Tuesday, 25 May 2010

It is a sad fact that the Labour Party always suffers from collective ‘memory loss’ when it comes to their own disastrous failings when in power.

I watched David Cameron's speech today and it was spot on. Harriet Harperson and the Labour party should be ashamed of themselves. There was even a little socialist Labour man whinging about the abolition of child trust funds, and Cameron knocked down his argument straight away. As outgoing treasury head admitted, THERE IS NO MONEY LEFT!... A concept that socialists are unable to comprehend. Yellow streak Brown can postulate about the "global financial crisis" until the cows come home, but at the end of the day it was men like him as Chancellor that were telling "those responsible" to take more and more risks. It was yellow streak Brown who insisted in inflating the bubble when all around him suggested it be allowed to deflate. Yellow streak Brown played no small part in causing the "Global financial crisis".New Labour are entirely responsible for all of this. The worst government ever. Cameron is right: they'll never say sorry. The Labour party aren't even capable of being gentlemen. Sour, sour people the lot.
I have just been watching the BBC's coverage of the Queen's speech on the evening news. Dear, dear me. Has it ever been more obvious where the broadcaster's sympathies lie? One item suggested that NHS cover in Bangor would be reduced to emergencies only following the imposition of the cap on non-EU immigration. The only thing missing from the Queen's speech was to announce the break-up of the over-subsidised, left-leaning, Labour-supporting BBC. Please David and Nick clear out the biased BBC before they screw up the coalition.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

And to think that yellow streak Brown had intended to spend spend spend, adding more and more debt on the nation.

I'm afraid that when faced with an ever-ballooning amount of debt, Governments have to make deep cuts to their expenditure. The process is not without pain, of course, and many desirable projects (along with those that are decidedly undesirable) will be affected by such cuts.
The Business Department will bear the brunt of £6 billion in cuts while we keep pouring money into fake charities like ASH, Alcohol Concern, The Institute of Alcohol Studies and many other such organisations who supply bigoted, rent-a-quote zealots to harangue us over the airwaves about our smoking, drinking, eating habits etc.
The Police will be keeping their luxury cars, as will the Highways Agency and others. Overpaid jobsworths will be keeping their lucrative posts in local councils. The luvvie millionaire factory at the BBC will continue unhindered.
Get all troops back on UK soil. Make people on benefits work in their community to install pride. By the way business link did a great job in funding business to move abroad. They classed invoicing from the UK but manufacturing elsewhere as export, another one of yellow streak Brown's creative accountancy schemes. If the financial crisis had not happened yellow streak Brown might have got away with it. I just hope as the cuts and increased taxes bite, people will remember that it was yellow streak Brown's Labour government that got us into this terrible position.This government is now having to take the only course that is open. Labour should never be allowed anywhere near the Public Finances again.
Perhaps yellow streak Brown can use some of the money he will make on the lecture circuit to help pay off the debts his government ran up?

Friday, 21 May 2010

"The Prime Minister delivered an undiplomatic rebuff to the German Chancellor after their first meeting..."

The United Kingdom, thank God, is not a member of the Euro zone.
The Euro zone was created largely by the French/German axis to protect their own fiscal interests. The Euro zone is fine as long as "minor Euro zone members" (all Euro zone members other than France and Germany) don't go bust. Cameron is right not to want to give more powers to Europe, when it is entirely possible that the whole project is doomed to go down in flames.
I can't imagine Merkel and Sarkozy being too happy with the idea of bailing out another 2 or 3 bankrupt Euro zone members.
The EU is not working in an economic sense. Britain should look to other markets for its products. Britain has at the moment a 60% income from the EU. This is too many eggs in one basket. Diversification of trade away from the EU system would leave Britain in control of its own affairs without the interference of the EU and its uncontrollable administrative systems.
I have to say over the past 15 years I had become very cynical concerning politicians, but Cameron is slowly restoring my faith.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

As one who loathes everything that Labour stands for: "Three cheers for Diane".

