Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Gurkha Brown

My thanks go you to all Gurkha's who have or are serving honourably in UK forces. Thank you Joanna Lumley sometimes it takes a little effort on the part of all good UK citizens but we can get the MP's to do what is right even if we have a stupid government policy.
Gordon Brown, henchman Phil Woolas and the 264 liebour MP's who voted against the Gurkha's are cowards and are not fit even to clean their shoes. For them it was not about the Gurkha's it was about saving Brown and the lie-bour party from a humiliating defeat.
Brown is still sailing on oblivious to the rocks ahead - he will have to be dragged kicking and screaming from office. He has neither the foresight nor understanding to realise that he is doomed and the Gurkha's have dealt the first blow. We now know there are 246 traitors in the House of Commons, they have no defence. Roll on the next election!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Brown given a lesson in economics by the Poles

The Polish government today told Gordon Brown it would not follow the UK's route of increasing public spending to lift the country out of recession
Poland's prime minister, delivered a gentle economics lesson to Brown when the two men took part in a joint press conference in Warsaw.
In his first joint press conference with a European leader since the G20 summit, Tusk also criticised countries that "lived on credit". "It is not for me to comment on other countries, but the Polish government at a time of financial crisis behaved with full responsibility in terms of its public funds and the budget deficit. After a few months you can say that our economic and financial policy has been accepted both at home and abroad. The government made the assumption that the best way to deal with the problem was not to increase public spending but the availability of public finance,"
Tusk said."Effective supervision of banks and sticking to the rules, not exaggerating with living on credit – these are the most certain ways to avoid the consequences of financial crisis," he added.Tusk leads Poland's centre-right Civic Platform party, and his views match those of the Tories in the UK. But until recently the Conservatives were isolated internationally in their decision to oppose the government's November fiscal stimulus package.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Brown on the rack in Afghanistan and snubbed in Pakistan

More than 20,000 sign petition on Downing Street website demanding Prime Minister's resignation.

Now we will have to watch out or you will see that the number 10 Drowning Street computer goes down with a terminal virus.

Our kamikaze leader is off visiting the two 'stans' where he reckons that the "crucible of terrorism" Is that where the Taliban play snooker or is it "Afghanistan and Pakistan is the crucible for global terrorism" What a joke. How many countries are these "global terrorists" involved in; It's TWO - Afghanistan and Pakistan.
They're doing what we would do trying to eject foreign armies. Oh, I'm sorry that's US.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Drowning street petition

Many bloggers and organisations are now linking to the Downing Street petition

If you have not signed up and agree with the petition then please sign up.

If you are on Facebook and want to join my group

Gordon Brown - throw in the towel and resign

feel free to join here Facebook group


We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to resign

Friday, 24 April 2009

Ghouls and Zombies the government of the living dead

Bring on the men in the white coats - and a general election now!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Now we are really in it.

But don't worry the recovery is just around the corner!

To quote David Cameron:
The last Labour government left the dead unburied. This one leaves the debts unpaid.
'They sit there, running out of money, running out of moral authority, running out of time. You have to ask, what on earth is the point of another 14 months of this government of the living dead?'

Monday, 20 April 2009

You Tube announce the result. Susan Boyle 100,000,000 - Alistair Darling 2108!

There was a time when Budgets were kept secret and announced only on Budget Day. This is now a joke - any more announcements and there will be nothing left to say on Wednesday.

"Sorry dumbledorf Darling, I don't believe you." In your pre-budget speech about your next budget on 'YOU TUBE' where its a pity that you have only received 2108 viewings against the 100,000,000 by Susan Boyle and the 2,250,000 by Dan Hannan, both of whom would do a better job of running this country's finances than you and your kamikaze leader.

