Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Labour in 2012 with the two eD's

The world has moved on from the 19th century and we can now all participate yet Labour is determined to do us down just to preserve its power. It should have been trying to put itself out of business instead of using every trick in the book to do the opposite.
Labour is responsible for social engineering the British out of Britain.
Labour is responsible for ethnically cleansing our communities to ensure it a voting power base - never mind the consequences - intended or otherwise on the locals.
Labour is responsible for introducing legislation (such as Equality) as to render the country and her people paralysed with enough red tape to make a person feel they are drowning, extreme fear, feeling desperate insignificance when dealing with state faceless bureaucrats and let's be blunt knowing we're just a pawns for socialists to move around at will.
Labour is responsible for introducing state thought policing taking away our freedom of speech with threats and prejudice.
We've had enough of the union bullies and the BBC luvvies. We've had enough of greedy and corrupt MPs who will do and say anything to get money and gongs and stuff ballot boxes. We've had enough of self hatred and low expectation. And finally we've had enough of the two eD's!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

BBC get this.

BBC get this - it's all about your agenda about global warming,the Coalition government,the cuts, the EU, phone hacking etc, etc. Watch the BBC drop this story like a hot potato now that it emerges that the agenda wasn't the outrage over the hacking but really a path to destroying Rupert Murdoch. Left wing always tries to destroy the right and have been caught out. The BBC won't like this and will ignore as much of it as possible. Bias by omission and only capable of using any dirty tricks under the sun to promote their cause!
The BBC charter is to produce news and programs that are non political. Neither the BBC nor the BBC Trust are doing this. If they want to transmit politically biased programs then they should fund their own TV companies.When they have founded their own companies they can spout whatever rubbish. After all it will be their own cash and not that of the licence fee payer. Unfortunately for them operating in such a manner as a private tv station is a recipe for total failure.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Pro EU cowards

The UK is a democracy, something Cameron is making perfectly clear is here to stay.
Europe or should I say the EU, is a corrupt dictatorial state that, as proven by its refusal to allow referendum on any subject, regardless of what it is.
Greece for example felt the need to ask its people if the Government should accept the EU's demands it take on a massive IMF loan with 25% interest, only to be informed they couldn't. The only referendum they could hold was one of in or out.
Ireland's referendum was rejected as it came back with the wrong answer, Cameron was ignored and his demands weren't even negotiated and the UK is sold as the bad boy in the pack.
It beats me why all you pro EU cowards just don't pack your bags and go live there, ah, it's a pity because you only speak English!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Keep with plan 'A' George!

Plan A, with the full support of Mervyn King, has worked. Austerity was a necessary result of the profligracy of the Labour government. Plan A has saved us from becoming another Greece, Italy, Spain etc. We should be grateful to George Osborne for keeping our economic head above water. Our economy is failing to grow because of the Eurozone crisis and the fact they represent one of our major markets. Our leaders should ignore what we are told that the electorate think. The majority of the electorate vote for their own self-interest be they rich or poor, and not for the greater good of the whole country. The best thing the Coalition have done is to bring in a fixed term of office. They should ignore current so-called public opinion and do what is best for the economic benefit of us all.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Coopers balls!

Yvette Cooper,wife of Ed Balls,is calling on Teresa May to tell the truth makes me wonder if she could possibly recognise what is Truth if she was hit in the face with it,what a thoroughly unsavoury couple they are!
Is this the same Cooper & Balls who during the expenses saga - co habited and yet still claimed as individuals their full benefits ?
Quote from the Telegraph 22 June 2009.
The Cabinet couple designated their London house as their “second home” rather than their constituency properties, despite their three young children going to school in the capital.
While the pair’s expenses claims were lower than most of their colleagues, they each claimed around £300 a month for food.
At one point, Miss Cooper, the new Work and Pensions Secretary, and Mr Balls, the Children’s Secretary, had their expenses docked, having each submitted two monthly claims for mortgage interest for nearly twice the cost of their actual payments.
The couple denied flipping after switching their second home designation three times, saying that they had not sought to maximise their expenses and that, unlike some colleagues, they had paid capital gains tax on selling their home.
Miss Cooper, who was first elected in 1997, eight years before her husband, initially claimed on a modest house in her constituency of Castleford, West Yorkshire, where the mortgage interest payments were £530 a month. The gall of the woman to ask for the truth - it took investigative journalism to show how they conducted themselves then. Miss Cooper should just shut up her cheap politics are a disgrace to Parliament coming from a former member of a Government which lied about immigration and encouraged a record 3 million increase in the immigrant population.

