Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Liebore you are a busted flush and you will be flushed away!

Now look here you nasty media chaps...will you stop asking Leader yellow streak Brown the wrong questions. It would be best if you presented your proposed questions to Pinocchio Mandy for vetting. In that way the Public, who do not understand complex issues, can have the right questions selected to give them the correct answers. Simple? yes! You are all chumps anyway. Yes of course Pinocchio snake Mandy said chumps not cunts! Get it right!

As for yellow streak Gordon Brown I have no doubt he is a man with a life long mission who believes in his own vision, his problem seems to be the great socialist experiment has failed. The hard facts of life are there are winners and losers, most of us hang on to the shirt tails of the winners for survival. The very best any government can achieve is to provide equal opportunity to all but you cannot use legislation to ensure we are all the of the same standing. A feckless 15 year old who gets pregnant as a lifestyle choice is classed in the same category as a young British army widow both as single parents. The fundamental difference is clear but the pregnant teenager will receive far more state assistance. The pension crisis was very much attenuated by yellow streak Browns tax raid on pension funds but this seems to be consigned to history. The crumbling ruins of New Liebore, a party that squandered the wealth of a nation, destroyed the pensions and savings of the generation that rebuilt the UK after the previous Labour disaster. How could they be trusted now? They opened the borders, they failed the British working people, they allowed corruption to run rife and worse than that, they failed every the British voter and treated the electorate with contempt. They are a busted flush and they will be flushed away!

Just bought the Sun and read it.BEAUTIFUL !

So the Sun has abandoned the yellow streak prime minister and gone over to support the Tories. I'm sure they will not be the last.
At the beginning of the day we see Brown parading down orchestrated rows of applauding "chimps" hugging them and shaking their hands, then his wife stands up in what we are meant to believe is a speech written by her to tell us "what a great guy he is" all this to try and make the public believe he is popular, then at the end of the day after the Sun revelation we see him skulking out of a back door in the dark churlishly brushing off the reporters and their cameras storming ahead of his wife and leaving her to scramble through barriers alone. So it doesn't take much to see what the truth is about the man.
I think you will find that Liebore have become a lame horse in the eyes of anybody with a brain. Not really sure how the Tories can make the country any worse than it already is.
I'm also astonished that anybody can say he was a good Chancellor. Do we need to talk about the pension fiasco, housing bubble, consumer debt bubble, gold sell off, increased public sector payroll (not front line services as we were told), record fiscal deficit, no more boom and bust, not saving money during the fat years etc etc. That's before we move onto the fact that he helped take us into two nice wars...... the man is an idiot. Even without the financial crisis he was running out of money, no plan other than spend, spend, spend.
If Cameron was in charge during the banking crisis he would have done the same as yellow streak Brown, that would be what the Treasury told him to do.
As for public services; even an idiot can see we cannot keep spending as much money as we have been doing. It makes no difference who gets in, the axe will fall as the people who actually pay tax have already been cleaned out and we could do without the IMF here again.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Yellow streak Brown, you have shown us the future. A totalitarian nightmare.

Listening to yellow streak Brown oppose taking innocent peoples DNA off the database reminds me of why I first started despising them. They have no respect for liberty, decency or the law. The introduction of compulsory ID cards for British citizens in the next parliament is how to learn absolutely nothing. What I feel the public wants and needs from Labour on this issue is a complete and unequivocal commitment to scrap the scheme, for now and for ever, thus proving they're actually making some attempt to listen.
Yellow streak Brown deserves to be crucified by the media for still relying on weasel words and promises full of loopholes at this stage in the game, and for him not to be would only be lazy and passive journalism.
Electoral reform is nice but I recall Tony Bliar standing on such a ticket in '97 and that got very swiftly swept under the carpet once it ceased looking like it would be to his advantage. I don't think even Bliar credited quite how effective the combination of FPTP and pandering to the swing constituencies would be until after that election.
Listening to yellow streak Brown mock the vast majority of Britons who oppose further EU integration reminded me how out of touch they are. I'm pro-EU, but anti-federalism. Hardly an extreme position, why should this be discounted?
Listening to him promise tax increase for middle earners by cutting child tax credits reminded me just how much he really is about the national debt. If he is going to increase taxes, it should be to reduce debt for our children, it shouldn't go to handouts.
The whole tone and content of the speech was dishonest. Spending is going to fall. If spending falls, services shrink – unless your deluded enough to believe governments can actually spend money more efficiently. He still, STILL, cannot admit the truth. Shameful.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Snake in the grass Meddlesome, the one person the majority of the populace of Britain want to see come unstuck bigtime.