We all know it's bound to be a "green" budget. You know the type, where they think the taxpayers are "green" enough to believe everything they say.
You know it will be all lies as we are all judged stupid enough to believe we are all morons who can be pushed around by the government's ministers who always seem deluded into thinking we will not notice their obvious deceit, as soon as we take a leaf out of the French peoples book and boycott, blockade roads ports etc then at least we will make a difference!
Come on Britain get real unless your stiff upper lip means you don't care that your children and grandchildren will be constantly reminded of the debt incurred by an incompetent government that no one did anything about.
Nothing has been done about uncontrolled migration despite the rise in unemployed natives, nothing has been done about total waste of public money on claimed exorbitant expenses, nothing has been done about anything of any use and still ministers bankers and the super rich are getting richer on the backs of ordinary working honest people.
The old saying "By Christmas" is usually followed by "Which Year" and I can guarantee it will not be Christmas 2009.
The frightening thing is that dumbledorf Darling and headless chicken Brown are in charge of the economy and between them they couldn't run a whelk stall let alone a country's finance.
The tax payer will have to suffer for this massive incompetence and the perpetrators will sail off into the sunset to negotiate a book deal.
So on Wednesday I won't be watching, listening or reading the false announcements made by you or your liebour cronies. I'll be waiting for the next election.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Yet another ' E' gimmick by this bunch of losers

It's just another example of the false hope that politician's love to churn out, in order to keep the masses confused and deluded at the end of the industrial age. Telling people what they want to hear -that there is a solution to energy squandering and environmental collapse. In practice we are past Peak Oil, past Peak Coal, and past Peak Imaginary Money and there is only one way form here..... and it's not up.
There is no such thing as a 'green car' any more than there is such a thing as 'clean coal'. Industrial society is predicated on using energy at a hundred times the rate it is available through natural systems and is doomed to failure in the long run. Indeed, ten years from now most people will be broke and will probably be starving. But you'll never get a politician to admit such realities especially if their name is Brown.
It's such a shame that the original technology for the electric car in the 1920/30's was unsurprisingly ditched.
However, our self deluded unelected PM (as usual) fails to consider some salient points.
Pertinently, even if an individual received the maximum grant of £5,000, it still means they have to finance at least £10,000, which for most people on low wages is totally unaffordable.
This measure also only encourages one green technology. How about encouraging the upgrading of public transport to make it more enjoyable to travel by bus and train?
How about encouraging the hydrogen/electric hybrid engines?
How about encouraging the compressed air city car?
How about encouraging solar powered cars?
What about the diesel or petrol/electric hybrids that do away with the need for taking electricity from the national grid by using the fossil fuel powered engine to run a generator to charge the electric batteries which power the car - no need for any huge infrastructure changes.
Same old lying promises from same old Liebour has beens.

So sorry

It has taken Brown 5 days to say sorry for Damian McPoison but not in Westminster but in Scotland.
I wonder how long it will be before Damian Green gets the same words from Jackboot Jacquie.

So Damian Green will not face charges over the leak of immigration information. Jackboot Jacquie insists she had only been acting in the public interest and was trying to stop any more sensitive material being released.
This case was pursued because of the "threat to national security" but the DPP concluded there was no such threat.
Given that the Select Committee report into this matter also concluded that civil servants exaggerated this claim is there not a case for taking legal, or disciplinary, action against those civil servants for wasting police time as a result of making false claims?
Further proof if it were necessary, that the civil service like the BBC have been corrupted and politicised by this shameful and venomous Liebour government.
Is there anything that they have not fouled or degraded amongst the traditional and treasured institutions of the United Kingdom?
They are no more than thugs in suits, tearing down and trashing everything that made Great Britain special and a model of democracy to other countries. Worse still, much of the damage has not been engendered for the sake of principle, however misguided but simply to prolong Liebour's stay in power and to preserve their self-appointed privileges.If any of them had an ounce of self-respect or moral character they would hang their heads in shame and resign en mass.
However, don't hold your breath. This bunch of odious mediocrities will cling to power to the bitter end and do as much damage as they can before leaving the mess for the Tories to clean up. They wouldn't recognise a principle if it jumped up and bit them.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Yet another 'sow' for the trough