She is a brazen disgrace to Parliament -Labour have nothing to say on immigration except 'sorry'!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

What a surprise as Harman states "She is going to be the strongest supporter of the BBC"

Always buttering up to the BBC and Guardian. First through Doctor Fox and then this statement, which Marr tried to stop.
Harriet Harperson on Sunday morning told Andrew Marr; I am always going to be the strongest supporter of the BBC. I think that its roll is in a creative industry and its a huge British institution. And this is comment of the latest Liebore's Culture and Media spokesperson.
I have to ask why?

Monday, 12 September 2011

How much do these union leaders get paid to spout this rubbish? Please see in my blog for details!

38 trade union general secretaries and chief executives received remuneration of more than £100,000 in 2010-11.
And the stars were!
Derek Simpson Unite the Union £510,659, including £300,000 severance pay.
Dave Prentis Unison £131,496
Bob Crow RMT £123,833
Matt Wrack Fire Brigades Union £120,174
Christine Blower NUT £116,836
Mark Serwotka PCSU £113,354

When the union leaders talk about the super rich floating free from the rest of us I take it they mean themselves on £100,000 + wages a year in addition to their expenses. I also take it they will stop taking a wage when people from their union go on strike and that they will be prepared to go to prison. Of course the truth is they will not go to prison for the cause but applaud the idiots who do as hero's and they will continue to take the money whilst the strikers earn nothing and cause even more misery to they families. Its time people wised up to these people who are in it for themselves, ask Bob Crow why he still lives in a Housing association house when they are hundreds of homeless people who need it and he earns around £124,000 per year basic. The word Hypocrite springs to mind.
They are just thugs in suits; the general public have no stomach for this at all because the country is in a mess thanks to Labour and yellow streak Brown; we are all in trouble financially and not just the public service workers. The public sector are not favourites right now; with their ridiculous salaries and pensions, this will only tarnish that reputation further.
Come on workers, think for yourselves and the rest of the country. Don't let these trouble makers give you a bad name.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Memoirs of Dumbledorf Darling

What an irresponsible shower. Funny how they always spout the truth in memoirs after the events. Not many politicians have the courage to resign whilst in office.Yellow streak Brown did more damage to the United Kingdom than any other man in recent history. His economic policies were disastrous, and he persisted in them, making things worse when he must have known that his party was bound to lose the last election. Yellow streak's Brown government was, in effect, borrowing money to pay the interest on money it had earlier borrowed.The UK has cabinet government, and the last Liebore cabinet stood - or, rather, sat - by, while all this damage was inflicted. The last Liebore cabinet - including Mr Dumbledorf Darling - bares and shares responsibility for the yellow streak's damage. Such, must never happen again.
I always thought you had to be so clever and principled to be running the country -Liebores a real joke!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Yes, the score was 8 - 2!

Arsenal were desperate and Arsene is in denial. The defence and midfield deficiencies have been obvious all year and they lack discipline.
Sir Alex Ferguson on the other hand has built and renewed teams consistantly. Sold players "before their time" and been criticised. But look at his achievements.
People who criticise the Champions League performance of last year - but 3 finals in 4 years I think proves he's the best and just come up against and exceptional Barcelona team.
But he's weighed up the situation, got in the market early, kept Welbeck, signed Jones and Young who have been phenomenal and given Cleverly and Anderson their heads. They are playing the best football that I have ever seen a United team play under Ferguson.
Wenger inherited the base of a crack team. Seaman, the Back Four, Ian Wright, Bergkamp, Parlour - the real gems he added were Henry and Vierra. His successes in the first half of his reign were significantly down to the squad he inherited.
Strange with the success he had, based on home based solid professionals, which he added to with the likes of Campbell seems to have been forgotten.
His current crop have looked too lightweight for several years. No solidity in defense, no leadership.
This underlines to me how over rated he is as a manager. If I were an Arsenal supporter, I would be pleased to let him go and would look to David Moyes - he is a great manager in the making. He deserves a chance to be with a big club.
Arsenal fans need to get behind the club and demand that the board move on from a pay policy that was relevent when Arsenal were at Highbury and it's 38,000 capacity, and adjust the clubs pay to profit scale,