Well done Diane!
Instead of the discredited Blairites Diane would offer a fresh voice that would capture the imagination of the electorate. Labour should realise that they have an MP who has shown by her television work that she is quite capable of communicating to the public in a way that there leadership has failed in recent years.
Diane lost all credibility when she sent her son to St. Paul's Cathedral school - really she is the corruption that has to be plucked from the heart of Socialism.
Diane has not got a chance of winning but if I'm wrong then Labour will be out of power for a very VERY LONG TIME.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Labour has been led by pricks for the past thirteen years: maybe it's now time to be led by Balls.

Ed Balls , with his weird Stalinist haircut, looks like an adult version of the sort of kid that bends your arm around your back and nicks your sweeties. He strikes me as a nasty, vindictive, behind-the-scenes back-stabber. He is inarticulate, lumpen, and unlovely. He is another yellow streak Gordon Brown, without the one-millimetre coating of gravitas.
Labour has imploded and the Marx brothers and Balls will provide spectacles of fun to lighten our load.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Miliband is a muppet, in both outside and in.

I listened to Miliband's speech yesterday, and must say I was disappointed. It was incoherent, hesitant and vacuous to say the least. "Idealism..." Isn't that what has just ended, 13 years of idealistic government without facing up to reality? Most people I know leave idealism on the bar when they graduate and enter the real world. "Next labour" What's that then? You are beginning to sound like something off the supermarket shelf. What will it be next week?
Wasn't flogging off the gold at rock bottom price an idealistic act thinking it might help the country contrary to Bank of England advice. Yes, that's what we want, more of that from this weird looking bloke!
What this country needs is somebody with a solid background, a reputable experience, a insider track record, a likable personality, both social & professional integrity, an attitude of long term stability with political cohesion & diversity at its core. Couple that with self-pride & worth, and a humbling attitude to the public who placed him in office. None of this you will get with Labour, or Miliband – the only man on the face of the earth willing to absolutely anything to secure himself a better job. A conniving little two faced, spineless toad. A wimp, a wart on the decency of public office. What’s even more scary is the fact the obvious Labour collective out there, will vote him in.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Part of the rotten labours final shot at making sure they left the country broke.

This isn't a pre banking crisis of 2006, it's 2010 and the reality of the situation Labour have put us in has to be addressed. If the Government isn't seen to be trying to reduce the financial deficit the IMF will stop lending at decent rates and the markets will see Britain as not worth investing in. I'll do without a tax cut and will pay my way so that my children don't have to pay for Labours incompetence. Labour's Brownfield site will need to be cleared before new building can commence.
This coalition must do as Labour did when they first came to power in 1997 and this was to blame the Tories for every ill that went before them, they did this every time someone from Labour was interviewed either on the TV or radio. People have to remember why these cuts are necessary, even with what the Labour party has kept on telling the public that it was an American caused recession and absolutely no fault of their policies, Labour has this tendency of it was not us, it was them. Even after the election they were still trying to convince the public of all the great deeds they had bestowed on the country, omitting of course any mention of the debt mountain left behind.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

We want a period of Conservatism, not Labour ism.

So the farce begins for the leadership of a defunct Labour Party. A Party that virtually destroyed our country. These two Marx Brothers should provide fine entertainment as the country realises the devastation they have brought. New Labour's economics was an utter sham,they lied and passing off spending as investment. Now both millipedes want to do a massive U-turn and re brand Labour as some sort of left radical party - who are they trying to kid!
They are a disgrace to the left. Bliar, yellow streak Brown, bumbling Straw and unelected Campbell should be sent to the Hague for war crimes charges. Vile spin doctor snake Mandelson should be banned from the Labour party. Actually, we are sick of all this so-called radicalism and yearn for period of Government in which successful practice is retained.
We are sick of Labour ministers having to show an audit trail of 'change' in order to be supposed to be doing their jobs. We want a period of restorative Government which tries to heal the divisions caused by 13 years of damage to our society and constitution.
We want evolution, not revolution. We want a period of Conservatism, not Labour ism.