Yet another sow for the trough but this time it happens to be a member of the Blair family by way of the 4th marriage to Tony Booth.
Steph Booth, who is married to Mrs Blair's actor father Tony Booth, was selected as Liebour's prospective parliamentary candidate for the Calder Valley seat, in West Yorkshire, at a meeting yesterday evening.
Mrs Booth described her selection as a 'real honour'. 'I am delighted that Liebour Party members have chosen to put their faith in me,' she said.
The move comes after sitting Liebour MP Chris McCafferty, who has held the seat since 1997, announced last year she would be standing down.
Mrs McCafferty gained the seat in 1997 and held it in 2001 and 2005 GE. By the time of next GE she can be near retirement age and she thinks a younger candidate can be better for the party's prospects you need plenty of energy in a constituency which is 24 miles long and I think it is time for someone younger to take over. That's another reason why she has not been doing her job in London.
She decided to announce her retirement early so she can do even less than she has done since she was elected.
You only have to look at what she has ben doing for the last 12 years and find very little, in fact less to nothing and she's managed to claim in the last five years £680,000 for expenses, no wonder the Booth's/Blairs are in the gravy train with the rest of the herd.
Yet again the Liebour party are so corrupt that they have selected a candidate from the Unite union by way of postal voting. The one thing that Labour have been seen to be good at time and time again is vote rigging. There have been numerous court cases involving local Liebour politicians blatantly fiddling the postal voting system. Some went to jail. But then I guess that the very reason it was introduced so widely by the Liebour government was to facilitate rigging.
On the night of the count, Mrs Booth secured 22 votes, while rival Susan Press won 35. However, when postal votes were added, Mrs Booth won by 95 to 52.
One Calder Valley Labour Party member, who was not named, said: 'I attended the hustings and Sue Press was the clear winner.
'However, someone had been round canvassing – so many were cast in favour of Steph she won on the strength of postal voting and a lot of people are very bitter about it.
'So many postal votes cast make a mockery of the democratic process which the hustings represent.'.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

You'll Never Walk Alone

About 25,000 Liverpool fans travelled to Sheffield Wednesday's Hillsborough ground on April 15, 1989, to watch their beloved club in an eagerly-awaited FA Cup semifinal clash with Brian Clough's Nottingham Forest.Tragically, 96 supporters would never return from a football disaster that shook the world .

I remember the news breaking and watching the scenes unfold on TV. I couldn't comprehend why the police were standing back and not doing something more productive, and then seeing those dreadful front paged pictures of the dying flashed across the tabloids the next day.
God bless those deceased and their families and You'll Never Walk Alone.

Poor old Labour party

This is the summing up of his blog today, its well worth a read.

Darkness at the Heart of the Labour Party

It is this contrast between how we should be behaving, and what has been exposed, that is the real killer. A necessary government information machine has been corrupted by a spin that seeks not to inform but control and, if needs be destroy. And it has been in existence for over a decade.

McBride sat on the Prime Minister's political War Cabinet. If this is the war the Prime Minister thinks the country wants he is in for a very rude awakening. In the meantime, Labour supporters are left bewildered and wondering what happened to the moral crusading side of our mission.

Poor old Labour party.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Great 'regret' now it's the 'red' card for Brown.

Good grief! So it’s a matter of "great regret" that the reputation of politics has been affected?

So what about those defenceless souls whose personal reputations are mired by his people’s action?
It’s the usual nonsense about ‘the system’ being at fault. It’s nothing to do with ‘the system’ and everything to do with the loathsome culture adopted and encouraged by Brown himself.
Why does this buffoon believe that such assurances – even if it were possible to give them, will make the slightest difference to the behaviour of his henchmen? What kind of behaviour did Brown expect when he filled No. 10 with aggressive, thuggish, and unprincipled characters like McBride.
His only "regret" is that the whole nasty mess, inspired by Brown's skewed personality, was ever found out. McPoison will of course be looked after by Brown; he knows too much and would be a lethal loose cannon.
You, Brown are nothing but a CROOK in charge of a venally corrupt party and government.
It's time to for you and your cronies to go.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Resign now Brown

Evil thought's by Brown against the Tories.
Brown's favorite spin doctor McPoison suggested reviving the allegation that a Tory MP was quietly promoting a gay partner's business interests in the Commons.
The claims have been in circulation for months and proved to be false. Pumping such a story had it been true could have been justified as in the public interest. But the other bits of gossip McBride proposed pumping into the political ether with liar Draper were a combination of venom and invention designed to unsettle a Tory opposition riding high in the polls. McBride's critics, who believe he was more interested in short-term tactics than long-term strategy, may feel vindicated by the dramatic events of the last 48 hours.
It is patently obvious that support for the Liebour Party has collapsed.
Their membership has been in terminal decline for years. This catastrophic incident by McPoison is a final and gross example of how these champagne socialist bigots operate. They cannot win by fair means because they have lost the political battle for ideas. Their policies have crucified the British people and no amount of spin will gloss over their incompetence. Do they really expect their few remaining members to take to the blogosphere to defend the indefenceable?
They are probably burying their heads in shame at these antics.
The electorate have seen their pensions ruined, savings ruined, jobs lost, businesses folded and standards of living decimated; yet witness Government Ministers abusing the second home allowances system and Brown's personal advisors telling lies and attacking innocent people.
The electorate will not tolerate this largess any longer. Brown must accept responsibility for his advisors, apologise and RESIGN.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I asked for the truth Brown and all I get is more lies.

