Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Surely now is the time to get rid of the BBC?

The first half of the year presented a country in dire trouble, with no plan to deal with the Socialist government's massive debts after a seven year spending spree, one drunk with power and too cowardly to produce a financial statement that even bordered on reality, while everyone including the BBC pandered to yellow streak Brown's overblown financial ego.
An election and an Autumn spending review later, we have a viable financial plan in place to pay down Britain's debts and get Government spending under control, a private industry that is picking up and a thumbs up from the international financial markets that actually pay our bills by loaning us money.
And how did the BBC report the good news about the economy today? Yet another negative financial report from Television centre has crashed and burned so it will be sack-cloth and ashes there, one more happy thought along with the 6 year TV licence freeze .Before even mentioning the better growth rate of 0.8% they came out with the words 'double dip recession', 'only temporary',' VAT rate increase', 'worries for the future' .
Then the roving reporter spoke to too young men in Bristol who both said that they agreed that cuts were necessary because of the huge deficit. The female reporter had to mention, of course, that many, many people disagreed with their views. Surely now is the time to get rid of the BBC?

Sunday, 17 October 2010

"We think tax, on the banks in particular, should play a bigger role in this," Mr Johnson told the BBC One's The Andrew Marr Show.

Same old story from a Red Ed's shadow cabinet and what they are proposing is yet another tax on banks; And how is postman Pat Johnson going to stop the HSBC from going back to Hong Kong, Barclays to New York, and RBS and Lloyds going to hell? So the fact he has no academic qualifications is an insult and a requirement to having any intelligence?
It is amazing how this man hasn't an 'O' level in anything and is appointed Shadow Chancellor. What does he know about anything considering his dysfunctional Government left a legacy of massive debt and a spend thrift civil service.
This ex postman like yellow streak Brown with no back ground in banking or finance would do better to keep his mouth shut and lie low until he is removed.
None of these labour stooges should never be allowed to form a government after the mess they have left behind.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Now millionaires get red Ed's support, whatever next?

How red Ed Milliband can say that millionaires should still get Child Benefit is beyond me. Millionaires are in no need of any extra cash of the government. This man goes on about banks causing this crisis, yet a lot of it is down to Labour and the amount of money that yellow streak Brown just wasted. When will this man see that the Coalition are trying to fix this mess that Labour left the country in.
As far as I'm concerned anyone earning over £100,000 a year should get no benefits whatsoever, including disability benefits. I personally think the £45,000 ceiling is too low, but this idiot wants to give away what little money we have left and thinks millionaires should get child allowance.

Friday, 8 October 2010

The "unions" chancer for red Ed's team.

So, postman Pat(Alan) Johnson says that he has to do some quick reading up for his new role as shadow chancellor. An ex union postie in the shadow treasury team? Osbourne will destroy him. Well Pat me old flower, try 'The road to serfdom' by F.Von Hayek, read it and digest it, unpalatable to you and most indoctrinated Labour supporters but so accurate and well argued. What a shadow cabinet of losers, reminds me of the cast of 'One flew over the cuckoo nest'.