Saturday, 28 November 2009

Just another failure for yellow streak Brown which emphasises the need to get rid of him and his Liebore Government.

The power to oversee the City of London was yesterday given to a Frenchman known for his dislike of the free market and love of a strong EU.
The unveiling of former French foreign minister Michel Barnier was seen as a severe blow for yellow streak Brown.
The Government had campaigned against his appointment as European Commissioner for financial services and the internal market.
Once again the French show us how it is done. They care about France not Europe.
During the last Liebore Governments reign, this country with it's economy in ruins and at a standstill because of the all out strikes became known as the 'Sick man of Europe'.
When Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister it recovered and became one of the worlds leading countries envied by many. Margaret with her determination and guts secured Great Britain a substantial rebate from the EU only to be given away by the spineless Tony Bliar some years later.
In Dubai we have disaster, nearly 50% of an £80billion debt is lent by British banks. Britain is the biggest export market for Dubai. We pump billions in and look like we are going to lose it again.
The French and the Americans on the other hand provide Dubai's biggest imports. The payments made to the French are enormous.
So in summary - We give them our money and they give it to France, Much the same as the way Europe works, we pay it in andthe French take it out!
Yellow streak Brown,what a businessman!
Surely we must say enough is enough?

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