The new world saviour Gordon Brown has promised an environmentally friendly Budget later this month to kick start a "green recovery" – including the mass introduction of electric cars on Britain's roads. He trailed measures to make Britain "a world leader" in producing and exporting electric cars, hybrid petrol-electric vehicles and lighter cars using less petrol. Dumbledorf Darling, the Chancellor, will announce in his Budget that trials for electric cars in two or three cities will begin next year. He will also set a target of creating 400,000 jobs in "green industries" over the next five years.
Brown, please get into the real world, France and Germany have been doing this for the last ten years, so once again your behind the loop. No, it's all a scam as we have no generating or transmission capacity. UK has made deals with the French to import their nuclear sourced power as our supplies run out just to keep the lights on. The figure of 400,000 is plucked out of thin air. For goodness sake why isn't he asked where he gets that mad figure from, and then we will take a hard look at his data.
So, here we go then. Back to old Liebour tax rises to pay for bust and boom. It just shows how bankrupt both financially and morally save the world Brown and Liebour really are.
He is now huffing and puffing about 'Green' this and 'Green' that. For 'Green' read 'TAX'. That is Browns only answer, TAX it or in this case, tax us the remaining people who still have jobs in spite of his wrecking of the economy.
The fact is he is back tracking on his big idea another 'fiscal stimulus' because there isn't any money left and he can't borrow any more to gamble with. The guy is a washed out con man whose arrogant boasts have come home to roost. If he wants to save the country a fortune, start by making his own ministers and MP's pay back what they have looted from the tax payer in expenses, second home allowances and all the other tax free scams he and his cronies have been pilfering for the last 12 years.
Save the world Brown has already destroyed any goodwill there was as far as tax is concerned with his greedy fuel duty, VAT and his hundreds of stealth taxes. He has also destroyed any credibility in 'green' issues by hijacking the word and movement for his own sneaky tax purposes.
People have grown cynical of anything he or his rabble come out with be they his 'visions' or 'British jobs for British workers' ramblings which are merely soundbites and spin. It's the ordinary tax payers who are now going to have to pay the bill for his recklessness and incompetence whilst the useless bankers walk away with £millions.
Call an election now.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Come on Parliament tell us the truth.

Preacher Brown start telling the truth!

There is a ever widening gulf, now reaching truly hair-raising proportions, between this Liebour Government's spending and its income from taxation.
The Institute for Fiscal Studies predicted earlier this week that the deficit would reach £150billion per year over the next three years. By then, says the IFS, the state's accumulated debts could reach 80 or even 90 per cent of national income, leaving us crippled like Italy.
Meanwhile, the hugely expensive bailouts continue, as the Government extends the first load of a £2.3billion rescue for the car industry.
Yet not one single proposal have we heard, from either Government or Opposition, which would even begin to defuse this time-bomb ticking beneath our economy. The reason, of course, is cynically obvious.
With an election only a year away at most, ministers dare not alienate taxpayers by revealing the massive extra sums they will be made to hand over.
But we the British people are not fools. We know very well that the medicine will taste foul, whichever party prescribes it and it's much fairer to know now than later.
Where does he get the money, you only have to look at all Brown's recent foreign trips to find out?
When save the world Brown took control of the countries finances we had:-
Decent private sector pension schemes which has now gone.
A stable housing market now gone.
Reasonable food prices also gone.
Reasonable fuel prices long gone.
Reasonable energy prices long gone also.
Reasonable interest paid on savings which is long gone, next the banks will be charging us to keep our money.
A country that felt comfortable and safe to live in which most definitely is gone.
I could go on and on yet the same imbeciles will turn out to vote for this corrupt government at the next election. It's AMAZING isn't it.

