Thursday, 19 November 2009

The money is running out of the bucket FAR quicker then it is being put in.

Public borrowing is set to smash through dumbledorf Darling's forecast of £175billion for this year thanks to a massive plunge in tax receipts, new figures suggested today.
Borrowing for October soared to £11.4billion, the worst since records began in 1946, as corporation tax receipts plunged 26 per cent on this time last year.
The recession is not over, it has been put on hold until the next election is over. This government is burning our money faster than they can print it just to stave off the truth of our situation. They desperately want to create a feel good factor so they are prepared to waste a generation of young people and mortgage our futures just to save a few expense fiddling socialist seats.
Net government debt so far: £849,682,456,658 and counting. This by the way does not include PFIs and Public Servant pension liabilities and other items that yellow streak Brown has kept out of the balance sheet. We are in for a very rude and painful awakening. It is immoral and a disgusting indictment of government in the UK.
Yellow streak Brown has never held a real job. Consequently, he has no idea how wealth is created and managed. I am convinced that he doesn't comprehend where all the money he spends comes from or that most of it must be paid back. It's hard to think of a person less suited to be Chancellor and then Prime Minister. Dumbledorf Darling is just a small-town solicitor, and can't be expected to understand the intricacies of global finance and economics. Both of them should go now.

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