I have to disagree with Mandelson, yellow streak Gordon Brown did not get to 'grips' with the financial crisis, he was one of the prime causes of it in the UK with his spend, spend and spend policies, resulting in a 'bare cupboard' when the crisis emerged.

Lord Pinocchio speaks! We, the British people have our eyes on the future alright... a future where no Liebore Government is ever allowed into office again, a future without ever having to see Lord Pinocchio Mandelson or hear the garbage that spews from his mouth, a future without the baggy crumpled slack jawed monotonous droning yellow streak Brown, a future without Ed Balls refitting his offices with Muslim prayer rooms at taxpayers expense, a future without the entire sorry lot of these criminals fleecing us for every penny we earn and changing the face of Britain and eroding the British way of life and selling us out to Europe.
Liebore's achievement is a 'country that has totally lost its way, biggest national debt in history, a politicized police force, and the BBC and civil service with more public servants than has ever been known.
The electorate are being treated with contempt if he thinks he has the smallest chance of winning. All the national polls dictate otherwise. His squirming to cling to power was an academy performance.
This ungrateful Nation of ours does not have the right to throw them out of office? The electorate are astute and will deliver their decision on polling day. The quicker that comes the better.
Also, Pinocchio Mandelson did not 'make' a comeback - he was not elected but invited by dear yellow streak Gordon!
Rot in Peace, New Liebore.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

The country deserves better!

The Liebore Conference is a farce. They couldn't fill the conference hall for yellow streak Brown's opening speech. That shows how Liebore membership has deserted their Party. It really is turning into the yellow streak Brown show. He has become a pathetic figure who couldn't even lead his followers to the EXIT. His record is abysmal, the electorate know Labour have ruined the country and the best they can hope for is to get more votes than the environmental groups. How many times has the political obituary of yellow streak Gordon Brown been written, and how many times has he launched a comeback?
Return, fight back, comeback, whatever the label, each time the event is backed by the evidence of the polls that clearly show him personally and the Liebore Party in general sinking lower and lower in the opinion of the public. He is now so low that he cannot even manage a "dead cat bounce"
On the Andrew Marr Show on BBC One Mr Brown firmly rebuffed suggestions, by Charles Clarke, the former Home Secretary, and others, that he may use deteriorating eyesight as an excuse to leave Downing Street early. He also faced public questioning for the first time on rumours circulating at Westminster that he is dependent on prescription painkillers. The Prime Minister responded: “No. I think this is the sort of questioning which is all too often entering the lexicon of British politics.” This line of questions by Marr, won't work.
You've given Liebore an easy ride, year in-year out since you joined the Biased Broadcasting Corp. A few snide questions (which we know weren't answered anyway) won't save you and your bosses when the next government comes along.
Well according to the grimaces yellow streak Brown pulls in an attempt to put on a brave face, he certainly looks like a tormented person, staying on as prime minister is proof enough that his mental approach is more in keeping with his own egotistic view than any concern for the well being of his country, he looks like a lost soul wondering in the wilderness with no apparent control over his own personal stability.
When the Norwegian PM was afflicted by depression he informed his country, asked for a leave on health grounds, was treated, and when he recovered he returned to his post.
Do I have to move to Scandinavia to live in a civilised country?!
Shame on yellow streak Brown, on the Liebore Party, on our press, and on us all, for allowing these shambles.
As time advances remorselessly toward the June 2010 deadline, political choices narrow and options shrink, yet the job of actually governing the UK is neglected further and further. The country deserves better!

