Sunday, 1 November 2009

What has yellow streak Brown got against our Armed Forces?

What is yellow streak Brown doing "leading" the British debacle in Afghanistan? It's bad enough that the troops are dying for no purpose whatsoever. But it's unconscionable that are not given the equipment they need to at least insure their ability to do their purposeless task with a modicum of safety.
The Mod now takes on a new meaning. Ministry of Death.
Politicians and their civil servants seem to have the motto "Lives are cheap, equipment expensive". Through out the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars we have heard all the time the troops complaining that they don't have the right equipment, or even not at all. We have just had the Nimrod inquiry which showed that Costs and Profits were Paramount to safety.
Whether we believe in the war or not, troops do not have the right to say, "Sorry I do not agree with this conflict so I am not going". They fight because their Government tells them to fight, so as a nation we should support them.
Yellow streak Brown lives in a delusional mist when it comes to fiscal matters and figures. He believes that creative accounting is god account. I and many others do not, never will, believe that this deceitful, incompetent man cares about the Armed Forces or those killed. The present caring image is a spin exercise for the naive voter with an election in the offing.
Boney Bliar and yellow streak Brown should face trial for War Crimes, they have sent our soldiers to their deaths whilst they bleat about the gravy train which has suddenly ground to halt or the banks that have suddenly found enough to hand out massive bonuses.
Traitors, Liars and Thieves.

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