the repercussions that their utter greed will have on them personally.
The complete lack of moral fibre being shown by these miscreants, makes one wonder how they were elected in the first place.

But what is more worrying than the travel expenses scam is the fact that our dumbledorf Chancellor has claimed on expenses for an accountant to do his tax returns! So the Chancellor cannot even do a tax return yet is in charge of the countries purse strings managing billions of pounds; my mind boggles!
I have never understood why somebody who has no financial skills, experience or talent is given the job in charge of finance for the country. He was given this job simply because he is a yes man for Brown.
The same goes for Defence and Home secretary posts. Why do they not employ somebody who has the skills needed to do these very important jobs and not to career politicians who in most cases have never had a proper job in their lives.
I think the whole process needs to be overhauled from top to bottom!
Come on Brown and call a general election.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Wick is the real man of destiny.

The man behind the sale of MP's expenses claims broke his silence last night to reveal he wanted to expose the system to its 'rotten core'. John Wick, a former SAS officer, said he was proud of his role as a whistleblower.
Apart from politicians who have blatantly abused the system, how on earth can anyone not be pleased with the efforts of Mr. Wick.
No matter how he obtained the information a sin is a sin and the guilty Members of Parliament should be punished more severely than so called tax cheats who merely endeavour to hold on to money they've earned, unlike MP's filching money they haven't earned.
Good on you Mr Wick, you have quite rightly exposed certain MP's and the cosy club they belong to which ever party they belong to as a thieves and liars with a selfishness beyond belief for those in public office.
We always suspected that the Commons was a self regulated club with no accountability to the public and you have proven us correct.
What right do these MP's have to squander our hard earned money on their 2nd homes,apartments etc etc...Let's get one thing straight,they have claimed allowances from public money for their second homes,duck houses,new kitchens and whatever else they wanted all at tax payers expense...Mr Wick deserves a medal for his expose of their greed.
This Parliament is no better than the most corrupt regimes in Asia, Africa and S America. Perhaps this will change but not under a Liebour administration - they are just old fashioned Socialists who just want our money and I doubt this will change.
Brown call an election now.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

We need an election

We Need an Election

Created by Hugh Fletcher on 14/05/2009

Click to enlarge Category: Politics
Region: All
Target: The House of Commons

This petition has been created by Hugh Fletcher of Woodbridge in Suffolk; he is a very ordinary member of the public who works as an IT consultant.
Like millions of other UK citizens he is angered by the way that Members of Parliament have been abusing the House of Commons expenses system.

The petition is designed to achieve five objectives:

1. To challenge MPs to respond to their wrong doings to an extent that has hitherto been noticeable only by its absence.
2. To give the public an opportunity to see how each MP rises to that challenge.
3. To give the public the opportunity to pass judgement at the ballot box.
4. To re-enable the authority of the House of Commons and allow the work of government to proceed.
5. To ensure that the redrafted expenses policy is not written by those who abused the original policy.

The petition does not pardon MPs for their misdeeds or remove the need for a radical overhaul of the parliamentary expenses system. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs must continue to investigate any suspected tax evasion and the Police must continue to investigate any suspected criminal offences. Any tax evasion that has occurred or crime that has been committed must be prosecuted and punished just as it would for any member of the public.

“We the people call on all Members of Parliament to immediately place the follow motion before the House of Commons and to vote in favour of the motion.

“This house recognises that through the greed of some of its own MPs in using public funds for their own personal benefit; it has lost the trust and support of the electorate and consequently its moral authority to govern. In order to re-establish the authority of this House the Prime Minister should immediately ask Her Majesty the Queen to dissolve Parliament so that a General Election can be held.

Please support this call by voting at

United we stand and proud to be Champions.

WHAT a day for United to fail to score at home in the league for the first time this season.
What a day for great talents like Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez to fail to sparkle.And what a day for the title race, after the greatest Premier League season ever, to end in something of an anti-climax at 0-0. But none of that could prevent United deservedly clinching a record-equalling 18 league titles.
The Champions League finalists secured the point they needed to match Liverpool’s title record and win their 11th Premier League crown – and third in succession.
But we will have to wait until Wednesday the 27th of May to see the result of the Champions league final against Barcelona to call this side the GREATEST side of all time.

Friday, 15 May 2009

What is the next stop for these professional swindlers?

The MP's should consider themselves lucky.
The French guillotined their corrupt leader.