Monday, 15 August 2011

No one thought to ask Miliband what he had been doing for the past 13 years.

Miliband's focus at the moment is on setting up an enquiry, no doubt to be commissioned from experts of his own political persuasion and associated vested interest promoters, pushing a narrative of moral equivalence between bankers legally making huge profits, MPs cheating on their expenses and the criminal acts of the rioters. He also invokes every aspect of Coalition cuts loathed by the client state culture as being a significant factor behind the riots. At the same time, he claims he isn't doing any of this.
Whilst talking to kids this morning Miliband got out his pen and took notes. If Cameron had done this he'd be immediately attacked by the likes of Ben Bradshaw or Harriet Harman as being so out-of-touch he has only started thinking about these issues and needs to mug up on the facts.
No one thought to ask Miliband what he had been doing for the past 13 years. All the money Labour threw at these areas....all wasted.
Miliband talks with "fork-tongue" or talking out of both sides of his mouth. It's about time he came up with some policies....instead of trying to score political points and calling for another Inquiry which we can ill afford.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Riots in England

You want to understand?
How about the lack of discipline and morality instilled in them by their parents?
How about a dependency culture which makes them and most of their cohort feel that they are owed a standard of living which they are not prepared to work for but want handed on a plate?
How about a lack of respect for the laws of the country they live in and the democratic process? Put these things right and there will be no riots.

I'm sick of some people calling these young people "disenfranchised". I hope they are soon disenfranchised in Wormwood Scrubs.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Balls... scary picture of a scary man who had scary levels of power.

Scary Balls, you have not earned the right to lecture others since it is the catastrophic mistakes of the government of which you were both a member and adviser that has brought us to this state.So let me write this specifically for Ed scary Balls if he ever reads it: Stop this silly Punch and Judy show, grow a conscience and think of your own children's children who will be growing up in the mess you and likes of you are trying so hard to create.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I'm so bored with this!

I'm so bored with this, the media hysteria seems never-ending over this exaggerated story.The neurosis over this matter which the BBC has displayed is shocking. As the Liberals would normally say, "Can we move on now?" So now must be the time to move on. Miliband has now over-egged the Coulson bit, at least Cameron is doing something about it. These things were happening when Labour were in power so why try & throw all of the blame on this Government, but then that is just so typical of Labour blame anyone but themselves. No one is going to forget how dreadful this has been for the Dowler Family and the rest of the people that have had their phones hacked into.
We have had 13 years of a disastrous Liebore Government.We need to get back to dealing with real issues - we have a world economic crisis on our hands and a famine in Africa - to name just two. Listen to the BBC , hardly any mention of either.
I suggest we let this Government try and get on with the rest of the problems facing our Country & the EU. If not sorted out soon it will be catastrophic for all of us.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Does anyone actually still believe a word yellow streak Brown has to say?

