Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Afghanistan 'A Liebore split'?

A major crack opens up in Liebore support for the Afghan war with a call from the former Foreign Office minister Kim Howells for the phased withdrawal of British troops from Helmand.

There is something very ominous about this advice from Howells, best known as a friend of the paramilitaries and death squads of Colombia.
Yellow streak Brown once said that by having troops in Afghanistan it stops terrorist attacks in Britain; which is complete nonsense. The best way to stop terrorist attacks in Britain is to stop invading foreign countries! Yellow streak Brown has dug his own grave with his spineless warmongering.
Who said that every country must be a democracy? Countries develop and whether they develop towards democracy is up to the individuals in those countries. Under Liebore we have invaded two countries and yet we condemn other countries who do likewise. I believe the British People are fed up with all the excuses given for sending our troops to their death in the cause of something we do not understand and to other countries who do not want us.
Soldiers join up to defend their own country and protect us not to invade other Countries and impose our ideas and views on them. I am a supporter of the Thatcher Policies and I can say that when she took us to war it was to protect our People in the South Atlantic. Liebore has taken us to war and been responsible for many deaths on very doubtful Policies.


  1. This is something the left get away with never having to explain.
    A favourite leftist word was imperialism, what the communistic labour government is engaged in is not defending British interests, but imposing an alien and unwanted ideology on hostile people,
    imperialism in other words.
    All the time they have been attempting to convert Islamic countries, they have allowed their own country to be colonised by millions of Islamic people most of whom are openly angry at what the liberal left establishment in western "democracies" are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan, this has created a 5th column of home grown terrorists and groups who actually hate us and are willing to sacrifice themselves to kill us!!
    Only brainwashed socialists would think this whole farce to be in any way beneficial to anybody.
    They believe in a flawed and ruinous ideology known as communism/socialism which has always created mayhem whenever it has manifested itself in the world and caused more problems than it has solved, it is a ridiculously out of date and discredited authoritarian/totalitarian system which only rules by force and fear!

  2. Wow, Sean. You certainly know your stuff.