Friday, 6 November 2009

If he had any sense he would run.

British military chiefs today urged Barack Obama not to dither over Afghanistan.
Obama may simply be giving serious consideration to the question whereas yellow streak Brown's knee jerk reaction is a hastily designed effort to try and counter the growing distaste of the British public for this futile military exercise. Yellow streak Brown's specious argument about keeping terrorists off the streets of Britain is as pathetic as the man himself.
Yellow streak Brown's assertion that our troops are in Afghanistan to prevent terrorism in Britain is nonsense! It surely did not escape his attention that when Islamic extremists wanted to perform acts of terrorism in London they did not fly in from Afghanistan - they travelled inter-city from West Yorkshire and Bedfordshire.
Don't forget, this is the man who lied about the quality and quantity of equipment supplied to British soldiers.
It is harrowing to see the grief of those families blighted by the loss of dearly loved men and it is a national outrage that these losses are the result of cynical politicking by the likes of warmonger Bliar and gutless yellow streak Brown. I respect the sacrifices made by these soldiers who did their duty and I think it is time that yellow streak Brown found the courage to do his by calling a halt to this pointless war.
Firstly should we bring the troops home from this wasteland and strengthen the security and intelligence services here?
One thing's for sure, Karzai now knows that we know that he cannot be trusted, and that might make him do a better job. Secondly another thing is for sure; we cannot simply leave Afghanistan to the Taliban. In the long term, the country's poverty and lack of health and education need to be addressed fully before we can be remotely sure that the Taliban will not again be the prime force in the country.
Yellow streak Brown 'will not walk away' from the Afghan mission if he had any sense he would run.

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