The display by Becket on Question Time and the interviews with Malik show the sheer arrogance of these vermin. They can't (or won't) see that they have done anything wrong.
Malik is the "justice minister" yet has deliberately and knowingly fiddled his expenses. Stolen from taxpayer.
Where is the justice when this justice minister is allowed to pretend a rented property in Dewsbury is his main home. We the taxpayer are paying for him to buy his property. This is disgusting exploitation!
In my view Mr Malik should have been required to produce his rent book for the Dewsbury property and refunded only the rent paid.
And he's the Justice Minister - unbelievable! Every MP seems to mitigate this as a mistake but if they're making such trivial mistakes such as this, how well are they doing their day job?
And of Andrew MacKay peering out of a door, surely it should be a prison cell door!
Time for a general election.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Paying for 'Baby Mac'

Only yesterday, Mr MacKay declared to his local paper that he had nothing to fear over the row because all his claims in the past four years had been reasonable.
He thinks it is reasonable that I should pay for their two mortgages from the tax on my hard earned salary, give us a break.
I also notice he qualifies it by saying this applies to his expenses for the last four years, why not for ALL his claims! Isn't MacKay's wife as guilty as he? I know it's good practice to put a bit one one side for the baby, but surely one should use one's own cash.
It is now becoming blatantly obvious that a vast number of MP's from all parties, have been making over inflated, and in some cases, fraudulent claims. They are a disgrace to the Nation and every penny that they have dishonestly claimed, should be repaid immediately. Those guilty of any criminal offence and it appears obvious that there are some, should have the Whip withdrawn without delay and have their activities investigated. I suppose it would be too much to expect them to do the honourable thing and resign.

'sloppy accounting'!

A former minister was suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party today after claiming £16,000 in taxpayers' money for a non-existent mortgage.

Gordon Brown said Elliot Morley was being suspended because of the 'serious' allegations made against him.
A "mistake" that continued for 20 months?
At best, I assume one of Morley's staff actually fills in the claim for him, he signs it, and he has a very lax approach to checking his expense claims. Not the attitude of a responsible MP.
At worst, it is appropriate to ask the question - if the Telegraph had not started publishing these details, would Morley have paid anything back?
If the government had succeeded in blocking such information being available to the public then how long would these individuals have continued to 'forget' that their mortgages were in fact paid.

The continuing excuses from our so called Honourable members only shows how incompetent and indeed fraudulent they have been. If they are unable to take an honest and creditable control of their own personal expenses and lifestyles then how on earth can we expect them to look after our country.
It seems that the crime is in 'getting caught'. How on earth these scumbags can hold surgeries for their constituents and offer advice is beyond me.
The entire system is rotten to the core and now it is pitiful to watch the rats leaving their sinking ships with every excuse under the sun.

Call an election now.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Time for the MP's to smash this rotten egg.

Reports that Commons Speaker Michael Martin is resisting calls to resign because his friends say he will lose a £100,000 'golden goodbye' if he quits before the next election, just about sums everything up about this inept Speaker.
Come on you cowards in parliament and do something about it, surely it is very simple; just call for a motion of no confidence and he will go.
Martin, who has been a disastrous Speaker of the Commons, was a political appointment by Blair who ignored the convention that the Speaker appointed in 1997 should be a Tory MP.
As Speaker, Martin is charged with maintaining the integrity of Parliament. During his tenure, Martin may inadvertantly have stumbled over truth, honesty and integrity but mostly he has picked himself up and hurried off as if nothing had ever happened.
It is no accident that the period in which he has presided over Parliament has been one of the most squalid periods in the history of that institution.
Clearly Martin enjoys having his snout in the same trough as other MPs and he intends to keep it there as long as possible and Parliament and the public can go hang.

Keep digging the green shoots are there.

The Bank of England shattered Alistair Darling's Budget forecasts today as it predicted the economy will shrink by 4.5 per cent this year. Stamping on recent talk of 'green shoots', Governor Mervyn King also warned there was only a 50/50 chance of growth returning by the middle of next year. Even that timing was 'highly uncertain' because it was impossible to predict when the recovery would start and how sustainable it might be, he said.

Honestly, the furor surrounding MPs expenses pales into insignificance when the real Labour confidence trick is exposed.
Their budget performance was an exercise of smoke and mirrors - in other words outright lies and subterfuge - and they are still trying to fool the public by suggesting that the economy shows real signs of recovery.
So, Supermarkets are showing increased profits. Well, they will. People are eating 'in' rather than 'out', and cheap clothing makes more sense for the moment. Look in the shopping malls and see just how many customers are NOT there.
The housing market is picking up. Look how far house prices have fallen! some improvement is inevitable.
But, manufacturing Industry is almost at a standstill.
Unemployment seems set to break records.
The pound is very weak. Saving levels are at rock bottom
House repossessions are soaring. Lending is at best sluggish.
June is coming and it will be time to send Brown and his Liebour government a message. VOTE LABOUR OUT!