Friday, 14 May 2010

What Labour needs is more humility.

The massive fall in membership under the impact of Blair marginalising the party and the Iraq war meant that Labour lost its membership.
That is where the rebuilding has to start.
Incidentally Milliband as next party leader is not the answer if my scenario is correct. He is intimately connected with the policies of the last government.
Labour became the control freak party. Not every problem requires a state solution. Not every headline requires an initiative. Not every detail of service delivery should be handed down from Whitehall. Not every risk can be covered by more laws. We have to be more proportional on the role of the state. They have lost touch so much with people who are fed up with their arrogance and false promises. They have neither humility, style, nor, more importantly, substance on which to rebuild.
Public sector expenditure was out of control, services were rubbish and OAP's were being fined 200 pounds because their bin wasn't in the right place while an 18 year old who admitted 750 burglaries was given a conditional discharge and a council house.
A new word has been coined called "Brownie" - not a cookie but an "untruth". Very little of what yellow streak Gordon Brown ever said was true. If Labour is to recover, it must respect "truth" - avoid hyperbole and just be truthful. You must avoid having people like slimy Campbell, snake Mandelson, evil McBride, dis-united Whelan as your advisers; and Jack Dromey is not starting well - you should have a quiet word and explain the difference between being loyal and lying.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Go and re-build yourselves on another monkey Island and stay there!

Well we all knew David "prat" Millibrand was going to be 'up for it' as he dilled and dallied about ousting yellow streak Brown when the yellow streak was in office, but, either hadn't got the guts to bid for the leadership then, or else did not want the difficult job of being PM at a time when the going had got tough.
Now labour are in opposition it will be easy peasy for them to sit back and try to pull apart the new Coalition government. All this talk of regrouping etc simply means working out how best to get the new government out whilst not having to clear up their own mess. All of them are lower than a snakes belly! and by that I mean snake Mandelson's, and that shows how low they are.
They are the most untrustworthy bunch you could come across and it will be hilarious watching them all stitch each other up for what they cherish most - power at any cost.
It was great watching them all squirm on television and try and defend the indefensible when the election results came out. Great to see this shambles are all washed up after the mess they have left this country in.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Goodbye socialism, hello realism.

Congratulations David Cameron and "shuffler" Nick Clegg. I'm more than happy that the middle ground is covered; I am sick of the super rich. I want to see results for the middle and working classes.
Yes, there will be cuts and we all know its going to happen because those not so clever mathematicians have led us all up the garden path with their clever gambling plans. Lets hope for a bit more common sense and a country that generates real wealth for the ordinary people. Small business and sensible spending for me.
The date of the next election is set signaling a sea change and today David Cameron and Nick Clegg begin the daunting task of rescuing our economy and society, presiding over a new blend of policy and collaborative government. Only the petty and small minded will not allow these men of goodwill to help Britain and all work together for success and the common good. One gets sick of the detractors who instead of building want to constantly tear down yet have no alternative solution.
Good luck to them if they can get us out of the mess without too much pain for the less fortunate then bring it on.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

And now, the end is near, and Gordon's at his final curtain, he robbed us blind, for 13 years, and killed the wealth, of this whole nation.

Now we have a Conservative/LibDem coalition, I hope that when David Cameron and his team open the 'books' shuffler Clegg and his team are there to verify the undoubted mess they will find. I am pretty sure they will discover all the fiddling of the figures that have gone on, together with the billions wasted on quangos created by this discredited bunch. This is a time for strong government and leadership, for the sake of the country, and when the new government is formed I believe there is much to be uncovered and, if it is, I hope charges will be brought where appropriate and, if successful, that prison sentences will follow. I am convinced after the last 4 days of Labour's effort to secure a rainbow coalition is the fear that they will be found out.
I hope investigations will also be carried out into the dealings of certain people who currently sit in the Lords, like snake Mandelson and together with those who have been close to the heart of this government for most of the last 13 years.
Yellow streak Brown, yellow streak Brown where have you been?
I've been to London to visit the Queen!
Goodbye and good riddance to the worst Prime Minister Britain has ever known!

