Friday, 27 November 2009

'Global Warming' really is the latest tour de force in a push for global governance.

Yellow streak Brown called today for the creation of a $10 billion a year fund to help developing countries battle climate change . . . Yellow streak Brown’s proposal comes in the week that strong evidence emerged that the case for climate change has either been vastly overstated or even forged . . . Nonetheless, the momentum amongst the establishment politicians in favour of the “climate change theory” is now so overwhelming that they have simply ignored recent developments and have pushed through with their pre-planned agenda''.
''This year is the first year of global governance, global government with carbon taxes paying for it''. - said the new EU president, Herman van Rompuy.
Welcome to the first year of global governance. If yellow streak Brown & his neo-Marxist globalist crooks have their way in Copenhagen, UK taxpayers will fork out an extra £800m per year, against our will, for the upkeep of Third World nations.
Dr Phil Jones says this has been the worst week of his professional career. It should also be the last, not least because he and his fellow men making global warming should be worrying more about not going to jail than about going to Copenhagen.
Nick Griffin has now made a speech condemning the official line on AGW. If yellow streak Brown and Cameron keep quiet about this email scandal, they will only be guilty of sending more people in the bnp direction.
When you want to tax people to financial ruin you have to come up with a good reason why they must pay up. So you tell them the world is struggling, it’s sick, ailing. You warn of terrible water shortages to come or too much rain all at once, tornadoes getting more frequent and stronger, volcanoes erupting more often. And you paint a very black picture indeed. But just telling them of the woes is not strong enough. If the weather stays the same you have a problem. They won't pay you. So you go off and invent something. A weapon. “Weather weapons”. And you secretly let them loose and they produce droughts, flooding, tidal waves all to kill and destroy lives. And the people see this.They don’t get told about your “weather weapons” and they think oh yes look the climate has changed. So they pay their new climate taxes. And just how many new climates taxes are there then? one or two? No, Thousands!

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