Monday, 23 November 2009

What! yellow streak Gordon wants to keep on spending?.... well I never!

Do you remember yellow streak Brown (Master of the Parallel Universe) repeatedly telling us, not more than 6 months ago, that we were best placed to come through and weather the recession.

I am not an economist but just someone who looks after my money. If you have spent trillions and are paying interest then it is important to get rid of the debt ASAP. We cannot and should not going spending at the same level that is lunacy. How many people have lost their home or business, by borrowing more than they can pay back. Idiot yellow streak Brown is doing this, the only difference is he is spending our money, our taxes that he squeezes out of us, so with the interest piling on, the country just gets deeper in debt.
What has gone wrong as we are the only major economy still in recession, surely the Master of the Parallel Universe knows best. Wait I know the solution to our problems lets increase our debt to get out of debt. Sounds like a plan to fool the public.
That's it dumbledorf Darling can get the blinkers on the public by PRINTING £200 billion more money and then we will fool everyone that we are out of recession. Yes, but what happens then, oh, I see we feel good for a while the statistics show weak growth in time for the election and every one's happy.Yes, but what happens then; you mean we will have to pay back the debt we owe you and that will mean the extra money pumped in will cause hyper-inflation. You mean house prices will sink another 25% and then that will cause the pound to devalue again and again our taxes will soar and what then?

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