Monday, 21 September 2009


The pound hit a five month low against the euro today after the Bank of England raised the prospect of a prolonged fall in the value of sterling against other currencies as a result of the credit crisis.
Yellow streak Brown and the Bank of England have done nothing more than talk down the pound for months. Some crazy idea of yellow streak Gordon's that it will help exports. What a load of crap. First of all we don't export much and secondly, what we do is composed of raw materials and energy bought with Dollars and Euros. Nevertheless, yellow streak Gordon struts the world proclaiming that he is the only person who can rescue society and that he is going to continue "investing". In what, exactly is he going to invest? In unemployment and Civil Service non-jobs and pensions, or MP's expenses? He certainly isn't investing in pensioners allowances. Zero interest on savings, pensions devalued by 30% and falling and now they are telling us to consume and not to save. All my life, governments have told me to save and invest in private pensions because the State Pension is inadequate. They were right in that anyway. The truth is that financially, this country is in as bad a state as it was in 1946. The only remedy, now as then, is years of austerity, high taxes, and lower standards of living. We won't like it, but unless we take the medicine we are all doomed.
Anyone that thinks the Euro would be a good idea needs their heads looked at, all these countries are tied into a currency that they have no control over, Spain, Italy, Greece and the rest of the Euro countries that rely on tourism to a great extent are really in a very bad way with the strength of the Euro. NO TO THE EURO!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

If this tax money can be cut to readily, why was it being spent in the first place?

Just a minute: £2,000,000,000! That's a lot of money to save. Can we assume then that is the precise amount of our money that Balls has been wasting? I'm pleased to note that Balls has been working on efficiency plans (cuts) for several months, although his boss seems to have been unaware of it! Surely, everyone is entitled to a proper explanation; either yellow streak Brown has been lying to us all for the last two years, or else he has decided to make a "U" turn on his policy. Which is it? He can't duck answering on such an important matter. He must be hounded until he does - although we can wait and wait!
Yellow streak Brown spent week after week at PMQ shouting that the Tories were determined to make spending cuts equivalent to thousands of job losses - so many police, nurses, doctors, etc.
Now, after absolutely "no cuts", his henchman, Balls, tells the world that loads of education jobs can be eliminated "without damaging teaching quality". Logically, they weren't necessary in the first place and that "non-jobs" form a significant proportion of the "three million jobs created by Labour". Nevertheless, those people, having been reassured for so long that jobs were secure, ought to take whatever militant action they can to embarrass this dishonest, dishonorable regime - proven by their own words and actions.
Hence, can we expect a big cut in NHS jobs for the same reason - not necessary?
Why wait until 2011 to implement these?
Come on Balls , get off your backside and start delivering it now.

Friday, 18 September 2009

They need to jump now and take the rest of their cronies with them or avoid falling deeper into the black hole.

UK monthly budget deficit soars to record £16bn. At the end of August public sector net debt was £804.8bn, equivalent to 57.5% of gross domestic product.
Deterioration in the public finances has been a result more of a collapse in revenues, total receipts fell 9.2 per cent from the period a year before.
For the last six months yellow streak Brown and dumbledorf Darling have been like rabbits staring into the headlights of a fast-approaching lorry. Those headlights have just got a lot brighter! They need to jump now and take the rest of their cronies with them or fall deeper into the black hole.
It's just staggering that anyone can seriously defend the government's economic record, let alone argue that we're in such a mess because Liebore was insufficiently socialist or left wing.Yes, we all know that the roots of the economic crisis are global but yellow streak Brown and Liebore bear particular responsibility for putting in place a regulatory regime that allowed the excesses of the banking system to balloon and building up a structural public finance deficit during the boom years when tax revenues were at an unprecedented high. The specific woes of the UK economy can be directly attributed to these factors.
Yellow streak Brown's blustering and boasting about his 'golden rules', having abolished 'boom and bust', and Liebore 'Investment' are as empty and ridiculous.
To see his pontificating on the BBC's `Love of Money' programme last night made me feel physically sick. He's still trying to run two games at once. On one hand he's mouthing oratory about curbing bonuses and regulating the banking system and on the other he can't conceal his desperation for the 40% tax he'd get on a £1 million banker's bonus!
And to watch him disclaim any responsibility for the mess last night should make anyone of any political persuasion think that he's either in deep, deep denial, economically illiterate, downright mendacious or all of these. And to think that his acolytes hailed him as the greatest chancellor of the modern era/ever, what a cunt....
This dysfunctional, discredited and dishonest government, and it's leader in particular, deserve our enduring contempt.
The money has gone. The public sector needs to be slashed to its 1997 size.
Its the private sector that makes the money for the public sector to spend. Now the private sector has nothing left so a massive reduction in the public sector will have to follow.
Its what happens when we have a socialist government. It always has and always will.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