I just despair for this country, I really, really do!

Please remove the unelected yellow streak PM, the unelected slimy Alistair Campbell and the unelected snake Mandleson from the centre of British life. These self important people have no dignity and shouldn't say anything to me about my or this countrys life.
If shuffler Clegg strikes a deal with Labour, then consider this.
We'll have an unelected Labour prime minister back in Number 10 after he lost an election, supported by an unelected third party who've demanded that the unelected prime minister resign and be replaced in six months by another unelected (by the country) prime minister, that this country didn't vote for...
One of the first things the original unelected Labour prime minister will do is introduce a voting system that 76% of the country didn't vote for, to give more power to the least popular major party. All this while the country goes to rack and ruin financially, in no small part due to the first unelected prime minister and the complicity of the unelected least popular major party leader...
"Vote for real change, not fake change", said shuffler Clegg before the election. David Cameron should step back and say, OK, I tried, I was magnanimous in victory to a guy who got 20 something % of the vote, but he wanted much more than he was worth, (as valued by the electorate), of whom 77% did not vote for PR as an election issue in this election.
The Tories should sit there in opposition, as the party who got the most votes and most seats in this (democratic land) and let´s see how everyone grows to feel about that when governed by the rainbow coalition. The prospect of the English being governed by a bunch of feudal Celt's will not wash -after 6 months Cameron will get a huge majority and then he should have his revenge.

Monday, 10 May 2010

" Britain faces £43 Billion bill... to bail out the Euro."

Yes, dumbledorf Darling you incompetent fool. Why should the UK pay for Greece or any other of the countries that use the Euro. Or is it, because your beloved Labour party lost the election and your that spiteful you want to leave the next government with a larger deficit. Who's going to bail the UK out?. I suppose Darling is not bothered, neither will be the rest of the so called party for the people, LABOUR. Over the past thirteen years of power, you've just proved that your party had its sights all along the ruination of the UK's economy, because people still want the pound and that did not fit the Labour parties ideals. Your traitors, nothing more, nothing less.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Does anyone agree with me that the protest about voting reform looked a bit too good and timely. I had the feeling 'rent a crowd' were mobilsed LibDem

Our country is in debt to a figure which will probably exceed £3 trillion. Divide that figure by our population and the amount is staggering. This country is in crisis and what have we got after the election. The Libdems are bartering for a better deal. This is a time for change. All party banners should be cast aside and the country and the electorate should come first.
For many months the Libdems have talked the talk lets really see if you can walk the walk.
Unpalatable and very tough decisions are required to move this country forward this will not happen with a return of the yellow streak Brown.
The people who say they would rather a LibDem/Lab alliance are the pathetic idiots who voted labour and are now desperate to hang on to power at any cost and do not represent the views of the voters as was proved beyond doubt by the election result. The one thing that came out of the election is that the public wanted labour out. Liar yellow streak Brown and the rest of his lying cronies will say anything to try and get Clegg onside.
A LibDem/Tory alliance may not be the perfect scenario but it definitely will be better than letting labour do more damage to the country

Kamikaze Brown declares himself the new Messiah!

Kamikaze yellow streak Brown is so delusional and out of touch with reality, it would not surprise me in the slightest were he to declare that he is the new Messiah! Kamikaze Brown is demeaning himself, his party, and the country by staying put in Downing Street.
If he wishes to salvage any honour from this farce he should go, and quickly.
Taking early action on the national debt crisis is the most important factor that must be the priority for all political parties. Playing politics with voting reform is a secondary issue. Kamikaze Brown and his flawed policies are irrelevant. Lets get this country out of the mired financial bog it is in by getting the financial recovery; Action Plans now please.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Which way will shuffler Clegg go?

