Friday, 19 May 2017

I suspect that the powers behind the Unite union have long had the opinion that Macdonald and Corbyn are good enough actors to hoodwink the electorate into believing that another Labour government would be far more cuddly than yellow streak Brown's effort, which was rejected 7 years ago.
Ideally, what the power-brokers would like is someone with yellow streak Brown's intentions and Bliar's bonhomie, but there isn't anyone like that. Second choice, I think, would be a dupe like Bliar, who'd give the Stalinist / Markist a free rein in return for personal aggrandisement. I'm not sure they have anyone well-enough established to fill this role. So they are left, I fear, with the third option which is to choose a Stalinist/Markist and then work overtime to convince the public that he's really a social democrat - with the whole thing made more difficult by the fact that none of the contenders is enough of a chameleon to be able actively to do much to help this process.
But the challenge of persuading the public that Macdonald and Corbyn -led Labour is a social democratic party must have a degree of difficulty not far short of trying to do the same thing with a party led by Arthur Scargill. Or even one which had concluded that its best interests lay in reappointing the Great Helmsman of Kirkcaldy himself.
The Liebore manifesto. (SORRY should read Unite manifesto)
I think this shows, yet again, the complete contempt of Markist Corbyn and his cronies have for the British people. He must think we're all as thick as he is if he believes we'll see this as anything other than a sick, cynical ploy to gain our approval and votes.

Vote for his party at your peril. Markist Corbyn will surely rot in the fires of hell when he is called to meet his maker. He has no soul, no compassion and should be locked up in his allotment shed for the rest of his life.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Labour, Milliband and Balls

Milliband and Balls as well as the other socialists are beyond a joke. It is their self centered belief that they are of a superior status than the rest of the countries population, that they have a god given right to determine how we live our lives, that has reduced this once great country to the pathetic sorry state we state in today. But slowly the Conservative coalition are changing it. Labour haven't got a clue and has obviously lost touch with reality and what is good for the country. They are nothing more than an overbearing opportunist with a big mouth and a tendency to bully.
They have created a lumpen proletariat of Labour voters, totally dependent on a failing comprehensive State education system in many areas, but especially in their heartlands.
Can't you just tell that there is an election coming, and it's going to get dirtier, sillier, tackier and more surreal than anything in living memory.
We are all going to be promised the earth and more by all these corrupt political pygmies like Milliband and Balls and his godforsaken Ilk, as long as we vote for them. Well not this time, Teddy boy's, and as for pamphlets on how to be good dad "GIVE US ALL A BREAK, you patronising little men.
Remember the last 13 years of Labour rule ? Well, I do, so let's start with this lot:

- Record peacetime debt.
- Record peacetime deficit.
- The first fascist MEP elected to European Parliament.
- UK drops from 7th to 24th in international maths and literacy rankings.
- 100 new taxes on the middle class.
- Council tax (the most regressive tax of all) doubles in 10 years.
- Council tax revaluation if Labour are voted back in.
- 3000 petty new laws.
- Government spying on all texts, emails and telephone calls.
- Bailiffs granted legal rights to forcibly enter and restrain householders.
- Authoritarian police state oppressing legitimate protest, photography and law abiding citizens.
- Doubled the length of tax law and created a mass of new regulations.
- Sold the UK's gold reserves at the bottom of the market.
- Ripped up a system of financial regulation proven over 300 years; 10 years later the UK has 5 failed banks.
- Destroyed the best private pension provision in Europe, taking £100bn from prudent pensioners.
- Destroyed more of the UK's manufacturing sector than Thatcher.
- Politicisation of the police, the civil service, education.
- 2 illegal wars.
- Parliament lied to about the basis for war.
- Falling productivity in public sector despite 48% real-terms increase in spending.
- Overseen the rise of the unaccountable, unsackable, feather-bedded bureaucrat, taking control over every aspect of people's lives.
- Wanted ID Cards.
- Over 1000 foreign criminals released onto UK streets with no threat of deportation.
- £12 billion wasted on an NHS system that has never been delivered.
- New GP contract increased average pay to £100,000.
- Most GPs refuse to provide care during evenings and weekends.
- Arrest of an opposition MP for doing his job.
- Worst property bubble in our history.
- House prices unaffordable for workers on average salaries.
- Soaring knife and violent crime in our cities.
- Debasement of politics, endless re-announcements of the same policy, cash for peerages, lies, spin and deceit.
- Postal voting rules unfit even for a banana republic and electoral fraud.
- The (Labour) speaker forced to resign in shame for the first time in history.
- Lack of funding for body armour and helicopters in Iraq and Afghanistan.
- 200+ service personal killed.
- First non-jury Crown court trials.
- Over ten thousand foreign prisoners languishing in our jails.
- Benefit system traps millions of the poorest people in workless communities.
- 1 million dead, innocent Iraqis.
- 3 million immigrants invited into the UK to take 81% of all new jobs created.
- Uncontrolled immigration pushing our crowded island towards a population of 70 million.
- 1 million young people unemployed.
- Student tuition fees, dissuading poor students from going to university.
- Dumbing down of educational standards with the result universities have to run remedial course for undergrads.
- Giving up EU rebate in return for nothing.
- Jacqui Smith
And so much more I'm sure.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

"Cost of living crisis, Ed?"