Since the early 90s yellow streak Brown worked closely with the gutter press to smear and attack his political enemies; he smeared his labour enemies as much as he smeared his Tory enemies. He briefed against anyone who stood in his way and used the gutter press to serve his preoccupation of revenge and spite and hatred. He has pent a year sulking and plotting revenge on those he believes destroyed him; he should be looking at himself with the help of a trained psychoanalyst.
Yellow streak Brown spent his short and disastrous time at number10 planting smears against anyone who dared to cross him; he worked closely with NI and Murdoch through his smear unit. Strange how this man claims to be a victim when it suits, the classic reaction of a mentally unstable pathological bully. Yellow streak Brown is the sole author of his demise and fall.
His claim that he was in tears about the Sun story on his sick child, a total fabrication of course because he was a source of the story; he had control over whether the story ran; Brooks asked permission to run the story and yellow streak Brown not only agreed but contributed some gut wrenching self serving guff to grub up some public sympathy and if he was so upset then why did he invite Brooks to organise a slumber party for his kids; have cosy photo ops and parties with Murdoch & Co afterwards?
In yellow streak Browns tiny little disturbed mind he blames everyone else for his troubles, on a pathological level he cannot accept responsibility for his own actions, he cast around for someone else to blame and he holds a fanatical determination to punish his perceived enemies. In effect he is a perfect socialist, displaying all the defects of socialists throughout the world.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Miliband and Labour have been stuck up Murdoch's fundament for years.

The Labour Party, as run by Miliband, should contain a clear health warning " This product may contain nuts".
Labour is irrelevant. No political party has distinguished itself by calling for legislation to oust Murdoch from our political scene, and none will. There is proven collusion between the police, the press and the parliament. This triangle of tyrannical power-fiends is the problem; News International is just its symptom.

The only answer is to overthrow all the forces whose primary goal is to exploit the British public in order to make more money for foreign multinationals. 'Overthrow' meaning by the ballot box or otherwise.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Brothers & sisters? They don't know the meaning of the words.

I do wish these people would stop talking about their "brothers and sisters" it sounds so ridiculous particularly when all these unions are being let by people on hefty salaries, generous perks and big "company" cars, who will never go short of anything whilst their members are on strike - not for them the strike pay of their members. Not for them anything less than gold plated pensions whatever happens in the public sector because they will have cast iron contracts!
They make me tired with their selfishness - why should everyone else have had to put up with them retiring at 50 or 55 on pensions paid for by the workers of this country? Why should everyone else put up with LAB OUR yellow streak Brown ransacking private pensions to fund the Labour excesses. Why should everyone else be expected to tighten their belts into old age, whilst these "brother & sisters" continue to retire anything up to 20 years before the new retirement age? Like Scargil, Prentis won't ever starve. This strike is about political opposition to the Tory component of the government and little to do with the welfare of public sector workers who are acting like spoilt children. The private sector has struggled for the past 3 years and had their pensions robbed by yellow streak Brown. Now it's your turn, Brothers & sisters? They don't know the meaning of the words.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Red Eds march

Red Ed is marching because he was asked to do so by his paymasters, the unions. Where was he when Gordo's cabinet took the decision to bail out bankers. Yes, he was part of the mafia which appointed Labour crony Lord Browne to recommend to raise tuition fees. Red Ed is marching with his paymasters the union barons. Labour have proved, without a doubt, they are good at criticism, it got them into power once. Stand up and say, "they are doing it wrong", Don't offer an alternative, don't admit your own wrong doings or failures just criticise.
They are so good at it.
I was at a party, normal kitchen talk and it turns to politics, I made the comment that Labour usually ended up running to the IMF... one person immediately commented, " Are you saying labour can't handle money?" The reply was obviously. "Yes"
He never spoke to me again.
I wonder where he is now? Probably in the march with Red Ed and his paymasters.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Come off it the two Red Ed's have the same old story. Tax the Banks and reduce VAT.You are both Deficit deniers!

They should ask themselves who is responsible for it all - the bankers were just a small part of it. It is Liebore's prolific spending spree, particularly on benefits that is to blame. Remember the infamous note left by Liam "sorry there is no money left"! Liam Byrne's "No money left" note has presumably been airbrushed out of existence but someone really should tell the Red Eds that banks have quietly restructured away from bonus payments to huge pay rises instead so their "cautious" £2b from a windfall tax on bonuses ain't going to be there. If it was, and Red EdBalls could then fund 110,000 jobs for the young as claimed today, maybe the architect of the £150b deficit would enlighten us as to why that spending ( I meant investment) didn't create (110000 x 75 ie £150b/£2b) or 8m jobs when holding office?
Maybe a party persistently on the edge of bankruptcy with a Shadow Chancellor in trouble with expenses and a court case for debt should just "shut up" on policies with financial implications or at least allow the Shadow Ministers who can actually do sums to speak for themselves.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

The yellow streak writes but there's no mention of Libya,I wonder why!

