Sunday, 1 November 2009

This is no longer a drug war, it's a truth war.

Drugs: Prejudice and political weakness have rejected scientific facts...

In dismissing David Nutt, its chief drugs adviser, the government has bowed to public mood...Difficult to disagree with this, isn't it? Most of you will find this on all threads unacceptable, especially in the face of Liebore's much vaunted "evidenced based" policy claims. The Dear Leader, yellow streak Brown, has frequently made completely irrational statements about cannabis being 'lethal' and must never, ever, be told something he does not want to hear.
There is another, potentially deeper, problem though; the ex Chief Scientific Advisor to the government is less than fulsome in his support for Nutt and these people, the rest of his team are not exactly rushing to his side, are they? Nothing to do with the fact that nearly all of them owe their living to the state, in some way or other? Nah, course not....
This issue has little to do with drugs and everything to do with "policy".
It has long been the mantra of this government that, "if the truth does not fit the policy, then find a truth that does".
Prof Nutt has the expertise, the dedication and the credibility that would dispose one toward believing him and Mr Johnson is a politician who once stacked shelves at Tesco and was then a postman. In some "Alice in Wonderland" way, it is the ex-postman who gets to sack the professor because his scientific "spin" is, in some way superior to the professor's and who gets the chance to go on national TV to "defend" his "decision". As a country, I believe that we deserve better than this.
By the way, just out of interest, why hasn't the government bowed to the public mood over the restoration of the death penalty, or membership of the EU, or the non-repayment of Jacqui Smith's "fraudulent" expenses of over £118,000, or... you get the drift....


  1. The postman looks like an alcoholic to me, with his beetroot red blotchy face, he is not qualified to do the job he is doing, his lack of intelligence and mediocrity are there for all to see, he most likely drinks himself to sleep every night.
    That is the problem with this government, student activists, nonentities and jumped up shop stewards should not be running this country,
    imposing their delusional socialist agenda on us all, they only got in with 22% of the vote, they do not have a mandate to turn our once proud country into a Balkanised quasi Commie republic!

  2. The only one out of the whole lot with any intellect is Mandleson, but he's not really one of them! He is a truly Machiavellian manipulator of the highest calibre who has merely attached himself to new labour, why do you think he actually said he was prepared to work with Cameron!

  3. Ahhh, I see Johnson can hear the sound of Jackboots marching towards Whitehall, no, not the Stasi New Liebore Jackboots, but those of the BNP.
    And as for snake Mandelson saying that he could work with Cameron all I can say is "watch your back"

  4. Actually I take it back, you are right mate, he is a loathsome, greasy pole climbing viper who has achieved bugger all in his life and has been rewarded for backing the desperate Brown, Anyway Cameron said, thanks.
    Just an unscrupulous toe rag in the mould of Bliar who flatters to deceive anyone foolish enough to listen!