Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Eight years later, yellow streak Brown is trying to "develop" an exit strategy for Afghanistan - "What an ignoramus".

Yes, we should leave Afghanistan, but not because yellow streak Brown wants some votes he should have done and said these things months ago, he says Al-Qaeda are a big threat to the British people.
This man is a total idiot playing war games for political gain when he feels it suits. I very much doubt there has been "long lasting damage to the Al Qaeda leadership" as soon as all the troops from all coalition countries have left the Taliban will be back in full swing just as if this pointless war had never even happened.
Is there no depths that this odious person will sink to stay in a job? Please believe this or not yellow streak Brown we are not as gullible as you seem to think. And I for one will always despise you for signing away my birthright and handing the UK to the EU.
But, hang on a minute, I thought the principle reason for being there was to protect our borders against 'Al-Qaeda'' or has the threat yellow streak Brown's been banging on about for years suddenly come to an end? Are we all of a sudden ''Safe'', or was he lying about the threat all along? I'm confused. Well, I would say that yellow streak u-turn Brown and liebore are more of a threat to our culture and customs; and the man is a muppet, when will he ever do some thing for the British people, all this crap he spouts is just for show and for electioneering.


  1. Jaw, jaw, jaw is preferable to war,war,war. I think a great man once said, or near enough. With the proviso that eventually the gloves come off if needs be. These clowns do the crapply executed war bit first and then go for the shit spewing jawing after a massive body count. He's dangerously rabid, when he hits civi street give him a wide berth if you meet him in the street. Do not approach.

  2. Don't worry I would run a mile to avoid yellow streak Brown!