Payback time

By a real crook.

Amazing how focused, determined and honest these MPs can be when they've been caught with their hands in the till. If the public fiddled their expenses at work, they would get a warning then a sacking.
Brown is a joke. I'm surprised he and Hazel Blears didn't rattle out the usual line of 'today we are announcing a new initiative'.... probably would have gone something like this... 'we are going to spend all that hard earned tax that we've raised through various stealth taxes on the public, which has been especially tough in these hard times'... the British public cutting back and therefore reducing tax revenues... 'but fortunately, we, the government can confirm to you, the public, that we are still in a better position than when we came to power in 1997, and therefore we can managing to keep lavishing ourselves to the custom we've now become accustomed too.
In the biggest repayment since the Commons allowances scandal broke, Health Minister Phil Hope announced he was handing over £41,000 claimed for renovating a flat in London.Cabinet ministers were under intense pressure to follow suit as former minister Hilary Armstrong pledged to pay back “tacky” food bills and backbencher Mark Lazarowicz repaid legal costs.

Payback league table so far!

Phil Hope (Lab) £41,709 decorations
Margaret Moran (Lab) £22,500 dry rot treatment
Hazel Blears (Lab) £13,332 capital gains tax
Michael Gove (Tory) £7,000 furniture
Ronnie Campbell (Lab) £6000 for furniture
Alan Duncan (Tory) £5,000 for gardening
Andrew Lansley (Tory) £2 600 decorations
Mark Lazarowicz (Lab) £2,675 legal and professional fees
Oliver Letwin (Tory) £2,145 for pipes repaired under his tennis court.
David Cameron (Tory) £680 bill for removing wisteria
George Osborne (Tory) £440 chauffeur ride
David Willetts (Tory) £135 lightbulbs
Cheryl Gillan (Tory) £4.47 cat food
James Arbuthot (Tory) undisclosed sum on cleaning swimming pool
Michael Ancram (Tory) £100 on swimming pool boiler repair
Stewart Jackson (Tory) £304.10 on swimming pool work

Monday, 11 May 2009

David please get them out for the sake of this country.

If David Cameron wants to have any chance of winning the next election he must eradicate the parasites and leeches from his own party immediately. I hope he personally has nothing to hide if so come clean now.
Just when it looked like the next General Election would be an open goal for the Conservatives, this goes and happens. It's bad enough that these Toffs have forced us to pay for their moats, helipads and chandeliers, but I doubt anyone who owns those things has much in common with Joe Public.
This just re-inforces how out-of-touch these people are, in so many ways.
These greedy swines may well have doomed us to another 5 years of the catastrophe that is Gordon Brown and Liebour.
I'm a card-carrying member of the Conservative Party, but I will be looking very hard at what David Cameron does over the rest of this week before making my decision to vote Conservative or UKIP at the European elections.

Lets lock up the speaker!

Commons Speaker 'gorbals' Mick Martin launched an astonishing personal attack on two MPs today as the row over Parliamentary expenses continued to escalate.
Given his record on expenses, how on earth has the Speaker the temerity to lecture MPs, in particular Norman Baker and Kate Hoey? Hearing Kate Hoey on PM this evening I can only agree with her - bring back Betty Boothroyd! Miss Boothroyd, and her predecessors, George Thomas and Benard Wetherill upheld the dignity and impartiality of the office of Speaker.
I have nothing but contempt for the current incumbent.
These people just make me so sick, I cannot begin to express the level of utter contempt I feel for them and the fact that the Labour party is telling the greedy lot that they have done nothing wrong!
Children as young as ten are expected to know the difference between right and wrong, so why not our politicians? Looking forward to anyone stupid enough to canvass me before the local elections, and I know I'm not the only one!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Major Phil Packer

Major Phil Packer at the finishing line completes the London marathon 13 days after he started the 26.2-mile course.

Your achievement will serve as an inspiration to countless people facing seemingly overwhelming challenges. Every painful step you took was an example that showed how the human spirit can rise above the most terrible personal tragedy, and that we can all be more than we believe.

Well done Sir, truly fantastic.