What a load of plonkers we have in some of the most important jobs in the UK.

Yet more Liebore hypocrisy...
She's the embodiment of Law in the UK, thus she must be held to the highest standard of UK Law.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Might I suggest that if yellow streak Brown wants to make more cuts, he starts with his own throat.

Yet another U-turn by yellow streak Brown. Perhaps if he continues doing this he will start heading in the right direction eventually away from the Lisbon Treaty.
So the price yellow streak Brown has to pay to stop the Unions turning on him is full employment rights for agency workers. As the NHS and many other Government Departments use thousands of Agency workers the cost of the NHS and other Public Sector organisations will rise substantially, at a time when we should be looking to reduce the costs of the Public Sector.
Yellow streak Brown is just the man to make cuts. He has cut my pension income by around a third, and many peoples altogether.
He has cut manufacturing by around a half. And he has cut the number of decent jobs available.
Might I suggest that if yellow streak Brown wants to make more cuts, he starts with his own throat.
Yellow streak Brown cannot be trusted as every decision is based on keeping him in power. If you have listened to any of the TUC speeches this week its obvious they are gearing up for another class war when the Tories take office. They will blame the Tories for everything forgetting it was their own bankrolled Government that has got us into this mess in the first place. But hey why let the truth get in the way!
Labour have done so badly the Unions think they can threaten us with strikes if we don't re elect Labour. The Unions are proving they have no place in the modern world whilst run by die in the wool socialists who do not live in the real world.
Yellow streak Gordon Brown does not know his arse from his elbow. He is a buffoon to beat all buffoons. How can you slam the need for cuts and then admit you need cuts one month later, you are completely clueless. Anyone who votes for this bunch of fools deserves a crumbling Britain.

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Monday, 14 September 2009

Why is this man making all the announcements, has the Prime Minister resigned or left the country?

Anyone who listened to snake
Mandelson's evasive greasy responses this morning on the Today Programme and to the LSE will have no doubt that the Party is over for Liebore.
If I wanted to hear about Tory polices I'll ask them, to say that they are "foaming at the mouth" is childish.
I'm foaming at the mouth over the cumulative disaster of 12 years to Labour misrule.
I'm foaming a the mouth over Brown's raid on pensions.
I'm foaming at the mouth over Liebore mismanagement of the economy.
I'm foaming at the mouth over "an end to boom and bust"
But most of all LORD snake Mandelson, I'm foaming at the mouth having to listen to your claptrap especially from an unelected politician.
As for the Conservatives "foaming at the mouth with excitement" at the prospect of making cuts, what the hell is all that about? I've heard of other left leaning posters talking about Tories wanking over increasing efficiency/increasing unemployment. I don't get it.
Wise spenders? Honestly the man is risible. He then makes it worse by reminding us that this is what was promised in their 1997 manifesto i.e. to be wise spenders and not to simply throw money at problems. To expect us to buy the idea that they could BECOME wise spenders is pushing it, to say this is exactly what they have been doing for the last 12 years beggars belief - we all know they've been spending cash like there is no tomorrow.
And what is this nonsense with point blankly refusing to say the actual word "cuts"?
If he said "There may have to be cuts in some areas", does he really think we will all be jumping around saying "Ha ha – he said cuts, he said cuts - see"! Refusing to say a particular word when we all know what's coming, I have never heard anything so ridiculous.
Once a spin doctor, always a spin doctor.
Lets have an election now and let the people decide who's telling the truth