With inflation now running at only 0.5% Ed Miliband  is going to have to sing from another hymn sheet. Miliband along with the BBC and his brand of Socialism has a vested interest in the poor, or encouraging people to think of themselves that way. He has no policies, he is simply an agitator, telling people how badly off they are, how their benefits should be preserved, how their gas bills should be lower, how their employers should pay them more, how their train fares should come down. I for one won't be co-opted by Miliband into his peoples army of the dispossessed and downtrodden and neither I believe, will the majority of people who will in due course reject his bleak, desperate picture of Britain's as losers, living hand to mouth, queuing at the food bank etc. In his incompetence, the stupid boy has not taken account of the optimism, aspiration and dignity of the silent majority. But just wait ... RED ED will now be saying inflation is too low! ... anything to keep his cost of living propaganda going ...But under a Liebore Government its those who will be hit by his mansion tax (and the rest of you soon after) to pay for nurses in Scotland that will have a real cost of living crisis!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Yellow streak Browns folly! No, He's going.

Good riddance! Pathetic PM and ineffectual MP. Continued the destruction of our economy, sneaked in by the back door to sign the Lisbon Treaty, sold off our gold reserves at a bargain price. Finally taken out of his box to scare the Scots into voting NO. 
Nothing for him to look back on with pride. 
Did anyone else notice once again he didn't turn up at the Cenotaph to show his respects to our war dead?
I hope he crawls back under his Kirkcaldy rock and stay there for ever.
Here's a history of his time as our Prime Minster. I will from time to time REMIND you of what its like tp have a LIEBORE party ruining (RUNNING) the country.

The grim figures from the Office of National Statistics show there are now 3.3 million households where nobody works.
It means one-in-six households in Britain are workless, the highest rate for a decade. And, worryingly, just under two million children are growing up in homes where no one works.
The news emerged as the Tories released analysis showing that welfare benefits for the jobless have cost taxpayers £350billion since Labour came to power.
The sum includes a sum of £36.6billion for jobseeker’s allowance, £92.5billion in incapacity benefit, £90.7billion for income support, £106.3billion in housing benefit and £20.3billion for council tax benefit.
It is also extremely distressing that nearly two million children live in workless households, shattering yellow streak Gordon Brown’s pledge to halve child poverty by 2010.
Yellow streak Brown saw himself as a cut above the normal jobbing chancellor. He wanted to be a reformer in the Lloyd George mould, and his Big Idea was the tax credit. He was determined to press ahead with this, despite work of a different kind being undertaken at the Social Security department, principally by Frank Field, the minister for welfare reform. Before joining the government, Frank Field had developed a bundle of ideas, such as ending means-testing, scrapping tax for the low paid, and personal welfare funds topped up by National Insurance contributions or tax allowances payable into savings plans. Frank Field was kept in the dark about what was going on at the Treasury, before finally being forced out.
The real problem in UK is the lack of employment and sustainable jobs. The root cause of rising levels of social welfare payments and the dependency culture began 3 decades ago when our industrial and manufacturing base began to disappear for one reason or another but mainly political and financial some jobs in the public sector are essential, noticeably doctors and nurses, police, teachers, and fire services; but, there are a great many people employed in non-job positions in national and local government and in QUANGOs, they do not generate or create wealth and they cost the tax-payer millions for pay and pensions whilst not actually contributing to the overall economic success of the nation.
But poverty is relative and based on economic factors such as the cost of living, which includes the cost of housing, the provision of utility services of water, gas and electricity for heating, lighting and ventilation, sufficient income to buy foodstuffs and other necessities of life and having some essential items. In the UK relative poverty is defined as according to statistics means an income of less than £15,600 per annum before any and all forms of direct taxation.
The main causes of increasing poverty in UK for pensioners is a very low basic state pension well below the government £s defined poverty income level, for some employed it is a low basic wage and for the unemployed it is low unemployment benefits. It is also due to increases in indirect or stealth taxation associated with the iniquitous Council Tax, and the rising cost of fuel and utility services.
Yellow streak Brown will never realise that there can never be a sound economy if a large proportion of their voting population are unemployed and unable to gain appropriate and meaningful employment to look after their families. Perhaps yellow streak Brown, secure in his ivory tower and cosseted from the real world, will realize that peasants can and will revolt against policies that keep them unemployed and poor. Perhaps yellow streak Brown will begin to realize governments get less from taxation when more people are unemployed and not contributing to the costs of public services. Perhaps yellow streak Brown might begin to concentrate, one day, on looking after the interests of the people rather than feather their own nests.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Labour Claims and Reality:

