Monday, 16 November 2009

Just for about ten seconds I had a little twinge of sympathy for this man.

The idea that yellow streak Brown is being unfairly treated by the media relies on his being a normal politician, trying his best but beset by adversity. Was it fair for other politicians to be treated this way? John Major was ridiculed but has become a more respected man since he lost the election. Iain Duncan Smith was treated mercilessly by the Media but has found a role that even his fiercest critics now applaud.

The difference is that yellow streak Brown has not played his political hand as other politicians have. He spent ten years creating a feared attack squad. Every department had its authority made subservient to the treasury. His uncontested leadership bid was a result not of thoughtful consideration that he was the best man for the job but the systematic destruction of anyone who stood in his way.
More recently he has taken the tactical decision to lie to protect himself. The Tory Cuts versus Liebore investment argument was deliberately dishonest - Liebore's 9.3% cuts good, the Tories 10% cuts bad. It was a ludicrous strategy but he tried to ram it home time after time.
He stood at a press conference in front of a host of journalists who had been briefed for a week that dumbledorf Darling would be shuffled out of the treasury and the errant Balls installed, and he denied his own briefing. He lied to the room and every journalist in the room knew he was lying.
What he is suffering now is the consequence of his authority pouring away. The threats that supported him are no longer effective and the media is enjoying its realisation that the bully is all bluff.
He brought this on himself with his own low politics and deserves every revenge attack now unleashed. And we deserve to be rid of him and his loathsome prioritisation of his own interest above that of the country.


  1. Absolutely Oliver, Brown is as nasty a piece of work as any that ever lived. Unpleasantness is etched into his grimacing snarling mug.
    Brown is the worst politician I have ever known, motivated entirely by spite and bears more grudges than a bottomless grudge pit, a bitter twisted old fart.
    If he got in again the vote is unquestionably fraudulent, he is that corrupt, the Labour party has never been as venal and bent as it is now under his loathsome reign, they deserve to be annihilated at the next election, and god willing, they will be!

  2. Sean,I'm glad that you agree with me and are even a little bit harder than me when it comes to stating all Brown's (hasn't got) virtues!