Tuesday, 13 January 2015

"Cost of living crisis, Ed?"

With inflation now running at only 0.5% Ed Miliband  is going to have to sing from another hymn sheet. Miliband along with the BBC and his brand of Socialism has a vested interest in the poor, or encouraging people to think of themselves that way. He has no policies, he is simply an agitator, telling people how badly off they are, how their benefits should be preserved, how their gas bills should be lower, how their employers should pay them more, how their train fares should come down. I for one won't be co-opted by Miliband into his peoples army of the dispossessed and downtrodden and neither I believe, will the majority of people who will in due course reject his bleak, desperate picture of Britain's as losers, living hand to mouth, queuing at the food bank etc. In his incompetence, the stupid boy has not taken account of the optimism, aspiration and dignity of the silent majority. But just wait ... RED ED will now be saying inflation is too low! ... anything to keep his cost of living propaganda going ...But under a Liebore Government its those who will be hit by his mansion tax (and the rest of you soon after) to pay for nurses in Scotland that will have a real cost of living crisis!