Sunday, 13 September 2009

"Yellow streak Brown will insist Britain is on the 'road to recovery' this week as he seeks trade union support for reining in public services."

Tax - Payers - Alliance issued a report last Thursday saying that they've identified £50 billion in waste that wouldn't affect services. But will take a degree of bravery from a Government to carry it through. This Government doesn't have the guts - let's hope the Conservatives will.
Public Spending Cuts doesn't just mean cuts to those employed directly. All those funny Quangos and Agencies will be first against the wall.
The Unions need to be "broken." The current Government is afraid of them - backed down several times on issues of pay & pensions.
I'm sure many people in Public Sector "work hard" but tend to clock watch and pace themselves to a far greater extent. Plus there is an endemic culture of sick leave (16 days/yr on av) and nannying which stifles achievement & standing out.
The failure to cut Public expenditure is only going to add more to the debt mountain later. The electorate want a General Election now over this issue Mr yellow streak Brown !
First of all explain why we have a debt mountain in the first place. Then tell us how much you have committed the nation to have to pay back in the future?
Tell us when and how this will be happening?
Tell us how you propose to do it. Taxes, you can forget while the nation remains jobless and on short term working.
Sort out the Banks and get them to pay back what they owe the taxpayer(with interest)
Then tell us why we should trust you and your Government with the nations future if you dare. No, yellow streak Brown and snake Mandelson you know you are acknowledged as the ones running this economy into the ground. Neither of them holds a mandate from the electorate for the position they currently hold. This clearly demonstates their disdain for democracy. And the difference between Britain and Afghanistan or Zimbabwe is?
Once a communist, always a communist, rotten to the core.

Fleeced by Gordon

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New Book Reveals the Total Cost of
Gordon Brown’s mishandling of the economy as £3 TRILLION
(or £3,000,000,000,000)

That’s £50,000 for every man, woman and child in the UK

In their new book Fleeced! Matthew Elliott, CEO of the TaxPayers’ Alliance and David Craig, author and management consultant, expose the financial, fiscal and political crisis resulting from a decade spent under the stewardship of Gordon Brown. The book is a devastating indictment of Gordon Brown’s time as Chancellor and Prime Minister. The authors bring together for the first time figures of Government spending before and during the recession, and Government losses since the recession began and argue that the cost of Gordon Brown’s mishandling of the economy has hit an eye-watering £3 trillion.

The authors, who were the first to reveal the shocking truth about Brown’s overspending since 1997 in their previous books, show that:

• Since 1997 around £1.5 trillion of taxpayers’ money has been squandered on an acceleration in profligate government spending fuelled by the economic boom; and around another £1.5 trillion has evaporated in the bust

• Government spending has more than doubled in real terms since 1997 to the extent that even if the next government tries to trim spending by 5 or 10%, it will take years, probably even decades, to bring it back under control, and could cost upwards of a further £1 trillion

• Gordon Brown has taken public spending to the level reached by Harold Wilson and James Callaghan in 1976 – when the country went bankrupt and needed the IMF to bail us out

• Gordon Brown’s failure (as both PM and Chancellor) to tackle the public-sector pensions time-bomb means that the estimated future costs of public-sector pensions have risen from around £360 billion in 1997 to, at the very least, £880 billion today, and some estimates believe it could reach £1.2 trillion

Fleeced! How we’ve been betrayed by the politicians, bureaucrats and bankers…and how much they’ve cost us is the very first book to bring together the total cost of government spending, the bailouts, the banking crisis and Westminster expenses scandal in one comprehensive book. The book lays bare the terrible truth about Gordon Brown’s criminal miscalculations and will add to the pressure currently being placed on the Prime Minister in the run-up to Labour Party Conference.