CLAIM: No vested interest, whoever they are and however powerful they are... should ever be able to hold our country back. 
Between now and the election they are going to use every tactic to try to destabilise, distract us and throw us off course. '
REALITY: Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham says these ‘vested interests’ include the Right-wing media – accused by Labour of concocting stories of a leadership crisis. 
In fact, the turmoil was triggered by a savage attack on Mr Miliband by the Left-wing New Statesman magazine, which labelled him an ‘old-style Hampstead socialist’; and the Left-leaning BBC, which reported that Labour backbench MPs had called for him to quit.
It was fueled by The Observer, which claimed 20 Shadow Cabinet members were on the brink of calling for Mr Miliband to step down. 
CLAIM: We haven’t had the best couple of weeks. Disunited parties are parties that the public worries about and I understand that. 
REALITY: So which is it – is the Labour Party disunited, as he appears to concede, or is it all a great conspiracy by the media and the shadowy ‘vested interests’? 
His remarks are certainly a sharp U-turn on last week, when he claimed there was no discontent in the Labour ranks. 
Last Thursday, he told the BBC: ‘I don’t accept that this matter [concern over his leadership] arises. Honestly, this is nonsense.’ 
CLAIM: People are asking why they are on zero-hours contracts while some of those at the top get away with paying zero tax. The zero-zero economy, we need to change. 
REALITY: Not only is the zero-zero economy an ugly, wonkish soundbite – it’s disingenuous. 
There is no legal way for a high-earning individual in Britain to pay no tax unless they have donated all their earnings to charity. 
The people in Britain who pay no income tax are people whose salary is less than £10,000 (many of whom will be on zero-hours contracts). 
It took the Tory/Lib Dem Coalition to raise the threshold for the personal tax allowances
CLAIM: It isn’t prejudiced to worry about the effects of immigration. It is because of the real impacts it has.
REALITY: Only last month, Labour led criticism of Tory Defence Secretary Michael Fallon when he warned communities feel ‘swamped’ by mass immigration – despite it being a view shared by Labour’s own ex-home secretary, David Blunkett. 
Shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander accused Mr Fallon of not being ‘responsible’.
Labour continues to resist any changes to EU free movement.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Why on earth should anyone vote Labour with this legacy?

Here is the Labour legacy 1997 to 2010, 

Milibands current policies are just a continuation of that, useless self serving, anti British, anti democratic, Union influenced ideology.

- Iraq and Afghanistan.
- Rotherham, South Staffs, Birmingham schools Islamic fundamentalism, Trojan horse etc.
- Policy run by the Unions.
- Started HS2, stuffed us with PFI.
- Sowed the seeds of the destruction of the British Union with lopsided devolution and ignoring England.
- Destroyed the final salary pension system.
- Gave away our EU rebate.
- Sucked up to the bankers creating horrendous consequences for Britain in the global recession taking a generation to fix.
- Gave away sovereignty through Lisbon and the Human Rights Act.
- Abused state finances with 0.7% overseas aid pledge.
- Halved manufacturing from 22% to 11% of gdp.
- Abolished Primary Purpose Rule and allowed immediate accession allowing 7 million immigrants into Britain 1997 to 2010.
- Sucked up to crony public sector Unions by inflating pay and pensions of an unreformed public sector.
- Did nothing to invest in our infrastructure.
- Imposed postal voting extension open to political corruption.
- Spent so much money on Labour cronies that we had a 5% structural deficit at the height of the boom.
- Impoverished millions with the Climate Change Act of alternative energy zealotry.
- Created the conditions in which thousands died unnecessarily in the NHS.
- Created the catastrophe of multicultural extremism. 
- Allowed failed asylum seekers and illegal immigrants to stay in Britain.
- Sent our military to wars under equipped.
- Failed to secure our borders.
- Sold off our gold at rock bottom prices.
- Created hundreds of quangos to carry out Labour ideology and stuffed them with socialist place men.
- Created welfare as a lifestyle, with the totally dysfunctional tax credit system, and the catastrophe of excessive housing benefit.
Why on earth should anyone vote Labour with that legacy?