Visit his web site at and give a donation to help all injured service personnel and disabled people from the wider community.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Moral expenses

It doesn't matter if your Liebour, Tory, Liberal or Independent as far as I'm concerned you just don't get it, do you?

With the occasional honorable exception, they've all been eating our tax money, claiming they were within the rules they made themselves in order to fleece the decent, hardworking people of Britain.
Any MP with a conscience, or a modicum of common sense, or a rudimentary "moral compass" would have known that what he or she was doing was greedy, self-serving, shameful, and demeaning.
They should be made to pay the money back.
Almost every MP has been shamed and humiliated by this scandal.
Surely the primary residence of an MP has to be in their constituency in order for them to be eligible to represent the people of the constituency in Parliament.
All those that have moved their second residence expenses claims to their constituency homes should be immediately removed from their seats as they no longer meet the criteria necessary to be a representative MP.
This Liebour government is the most intrusive government ever, spying and prying into every citizen's life and yet wanted total secrecy about their expenses.
They purport to take the moral high ground with their Human Rights Act, yet it is now abundantly clear they are morally bankrupt. They have left the country financially bankrupt and their personal greed knows no bounds.
One solution to the second home problem - build a block of 'grace and favour' flats near the Houses of Parliament.
I don't want any apologies or resignations. I just want Brown to call an election NOW.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Gordon Brown will do the right thing by Gurkhas, says Joanna Lumley

Oh poor Joanna I hope your not fooled!

Joanna Lumley said: “He promised he would do all he can . . . I do trust the Prime Minister. I know him very slightly personally and I find him to be a man of integrity.

When Brown took control of the countries finances we had:-
A decent private sector pension schemes, now gone.
A stable housing market, now gone.
Reasonable food prices, now gone.
Reasonable fuel prices, now gone.
Reasonable energy prices, now gone.
Reasonable interest paid on savings, now gone.
A country that felt comfortable to live in, now gone.
And many many more.
He has steered UK PLC into bankruptcy and almost destroyed our civilisation. We can, should and we have a duty to sack him and his kind even though he was not voted in by the people.
How on earth can she say he is a man of integrity, when he will not apologise for taking this country down the pan; after all integrity means being HONEST which Brown is not.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

European Union wants to control the Internet!

Vote in the European Parliament on May 5, 2009

Do not let the European Parliament close the Internet ... It will not come back!

Act now!

Access to the Internet is not unconditional all those who have a website, a blog as well as those who use Google or Skype, all those who like to express their views freely, investigating in a way understood to be for personal issues, professional or academic, all that shopping online, making online friends, listening to music or watching videos ...

Millions of Europeans depend on the Internet either directly or indirectly as part of their lifestyle. To take it away, to limit it, to restrict it or to condition it will have a direct impact on what we do. And if a small business depends on the Internet to survive, making it inaccessible in a period of crisis in which we can survive cannot be good.

Therefore we know the Internet is threatened with extinction by the new laws that the European Union wants to propose at the end of April. Secondly, under these laws, service providers, that is companies that provide us with the Internet, PT, Zon, Clix and many others, will be able to legally limit the number of websites we visit, besides being able to limit the use or subscription for any services that we want from any site.

If we do nothing we will almost certainly lose our freedom and the free use of the Internet.

The proposal in the European Parliament risks our future because it is about to become a law, a law almost impossible to reverse.

Many people, including deputies of the European Parliament who will vote positively, do not have the least idea of what this can mean, or do not notice the brutal implications that these laws will have on the economy, society and freedom. These measures are wrapped up in a thing called "Packet of Telecom's" disguising these laws as something that is only relative to the telecommunications industry.

But in truth, it is not only all about the passing of laws on the future use of the Internet. Freedom is being deleted from the map.

In these proposed laws, there are included rules that oblige the Telecoms to inform citizens of the conditions in which access to the Internet is supplied. It seems to be a good thing, in the name of transparency, but it is just a diversion to be able to say that they can limit our freedom of access to the Internet, that they will only inform us of that.

The future of the Internet is in play and we need to act in order to save it.

Tell the European Parliament that you would not like these alterations to be voted on.

Remember that the European elections are in June and that the Internet still gives us some freedom so that we can observe and judge their actions in the Parliament.

Know that you are not alone in this fight ... As you read this, hundreds and hundreds of other organizations are working to ensure that this message reaches the right people. Thousands of people are also contacting their members in this direction. Help yourself to it exactly, collaborate and do what you can for this cause ...