Roman Abramovich has five

Russian oligarchs ready to pay millions for huge penises

big penis phallusThe exposition of the rising star of German arts, Jonathan Meese, has recently opened in Moscow. The artist's work has already shocked residents of Berlin and Hamburg, who did not miss their chances to become familiar with Mr. Meese's very unusual artistic view of the world. However, three wealthiest Russian citizens have expressed their wish to purchase several paintings and sculptures of the German artist for their home collections, Express Gazeta wrote.

When the “Dr.Dracula” show opened its doors for Moscow visitors, it attracted women's attention first. Jonathan Meese's paintings and sculptures depict weird creatures with one-meter-long and salami-thick erect penises. A 500-kilo bronze statue is one of the most impressive exhibits at the show. The statue, entitled Propagandist, bears some resemblance to a devilish being carrying a bag of gold in its hand. The statue personifies a modern oligarch, the artist said. However, instead of making a winged or a horned devil, the German artist decided to equip his creation with outrageously large phalluses. Furthermore, there are six testicles hanging down underneath the huge reproductive organs: the artist apparently intended to emphasize the virility and vitality of a contemporary oligarch. Jonathan Meese is probably right: male billionaires in Russia have rather large families. Boris Berezovsky is a father of six children, Chelsea's owner Roman Abramovich has five and Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the former CEO of Yukos oil giant has four kids in his family.

”A very wealthy Russia man saw my Propagandist at one of my European shows. He personally asked me to bring the statue over to Moscow some day. He said he would like to purchase the statue to decorate the interior of his country house. When I said that I wanted 500,000 euros for this work, the price did not confuse him at all. Russians have learnt to appreciate arts now,” Jonathan Meese said.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Chancellor it's best to stick to playing monopoly.

The prat who calls himself Alistair Darling the Chancellor of the Exchequer admitted yesterday that he will have to tear up a rose-tinted forecast that Britain's battered economy would begin to grow again in the second half of this year.

'It's worse than we thought' the Chancellor said yesterday when he was interviewed by the Brown Broadcasting Company. In his April 22 budget, the chancellor will predict that the economy will slide by at least 3% this year, its worst single-year performance since the Second World War and three times the rate of decline that he forecast in November in his pre budget report.
Admissions of guilt for underestimating the system don't really make much difference to those who've just lost their job and are worried about losing their home.
We are where we are economically due to a range of mistakes and over-sights that have been well documented throughout the past few months. Wound licking is of little help if an effective long term solution can't be realized soon and is why this government are failing so spectacularly. Any one with a modicum of financial nous was predicting this an hour after the pre budget report was announced.
The fact that dumbledorf Darling could not see what was coming only goes to prove what a useless Chancellor of a useless government he is, stick to playing monopoly with your children please. He will have a job to find enough money to support all those thieving bastards who call themselves MPs and there's no doubt in my mind that the MPs themselves came up with the 2nd-home allowances situation years ago in order to give themselves lots more lolly every year.
Of course they can always pay themselves with monopoly money because thats what the currency is worth!

It's time for a general election.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Next stop for Brown and Darling will be the IMF

Next stop Washington?

After a day of tense bartering, the gathering of Presidents, Prime Ministers and royalty rubber-stamped extra cash for inter­national financial rescue plans.The deal included an extra 500 billion US dollars (£338 billion) for the International Monetary Fund’s emergency rescue reserve to bail out countries in severe financial straits like for example the UK under clown Brown.
A further $250 billion (£169 billion) was agreed for boosting world trade finance and the leaders agreed to $250 billion (£169 billion) expansion of an IMF short-term loan scheme to give governments easy access to foreign currencies.
The move boosting the IMF’s “special drawing rights” facility was yesterday being seen as effectively “printing” money on a ­global scale.
Suspicion is that clown Brown's will be first in line for the IMF funding and what's the betting that Brown & his partner in tax and squander dumbledorf Darling are already drawing up a wish list and working out how much of this extra £338 million they reckon they will need?
Even last night there was Brown’s Treasury Minister Stephen Timms claiming that the new system removed the “stigma” of borrowing from the fund. How on earth can anyone trust clown Brown and his cronies to come up with anything which is not bent.
Time for a general election, please.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Obama Brown on April 1st

Fellow bloggers read into this what you like!