Thursday, 12 November 2009

Postman Pat's civil service "heroes" are all paid up members of trades unions, who finance Liebore and have them by the "short and curlies"

Postman Pat yesterday defended the decision to award £300million in bonuses to Ministry of Defence bureaucrats - saying their desk jobs could be 'difficult and dangerous'.

"Alan Johnson defends £300m bonus for M.O.D. pen pushers 'because they do a difficult and dangerous job"
Yes, Pat sorry Alan, they have to dodge flying insults, they have to make sure they don't get a cold or flu at work, they have to get to work in all the dangerous traffic. They have to make sure they don't get wrist strain from surfing the web and looking for bargains on eBay.
I'm sure they are all looking out for that cup of hot coffee that could spill in their laps.
Dangerous you don't know the meaning of the word. Dangerous is being in the line of fire or on a road in Afghanistan with substandard equipment. Not sitting behind a desk picking out the next lottery numbers.
Why does it take a headcount of 90,000 in the M.O.D. to support a regular troop force of 200,000? It's a load of pen pushers who have historically cocked up project after project, always overspending the budget by three or four times, never ever producing it on time, like 4 -to 10 years late and when it arrives it is useless. Everyone knows that an M.O.D. project is a license to print money by the contractors who run rings round the M.O.D.
No, Johnson you should pay the going rate for the job,that's the answer. There should be no bonus for just doing your job.
I'm sure many of the unemployed would love the salary and gold-plated pensions these 90,000 M.O.D. people are getting.
The front-line boys deserve the best and are not getting it from yellow streak Brown and his government.


  1. You've got to be kidding.

    You know that it will be the people at the top of the MOD that are getting those bonuses. Not the lower grade staff who are historically one of the lowest paid gov depts in the UK.

    Get your facts right. There are 233,000 in the combined forces. (46K RAF 39K Navy and 146,000 Army) Also, out of those 90K or so apparently 'useless' staff are

    *the MOD Police

    *the staff who educate the serving personnels children

    *the staff who vet complete psychos and/or people who are threats to the UK from being employed in the Armed forces.

    *the staff that make sure our veterans get paid their pension.

    What is a gold plated pension exactly? I work in another part of the civil service and if I put in 43 years I get about a 3rd of my Salary back. Hardly gold plated. In fact, before the 'economic downturn' I calculated I could get more money by investing in a savings account than in the civil service pension!

  2. Aron
    I can see that you know what you wrote about far better than me.
    But in my defence I wrote: No, Johnson you should pay the going rate for the job,that's the answer. There should be no bonus for just doing your job.