Sunday, 20 May 2012

Abdelbaset Al Megrahi and the Labour (Liebore) years.

This man was found guilty in a proper court of law on neutral ground and subsequently lost two appeals. If such procedures are good enough for you and I and are generally accepted as fundamentally reliable why do those who think he is still innocent not bring forth the evidence of his innocence. I realise that some of the victims families may even think he was innocent but being a victims family member does not give their view any more weight or authority than the judges who found him guilty. Victims families aside, sadly there are always deluded fools who cry cover up and conspiracy and worse still those only too glad to see evil go unpunished. I feel that no one should suffer undue illness even guilty parties, but he should have remained in prison and been treated in there. As for his release, I think that (Bliar) Blair,Straw and the Scottish government were on the one hand na├»ve in letting him go given the propaganda coup the Gaddafi regime made of it, but acted less for compassionate grounds than to be able to thumb its nose at the USA and Great Britain. If any investigation should be made it should be into the Gaddafi and Blair (Bliar) meeting in the desert in March 2004 and to think that (Bliar) Blair wants to come back into British politics makes me feel sick to the core.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Now another "tosser" leaves a sinking labore ship.

Peter Hain was the man who flew off to a meeting of European ministers with the sole purpose of getting the word 'Federal' taken out of the Lisbon Treaty. He then made the claim on the BBC that there was no risk to British Sovereignty.
Now we have the situation where our elected Government has to beg on its knees to an unelected ECHR in order to deport people who are a risk to our lives.
Peter Hain is also the man who attempted to hand away Gibralter along with Tony Blair.
Peter Hain like the unprincipled opportunist Kinnock never had a proper job and is certainly up their with the slimiest of the labour stooges like Mandelson, Straw, Harperson etc.
The man is yet another Traitor who should swing by the neck and the sooner the better.

Impartial BBC with the Millipede and Harperson what a load of tossers!

The BBC, Associated Newspapers,Guardian Media Group who all opposed News Corp buying the remaining shares in BSkyB it didn't own. All coverage by these bodies is slewed to their points of view and priorities. This is a disservice to the man on the street who have no axes to grind or grievance to air. The Inquiry has descended into the trial of NewsCorp on the charge that the the Sun is not the same as the Guardian.
"Mrs Brooks scored a direct hit on Robert Jay QC when she pointed out that his questioning focused on precisely the sort of prurient gossip for which the Inquiry is tut-tutting about tabloid papers."
But the BBC didn't report that. They reported instead that Mrs Brooks was being quizzed on the "unhealthy" relationship between the government and Newscorp. The years 1997-2010 have apparently disappeared without trace and we seem to have had Cameron as PM for 15 years. I carry no torch for Cameron but this inquiry and its allied BBC coverage is getting preposterous. But brace yourselves, the BBC will grow more brazen, will serve grosser distortions, blatantly hide the truth for there’s now nobody left powerful enough to amount a challenge to the tossers along with Millipede and Harperson.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Now is the time to end austerity! Ha Ha Ha Hollande!

This could be good for us and the rest of Europe. If Hollande racks up more debt to boost France our companies along with the rest of Europe should get in there and soak up the benefit! 
Boosting our growth a lot and France gets the debt, make sure that you  lend money to them! And please tax at least the French billionaires at least 80% and please let them all come here and pay us instead. 
Seems win win if you are not French.
Go for it Hollande and we will see how good your socialist policies are!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Election 2012 and the Labore victory, it's time to get active and remind people of how we are in this mess!

I have great sympathy for this government that is doing the right thing for the country and economy at the expense of their popularity. It is an almost impossible thing to do because the right medicine this country needs is a bitter pill to swallow by the voters.
I have nothing but revulsion against the Labour who are 100% responsible for this mess together with the financial elites. I will never ever vote again for them in my life I have seen enough of who they really are in the last 10+ years and what they stand for really: themselves only.
This is a sad day for Britain. The voter is going to get punished for his wrong choices.
Did you watch how Harriet Harperson squirmed when a Question time audience member accused Politicians of lying and thieving The same old guard who crippled Britain.