Thursday, 29 July 2010

Come off it postman Pat you know ASBO'S don't work.

And another ASBO to stop ministers jumping from one department to another, unless they actually have skills related to the post and department, not just the supposed 'skills' of being a self serving politician.

Alan Johnson M.P. Postman Pat! was Secretary of State for Work and Pensions 2004-2005 for 8 months.
Secretary of State for Trade and Industry 2005 - 2005 12 months.
Secretary of State for Education and Skills 2006 - 2007 13 months.
Secretary of State for Health 2007 - 2009 24 months.
Home Secretary 2009 - 2010 11 months.
What of these vital areas of government did you actually have skills related to Mr Johnson?
We had 13 years of your Neo-Lab fascism, Johnson. We've finally got rid of you. Please stay gone.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Tony Hayward will take his yacht to Siberia to do some ice fishing and if he screws up in Siberia he will get a nice prison cell and do hard labour.

The fact is that a lot of us agree with Hayward. Initially there was a lot of sympathy for the victims of the BP Oil-Spill(which there still is although that has been lost in the ensuing "spats") but due mainly to firstly Obama's initial apparent anti-British rhetoric, later denied, but too late to stop it gaining traction in the UK. Hayward helped blacken his image by attending a yacht race in clean English waters as Gulf Coast residents choked on BP oil.
This was then followed by the US Congresses grilling of Hayward (shown live on BBC) and what I feel was a "Witch Hunt" of BP.
Then of course was the "Al-Mehgrahi" affair which rapidly descended in the UK at least as the view that the US Senate was interfering in UK/Scottish Sovereignty and had no business to summon UK Ministers in such a cavalier manner... so Hayward started to be portrayed as being hounded unfairly by the US for merely being the fall guy for the Company mistakes.
We may speak the same language be allies but it goes to show how a crisis (rightly or wrongly) is viewed differently between the two countries citizens.

Monday, 26 July 2010

You want socialism - remember. Go on - support hairy Ed Balls. You know it makes sense.

I suspect that the powers behind the Liebore Party have long had the opinion that hairy Balls is just not good enough an actor to hoodwink the electorate into believing that another Labour government would be far more cuddly than yellow streak Brown's effort, which they rejected.
Ideally, what the power-brokers would like is someone with yellow streak Brown's intentions and Bliar's bonhomie, but there isn't anyone like that. Second choice, I think, would be a dupe like Bliar, who'd give the Stalinist a free rein in return for personal aggrandisement. I'm not sure they have anyone well-enough established to fill this role. So they are left, I fear, with the third option which is to choose a Stalinist and then work overtime to convince the public that he's really a social democrat - with the whole thing made more difficult by the fact that none of the contenders is enough of a chameleon to be able actively to do much to help this process.
But the challenge of persuading the public that a hairy Balls-led Labour is a social democratic party must have a degree of difficulty not far short of trying to do the same thing with a party led by Arthur Scargill. Or even one which had concluded that its best interests lay in reappointing the Great Helmsman of Kirkcaldy himself.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Who in the world is going to buy any of these shitty books?

I will never read snake Mandelson's book so can only comment on the portions reported during the past week.
Snake Mandelson might be bitchy and a gossip but he has confirmed what others have said about the Liebore government, especially concerning yellow streak Brown, Tony Bliar and their respective disciples and hangers on. He has confirmed the fact that yellow streak Brown is seriously mentally flawed. He has also confirmed, what many of us suspected, that he is not the intellectual giant whose reputation as such was puffed up by Bliar. Whose false views were ably supported by such street fighters as Messrs doppy Whelan, hairy Balls and evil Mcbride, even though Bliar was their arch enemy.
We now know what many of us suspected: that Bliar and others thought yellow streak Brown was, and is, an intellectual pygmy!
Let's be honest, this spineless lump of excreta never had any friends in the Labour Party - or any friends at all, anywhere. That's what happens to treacherous, talentless turncoats who blackmail their way into the House Of Lords. His peerage should be revoked, and he should be turned-out and left with the same nothing that he's contributed to Britain. Then he should be prosecuted for Criminal Negligence during his term as "Business Secretary" (a post in which he did nothing at all, and didn't even turn up) and jailed.
So Bliar, snake Mandelson, two jags Prescott and the entire upper echelons of the Labour government, including four of the five leadership hopefuls, knew yellow streak Brown was at least half mad and not very clever. Yet they let him dictate domestic policies for ten years from the Treasury and govern as PM for further three. And they have the nerve to claim that all of their political actions were carried out for the good of the country. Liars and hypocrites the lot of them.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Facebook Moat

The positive comments made about Raoul Moat on face book are simply unbelievable,he was nothing but a coward.
Britain has finally got a leader in David Cameron who has the ability to turn the UK in to Great Britain which it is truly was 'it is absolutely clear that Raoul Moat was a callous murderer - full stop, end of story.
This sad episode shows the rest of the world just how far the UK has sunk in it's values.
This guy turned into a nutter for whatever reasons he had. He was ready to deprive his daughter of her mother and presumably he already knew he would be going out with a bang and so depriving her of her father as well. This didn't seem to figure in his mind at all yet he's made out to be a caring dad. It seems like his ex girlfriend made up the story of going with a police man in the hope that it would be enough to scare him off from harassing her. What had the police officer who was blinded personally done to him? Would he have shot the victims if he knew the truth? Probably.
There are a lot of questions to be answered and they never will because Moat took the cowards way out, not the hero's way as he's depicted by some halfwits! The people who elevate this man to hero have a very warped view of right and wrong and I only hope that they never need help from the police.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Well done Spain

A Spanish national team, with Spanish players, playing for their country rather than sponsorship deals and personal glory. A magnificent result in so many ways.
Contrast their achievement with the fractured, selfish and unpatriotic French and English teams
Obviously Holland had decided before the match that they could not win without breaking the rules. This they did violently, regularly and systematically throughout the match. They calculated that FIFA would not want their spectacle ruined by a spate of sending-off, especially early in the game so proceeded to intimidate the Spanish players from the start. I note that the yellow cards were spread all around the team in an attempt to avoid second yellows, although about four or five Dutch should have gone without a yellow. It was cynical professionalism at its worst.
FIFA should now consult with their referees about teams like this and give the officials support to send off as many players as necessary, even in a world cup final. If Spain had won because Holland had been reduced to six players and the game had to be abandoned that would have been the most just result.
Holland were a disgrace to their country. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Hypocrtite Prescott, what a wanker!

A hypocrite who slagged off the Lords when he was in the commons. An uneducated , slob who bullied his way up the political ladder. Given a soft job and swanned around the globe achieving nothing.
Now,Lord Fish and Chips takes his seat or should it be Lord Two Jags, the real reason this lump of lard has taken his seat isn't to hold government to account but to make his wife feel like a real laydee!
He is deemed to be the Class warrior? - crass warrior more like. The final sell out from a truly monumental mock socialist, in my opinion he sold the liebore party and his beliefs to the capitalist system for power, prestige, cash and now a peerage. No need for your working class pretensions anymore. Are you one of us? No, you are really taking the piss there Prescott.
Good riddance you capitalist lackey - get off to the House of Lords where you really belong.
You know what they say about class and money, you can have the money but lack the class. Or you can be like me have look a class act but lack the money!