The authors have been charting the massive waste at the heart of government for the past three years in the Bumper Book of Government Waste, published in 2006 and updated and extended in 2007, and 2008’s Squandered; warning readers who were enjoying the credit boom of the dire potential consequences of unrestrained government spending.

Now, during the deepest recession in Britain since the Great Depression, they reveal the horrifying mistakes, jaw-dropping incompetence and widespread greed and malpractice in Whitehall and the City which will cost British taxpayers over £3 trillion – which if measured in £10 notes, would make a pile larger than the House of Commons.

Fleeced! also shows how Gordon Brown is not the first Labour Prime Minister to have bankrupted the country. In the 12 years since 1997, Gordon Brown has almost exactly copied the 12 years from 1964-76 when James Callaghan increased spending as a percentage of GDP to almost 50% forcing Britain to go to the International Monetary Fund for a bailout, granted on condition that the then Labour government would make significant reductions in public spending.

To make matters worse, Government borrowing to make up for the collapse in tax revenues due to the recession will be at least £703 billion; and could escalate very quickly if the UK does not make Alistair Darling’s very optimistic return to sustained growth of over 3% by 2011.

Matthew Elliott, Founder and Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance said,
‘It would be easy to dismiss the figure of £3 trillion as being too big to contemplate or unreasonably high, but to do so would be to ignore the sheer scale of the financial disaster that twelve years of Gordon Brown’s tax-a-lot and spend-more policies have done to the British economy.

‘In the light of our analysis, £3 trillion is actually a best possible scenario and relies upon the UK making a far quicker recovery than most expect. We hope that Fleeced! finally ends the Prime Minister’s oft repeated and frankly slanderous claim that Britain’s credit crunch began in the United States. Had this Government not spent at levels far beyond our means while the economy was booming, the UK would have been in a much better condition to withstand the collapse in the US markets.

‘This is the third book I have released in three years warning of Gordon Brown’s financial incompetence, the only difference this time being that Britain is in its first recession for a decade, the government is as unpopular as swine flu and the number of those out of work is close to 3 million. I can only hope that this time the Prime Minister finally sits-up and takes notice.’

Friday, 11 September 2009

So just what have we got for our £16 million? Yet another whitewash.

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I said this from the start; even before BMW sold Rover, the moment this Liebore government got involved with a bunch of their cronies, I knew Rover was about to see the lid of their coffin. And true to form, it did.
The Phoenix 4 were nothing but capitalist making a quick buck in my view. Rover also sealed its fate because it did not want to change its ways. BMW should have first sacked all the top managers when they bought Rover but because the news papers here were making a big thing about a German company buying a British one, BMW failed to do that.
One of the reasons behind Rovers demise is that the cars were old designs and basically not up to today's standard. It was the fault of the consortium that no new models were designed. The company had already been stitched up by BMW, who cherry picked the best products from the company portfolio (such as the new Mini) and left the "rubbish" behind. If Alchemy had taken over the company there would have been exciting new niche cars produced by the factory and, although many jobs would have still gone maybe a couple of thousand would have been saved and the business could have grown with time. But then that can't be seen to happen under Liebore now, can it?
Trying to make a proper car while the rest of the workforce is against change is like trying to get yellow streak Gordon Brown to admit his failures as chancellor and PM.
What else do you expect from Liebore? They rushed in with the £6 million of our money so say to save MG Rover but all they were doing was to save themselves electoral defeat in the West Midlands in the general election in 2005. Like all things they rush into, it was bound to end in disaster, such as the human rights act which seems to only help criminals and the 10% basic rate of tax which punished the worst off.
Nothing they do appears to be thought through and now we have 6000 people out of a job, at least £22 million of taxpayers money wasted and 5 people counting their money. Is this what Liebore mean when they suggest they are caring?
Why also did snake Mandelson (of all people) call the Serious Fraud Office in to investigate somebody else? This barmy Liebore loony bandwagon gets barmier by the minute.
We are used to a raving lunacy a day, the Independent Safeguarding Authority persecuting parents, with ours (and their) money, being the latest. But snake Mandelson calling the Serious Fraud Office? For sheer cheek that takes some beating. Maybe he just enjoys having a really good laugh once in a while.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

