Sunday, 8 November 2009

At last the world seem to have the measure of thistle head Brown

I am already annoyed, and I can see no justification for the fact , that I have to pay a tax on every insurance premium that I pay.
We are taxed on the money we earn, taxed if we save it, taxed if we buy a house with it, taxed if we pass it on to our family after death. Taxed on just about everything.
And now yellow streak Brown wants to tax "financial transactions" - at the moment it seems to be something to "tax the banks" so it could have " popular appeal" - but if it were accepted, make no mistake we would wind up being taxed for having a bank account or each time we use a debit card, or withdraw from an ATM.
What an embarrassment, he's saved the world from overheating, overeating, overspending, crime, insolvency, child abuse, expense scandals, under drinking, over drinking, terrorism, tells other countries that leaders must be elected fairly, knowing about being elected is one of the secrets he's kept from us, keeping your manifesto promises is another of his hidden skills, I bet the rest of the world are envious that we are so lucky to have him as our yellow streak Prime Minister, me personally I cringe every time he opens that stupid mouth of his with another load of rubbish.


  1. That was the proof, if any was needed that no one is interested the Brown global socialist brand, he should just go and get himself democratically elected instead of talking crap.

  2. Sean
    I quite agree with your thoughts.