Sunday, 22 November 2009

Why this slimeball is considered for anything beats me.

"Snake Mandelson tells yellow streak Brown, make me Foreign Secretary" -
Given that snake Mandelson chairs or sits in on innumerable committees all across Whitehall and uses his 'business' brief to influence economic policy - then make him Foreign Secretary will in fact make him the de facto Prime Minister with yellow streak Brown reduced to talking platitudes about dead policemen. Well, he couldn't very well make him an admirable human being, could he? - Why not give him the whole world and a pair of roller-skates? - Maybe soon this comedy will get so black we can't see it anymore.
Yellow streak Brown Go! Oh not on your life! This unelected Oik will hang in there until the bitter end, when he'll of course get a Euro or City job just to tide him over while he writes his memoirs, that should be entitled; It wasn't Me Mom it was everyone else!
Skin like a Rhino and no shame whatsoever. He reminds me of the murderer who's defense is; 'well I can't be held responsible for killing anyone because I never made the knife'. What a bunch of Cretins this lot have been. Jesus! May can't come quick enough!
This lot are like a bunch of Afghan War Lords dividing everything up between themselves before they move on. Power corrupts completely. Lucky for them come election time, they'll at least get their welfare state scrounger voters out in force, that's assuming they can be bothered to get off the couch to answer the door and then miss an episode of the Jeremy, (I'll take the P out of the morons your education system has created) Kyle show of course.
Good riddance to bad rubbish.


  1. Does Mandelsnake get a seperate pension for each of his many posts or just the one ?

  2. banned, of course he does. This one only looks after herself.