Saturday, 7 November 2009

History will not be kind to yellow streak Brown who'll surely go down as the worst, most incompetent PM and Chancellor in history.

"The truth is that yellow streak Gordon Brown is now governing Britain purely for partisan or even personal advantage rather than in the national interest...."
I have no pity for this self deluded bully boy. I feel sorry for us who have to recover from 13 years of the meddling and betrayal and failed social , economic and European policies. Yellow streak Brown is gutless, when things go wrong he hides from the public so he doesn't have to answer awkward questions. He thinks if he disappears he will not be associated with the dirty dead, but he's wrong.
Yellow streak Brown is so taken with his own spin he has, as you say, not a clue as to just how big his defeat will be next year. I am sure he thinks that once the recession ends all will be forgiven. What he forgets is that all the rest of the G7 will have been out of recession for months, showing just how big a lie was his statement that the UK was best placed etc.
The weak, cowardly supine Liebore Party allowed him to walk into Office unopposed and have allowed him to remain in Office - wrecking the country with his asinine policies and contriving to hand-over our Sovereignty to Brussels by breaking a Manifesto Promise and worst of all he reneged on the referendum. I hope the Labour Party is annihilated at the election and never recovers to form a future Government.


  1. That was a lovely snub he got today from the G20 Financiers! Bad move on his part - again!

  2. Yes, it was.I just hope that everything that yellow streak Brown does gets the same treatment.