The Internet is as much yours as it is theirs ...

Spread this message as much as possible...

You also can write to your deputies...

These are our deputies in the European Parliament:

Axe Brown

The Drowning street petition now stands at 52000 and still rising.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Don't believe my smiling face.

Evil is everywhere - What was once considered Right is now wrong and what was Wrong is now right. kamikaze Brown along with all in the Obama ring are nothing but EVIL on Parade.

It is raising it's hideous head everywhere and the enlighten Liberals / Socialist and Communists are just to damned stupid to realise it.
Even their way of life is endangered. But The Power of Good will destroy all of it - I can hardly wait to wave good bye as they are cast into the fiery pit of hell.
WAKE UP, ARISE! Take these agents of Satan and cast them down.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Almost breaking point for flash crash Gordon he's put in a straight jacket for the bank holiday rest.

Embattled Gordon Brown's state of mind is under further scrutiny after it was revealed that he had a tantrum during a series of tough television interviews in No10.The Prime Minister had to be calmed down by Business Secretary Mandelson after erupting in a series of off-camera clashes with broadcast journalists. Mandelson soothed a raging Brown and reassured him: 'Gordon, calm down, calm down. It's a bank holiday weekend. You can have a rest.'
Having watched Brown on 'U' tube and then his denials during these TV interviews it is evident that he has lost the plot . Does he still think that by using words as a smokescreen together with his mantras that anyone seriously takes any notice of what he says.
Brown is an evil, dishonest, dishonourable hypocrite leading a clutch of mediocre, brass-necked corrupt fools.Britain is a majorly bankrupt state that is being run along fascist lines with a huge number of its citizens contributing absolutely nothing to society. Decent, working people are over-taxed, over-policed and overwhelmed with a sense of injustice.If anyone can point out anything that Brown has achieved - apart from being a reviled, unelected PM - I would like to hear it. Go! In the name of God, go!
If ever a prime minister needed to be on suicide watch, it is Gordon Brown, he must be as near to breaking point as it is possible to be.
The next few weeks are likely to be the most intriguing weeks in many a long year with
on the charge!

Friday, 1 May 2009

New liebour 'Brown' sauce

Brown tells all MPs' This is available now so go to Boots………

Drowning street petition

The Drowning street petition now stands at 41000 and still rising.

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'Brownouts' not yet!

We’re running out of cyberspace and will all be suffering net “brownouts” in couple of years time, according to an American technology think-tank (and no, it’s nothing to do with the UK prime minister). Nemertes Research says that, because online video providers like YouTube and BBC iPlayer are taking up increasing amounts of bandwidth, we could all be facing brief periods of downtime and - ultimately - a painfully slow Internet in the future.

From the sounds of things, the predicted brownouts will start off being more of an irritation than anything, knocking us off-line for a few minutes now and again. Things start sounding apocalyptic by the time the Olympics comes to British shores, with sluggish connection speeds rendering the Internet no more than an “unreliable toy.” “Today people know how home computers slow down when the kids get back from school and start playing games, but by 2012 that traffic jam could last all day long,” said Ted Ritter, an analyst at the think-tank.

Nemertes has found some snappy statistics to back up its predictions - like the amount of traffic generated by YouTube today is the same as across the whole Internet back in 2000; BBC iPlayer is another “net bomb,” sapping up 5 per cent of all UK bandwidth. And traffic across the whole web in a month is being measured at a mind-boggling 8 exabytes - which, according to The Times newspaper, is enough to store 200,000 years of DVD-quality video. Taking into account that the University of Minnesota says web traffic is actually increasing at a rate of 60 per cent per year - and that’s not even taking into account ambitious web plans in India and China - and we are Doomed.

The bad news is that the current Global Economic Doom is only postponing the Inevitable Internet Doom. “With more people working or looking for work from home, or using their PCs more for cheap entertainment, demand could double in 2009,” Mr. Ritter says. “At best, we see the [economic] slowdown delaying the fractures for maybe a year.” Aren’t those bankers good for anything?

Nemertes report on brownouts is due before the end of 2009. By then we should know exactly how Lord Carter and his Digital Britain minions want to slow down our connections by deviously giving more UK homes broadband access. Isn’t anyone fighting the good fight? Well, engineers are attempting to create an ├╝ber-fast, post-apocalyptic-sounding parallel network called “The Grid,” while cyber-squirrels are building “caches:” private servers where in-demand content is stored locally. Perhaps we can surf easy - for now.