What a nerve you have Mr yellow streak Brown! To claim that you care about the plight of young people after your period as Chancellor is unbelievable. After all, it was you, Mr yellow streak Brown who squandered billions of pounds during your years as chancellor on projects which probably had more to do with enhancing your short term image and improve your chances of succeeding Blair rather than doing what was right for the country.
It was you who sold off the nations gold which cost the nation over 12 billion pounds despite being advised against do so by your own treasury officials. It was also you who has saddled future generations with massive future debts from PFI projects simply to hide the figures from the balance sheets and therefore, make yourself look good with the nations finances in the short term. The private finance companies are, doubtless,very happy - but the rest of the nations young people will have to pay for this for over 30 years to come at a final bill to the taxpayer of £200 billion.
Is this the same yellow streak Brown that poured money into education that led to 1 in 4 pupils unable to speak the Queen's English or do basic reading and writing tasks? The same man that deliberately dumbed down exams to get fictitious results? The same man that spent every penny of our money as though there was no tomorrow? The same man that it is now revealed stole £80billion from some of the best pension schemes in the world?
Finally, it was you who advocated light-touch regulation, and steered our economy away from manufacturing industry and towards financial services which is why we are in the mess we are now. You were blessed with large sums of money during your term in power and could have done what most decent Labour chancellors would probably have done by investing in manufacturing and giving hope to those young people whom you now claim to care so much about. Future generations will not judge you well and who could blame them?
It's time for you to shut up, Mr yellow streak Brown, and let people who actually know and care about education to get on with it. You will find that your friend Gaddafi needs you.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Oh for Christ's sake why don't you shut up.

Why should anyone in Britain complain about selling arms to Bahrain? My view its hypocrisy galore!
Without these arms sales, many weapons factories will close down, and thousands will go jobless. A country cannot make arms to sell them only to those who are ethical and democratic, as common sense dictates they wouldn't and shouldn't use them.
What about the money these Arab "dictators" have in British and European banks? Shouldn't banks stop doing business with them and give them back their deposits?
How about boycotting every country that doesn't have a democratically elected government, and stop co-operation and business affairs immediately? Because anything less than that would be hypocritical and unethical. To criticize one aspect- arms sales -while letting other essential and important aspects - auto, commerce, oil, infrastructure - go past is simply double sided dirty ethics.
The west is involved and engaged with such nations because it is in its own benefit, and for the benefit of its own citizens, and to start looking at matters from a righteous point of view will simply ruin western economies and send it back to medieval days.

If thats all you got to say "Balls" then please shut up!

Why on earth shouldn't the governor of the Bank of England can’t give a verdict on UK Economy. You can be sure that if he were agreeing with Balls then Balls would be saying “The governor of the Bank of England agrees with me and you don’t get a better endorsement than that” It’s all very New Labour – if someone disagrees with you, either smear them or shut them up.
Red Ed Balls only believes in an independent BOE when it confirms Balls' theories. If it confirms Coalition policies it is clearly not "independent" any more, and should become part of government again. Balls' thuggish approach to anyone who disagrees with him, like his older thug master yellow streak Brown.
After all you and Liebore created the debt in the first place.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Oh dear,back to the future for Red Ed and his cronies.

Doesn't this idiot Miliband realise that these cuts are all down to his Labour Parties totally mishandling the UK economy, trying to buy votes by giving away benefits to everyone.
Fellow idiots Bliar and yellow streak Brown allowed unlimited immigration both legal and illegal, catastrophic pay rises to councillors and civil servants. Both then turned a blind eye to all the MP's fiddling their expenses, they allowed the Unions to bribe them, were and still are in a position where they have no answer to union pressure. They allowed an unlimited number of NHS managers to build little empires so there are now more managers than nurses. It is now payback time.
Miliband can go to as many union rallies as he likes, no problem. He has only one vote, he is nothing in the scheme of things, he likes to feel he is the leader of a party of no hopers, who won't be a power in politics for the next hundred years, by then Labours debt should be paid off.

