Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Careful of Ed Millipede's latest speech.

Labour, one nation?
But its not actually our nation you bank roll is it? It’s anyone but us! They just can't bring themselves to say, making Britain great again or Labour, proud to serve Britain. No, because that would be a lie but it hasn't stopped them before. I have a couple of slogans for you Labour lites. Labour, giving away Britain's heritage. They won't of course use that because heritage is a dirty word to them. So what about, Labour, spending your pension money so you don't have to. Or even Labour, we can close down manufacturing better than any Tory. Shameful, I don't know how they have the nerve to show their faces let alone have a conference.
 I have just suffered ED Millipede's speech, what a total load of meaningless drivel, cheered on by his brain cell deficient lemmings the man loved the occasion, what is so frightening though is this, the idiots actually believe what he saying - there really must be a big question mark over the mental health and stability of  every Labour supporter.
Everything about millipede and what the Labour Party are offering the public is a complete sham. We had a Labour government for 13 years and during that time Labour managed to inflict massive damage on the economy and society. Labour has no idea, at this point they will say anything to get back in power. Hopefully enough of the electorate has wised up about what Labour's true intentions are.