New TaxPayers' Alliance and Institute of Directors Joint Report: "How to save £50 billion"

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A groundbreaking new report jointly produced by the TaxPayers' Alliance (TPA) and the Institute of Directors (IoD) lays out detailed proposals to save £50 billion of annual public expenditure. Inspired by the dire state of the public finances, which both David Cameron and Chancellor Alistair Darling this week said requires action, the two organisations - the leading bodies representing taxpayers and company directors, respectively - have joined forces to produce a series of 32 practical steps which have the potential to save £42.5 billion a year from 2010-11 and a further 2 steps saving £7.5 billion that could be introduced from 2011-12.
Key Findings
The full programme of 34 proposed savings consists of:
Item description
Annual saving, £m
Tackling areas of spending that are not performing
Reducing items of spending that don’t work
Abolish the Bus Service Operators’ Grant
Abolish Sure Start
Abolish Building Schools for the Future
Abolish the Education Maintenance Allowance
Halt further orders and upgrades for the Eurofighter
Curbing over-extended government
Stopping government doing things it shouldn’t be doing
Halve the government advertising and publicity budget
Abolish Contact Point, the children’s database
Abolish the NHS National Programme for IT (NPfIT)
Abolish identity cards
Abandon plans to extend the compulsory school leaving age to 18
Cutting out the middle-man
Reducing agencies and people that get in the way of the frontline
Halve public sector spending on consultants
Reduce non-frontline staff in health and schools by 10 per cent
Reduce the size of the civil service by 10 per cent
Scale down ‘Local Education Authorities’ (LEAs) in England
Slim down the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG)
Rationalise the framework of regional government and business support
Begin a thorough rationalisation of taxpayer funded quangos and public bodies, including total abolitions, funding reallocations and budget cuts
Tackling specific budgets
Taking a more blanket approach on specific budgets
Cut 25 per cent from the budget of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)
One year freeze of the resource and capital budgets of the Department for International Development
One year freeze of the Home Office resource and capital budgets
One year freeze of the grants from the Department for Communities and Local Government to local and regional governments
Cut 10 per cent from the budgets of non-ministerial departments, except for UK Trade and Investment and the UK Statistics Authority
One year freeze of the grants given to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales (current spending only)
Simplify and rationalise the skills system and the plethora of skills programmes
Tackling above-inflation indexing
Increasing payments in line with inflation, but no more
One year freeze of the Basic State Pension and the Minimum Income Guarantee
Restraining public sector pay and perks
Recognising that the public sector has had a good deal recently
One year pay freeze across the public sector, excluding members of the armed forces serving in conflict zones
Increase employee contributions to all unfunded public sector pension schemes by a third
Cutting middle-class welfare
Stopping paying benefits to people who don’t need them
Abolish Child Benefit and the Child Trust Fund, and increase the Child Element of the Child Tax Credit to address child poverty concerns
Taper away the Family Element of the Child Tax Credit at 39 per cent immediately upon exhaustion of the Child Element of the Child Tax Credit
Target spending on free bus passes for the elderly and disabled on those who genuinely need it
Abolish free TV licences
Abolish interest subsidy to student loans
Total annual saving from 2010-11 onwards
Further emergency possibilities after 2010
If fiscal conditions were so bad as to require emergency savings
A further one year pay freeze across the public sector, excluding members of the armed forces serving in conflict zones
Reduce gross annual pay by 5 per cent for the richest 10 per cent in the public sector
Total potential annual saving from 2011-12 onwards

For full details of each proposal, please see the relevant section of the full report, which is available online here.