Monday, 7 February 2011

The yellow streak PM and Abdelbaset al-Megrahi.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the case, whether he is guilty or not one certain fact is that the then Labour regime stated flatly and unequivocally that they had nothing to do with the decision to release him. It now turns out that they were lying and this is why I call Brown the yellow streak PM.
Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was released on compassionate grounds of course it was for oil ... What about compassion for all the innocent people that he murdered? He should have NEVER been released ... what a slap in the face to all effected by this murderer!
Here's what I wrote in my blog in 2009 just after he was released by the Scottish executive.

Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, broke ranks and admitted publicly for the first time that trade and oil agreements were an essential part of the British Government’s decision to include Megrahi in the PTA with Libya. Megrahi, the only man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing of December 1988 which killed 270 people, was freed on Aug 20. His release and the jubilant scenes in Tripoli, the Libyan capital, when he returned prompted an international outcry.
The Scottish and British governments actively assisted Megrahi and his legal team to seek a release on compassionate grounds even though the thrust of talks before July this year had been over his release as part of a Prisoner Transfer Agreement (PTA) between Britain and Libya.
It looks to me as though Jack "Man of" straw has got the yellow streak Brown in his sights and is hunting him down. There can be no other reason for suddenly confirming to the rest of us what a liar we have as PM.
Gordon MacYellow will not be too happy about Jack spilling his guts all over the floor about this shameful little episode!
Liebore lack morals and are duplicitous in lying to the UK public over this and many more incidents. Lied on Iraq, lied on the economy are just two examples. Liebore will keep on lying because that is all they do.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Red Ed says 'sorry' for failure to regulate the banks.

Red Ed Miliband finally apologised yesterday for Labour’s failure to regulate the banks properly ahead of the financial crash. The new leader – who worked closely with yellow streak Gordon Brown at the Treasury for years finally came out and said 'sorry'.
He hasn't said sorry for Labour leaving us with no money left in the kitty. He hasn't said sorry for Labour allowing immigration to escalate to such a degree that our country is struggling with the burden inflicted on our health service, our housing, our roads. He hasn't said sorry for Labour giving away money and making life that much easier for benefit scroungers. The Labour leader also warned that today's young people are set to be the first generation in more than a century to end up worse-off than their parents. This may be something to do with Labour's policies of mass importation of cheap workers to replace British ones, thereby giving 2 out of every 3 jobs created to foreigners, mass immigration of people who don't want to work, encouragement of companies to outsource, the destruction of communities, just to name a few of the gems Labour has left for future generations. I trust he will include these in his speech about betrayal of the young.
Basically he is not sorry. He simply thinks that saying sorry is enough. Well this time Labour really exceeded their worst ever performances thus making it virtually impossible for any subsequent government to haul us out of the mess we are in. If I live long enough to vote at the next election I shall give myself a minute's silence in remembrance of all that Labour inflicted upon us before putting my cross against any candidate whose Party is other than Labour.
Red Ed and Labour should be cast into the wilderness for eternity for all I care.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Yet another BBC c--nt.

The, unbiased, BBC sacked Carol Thatcher for using a word related, in years gone by to a much loved cuddly toy, off air. Yet, these presenters like Paxman use what, to many of us, is gutter, foul language on air and, apparently, get away with it. The inconsistency and bias from the BBC are totally unacceptable. They are using my money to pay these less than impressive people.
Stop the licence tax and they can be as biased as they wish and call themselves the Labour Broadcasting Company which is, in effect, what they are.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Come on King kill this Balls remark.

