Thursday, 12 November 2009

This is just a cynical re-election ploy by yellow streak Brown.

After more than a decade of immigration growing at an unprecedented scale under Labour, the Prime Minister finally admitting it is not racist to worry about migration.

He attacked the 'lazy elitism' of those who refused to address the issue as he insisted he would not let the population soar to 70 million in 20 years time, as forecast.
This is just not good enough yellow streak Brown you caused the problem so no one will ever believe you are the man to solve it! Too little to late as the old saying goes it's pointless shutting the barn gate when the horse has already bolted. Yellow streak Brown you are a complete joke, just mouthing what people want to hear. He can say what he wants. Actions speak louder than words. His government is still actively recruiting from abroad. His government have put in place thousands of student jobs only available to foreign students after they finish their degrees.
Under this government recruitment fairs that are only for ethnic minorities. Bowing and scraping more to every group under the sun and promoting their cultures above our own. No more student fees to foreign students from the EU. You and your like have ruined this Country, I hope the sheep don't fall for this, I pray the people will vote for the only Party that will stop all this and get this Country back on track.

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