The Conservatives have to be respected for spelling out before the election the kind of cuts that would be needed after the election regardless of who would be governing. They risked many votes but still went ahead and treated us like grown ups and told the truth. Labour didn't spell out this truth as clearly so if they now have to govern then I feel sorry for the voters who thought that they might prove to be more softer in their approach.
The only way Nick Clegg can gain any credibility for his party after an enormous thumbs down in the vote for them is show they are a serious political party after all and do what is best for the country no strings attached and support the Conservatives there is no need for any horse trading this is not the time changes in the electoral system there are far too many more important issues.
The country is bust and so is Socialist state control. Yes, it's certainly time to change and for government to work in the national interest - but not for an utterly corrupt and morally bankrupt Labour-led coalition.
I wish David Cameron and Nick Clegg the best of luck in sorting out yellow streak Brown's legacy of failure.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

The best way to change this is to vote Conservative.

Prior to yellow streak Brown being made Prime Minister (and let's not forget that he was never elected to the post), he and his party promised various referendums to allow the populace to decide on some very key issues.
Since taking up the position of PM, he has proceeded to push legislation through Government and committed us, without our say so, to the very same key issues.
On TV tonight I heard him say that a vote for Labour would result in the population of the country having a referendum on something or other. To be honest, I thought yet another lie from the yellow streak Joker. I lost interest and turned the TV off.
Yellow streak Brown is the biggest liar and hypocrite ever to have been allowed to run this country, and when the country finally descends into civil war, he should not be allowed to return to his precious Scotland and instead, face the population of the country he has managed to destroy.
Democracy, what democracy? We're all currently living in the yellow streak Gordon Brown's town Dictatorship.
So, today is the day to change from living in Gordon's town and vote Conservative to change Britain back to becoming Great again.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Which way to vote? Conservative please.

Labour have lost the plot they can't even get it right on tactical voting scary Ball's, pig Hain and Olympic Jowell say do yellow streak Brown and teflon Bliar say don't, all this flip flopping around no wonder the country is in such a mess.
By treating their voters with such condescension, scary Ball's, pig Hain and Olympic Jowell have probably finished off New Labour. Those supporters have been lectured as though they are illiterate oiks who need to be told how to vote, it's unbelievable really, I hope all three lose their seats.
So now yellow streak Brown wants people to vote Labour because he wants to get the maximum Labour votes? Surprise, surprise!
No doubt that people employed in non-jobs in the public sector, benefit scroungers, immigrants and so on will continue to vote for this disastrous Party, purely out of self-interest, whilst the honest, productive, hard working taxpayer, already struggling to survive the economic downturn, will be the ones left to foot the bill for their financial incompetence!
The voters are not as delusional as yellow streak Brown thinks. He asks us to forget the thirteen years of incompetence which culminate in the UK being saddled with enormous debt and an enormous annual budget deficit.
This is mis management by this government and they do not deserve another term simply measured on non performance to date.
He's grasping at straws talking about minor fiscal issues whilst ignoring the mountain of debt with which he has burdened the UK.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Pig Hain is urging people to 'vote with their heads, not their hearts' on Thursday

So that confirms it, untrustworthy pig Hain and scary Balls advocate tactical voting. They will say anything to remain in power. This is definitely a sign of desperation from Labour. Hain is a fraud and a serial liar who made thousands of pounds in expensives out of the British
taxpayer. He was made to resign....done nothing wrong guv only got a bad memory....forgot to declare I had thousands of quids given to me.....mistake?
"Labour today comes the closest yet to suggesting that its supporters vote tactically in constituencies where the main battle is between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives."
VOTE CLEGG AND GET BROWN, Milliband, Balls, Harman or any other untrustworthy Labour politician that fancies their chances. They are trying to dupe the electorate, because Labour will remain the dominant party in any Lib/Lab pact.
It is now clear, voting for D.Cameron, give him a clear mandate, or, VOTE CLEGG AND GET BROWN.