'Andrew Marr says 'Are you suggesting he has been lent on...' Answer 'I think he is being loyal', said Ed Balls.
The man is a fool, anyone who runs their own affairs will know you can not keep spending more than you earn. If any of us run our household finances like Labour ran the country we'd be living in a box under the railway arches. Balls helped cause this mess, sniping on the sidelines while others clear up after him.
So now, the hypocrite Balls, who made many catastrophic decisions that have brought this country down, now pretends to play psychologist and makes overt political comments intended to frighten the electorate. The man has no credibility and is seriously flawed. His assessments are based on twisted logic, poor judgement and hasn't a clue how or where to start clearing up the financial mess he and his cronies created.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Further proof that after 13 years of Labour we live in a less free society.

A football game. Two men who are overheard to pass some remarks about a woman. And all this absurd fuss and publicity is reason to sack them. No wonder this stupid country and all its culture and past achievements are going down the plughole. Thanks in the end to Harriet Harman and the Labour PC brigade!
They are punished for having an opinion and a sense of humour. It seems straight males are not allowed to make crude remarks anymore, only women and homosexual men on TV are allowed these freedoms.
I find the departure of both Gray and Keys a great shame. Lets not be naive they were only saying what half of us "prehistoric" men were saying in every pub across the country! It does not make us all horrible sexist and out of date, it does however mean there is still a sense of humour out there and that maybe more should spend more time looking for a laugh than a reason to sack people. I for one dont think skysports coverage will ever be the same.Of course women are going to be noticed and remarked upon by men. It's happened since the beginning of time, and only now - in our country's senility - are we faced with the idiocy that it's "no longer acceptable"! And it'll go on until the end of time. After all, women are indeed sexual objects.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Golden Balls is just that all balls.

Ed Balls is an economist with a proven record of ruining the economy. Balls is just that, all balls. He cannot even grasp the difference between regulating and just filling in more forms. The former involves action, like proper audit of the banks, monitoring their capital ratios, watching over their credit policies, like extending mortgages over 80% of value of property, and yes fraudulent loans and accounting practices. You do not need more regulation to do all or any of these. What you need is a good understanding of banking and economics. Ed Balls just doesnt get it.
Labour were in power for thirteen years. If all they can say at the end of that time is 'it wasn't our fault' or try to blame the opposition then what more do you need to know. They allowed an economic bubble based on house price inflation to develop and spent money as though it would never end. They could have controlled it by raising interest rates but didn't.
Labour were in power when all this (and various other failures) took place. Trying to blame it on the conservatives is like trying to blame black wednesday on labour. When you are in power you take responsibility.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Red Ed's massive error in appointing Golden Balls as Shadow Chancellor.

There must be utter desperation in Red Ed's decision making. His lack of credibility has been confirmed by his appointment of his former boss, Balls, at the the Treasury; the one whom he had many massive ructions.
Balls has never apologised for his enormous mistakes. Balls was the one who advised dysfunctional yellow streak Brown to sell gold at low prices; the one who advised yellow streak Brown to attack private and company pension funds (Oct 1997); the one who devised the rules of the toothless FSA after neutering the monitoring capability of the Bank of England. Balls allowing three massive Whitehall departments to run out of control, Defence, Education and Health, is astounding.(Confirmed by Treasury Permanent Sec Sir Nicholas Macpherson).
Red Ed has confirmed he has poor judgement and thinks Golden Ball's 'attack dog' status will save him. Doesn't he know when in a deep hole, stop digging?

Monday, 3 January 2011

Red Ed what's your alternative?

Labour's 13 years of poor administration must bear full responsibility for creating this deficit. Dysfunctional yellow streak Brown removed the regulatory powers from the bank of England in 1997 that let some but not all bankers to practise casino banking. His replacement with the FSA was nothing more than a toothless hen. Remember he ended 'boom & bust'? And saved the World?
Red Ed hasn't a clue where to start, he is hopelessly trashing around with his 'blank sheet of paper' with no positive policies. He could first profusely apologise for Labour's hand in ruining our pensions, ruining our savings, ruining our jobs, ruining our businesses, ruining our standard of living. But no, this pathetic character will continue to use negative rhetoric to falsely mitigate the unions pressing the self-destruct button. The electorate know Miliband has no credibility and these severe financial constraints being implemented now are a direct result of the former administration's failures.