Come on, Dave! You know you can win it - a bit more effort, we are all behind you!

Give them a good kicking!

I watched this disgusting display at the Citizens UK meeting. I thought yellow streak Brown had scraped the barrel when dragging his family into it, but now claiming divine support is just too much for me. Yellow streak Brown in his speech reminded the audience about the words in the Bible about moneylenders. Perhaps he has forgotten that he should have been asking for forgiveness for his debts. The debts that he has put round the neck of this country by his actions. It is he who has put this country into the hands of the moneylenders. Let he who is without sin throw the first stone. He cannot be exiled from Whitehall quick enough!
Its no surprise that Labour are likely to take a bath. Its also no surprise that Lib Dem support is evaporating as voters realise that one or more of their policies (nuclear deterrent, the Euro, immigration) is something they cannot endorse.
So come on, Dave! You know you can win it - a bit more effort, we are all behind you!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Yellow streak Brown praying for a miracle!

As always yellow streak Brown is parachuted in to a pre-planned, staged event full of sycophantic "Labour Luvvies" who won't ask him any real questions and who will sit slack-jawed, clapping at every word their glorious dictator says.
“I’m fighting for my life, but I’m not fighting for myself — I’m fighting for the British people". Your life? We--including Gillian Duffy and others on the opposite side of the political divide are fighting for our respective livelihoods!
Because you ruined our country. You and your arrogance. You and your revived CLASS WAR preaching envy and spite, inciting victim hood complex and persecution complex, causing the mentality of millions of Britons to rot.
In 1997 we heard the refrain "Things can only get better" this year something from The Church Of Scotland hymnal. Hopefully we will hear something borrowed from the football terraces "Cheerio,Cheerio,Cheerio"

Sunday, 2 May 2010

In the sociopaths Communist totalitarian state, clearly free speech is no further allowed.

Get Widget

When this is all over, the Labour Party members need to ask themselves how it could be that a man with such poor interpersonal skills could ever become the leader of their party.
The real tragedy is that this man was thrust on the British people as leader and hence to blunder onto the international stage without the voters being allowed to have their say.
In a country that claims to be the epitome of democracy can that be regarded as acceptable?
So Mr Borthwick made no threats, attempted no physical attack, and only sought to have his voice heard.....yet the stasi....I mean police escorted him from the premises.
The Labour fanatics...I mean faithful....manhandled him (a common law assault unless I am mistaken) and were not removed by the Stasi...I mean police.
"The thought police would get him just the same. He had committed--would have committed, even if he had never set pen to paper--the essential crime that contained all others in itself. Thought crime, they called it. Thought crime was not a thing that could be concealed forever. You might dodge successfully for a while, even for years, but sooner or later they were bound to get you."
- George Orwell, "1984"

Remember these events......remember your right to freedom and liberty and free speech.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

No money to be made here you lying worm, now move on.

Are there no depths to which yellow streak Brown won't stoop in his ignominious attempt to get elected? He surrounds himself with a plethora of hated, devious, rejected political felons. To take back Bliar who is responsible for condemning hundreds of our finest youth and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi's and Afghans to an early death in pursuit of some immoral crusade just about falls through the bottom of yellow streak Brown's and Labour's barrel.
It's an insult to the whole electorate and all decent,thinking people throughout the world.
Before Tony Bliar leaves his mansion in Marble Arch every drain is checked for bombs, snipers are on nearby rooftops and any unfortunate passerby is frisked for their reasons to be there. This is the extent of the security that Bliar now demands and needs. And it is paid for by you and me.
Why does he need this level of security? Its a measure of the hatred he has generated by his rapacious pursuit of enrichment from America bought at the cost of the blood of young British soldiers thrown away supporting America's imperialism.
Bliar is now a prisoner of his own making. He cannot appear in public without an army of bodyguards. And yellow streak Brown and snake Mandelson think he will add lustre and credibility to the blandishments they offer for our vote.
It shows just how detached they are from reality, doesn't it?